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I think in order to foster a strong wiki community of editors we should consider inviting back former users to help build a stronger database for The Sims.

These people will have strong and valuable experience to help with this and their ethos would only be a positive thing for The Sims Fandom.

I think we can start with The Sims Wiki:Administrators/previous as a jumping off point for people to invite back to The Sims Fandom and then consider former rollback users and users in good standing.

I think we should encourage people on IRC and Discord Chat Rooms to get involved also.MarketingSimmer (talk) 20:31, 31 March 2021 (UTC)

Discussion[edit source]

This forum thread shows the cluelessness of the OP, and that is also taking into consideration their contributions. Or lack thereof.

  • It assumes that we still have a way of contacting former users to the wiki, or assumes that they still log in and check their talk page.
  • It doesn't consider the fact that there are still some long-standing users from the wiki's early days that are still editing the wiki (oh but of course, MarketingSimmer doesn't like them, because they're so anti-Fandom!)
  • It assumes that people were forced to leave, rather than simply deciding on their own accord to move on. Like seriously, some people have edited here for years and then have decided they would like to move on with their lives. Let's leave those people be.
  • It doesn't consider the existing community of editors, who are the ones now leading the community, not people who have retired for years and are not familiar with how things work now.
  • Funny that they mentioned IRC when they showed even more cluelessness two years ago by trying to have it shut down. It's also evident that they aren't familiar with IRC or Discord and don't realize that most people on there don't edit the wiki. Don't @ me, because most people who read Wikipedia don't edit it either. Fact of life.

And also, did they seriously just call us "The Sims Fandom"? Like what the deuce?! Where on our website does it say we're called "The Sims Fandom"? We've always been called "The Sims Wiki" and your insistence on trying to get us to "convert" to this "Fandom" nonsense like a zealot is only making you look foolish. Now go away and stop making these ill-informed community discussion threads when you don't even edit here. (talk) 19:45, 6 April 2021 (UTC)