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- I am very curious about this sim. I mean, she has a clear name and surname unlike other sims like Villareal's missing mother, Grandma Behr, Judith Ward ex-husband's, Rohan Elderberry parents, they are all mentioned in the bio but don't have any clear names and surnames. - At the Spencer-Kim-Lewis house there is an empty room on the 3rd floor, Alice and Lewis are definitely in the same room considering only 1 room is more spacious than the others, Olivia and Vivian use the room on the 2nd floor based on room color and furniture , and Dennis used a room on the 1st floor because he has Lovesoutdoor traits. So I think that room used to belong to Lydia Spencer. - And this is just my theory, I think if Lydia Spencer has a relationship with Francine Spencer, I mean judging by her son Cletus Harris they don't have the same surname, I think this Harris surname comes from Cletus father. If you look at the bio it says that Dennis and Lydia got divorced not long after Alice was born, so I think they got married not for love but for their own personal benefit and I think the same as Francine Spencer. - And my final assumption, that Dennis and Lydia got married for personal benefit which required Lydia to give birth the heir for Kim family since Dennis aspirations is Successful Lineage, that's why this family surname took the names of both parents because in the sims 4 base game the wife's last name immediately changed with her husband's last name when married since their child was a girl, Alice. Likewise with Francine Spencer, I think that Francine maintains her marital status with Mr. Harris and finally Mr. Harris died after Cletus grew up and Cletus married quickly with Faye, so his last name did not change even though Francine remarried Lydia and took her surname, Spencer. Unfortunately, Lydia may have died possibly by old age. - These are just my theories, but do you have any other theories and assumptions? I'm really curious about this sim, so I expect information from you, even though it's only small evidence. Charovenna (talk) 09:25, 17 December 2020 (UTC)