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Alright, here's my story. I love ghosts. Like seriously...without fail...ghosts are the best thing ever. So...when I got my version of Sims 3, I decided that I simply must have a house full of ghosts. (Yes, I'm using the motherlode cheat...don't judge me) So I had played Sims and Sims2 but that was a million years ago. Anyway, I started off with a regular character, small house, etc...played all day before realizing I could drown my partner and create a ghost, but...I still wanted the Goth (and they had their own cemetery...which would increase the ghost sighting, of course.) However, then I decided to use the testing cheats...which then would not permit me to drown anyone else...or do anything to I had to start over. I chose the big glass beach house this time...but simply could not drown anyone...something about how the tiled portion around the pool is low enough for the sim to climb out. (also...tried the "sealing the sim into the wall" thing...but it took forever for them to die. ( idea ever...and easiest way to kill your sim...have them go swimming, remove ladder, build wall around pool...takes a few hours....lovely)

It also took forever to "seduce" the next person to marry me/move in etc. So, finally (this is two full days into play (we had a national holiday) I realized I could just place a new sim (new game, no testing cheat) in the Goth house, drown the Goth family, edit town, paste in a new family, drown them...)((incidentally, you cannot drown children that are too young to "swim"...if you try to seal them into a wall, all your ghosts will talk about is "the crying baby" AND the social worker will STILL show up and stand on your porch AND you will no longer be able to edit town...nightmare..."

So now I've got the Goth household full of ghosts (again, BTW, you have to be married to a person before you drown them to get the "Oh My Ghost" option...if you just move in and drown everyone...then every night the ghosts reset and you have to reintroduce yourself and it boosts your social, but you never get to marry them...)

So, I've got the ghosts from the drowned families plus the Crumplebottoms, elder Goths etc and I took a few from each group to Oh My Ghost...a lovely family of my character and 6 other permanent, playable's a dead man's party...but I want more.

I am planning to murder the entire town of Sunset Valley....

Essentially, I want to create a true ghost town...however...this poses some problems. If you try to "romance" with a live person, your ghost partner (formally your alive partner) will complain...etc..(by the way, your live spouse will revert to a "fianced" status as a ghost...I'm still working on whether I can build up the social and marry my ghost partner (again)) If you want to ignore that, the amount of energy spent moving from household to household , wooing a character and drowning the rest is a daunting task at best.

If you are not horrified by my pretty tale, I wouldn't mind a little advice from more experienced players. Is there a way to use 'edit town' to speed up this process? Anyway...I haven't quite decided how to go about this and I will tell the second chapter if and when I decide to move forward. Thanks much! M —Preceding unsigned comment added by TheCallOfScaryStuff (talkcontribs) 09:40, June 12, 2016‎ (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~

UPDATE: Important...if you're into SimGhosts: Here's what I've found out.

#1. The fastest and most efficient way to kill your sim is testing cheat + shift-click (on intended victim) + "birthday". ( will cause some fragmented files..but so far, death toll is 25+ and still rising) (You will also get 2 Grim Reapers in the "friends" list) You have to use your primary Sim sometimes to gather people. (I use my primary to play guitar so people gather, then shift-click to add them to household) If you want a house full of ghosts, great...but it gets really noisy at night. 

Go out! Meet people...kill them where they stand.

Then (and this is the sweetness..._if you leave the grave where it is, they will haunt that plot...especially if you use the "engrave epitaph" function (here lies ***, The One Who Returns." If you try to do multiple functions while aging/killing someone, you may lose the Simghost totally. Something else pretty cool: Every time you kill a Sim (after adding to your household) the primary will receive the inventory of the dead Sim. I killed a police officer and got a police car. If you're in the middle of aging (after adding to household) and the Sim gets jumpy and goes to your house,follow them and finish the process, pick up the grave then "place grave" at the cemetery. Interesting: You can use the testing cheat/mailbox "make me know everyone" to go to Sims houses and walk right in. I killed an entire family (but had to follow the last one back to my house) Once the family is dead, the house does not belong to your primary, can use the teleport cheat to go inside the house. I killed the Landgrab family and teleported in to make pancakes in their kitchen. (Also helpful if you want to engrave epitaphs of people who've left graves/urns inside the home.)

((Oh yes! I forgot! I created my entire ghost family together, alive initially, then killed them with the 'wall around the pool' technique. However, your partner reverts to "ex'husband/wife" status. You then have to "re-woo" them into marrying you again. All the other rules apply with your ghost wife if you try to woo someone else alive or dead...the maid will still speak disapproval, if you've got ghost kids, they'll still make a huge deal about it. Best way to avoid is send them fishing (use the need-bar cheat to keep them away for as long as possible.)) (minors have a curfew)

Interesting note: There is still the "add drama" button regarding rumors of cheating AND your sims will still mourn sudden additions/deaths to the household but it seems like after a certain number of deaths, even your primary will stop mourning (with moodlets and overall mood) (maybe 15+ or so)

2nd to Last note: I killed the Goth family separately, after the split in the story where Lolita has twins. Interesting, adding Lolita and Mortimer to the family DID NOT add the infants to the household. I teleported in to try to burn down the house...maybe I didn't try hard enough, but regardless, I avoided the social worker curse.... (((extra note: I tried to move the Goth family graves to the cemetery. This was not permitted by the game. Goths and related family MUST be placed in the family cemetery)))

Last note" in my quest to murder the town, I eventually came to the co-workers dorm and the young singles dorm next door. Apparently, this is a never ending doesn't matter how many of these Sims I kill, there's always a next one...I'm leaving it for now. (((***extra note: I was incorrect...after I killed the singles that were living there, the plot became a "dead house" It shows up as a property, there are lights on, but no one is ever home))) The established holds should take me a while. But by then, the town will be so full of ghosts at night...i probably won't even care. (Apologies to the modz, I'm not skilled enough to "sign") M —Preceding unsigned comment added by TheCallOfScaryStuff (talkcontribs) 13:24, June 21, 2016‎ (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~

Ok! This should be my last comment. (i will attempt to sign) 1st of all, my evil plan was sort of thwarted by the game itself. Like, I "won" by killing as many as I could. I turned their houses into community plots, bulldozed the them and planted trees. Eventually, all I got were messages of people leaving town, or dying by other means. I "lost" because the game continually adds random families. These are people who may not have a house, but will show up on your friend list if you "make me know everyone" cheat. Some interesting notes: #1. You can "place a grave" in any plot marked "community." #2. After you have placed more than 2-5 graves in a particular plot, the "city map" will show Gravestone icons instead of the normal city bench.

  1. 3. (back to the original comment on getting the "oh my ghost" option) As long as you have the first "loved one" still a part of the ghost family, you can kill and bring back other family members indefinitely. #4 (on that note) I found that I could have up to 8 family members as long as they were ghosts, you can even add more (live) family members than this but the problem is that their icons won't show up so controlling them is quite difficult. I sent one of my ghost family to the netherworld (basically just places them back into a grave/urn) who can then randomly show up at night but NOT as a playable sim. This leaves space for me to add, then kill other sims. #5 WOH! This is serious! I mentioned before that the quickest and most efficient way is drowning with a quickly built wall around the isn't. The truly easiest way is to use the testing cheat, then drag and hold the need bar of either, food or energy. This takes about 10-20 seconds real time. WARNING: with kids: do not drag the social bar all the way down...I almost had another visit from the social worker...oi!#6. Even if you bulldoze every community establishment ( you will still get invitations like Chess tournament and still have to obey curfew. (LOL, my teen-ghost-kid got picked up by the cops for being out late...I'm like...yah....arrest a ghost...go ahead...(I may even try...since there is no more police station...should be interesting)))
  2. 7 Lastly, since I'm now faced with the decision of continuing to play with just "dead families" weird term...since mine are all ghosts..(basically I mean Sim-sim families, the ones who show up on the lists, but have no houses or repopulating the few houses I have left, I used the 'freerealestate' cheat and pasted the standard families into lovely new homes...they'll be dead soon. Anyway, I know that after the release of S4, this wikia and everyone who's ever played S3 will probably go I thought it quite appropriate to make these posts...somewhat ironic as S3 is dying...along comes the "ghost player" guy who explains how to play a dead town....I hope this helps somebody somewhere...if not...whatever...TheCallOfScaryStuff (talk) 12:23, June 28, 2016 (UTC) I said, that "should" have been my last post but I had some interesting developments that I thought would interest potential ghost players: #1 You cannot kill a ghost again in a physical way. You must 'return to netherworld'#2 If you want to be rid of the character entirely, you must return to netherworld then sell the grave/urn. #3 In 'adopting' (using the add to active household cheat) and then killing, you may have already lost the option to 'oh my ghost' You must then return the significant other (husband or wife) to the netherworld and wait for 'oh my ghost' to reappear. #4 Oh Oh! This one is important! Your playable ghosts will still behave like normal ghosts ie...scaring each other at random and bringing down the social HOWEVER: if you save your ghost family to a file, then evict them, then restart and paste the family back into the house, they behave like the Cleavers (as in always friendly and nice to one another...) BUT..if you adopt a new character and 'oh my ghost' them, that characters behavior will revert the others...#5 BE CAREFUL! Your primary has some sort of programming link to the last household member in the icons (the ones on the far left) so if interacting with another sim/ghost, the 'selected' sim sometimes sort of slips down to the last one on your list. I almost starved one of my ghost kids (realizing now that's impossible) to primary IS alive and I was moving too quickly.I didn't check the selected and accidentally killed my primary instead of the intended sim...(if you have a house full of ghosts already, this can be quite a scare...I'm not sure what might happen if I only have one 'alive' adult and only ghost kids) anyway, Primary status went to my ghost husband, I had to recreate my alive character, then paste back into the family only took a few minutes real time and they were married again...problem: now my alive adult is listed as "step-father" to my ghost kids.

#6 and Last...but even better...with some quick mouse work, I added Death to my active household!!!!

Basically, it works like this, if you're in proximity (close enough to zoom in and death is still in the frame) while someone else is dying AND you're on your plot, you have just a few seconds to actually have some interactions with the Grim Reaper. I used the testing cheat to raise the social between my primary and GR, then two actions (friendly, chat,hug) then the "do you want to move in?" selection appears and TAHDAH!! Death is now a family member! I wanted to experiment, of course, because my real goal was to drown Death. First I changed his clothes...apparently, the programmers decided that, underneath the hood, death is a young man with nicely cropped hair and jet black skin. Unfortunately, once you loose the robe, it's gone permanently..he looked great in a t-shirt and jeans though. I had him interact with several family members...he actually played tag with one of my ghost kids without me telling him to...finally I drowned him and he showed back up to reap himself (all hooded and whatnot) but I've kept the grave in my backyard...he haunts our house most nights...with cropped hair and a skull and bones t-shirt. Though I don't see how I could come across a more important discovery than adding Death to the household, I reserve the right to post on this page has been an interesting ride...en when you don't want it to

(((note: i tried this again recently, apparently the program learns...evn when you don't want it to. I wasn't able to add death to a created household)))TheCallOfScaryStuff (talk) 12:41, July 3, 2016 (UTC)

Woh! Alright, so I decided to use the "change active household" to simply go house to house, killing the other members, leave one alive...wait for "oh my ghost."

  1. 1. This proved to be tedious. Without any other mods, the game takes an entire 7 days to give you the OMG(Oh My Ghost) option.
  2. 2. Use the familyfunds cheat to make sure every family you visit has money,money moneyyyy...this ensures that they won't just move out of town (and you have enough to pay for the OMG for however many household members)

((sorry, this didn't work. even if you give your secondary family 10,000,000$ it does not ensure that they will remain in town...:())

  1. 3. I did learn a trick though. You can kill a family, make sure their graves are in the house, move on to other houses, your last remaining, alive sim will eventually move out...causing a 'dead house' can paste in a new family and the graves from the old family will still be there! You MUST actually play the active household for a few days, otherwise they vanish too.
ALSO..the wait (for OMG) won't be as long because you've "inherited: the other graves. wait is about 2 days.
  1. 4. As (#3) I had to take notes on the actual time of death (1st persons death) Watch out for the phone call about "OMG" 7 days to the minute after the first person dies. If you're skipping around...extra days are added based on how long you play the other families, (sometimes) +12 hours after the first death.

Lastly and most important #5: For a few days I reveled in the thought of an entirely ghost town. Apparently this was not meant to be. A ghost family (like the ghost-goths), left unattended, will move in with a living Sim...:( Even if you evict then paste back in. Apparently you can have as many ghosts as you want, but you can't let them live together without a living person for very long...:( —Preceding unsigned comment added by TheCallOfScaryStuff (talkcontribs) 14:28, July 22, 2016‎ (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~ Alright. It feels like I began this over a year ago. I guess not. I got a new laptop and finally reinstalled. I've made a primary and am going to try the process again. Some notes on possible problems, etc that I've left out:

  1. 1 Eventually, "cause age transition" stops working. The person just runs away.
  2. 2 On the note "a ghost family left by itself while you play another household will cause a dead-house and find a human to move in with" I decided that, to avoid this, I would make monsters (the blue/black/red skins) as the "living" person in the house. This works. It's not a total ghost town, but monsters are ok.
  3. 3 I won't be using the "add to family" until after the person is already a ghost. Either my other laptop was just too old to deal with it, or the cheat itself causes glitches.
  4. 4 Still having the difficulty of keeping families that I create in the houses I give them. Even if I give them a lot of money, they seem to disappear almost immediately...then dead-house.
  5. 5 Avoid creating dead houses if you can. You will no longer be able to move anyone into those houses.

OK. Lastly: If anyone has a way to speed up the 7 day wait for OMG, please tell me! TheCallOfScaryStuff (talk) 03:17, October 1, 2016 (UTC)

ok. Here's the thing. I've run this experiment many times. Varying factors; age,sex, race (in the case of monsters) time of death..etc.. and the results seem to be...that a Married couple....with an adult sibling (on either side) will survive as a Ghost house IF! The sibling is left alive to get the Oh My Ghost opportunity. Also...very important...everyone must have the "family oriented" trait. This seems to ensure that the family (even after you've murdered the married couple) will not only survive multiple "change active household" modes, but importantly: you'll get your OMG opportunity in 2 DAYS, not 7.

Monster households seems to do alright by themselves; can create a monster family, paste them in and let it run.

I've found that there seems to be several factors that are important:

1. "make me know everyone" plus raising the relationship bar

2. money, a job and getting started on the skills. You have to wait a couple of days. make sure they actually go to work the first time, finish that painting (or whatever)t...etc....

3. "make friends for me" is ok...but not as effective as combo of 1 and 2.

Problem: The Bunchs'. I've done everything I just wrote with them. I've made sure that the kids start school. I even stuck around long enough to get Ghost Mr. Bunch and Ghost Mrs. Bunch back together AND have a ghost baby. They simply will not stay in town after they're all dead.(iow. I killed them all except the older child, when I got the OMG, revived them all, tended to their needs, skills, got Mr. Bunch his old job back, got Mr and Mrs. back together, got her pregnant, waited for the baby to be born, saved and switched active households....they STILL left town after a few days....grrrrrr) (as for the older boy, I "age transitioned" him so he could hold a steady job for the family.)

Given this info, it would seem that the "married couple with adult sibling" is the key to creating and keeping ghost families in your town.

(I recently decided that if I couldn't keep ghost families, I'd simply create them by having 1 live and 1 ghost get married. I created a group of 4 sisters. I killed 3 of them and am waiting for OMG. In the meantime, I've married the surviving sister to a male ghost...also important...without the hack....same sex couples cannot have kids. I am hoping that the marriage will have staying power with the program so that when I change active households, they won't simply vanish. Meanwhile, I'll get the married couple to have a ghost baby AND...if the household stays, I'll have 3 young, eligible ghost ladies to marry into the community...wish me luck!)

(btw if you're trying this for the first time, remember that the basic needs must be met. My 4 sisters each have a bed, they have a large, expensive kitchen. I put in 3 bathrooms in the house...that's just the basics!)

( one has replied to my request for help so I figure no one has read it or...whatever....anyway...I'm using the wikia as a record of my experiements...if you aren't interested, no worries...)TheCallOfScaryStuff (talk) 09:58, October 4, 2016 (UTC)

Hahahaha! Alright, I finally gave up on TS3. It was too glitchy anyway. I got a pre-swimming pool patch version of TS4. WOW! What a difference! I literally turned everyone in both towns into ghosts in a few hours! The only problem is that when I take my new ghost family out, only the living are in the park, the library, etc... I don't even know who they are! They're not in any household, they're just like, random alive people meant for my sims to socialize with. The TS4 program is much more stable. I can go visit any of the households, anytime and they're all still ghosts! Does anyone have a way to get those ghosts out into the streets? TheCallOfScaryStuff (talk) 04:37, November 11, 2016 (UTC)

Ghost Babies[edit source]

Alright. This is probably the last ever update…probably. I FOUND THE SECRET TO GHOST BABIES! You have to put in the testingcheatsenabled code BEFORE you select the household…like…right before the game starts! AND! TWO GHOSTS CAN HAVE BABIES! In fact….the testimony you just read lamented the fact that ghost families wouldn’t stay…with the TCE cheat they DO!

So! Here’s what I’ve been doing; Enable the cheat, make some ghosts (murder) THEN…get your ghosts together (usual way) marry, have ghost babies! THEN! Age up the ghost babies and spread them throughout the town! (Split up household)

This is ACTUALLY working! The ghost families aren’t disappearing! Everywhere I look (click the full-house icon) there are families with ghosts. I go to the park….there are the ghosts….I can’t believe it finally worked!


One thing I did differently…make sure your ghost makes friends with either the ghosts in other houses or the living person in that house. If you’re going to use the relationship cheat, use sparsely! Only the people who have ghosts in their houses/or those ghosts! Don’t raise the level on everyone, takes too much time and not worth the effort.


BUT! You have to put in the cheat EVERY TIME before you click on the household.

(Warning: Do not play intoxicated…trouble ensues.)TheCallOfScaryStuff (talk) 03:14, January 31, 2017 (UTC)

OK.....I got revenge on Sunset Valley is complete. I got a certain gaming platform which sounds like ".team" and bought TS3 WITH Supernatural. Everyone is now dead, undead, or non-human in some way.

With the cheats, everyone...everyone...everyone can become undead...and functional members of the community.


Thanks to everyone who listened in.

TheCallOfScaryStuff (talk) 13:24, November 10, 2017 (UTC)

Wow. I can't believe it's been 3 years since I posted that last note. Well, in all of that time I've learned quite about about non-vanilla gaming w/ Sims3. 1st and foremost....holee did I ever get by without Nraas? Why hasn't someone made a similar mod for TS4? Well, If you know Nraas, I don't have to tell you about killing ppl. If you don't...basically you can just click and make them dead as well as a variety of options in "Occult Add" etc...There's also a lovely "Demonic powers" mod that's helpful in creating ghosts. However, I'm concentrating more on Vamps these days...they don't go crazy and possess inanimate objects or treat one another poorly for no reason. So you know, dead...but much easier to manage. Anyway...just thought I'd check in...say Nraas and get out. (I've heard rumors about Sims5 in the not to distant there's that!) TheCallOfScaryStuff (talk) 07:37, 26 November 2020 (UTC)

Hi again! My community is currently under a new 2021 lockdown...again...(sighs) Anyway, that leaves plenty of time to explore Sims 3. I ran across a question (I think it was on Yahoo answers or something) re: "child only households." Most ppl had not very much to say but I think there was another forum where several methods for doing so were discussed. Well, if you're reading this, you might be interested to know that I accomplished this feat!

First: you need to have testingcheatsenabled true, and also Nraas up and running. I made a family of monsters; complete with the Grudge Kid, Toshio. Then, I put them in a house. (Make sure they fully move in) NOTE: I tried the 1st listed method of calling the sitter, then killing everyone else off. This was unsuccessful. Social services came and the game ended abruptly. After your family is moved in, Shift click each adult member; "Object"..."delete it." I have heard this causes your game to behave oddly, but not so with my machine. Then your family roster should show just the child. This did not trigger Social Services. Also, the advice on the forum was that you can't, thereafter, use Edit Town. This also proved untrue. I saved the child sim to the library and exited the game. I really wanted to put this to the test, so I started a new game in another world. I placed a new house, then placed the saved Sim. Absolutely no problems. There you have it! (also a note for players with less-than-high rez machines. If you are glitching, go to Edit Town, remove all extra buildings and bulldoze those lots. The game should run more smoothly.)TheCallOfScaryStuff (talk) 01:42, 13 January 2021 (UTC)