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I'd like to propose installation of Extension:Cargo for this wiki. But first of all, I'm not exactly sure what the process to propose a new extension to the wiki is, who has the authority for the installation, and whether we have such permission for it to begin with. Kindly enlighten me if you may.

Cargo is a MediaWiki extension to store data in the wiki in a similar fashion to SQL database tables. Its main benefit is not only storing data, but also querying the result dynamically. This way, we don't have to worry about maintaining structured information in several places. Suppose we have a structured data of moodlets in List of Moodlets (The Sims 3); then we want to show it someplace, e.g. diva. With dynamic query, adding and modifying information in list of moodlets page will automatically maintain wherever the query is used. Think of it like a template, but for data.

Other practical benefits:

  1. It can be used to maintain a master list that will keep changing as more content packs are added, e.g. career tracks and list of skills.
  2. With the use of query, it's easy to list out a data entirely like in list of skills or just partially by its attribute (e.g. the game it's featured in) like in list of skills (The Sims 4), without having to redundantly list the skills every time.
  3. As I've made an extensive list of opportunities such as Opportunity/Culinary, I'd also want it to be featured at where the opportunity is related to, i.e. Culinary#Opportunities. Cargo would be the best solution to it.
  4. Maintaining traits, list of traits, trait conflicts, traits by game, hidden traits, trait chips, and so much more. Categorization of traits is very commonplace in this wiki.

These are examples that I could think of for now. With the ability to store data in the wiki, I feel like there are so much potential it can bring. Nikel23 (talk) 15:03, 14 September 2021 (UTC)

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