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The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat

A Sim brewing a herbal remedy

Skill TS4 Herbalism.png
Herbalism is a skill in The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat. It focuses on a Sim's ability to identify Herbs and brew various herbal remedies.

Learning[edit | edit source]

Sims can build Herbalism skill in several ways. One way is to practise identifying the various herbs that grow in Granite Falls' forest. The chance to successfully identify the plant is increased by the Herbalism skill. Another way is through brewing the herbal recipes, and as always there is a Herbalism skill book that Sims can read. Talking about Herbalism with the Hermit of Granite Falls may also give a slight skill increase.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

New recipes are the only unlockable features that come with the Herbalism skill. Naturally, the main ingredients of these recipes are Herbs, however some also require produce from Gardening and/or Insects. Both Herbs and Insects can be found around the Granite Falls forest area. It should be noted that Morel Mushrooms can only be found in the Hidden Area with the Hermit and some Insects, e.g. Will-o-the-Wisp and Dust Spirits, can only be found at night.

List of Herbs[edit | edit source]

Image Name Rarity Value (§) Effects
Chamomile Common 14 +1-3 Happy moodlet (4 hours)
Toxic Chamomile Common 15 +2 Tense moodlet (2 hours)
Elderberry Common 6 +1-3 Happy moodlet (4 hours)
Noxious Elderberry Common 7 +2 Sad moodlet (2 hours)
Huckleberry Uncommon 8 +1-3 Happy moodlet (4 hours)
Muckleberry Uncommon 9 +2 Dazed moodlet (2 hours)
Fireleaf Uncommon 13 +1-3 Happy moodlet (4 hours)
Poison Fireleaf Uncommon 11 +2 Angry moodlet (2 hours)
Morel Mushroom Rare 17 +1-3 Happy moodlet (4 hours)
False Morel Mushroom Rare 19 +2 Uncomfortable moodlet (2 hours)

List of Herbal Recipes[edit | edit source]

Level Name Ingredients Effects
1 Insect Repellent Liniment 2x Noxious Elderberry, 2x Basil Prevents insect bites
1 Sadness Alleviation Lotion 2x Elderberry, 1x Firefly Removes any Sad moodlets
1 Fungal Infusion Fertiliser Recipe 3x Morel Mushroom, 2x False Morel, 1x Blackberry, 1x Dust Spirit Helps to Evolve plants. This recipe can only be learned by becoming Good Friends with the Hermit.
2 Deodorizing Cream 1x Elderberry, 1x Strawberry, 2x Parsley Replenishes the Hygiene need
3 Soothing Skin Balm 2x Chamomile, 2x Basil, 1x Locust Heals insect bites
4 De-Stressing Decoction 2x Chamomile, 2x Muckleberry, 1x Walking Stick Removes any Stress moodlets
5 Tummy Therapy 2x Huckleberry, 2x Sage, 1x Termite Alleviates any moodlets to do with nausea or other stomach problems
6 Clear Mind Distillation 2x Toxic Chamomile, 2x Huckleberry, 2x Parsley +2 Focused moodlet (4 hours)
6 Fireleaf Extract 2x Poison Fireleaf, 2x Morel Mushroom, 1x Fire Ant Sims will become Extremely Uncomfortable, with an 8-hour Unrelenting Itch and a stomach upset
7 Natural Herbicide Oil 2x Toxic Chamomile, 3x Fireleaf, 1x Stink Bug Removes weeds from a plant and temporarily prevents them from growing back
8 Energizer Infusion 3x Muckleberry, 2x Poison Fireleaf, 1x Dragonfly +2 Energized moodlet (4 hours)
9 Rage Relieving Salve 3x Noxious Elderberry, 2x Fireleaf, 1x Tomato, 1x Rainbow Firefly Removes any Angry moodlets
10 Elixir of Fertility 4x False Morel, 2x Sage, 1x Bee, 1x Will-o-the-Wisp Increases multiple birth odds

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