Pasteur's HomoGenius Smart Milk

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Pasteur's HomoGenius Smart Milk
Smart Milk.jpg
Is your toddler moving slowly through a fast-paced world? Get their mental engine in overdrive with Smart Milk! After a Smart Milk bottle-feeding, your little guy or gal will start learning to walk, talk, and potty-train like an Olympian.
Game The Sims 2
Buyability Limited
Price in game 7500 aspiration points
Object type(s) Aspiration reward
Size 1x1
Number of uses 5

Pasteur's HomoGenius Smart Milk is an aspiration reward that was added in The Sims 2. The Smart Milk unit is a cross between a laboratory centrifuge and a bottle warmer. It contains five bottles.

Smart Milk is only useful if there is a toddler in the household. The player can select a teen, adult, or elder Sim, and tell that Sim to make Smart Milk for any toddler in the household. The Sim will get the toddler, bring him or her to the Smart Milk unit, and attempt to use it. (Smart Milk can also be given to a toddler who has been placed in a high chair) If the use is successful, the unit will spin briefly and produce a glowing green bottle.

The Smart Milk in this bottle will satisfy the toddler's hunger, and the toddler will learn faster for around three Sim hours; this applies both to learning toddler skills (walking, talking, and potty-training) and learning general skills such as logic and charisma by playing with toddler toys. While the toddler is under the influence of the milk, they will be surrounded by a glow.

When making Smart Milk, what matters is the aspiration level of the Sim that's making it, not the aspiration level of the toddler it's being made for.

If the use of the Smart Milk unit fails due to a low aspiration meter, the Sim attempting to make the milk will fumble with the unit, and produce a red bottle. If the toddler starts to drink from this bottle, they will throw up and will lose a skill point.

The effects of Smart Milk have been known to last beyond three hours, and may even linger into childhood.

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