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The Power aspiration was replaced by the Grow Up aspiration during development, the original aspiration value still exists, however, it is unused. Using this aspiration is not recommended.
Excellent performance and career success is of the highest importance to a power seeking Sim whose professional accomplishments are essential to fulfilling this dream.
Power is an aspiration that was replaced by the Grow Up aspiration before The Sims 2's release. The original aspiration value can still be accessed using the Sim Modder with the boolprop testingcheatsenabled cheat or through SimPE however, it leaves Sims with no aspiration.

The aspiration has some wants that are similar to Fortune and Popularity wants and in The Sims 2: FreeTime the aspiration benefit for Power is the same as Popularity and Fortune.

Little more is known about this mysterious aspiration. Internal files show that the wants and fears of this aspiration are involved in winning fights and defeating the Grim Reaper. In-game the wants and fears which will roll are random and may be something like "Influence a Sim to...", "Get a Job in the Military Career" or "Own a Business". Some of the wants are actually "Read a Book", "Go to Work/School" or "Jump on the Bed".

If accessed using the Sim Modder or with SimPE, it will not have an icon.[1] However, when looking at the program files, the hidden icon for the aspiration can be found. The unused icon is somewhat similar to the Pleasure aspiration.

There are only five instances of pre-made Sims with the power aspiration, they are Hamlet Dane, Sr., Judith Dottore, Julius Caesar, Momentilla Bramble, and Stephano Arlecchino.

As the aspiration is non-existent, it may cause errors and game glitches, so it should only be used at the player's own risk. If a Sim with the power aspiration ages up, they will always receive a memory of growing up badly, regardless of aspiration level. Sims with the Power aspiration will always have a grey tombstone at death, even with platinum aspiration. It is also worth noting that if a Sim goes into aspiration failure and the game tries to trigger a desperation animation autonomously on the Sim after a visit from the Therapist, the Sim will reset themselves.

If a Sim with the power aspiration uses the ReNuYuSenso Orb there is a high chance that it will fail, causing the Sim's aspiration to become Grilled Cheese, even if their aspiration level is gold or higher. The Power aspiration's meter levels have the same titles as the Romance aspiration meter levels.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although the Power aspiration is not randomly generated amongst Townies and NPCs, pre-made ancestral Sims from the base game also utilised the same aspiration-zodiac sign allocation system, Hamlet Dane, Sr., Judith Dottore, Julius Caesar, Momentilla Bramble, and Stephano Arlecchino indicate that the zodiac sign of Gemini and Sagittarius were originally linked to the Power aspiration however it is unknown if there were any more linked zodiac signs.
  • Hamlet Dane, Sr., Judith Dottore, Julius Caesar, Momentilla Bramble, and Stephano Arlecchino all share a hidden Grow Up aspiration token, this is because of the Power aspiration being replaced by the Grow Up aspiration.

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