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Exchange student?Edit

I think she's suppose to be an exchange student or somesuch? Her school or parents sent her to Appaloosa Plains (which is supposedly north of Benny's hometown) so she could make better friends and life\opportunities?

And what's south of Appaloosa Plains, anyway? Propably the sim version of Kentucky or whatever? Bridgeport would be north of it, she's too pretty to hail from Twinbrook\Simislaus Island, Sunset Valley would also be north of there... She does not look Chinese or Egyptian and while the last name of "Hennessey" does sound a bit french-ish to me, but it's actually an Irish last name. Riverview is also north... Barnacle Bay, maybe? (Since B-Bay is 5-10 years after Pleasantwiew, and Appaloosa Plains could be put in any point in the timeline but propably still 50 years from Pleasantwiew, there would be no exchange students in the Bay's. But the firefighter there is named Spot Dalmatia. That does sound like someone whose parent\grandparent is from Appaloosa Plains.) Hidden Springs also seems north. Starlight Shores would be south of Appalosa Plains, even if just by 5 or 10 kilometers, and it's also set in the 2070's or something, allowing for an exchange student to have been there sometime ago. Moonlight Falls is also north, nobody brings up their 12-years-old in an university, she's way too light-skinned to be from Isla Paradiso\Monte Vista\Sunlit Tides, Oasis Landing is way too far-away in the future\another planet, Lunar Lakes is literally on the moon, Lucky Palms would also be south of Appaloosa Plains, but just almost as much as Starlight Shores. And is set in TS1 times or some 7-15 years\simdays after that. Not only Aurora Skies is pratically Scandinavia AKA of course north than Appaloosa Plains, but her name does not sound nordic at all. She does not look like a Dragon Valley-ite, and i cannot see Midnight Hollow being south of Appaloosa. There's Roaring Heights, but i do not think EA would have that planned far ahead. It's apparently set in the 1920's.

Between Roaring Heights, Starlight Shores, Lucky Palms, and Barnacle Bay, two of them are not -that- south enough and\or could even be at the same latitude (Starlight and LPalms), and she seems more the Barnacle Bay type of southern than the Roaring Heights one, and there's evidence for it in the form of Spot Dalmatia!

So yeah, she is actually from Barnacle Bay. (Or at least, i like to think of her as an exchange student from there. But if she was from B-Bay, they could have explicitly said it- so it's propably suppose to be ambiguous?) (talk) 09:47, April 18, 2014 (UTC)

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