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Hello, I think Castaway stories has each skin darker than its counterpart in The Sims 2 series. That's why her skin is medium in thumbnail, but she looks like she has dark skin in game. I think it should be changed to "medium" as technically she has medium skin.

The skintones on the Wiki are those of The Sims 2 (TS2), so they dont match the darker skintones of Castaway Stories (CS). The best solution would be adding the darker skintone from CS to the Wiki. Untill then, the skintone on the Wiki can be picked based on the genetics (so matching their genetic codes 1-4) or on descriptive basis. To support the latter; this most accurately describes how the skin looks in-game. Both options make sense, so the choice is unfortunately subject to personal opinion. Whatever we choose to do, it has to be done consistently with all CS Sims' skintones to avoid confusion on this matter. I'd argue that it looks a bit odd to choose Medium instead of Dark as the skintone of Orama Herenui (for example), since both her portrait and in-game appearance are exactly the Dark skintone from TS2. User:Khaemwaset (talk) 10:43, January 10, 2021 (UTC)