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MMD Update Announcement[edit source]

The Firemonkeys will announce the MMD update in The Sims FreePlay on April 17, 2022. A few models from Another Sim Town include Ben Spear, Emma Spear, Kyle Baker, Kelly Last, Brandon Andersen, Stephanie Andersen and Michael Andersen will be exported to MMD. Other sim models include Adam Caldwell, Zia Caldwell, Christina Caldwell, Craig Caldwell, Marc Caldwell, PB Caldwell, Alison Caldwell, Bree Congelliere, Sue Portive, Skippy Simmy, Lucius Majestic, Benjamin Corsair and Johnny Zest will be exported to MMD as well. However this update may feature the Idolmaster guys set in the outfits section from here:

Some house template stages include houses from Another Sim Town, the DIY Home, Bree's Mezzanine House, the Latin Villa and the Wizard's Cottage will be exported to MMD on August 19, 2022. These templates may be used in Ocean View Residences. There will be a House Template Store available downtown for the update if The Firemonkeys will announce it.