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The Language Portal is a place for the different language sites of The Sims Wiki to get information and discuss stuff.

List of languagesEdit

Updating article count

When updating the article count in the language table, please update all of the numbers instead of just for one wiki. Add {{Increase}} if the amount of articles increased.

Sorted by approximate number of content articles[1]

Language Name/Title Founder Started on Articles[1]
20px English The Sims Wiki Jamie &2005-02-06February 6, 2005 15,902 
20px Brazilian Portuguese The Sims Wiki Eua1 &2008-02-28February 28, 2008 10,309 
20px Russian The Sims Вики Smileman &2009-04-19April 19, 2009 8,233 
20px Polish Simspedia Adam261 &2006-04-26April 26, 2006 6,393 
20px French Simpédia Aster09 &2009-05-06May 6, 2009 5,368 
 20px Spanish Simspedia Maxiscity &2008-07-10July 10, 2008 4,596 
20px Dutch De Sims Wiki Supper Man40 &2009-04-12April 12, 2009 3,760 
20px Norwegian Simmenes Wiki Jon-R &2006-12-30December 30, 2006 2,209
20px German Sims-Wiki Gloomilicious &2008-05-18May 18, 2008 668 
20px Italian Simspedia Rocky4got10 &2010-02-24February 24, 2010 384
20px Swedish Simpedia -swordfish- &2009-07-19July 19, 2009 193 
  Bahasa Indonesia The Sims Wikia ID 181
  Korean 심즈 위키 Meeeboy &2012-11-14November 14, 2012 106
20px Finnish The Sims Wiki X-O &2010-12-23December 23, 2010 78
20px Danish The Sims Wiki Make25 &2010-07-06July 6, 2010 41
20px Estonian The Sims Wiki TheSims2 &2009-03-29March 29, 2009 34
20px Chinese 模擬市民wiki FoundKey &2008-08-04August 4, 2008 24
Ukrainian The Sims Wiki [Ukraine] Simsolit &2017-11-2October 2, 2017 18
20px Romanian Sims Romania Wiki Mihai Gradin &2017-07-18July 18, 2017 15
Czech The Sims Wiki Sight Contamination &2015-07-22July 22, 2015 13
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Main page inter-language linksEdit

Add this to your main page and remove your own language code. If some links show up as red broken links it is because the wikis aren't linked yet. You must request the link at Community Central:Interwiki requests.

They're sorted in alphabetical order


Main menuEdit

If you want to include an Other languages button in your main wiki menu, copy and paste this into MediaWiki:Monaco-sidebar.

*|Other languages
**|Česká Republika
**|Bahasa Indonesia
**|Norsk (bokmål)
**|Português Brasileiro


  This user is from Singapore.
SV This user speaks Swedish at a native level.
  This user is also contributing to the Polish Sims Wiki 20px

On the English Sims Wiki we have many userboxes related to languages. We have ones for country, language and other language wikis.

We would like to encourage people contributing to other language Sims Wikis to add these userboxes to their user page on the English Sims Wiki and perhaps adopt similar userboxes on their wikis.

English interlanguage linksEdit

When adding English interlanguage links, the Pages without language links special page is a safe bet, but you might want to add the links using Special:MostLinkedPages and also Special:NewPages.

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