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Policies and Guidelines
General Behavior Policies
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This page is devoted to all official Wiki policies. Official policies are determined by community consensus, and differ from guidelines, which are not official and which develop over time.

Types of Policies[edit source]

Policies have been broken up by type, and can be found on the following pages:

These rules govern user conduct and behavior on The Sims Wiki. All users must follow these policies.

These rules govern how users may participate in debates, votes and measures to gain consensus. All users wishing to participate in wiki governance must follow these policies.

These rules govern the creation of specialty pages or fiction/fanon pages on The Sims Wiki. All users wishing to create these pages must follow these policies.

These rules apply to files (images, videos, audio files, etc) uploaded to The Sims Wiki, including copyright, file name, and content issues. All users uploading files to The Sims Wiki must follow this policy.

These rules apply to information about games that have not been announced (i.e. rumored games), or games that have been announced but have not been released yet. Users editing articles about unreleased games, or articles with information relevant to unreleased games, must follow this policy.

These rules apply to the types of content related to The Sims series that are and aren't allowed to be written about on The Sims Wiki. All users wishing to create pages must follow these policies.

These rules apply to the ownership and use of alternate accounts or multiple accounts (collectively, AMAs) to edit The Sims Wiki. This policy also defines "sockpuppetry" and prohibits the use of sockpuppet accounts on The Sims Wiki. All users must follow this policy.

Changes to Policies[edit source]

Amendment[edit source]

  1. Any active user may propose a change to currently-existing policy.
    • Policy amendment proposals should be made in the community discussions forum
    • A policy amendment is considered adopted if a sufficient consensus is gathered - simple majority support does not constitute consensus.
  2. Administrators and Bureaucrats may make immediate changes to currently-existing policy as needed.
    • Any user has the right to call for discussion on a changed policy, if the change was made by an administrator or bureaucrat without prior consensus.
    • Policy amendments will remain in effect during the discussion and consensus period, unless multiple users request that the amendments be suspended.
  3. Any user may edit a policy page for the purposes of fixing errors/typos, updating links to renamed/moved pages, or making other minor changes so long as these changes do not affect the meaning of the policy.
    • Correcting minor issues does not require community consensus.
    • Alternately, a user may edit a policy's talk page to suggest revisions. Any user may choose to act upon these recommended revisions, so long as the revisions do not affect the meaning of the policy.

Creation[edit source]

  • New policies may be proposed by any active user.
  • Policy proposals should be made in the community discussions forum. Proposed policies go through a similar community discussion and consensus process as policy amendments.
  • Once a policy has been consented to by the community, it takes effect immediately unless the proposal or subsequent consensus calls for a grace period or a certain length of time before the policy takes effect.
  • All new policies must obtain community consensus before they become official policy - Administrators and Bureaucrats may not add new policies without consent.

Enforcement[edit source]

  • Administrators and Bureaucrats are responsible for enforcing all official policies.
  • If a user believes that another user has violated a policy, they may warn the user and/or contact an administrator.
  • If a user believes that a policy should not be enforced, they may request that the policy be amended or else removed completely. This request should be made on the community discussions forum, and must receive community consensus.
  • Administrators failing to properly enforce policies may risk loss of administrator rights.

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