1 Sim Lane

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The Sims

1 Sim Lane
Lot type Residential
Owner Jones family
Number of floors 1
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 1
Game The Sims

1 Sim Lane is a medium-sized lot featured in The Sims. It was previously downloadable from the official Sims website, but can now be found on SimEchoes. It is the home of the Jones family and features a medium-sized house with a kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room and a patio. The living room features two sofas, some plants, a television, a bookcase, a stereo and a chess board. There is a trash bin and a telephone as well. The bathroom is quite large with a plant, a sink with a medicine cabinet, a toilet, a shower and a bathtub. The kitchen is placed right next to it and has a stove, a fridge, a sink and an empty kitchen counter. Next to the stove is a 4x4 dining table with three chairs. Edward and Barbara's bedroom features a large bed and a lamp. Bobby's bedroom has a toy castle, a lamp and a colorful bed. The patio is quite large and features a large dining table, a grill and a "Exerto Benchpress Exercise Machine".