452-498 University Way

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452-498 University Way
452-498 University Way.png
Lot type Community
Value §266,426
Lot size 40x40
Number of floors 2
Neighborhood Sim State University
Game The Sims 2: University
Looking for a one stop shopping destination to pick up your books, electronics and groceries? Stop looking and drop on in!

452-498 University Way is a community lot on the campus of Sim State University. The building is divided into four sections, each with its own entrance, though the first three are connected by archways and open spaces in the walls. The first entrance leads to a grocery store. The second section has pinball machines, arcade games, a couple of Sellafone Gadget Kiosks, and a free-standing fireplace. The third section has restrooms and a stairway to the second floor, as well as a couple more gadget kiosks. A game and magazine shop is in the center and takes up part of the second and third sections. This shop has a the cash register, which also serves the grocery. The second and third sections also have rear entrances. The fourth entrance leads to a bar, which does not connect to the rest of the building. There is a television over the bar, a stereo, some dartboards, and a rear entrance. Outside, in back of the building, there is a barbecue grill and some tables.

The stairs to the second floor lead to a room with some pool tables. Another room on the second floor has computers and desks. Those rooms are connected by a passageway, which also contains some restrooms.