71 Bard Boulevard

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The Sims 2

71 Bard Boulevard
Lot type Residential
Value §178,874
Lot size Large
Number of floors 2
Occupants Summerdream family
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 2
Neighborhood Veronaville
Game The Sims 2

71 Bard Boulevard is a residential lot located in Veronaville, a neighborhood that shipped with The Sims 2. It is the home of the Summerdream family, located in the "English" side of Veronaville, across from the Monty Ranch.

The house has two floors and is placed at the front of a 50x50 lot, valued at §187,874. The main entrance is on the right side of the house through an enclosed area that has a few chairs and a wedding arch. The first room at the entrance is a parlor joined with a powder room. This then leads to another parlor in the middle of the house that has access to the second floor. On the left side of this floor is a kitchen and dining areas. Each room have access to the back deck/stage behind the house.

The second floor has two master bedrooms on either side of the house. The one on the right is connected to a bathroom. It is presumed that one is Oberon's and the other is Titania's. Then there is a room adjacent to both master bedrooms. The one on the left is assumed to be Puck's, and the one on the right is assumed to be Bottom's. In the middle there is a hallway/sitting parlor with access to the first floor and a balcony that has access to the deck/stage behind the house. The "stage" faces a small arena setup with seating on three sides. The middle area has a jacuzzi as well as a stereo. There is a small pond over to the right of the arena.

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