94 Road to Nowhere

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The Sims 2

94 Road to Nowhere
Lot type Community
Value §146,768
Lot size 40x50
Number of floors 1
Neighborhood Strangetown
Game The Sims 2

Renowned for its vast swimming pool and soothing baths, the Strangetown Spa is the perfect pit-stop on the journey for truth.

94 Road to Nowhere is a community center located in Strangetown.

This lot has a small building with a cash register near the entrance. Since the register spawns a cashier, this simulates having an attendant at the entrance. However, it is just for show, as using the facilities costs nothing, and that register cannot be accessed. Since there is also no way to interact with the cashier at that register, players may wish to remove it. There is a building toward the back which sells groceries, and there is another cash register there.

The main feature of the lot is a very large swimming pool. The long building on the right-hand side of the lot, as seen from the street, contains the bathrooms. One bathroom contains urinals while the other two contain toilet stalls, but there are no doors to the bathrooms. There are no showers, but any of the bathrooms can easily be converted into a shower room. The front part of that building is intended to simulate the office, but again, it's just decorative.

There is a hot tub toward the rear of the lot, and a small building that appears to be intended to simulate a sauna or steam room.

pl:Droga Donikąd 94 ru:Дорога-в-Никуда, 94