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There are several chains of adventure opportunities in Al Simhara, each exposing a specific pre-made plot. This technique of pre-ordained plot has drawn criticism from some quarters of the Simming community, defying the more creative sandbox conventions of past titles. NPCs in these adventures are appointed somewhat randomly from the pool of pre-made Sims in the town. However, Sims do live in consistent lots.

MorcuCorp adventures[edit | edit source]

This series of adventures sees Sims working for and against the corporate giant MorcuCorp, which wishes to exploit Al Simhara's relics.

MorcuCorp is also featured in the MySims series, led by a Sim named Morcubus, who is the main villain.

MorcuCorp is working on a business opportunity with the Egyptian government to find three ancient relics in Al Simhara. The work will be dangerous, but quite profitable. Interested Sims should report to (Appointed Sim 1) for more information.

Report to Sim, who will say:

It is most excellent to see a fresh set of hands in Al Simhara! I suggest you visit the market before you venture further to purchase a tent, some dried food, and a Shower in a Can so that you don't end up starved or smelly amongst the dunes. Here is some dried food - awful tasting stuff, but it will keep you alive. I need you to take care of a small errand for me. I accidentally left some papers in a nearby tomb. Go to the Tomb of Discover, find my papers, and bring them back to me. You will be compensated. Then, I will give you more exciting tasks!

Explore the Tomb of Discovery and return the briefing papers to (Appointed Sim 1).

The tomb didn't kill you? Most Excellent! It will take me some time to analyze these papers. Until then, MorcuCorp has other tasks for you. Report to my lackey (Appointed Sim 2). I don't fully trust this person, but one cannot choose their employees. Do whatever is asked of you.

Report to Appointed Sim 2, who will say:

My name is (Appointed Sim 2). (Appointed Sim 1) gives me all the hard jobs for this operation, typical MorcuCorp work ethic. Gobble the easy profits and cower from trouble. Anyway the boss didn't properly budget our operations for this quarter. Obviously the locals expect to be paid. I need you to find 4 pieces of Turquoise, which I can use instead of cash payment. You may find some near the

pyramids across the river, I'd start there first.

Go to map, where turquoise will be visible in map tags. Collect 4 pieces. Return them to Appointed Sim 2:

That turquoise will keep operations moving along nicely. Sending you to assist me is the best thing MorcuCorp has done in weeks! I hope you stick around. I have some personal concerns about the reputation of MorcuCorp and I believe the local citizenry is growing hostile. I'd like you to get close to some of the other villagers and see what they think about this corporation.

Befriend 3 Sims and ask them about MorcuCorp, then returned to Appointed Sim 2:

Ah, it is as I feared. But perhaps this will present an opportunity? Anyway,the documents have been deciphered and it's time to send you into the fire. Unfortunately for you, that is not a euphemism. MorcuCorp is interested in a strain of Flame Fruits that grow in the Tomb of the Burning Sands. I believe they plan to use it to help develop some kind of post-Atomic propulsion drive. Use this key to enter the tomb and gather some of these Fruits. It's bound to be hot in there so you might want to bring some Shower in a Can.

Collect Flame Fruit from the Pyramid of the Burning Sands. Bring them to Appointed Sim 2:

Your effort in this endeavor is to be commended, but perhaps we can put it to better use. MorcuCorp believes (Appointed Sim 3) knows about some sort of old book that may contain precious information that we need. Go get this information.

Befriend Appointed Sim 3, and ask about the book:

There is an ancient library hidden in a home in town. Inside, you will find a chest with the information you seek. You may need to befriend the owners of the house before getting access, just a thought.

Get invited into The Cornflower House (it will have a tomb map tag), befriend the resident Madbouli family, then enter the library-themed tomb in their courtyard. Take the book to Appointed Sim 2:

Yes, this book describes three powerful relics left here by the old kings of Al Simhara. There's a lot of information that we can use to track down the final relic. Luckily I already know where another one is. Unfortunately so does MorcuCorp! There's no time to explain, but you must go to the merchant [Relic Merchant] before MorcuCorp' goons arrive and obtain the Relic of the Sun, which is in the merchant's possession.

Befriend the Relic Merchant, ask them about the relic:

Ah, so (Appointed Sim 2) wants me to hand over this relic, eh? I have no use for it, but you do, which means there is value in the piece. I judge this value to be 5 chunks of copper. Bring me this and I will hand over the relic. You had best hurry though, I may get a better offer!

Gather 5 pieces of either smelted or unsmelted copper and give them to the Relic Merchant:

The copper is much appreciated. I will put it to good use, unlike this relic I've been hoarding for so long. Here, enjoy it. Take it back to whoever sent you here. Yes I know something is going on around here, don't take us locals for idiots!

Take the Relic of the Sun to Appointed Sim 2, who confesses:

You have made the right choice helping me out. I will tell you the truth. I work for an organization that wants to stop MorcuCorp from exploiting this land. We could really use your help. If you want to sign on there's more work to be done. We need to buy you time to explore the next tomb, which means we must bribe MorcuCorp's henchmen. Explore the sands around town to find 2 pieces of mummitomium with which to bribe the MorcuCorp goons. Bring that back to me.

Find 2 pieces of rare mummitomium. You may have to search carefully or wait for spawners to replenish over a couple of days. Return with it:

I've arranged for the Mummitomium to be deposited in a chest in the local MorcuCorp Headquarters. There shouldn't be anyone around to bother you. Problem is, the security systems will most likely be online... this could get hairy. Take this package of Mummitomium, deposit it, and watch your back.

Enter the MorcuCorp HQ below the Amin family home, The Flax Seed House. Put the bridge package in your inventory into the treasure chest:

''Good job with the bribe. Just leave it there and the henchmen will take care of the rest. Also I've hacked into MorcuCorp mainframe. The information is there, but i cannot get it from my computer. Hack the commander's computer inside their HQ to find the location of the second relic. It should be a room with a computer all by itself. Be quick about it!

In search of Love[edit | edit source]

This quest chain give you the keystone to explore Queen Hatshepsut's temple without any cheats. This page doesn't contain any sort of walkthrough to Hatshepsut's temple, but this page is originally created to make my walkthrough to Hatshepsut's Temple easier to understand.

Mission: Supposedly the queen has a secret hideout under one of the homes in town. Explore the hideout to find clues.

Hints: It's usually the Ameen's that hides the hideout. The hideout can be accessed by a staircase, that gets unlocked when you examine the white tomb hole beside it. You have to visit the household before you can go down the stairs.

Mission: Explore the Servant's quarters to find clues. Go to Tutorial:Completing tombs page for walkthrough

When you found what you came for, when deliver the thing. Mission: Talk good about Sim Name, spread 5 good rumors to different simmers.

Mission: Sim Name found a keystone in the relic, the next clue is under the market, go and find every clue and deliver it.

- Sorry, no walkthrough for the bazaar basement, cause it's not officially a tomb on the list.

Mission: Take a photo of Sim Name and deliver it

In the next mission, you have to find the Queen's personal journal. See Tutorials:Completing tombs for walkthrough. This is the last mission - if you do everything right, you'll find key no. 5 to the market basement keystone es:Aventura/Al Simhara