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While Cassandra at least has genetics from Bella, Alexander doesn't appear to have any of his parents' genetics (more obvious when he gets older). Why is this? Post your theories here.

Theories[edit | edit source]

  • Alexander is ALIEN SPAWN, planted by Bella's abductors as a scout to decide which Goth to take! He was implanted in Bella's womb while she slept!Hurshbr (talk) 19:00, April 17, 2013 (UTC)Hurshbr
  • Hey! Didn't you notice that Alex looks exacly like his Great-Grand Father Simon Crumplebottom They Exacly Look-A-Like So Much They Have Light Skin They Wear Glasses And They have similar facial structure-
  • WTF GUYS? Alexander isn't ugly and he is not adopted! Its too obvious, he inherit his skin (light) from his father and the hair (black) from his mother and father!! MOVE ON! You shouldn't create a page for these ridiculous theories!!!!
  • If you look far in the family trees, Alexander looks exactly like his great-grandfather, Milton Bachelor. You can tell that Alexander has his jaw, which is incredible because it must be a recessive gene - none of his ancestors before him have the same jaw. I should also mention Alexander shares Milton's eyes. Also, young Alexander shares his great-grandmother Enriqueta Bachelor's full and thick lips. Please don't mention Alexander being ugly, because he is actually quite attractive. Cheers, James.
  • This is easy a little........When it comes to 11 year old Alexander. Don Lothario you ARE THE FATHER...just kidding but I have you guys seen Cassandra though? I mean even if they tried and tried again Bella and Mortimer have some ugly kids beileve me I tried with them I made a Morty JR. and when he grew up he turned out UGLY with no Aliby so yeah...easy yet complicated
  • My friend, Grant Rodiek, told me that Mortimer and Bella are actually meant to be gay and Alexander was adopted but they changed the memories
  • I think the question here shouldn't be where he got his genetics from, but instead why is he so friggin' ugly?? Poor Lucy. I hope their children inherit her genes.
  • They mixed his genes with FaceBlendLimits off. :P
  • Hi!I know exactly how Alexander got his genetics.Mortimer and Bella has black hair,that is how he got his hair.He has Mortimer's eyes.Bella's lips and nose.Mortimer's light skin.He does look a lot like his parents!What are you talkin' about?Whatev.Peace out! 11:55, March 6, 2011 (UTC)
  • Um, hello? MAXIS MESSED UP. Just like how Angela and Lilith don't look much like Mary-Sue and Daniel despite their hair color/eye color/skin tone.
  • Obvioulsy on the family tree there is line thing that show that he is their son, so that takes out the theory of adoption also I was born and I look nothing like my parents (Do not comment), every one tells me that I look like my uncle, he is said to look like his grandfather. Bottom line he is the true son of Bella and Mortimer Goth. The thing i think we should be worried about is how he wrote a book before he was born. Unless that is not him? DaDaDum.
  • Maybe Alex got swapped with the real Goth son at birth... It could happen. Maybe the real Goth heir is Xander Roth... Maybe not. Either way, Alex looks nothing like his parents and doesn't make the prettiest spouse... Ask Lucy Burb. O____o My name is Joine, and Skip ate my pie!!! DX 19:04, October 14, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think that Alexander is actually adopted! Because one of the Maxis people had accidentaly ordered a adoption and thinking that there is no way to get rid of him to hack their memories to make them his biological son which isnt hard to do in the first place
  • Ok people. Listen up! I never played The Sims 2, but you have to listen.We all know he looks nothing like his family. Although Cassandra does wear glasses. And Mortimer's skin is a little light. Therefore he is not adopted. Please leave a comment under mine if you agree with me.
  • EA abosulty love messing with us, right? Well, if thats true, then I agree with the one above. It could happen that a Mortimer could've adopted Alexander. A woman with blond hair and green eyes could adopt a little girl with blond hair and green eyes. Its simple. Either that or the person who made Alexander was being sloppy and accidently made it that way.
  • Yes, Alexander looks nothing like his parents, I agree. But, I do have to admit, he looks a bit like Victor. And in Mortimer's memories, it doesn't say that Alexander was adopted. Though, he has a lot of Mortimer's genetics. He has Mortimer's hair color, and his skin tone, and eyes. But, we don't really know, the Goth family has passed on many generations that EA wouldn't let us play. They are screwing with our heads, they want us to wonder. But really, what is there to wonder ? EA has the power to do anything. It's their game, but if we want to adopt kids or make our sims missing, or kill them off, EA should leave that in our control. They leave out all the fun.
  • He does not look like Victor!!! Gosh, people, Victor Goth and Alexander Goth look nothing alike. Victor has a totally different face. Alexander is probably naturally ugly, although in the Sims that isn't possible.
  • He has the same face as Gunther and Frida. If you look closely, they look similar! In my opinion at least. He isn't ugly, he just has Goopy's face.:-)
  • He couldn't have been adopted because having babies and adopting babies results in two different memories, and Mortimer's claims he had Alexander. So he's not adopted. I think, maybe, he messed up his face somehow (I blame bullies, after all, Alexander is a bit of a nerd). There, i think that might be it.
  • I have 2 theories... 1.when you create a female in create a sim with... for example big lips and then change it to a male the lips are bigger things seem to be bigger on the males and smaller on the females so Alexander is probably just a male version of Bella except with Mortimer's hair and skin 2.and also Alexander has big lips and so does Gunther Jace12 23:32, April 12, 2010 (UTC)
  • I Think, the Goth men get better looking with age. First of all, because Mortimer looks like Alexander, as a child in the Sims 3 just an emo side, basically!. So, that's my theory, oh and he's not adopted, but doesn't look like Mortimer as a child then, he might get the genetics from his uncle's or ancestors.
  • I don't think he looks like either of his parents he's so ugly, and looks nothing like Mortimer or Bella, but I don't think he was adopted, Mortimer's memories show otherwise. I think Mortimer used to look like Alexander, but Bella urged him to get a Plastic Surgery. He did, and when they had their son, he still carried on Mortimer's genetics, even though Mortimer didn't have them anymore.
  • Why does this page even exist? It's just a genetic throwback or maybe the developers messed him up accidentily. And anyway in Bella's Memories, that this makes any difference, she remembers giving birth to Alexander. MJ567 05:16, March 4, 2010 (UTC)
  • I just can't believe Alexander was adopted. I mean, he got his hair from Mortimer! And I think he kinda looked like Bella. Face only. But if he is adopted, why would Mortimer do that and when????
  • It's simple. He was adopted.
  • I think he is adopted. He looks a little like Mortimer, I guess, but black-haired brown-eyed people can adopt black-haired brown-eyed children. It doesn't make much sense that Alexander would be Bella's son. Her dark skin is the dominant gene, right? I made a family where the father had the same skin color as Bella and the mother was very fair-skinned, and almost all of their children had dark skin. And they adopted a kid that looked kind of like them, but with blue eyes. I definitely think it's possible for Alexander to be adopted. Sparrowsong 21:34, February 3, 2010 (UTC)
  • This doesn't make any sense. Alexander gets his father's hair and his mother eyes. Plus Alexander has a mixture of his parents skintone. Another thing is that in Mortimer's memories he had Alexander so he couldn't have adopted him. Case closed. I think this page is useless. ArchieAndrewfan3001 22:01, February 3, 2010 (UTC)
  • Among the premade Sims, there are lots of Sims that don't look like their parents. Just take a look at Beau Broke when he gets older - he doesn't look much like Brandi or Skip. Neither does Dustin, for that matter, although with him it's slightly less noticeable. Don Lothario doesn't look like his mother at all, although he does sort of resembles his father. Cassandra also doesn't look like either of her parents; if you look at facial templates, you'll find her face is actually closer to Kaylynn Langerak, but with different eyes. A notable exception are Angela and Lilith Pleasant, who do look like their parents. Also, in Veronaville - do any of the Montys look like they're descended from Patrizio and Isabella, and does Cordelia Capp really look like she's Consort and Contessa's daughter? In Strangetown, Erin Singles looks nothing like her brother Loki, and neither of them look like their parents. Pascal, Vidcund, Lazlo and Jenny look nothing like each other except Pascal and Lazlo, and hardly anything like their parents. Premade Sims were essentially created and then had memories added to them. Also, they almost always have two identical alleles of any gene - go ahead and pair up Lazlo Curious and Crystal Vu, and see if they ever have a blonde baby. The only exceptions to that rule that I've found are Romeo Monty and Juliette Capp in Veronaville, who had a blonde daughter in my game.
  • Alexander Goth has his father's hair and he resembles his mother slightly but some other sims children do not look like their parents. Bella does not look much like her father in The Sims 3 there are no noticable resemblances.
  • I agree with another poster. It was probably a genetic throwback. The real mystery? How he wrote a book 50 years before he was born? I know exactly why...
  • Why do people think that Alexander doesn't look like his parents? Mortimer and Bella have both brown eyes and black hair, and he inherited his skintone from Mortimer.
  • The strange facial features could be from the DNA of his ancestors, he could have around 1/8 of the DNA from his great-grandparents, not to mention the 1/4 of DNA he has from his Grandparents, I'd say the game developers Maxis went for a more biological result when creating the families the faces would be altered to have some of the features of the ancestors.
  • God, have you people even studied genetics? Bella's gene could be dominant, but in real life ressesive genes could hide for generations and generations, then one day a parent gives it up. As with the blondes, I once had a pair of sims- one brown haired, one blonde- and they had a brown haired baby. The brown haired baby grew up and married a man with black hair, and their baby had brown hair. This baby grew up and married another blonde man, and their child was blonde. Now this child grew up and married a brown haired woman, and their baby was black haired. Alex got DNA from previous generations.
  • He got his hair and eye color from his parents, obviously, because Bella and Mortimer's hair is black and their eyes are brown (Pictures from the games when Mortimer was an adult show he has black hair), and his skin is his fathers color. If you take the time to age him up you'll see that he actually looks quite like his father in his facial structure.
  • Either Bella has had an affair or Alexander is the result of an alien experiment before Bella was abducted. Gallifrey102 12:32, April 18, 2010 (UTC)
  • Alexander was adopted. Sorry if we already know it's false, I don't have TS2. UBFunkaneer 00:16, April 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • Well his page says that he looks more like Victor Goth, which is for me true, so i guess he really looks like his great grandfather more than his parents
  • There is a chance that he just doesn't look like his parents. You know he gets like his more noticeable facial features from his mom (They change because hes a boy) and smaller features from his dad like eye or hair color.
  • Dang, Sims players will theorize over every little petty thing, won't they? Some people just don't look like their parents. Period. That happens all the time in real life, and especially in The Sims. I can't even count the number of times I've had a kid born in the game that ended up looking nothing like the parents. And yet we've got people here coming up with adoption and Bella having an affair even though Mortimer and Bella both have memories of having Alex. The lack of lives the majority of Sims players tend to have sometimes makes me embarrassed to be one.

  • He sort of looks more like Gunther Goth, which closes the door on that likely giving out that something happend and Bella accidentally slept with Gunther, or she cheated on Mortimer with him or the true fact that Alexander is Mortimer's child but has genetics that range to either Gunther or Victor. Simkid1995 17:16, July 8, 2010 (UTC)

  • Alexander,no matter how hard it is to believe, that he is not adopted. If you grow him up, get him married, and have him make babies, you can totally tell he's Bella and Mortimer's kid. In my game he a had a daughter whom looked exactly, like Bella as a young adult and an adult. It's just he inherited more genes from his grandparents and then he did from his parents.
  • I don't understand why this page is even here.. He looks more like Mortimer, has brown eyes, black hair and the light skin from Mortimer, he could get most of his genes from his grandparents or great grandparents anyways!
  • In my point of view Alexander is Goopy's child, what to know about Goopy? He makes ugly children, so Bella is a romance sim,isn't she? so Bella cheated on Morimer with Goopy but after that she described that Alexander is Mortimer's child,that's it,problem solved...
  • Alexander can't be adopted, but he doesn't look like any of his relatives! Odd...
  • The previous wirter is correct, he is not adopted, he got the light skin,black hair, brown eyes from Mortimer and Bella, but his face is similar with Goopy's face, if you see his relatives, etc Simon Crumplebottom with his genes and Mortimer genes he can look like Goopy, so he is really Mortimer's child, but got genes from the greatgrandparents...
  • He looks like Gunther Goth! Take out his moustache and they're really alike! There, mystery solved ;)
  • He isn't adopted! Why is this a page? Does this really matter that much?
  • Shrugging my shoulders* I don't know!!! He's probably some inbred mistake from Bella the Woohoo monkey. Adopted kids can look just like their new parents aswell. If you ask me ( which you already have!), Alexander is just a cas kid ( like everyone in The Sims 2) who was made before his parents.
  • I don't think he was adopted or it would say on his father's memories adpoted Alexander,There's that and He doesn't look much in the face but He has brown eyes like his Mama,Pale white like his dad and he has black hair! Everyone in the Goth family had mostly black hair.He the real son! Jeez People Look at the pics first!
  • I think I know where he got the genes from. His pale skin from Mortimer. Bella and Mortimer both have black hair, so his hair is of course black. He has glasses because his granny Cornelia needed glasses and passed the gene to Alex and Cassie. I have no idea where the eyebrows came from....... anyway he got his nose from his dad, his lip shape from his dad, ear size from his dad, and his eye size from his mom. There, proof that Alex wasn't adopted.
  • He wasn't adopted! He has pale skin like his father and eye like Bella! Guys, please can you take down this page? Please!
  • (By the way, this is a pointless page! Focus on Bella's disappearance, Don in Riverview or the Caliente sisters in Barnacle Bay rather than looks!). Alexander has Mortimer's skin, Milton Bachelor and Gretle Goth's jaw, and Jocasta Bachelor (in The Sims 2, not The Sims 3)'s mouth. Bakerychaz 14:08, May 30, 2012 (UTC)
  • He has a CAS premade face but with a longer thing-that's-under-his-chin. It could be that the developers were rushing the Goth family or got bored of making it and decided to just give him a premade face but make his longer.
  • Actually, I let Nina and Mortimer have children together. One of the boys looked alot like Alexander, so he got his looks from Mortimer's side.
  • He has eyes from Bella, and skin from Morty, so mouth doesn't make him be completely different. I mean he could have just gotten random lips, it doesn't have to be small.
  • I think this is slightly pointless. I mean, if Goopy is Alexander's father, how come he looks like Mortimer? I think Goopy could be a distant relative, or it could be a coincidence. EA sometimes mess up i.e. Kaylnn a child when Mortimer and Bella are children in the Sims 3.AsherEire 16:51, February 24, 2012 (UTC)
  • A child has the genetics of the whole family tree... so he might look like ANYONE in the whole family tree
  • Well, Bella is identical to the Hula Zombies. So, maybe every person in the Bachelor/Goth family is actually a genetic experiment, and thus only bare slight similiarities to each other, but on of the scientists messed up and Alexander was initially going to be scrapped, but in a lack of time, was put in anyway. Hey, it's the Sims. Anything can happen, yet it slightly grounded in realism.
  • Guys, you get genetics from ANCESTORS like from YEARS AGO! Even I may have genetics from people in like 1899!
  • Oh and i'm the same person as above! He could get PERSONALITY genetics from his parents!
  • It has to be Time Travel, maybe he is his own great grandfather or something, he has a life time wish of being a tinkerer, and there is a book from him before he was born, it has to be the best explination.
  • Somehow, when I played The Sims 3 for DS, and I didn't play The Sims 2 (besides the Xbox, DS, and PSP version), I thought Alex Goth had a relation to the Goth family. But Murder in Pleasantview is in The Sims 3 for DS, I think. And in the Business career, there is an action you can choose for him called, "Run Numbers." So that's probably why he chose the Business career track in The Sims 3. But I don't believe Alex and Cecelia grew up with the same parents, either, since it's illegal to marry someone in your family. But some things in these games don't make sense. And something that also doesn't make sense is why they look like each other (which may mean they WERE in the same family), but they're married, so that makes my theory not make any sense at all about their family. I don't know. I'm just confused. If you move in Alex Goth, he has two Creative skill points (which may mean that he is the writer of Murder in Pleasantview), but Beacon Bay and the city in The Sims 3 PS3 look sort of the same, because there's a beach and a lighthouse to the south of both maps. Except that in the DS version, the lighthouse is reachable, not out in the ocean. But somehow, if I'm correct about the book in the DS version, Alex Goth writes it, but since he doesn't appear in the PS3 version (and the towns are kinda different), he may have wrote it and that before Beacon Bay, instead of Strangetown, there was Sunset Valley, which was probably why he doesn't appear in the PS3 version because he was in a different town/ city at the time of Sunset Valley. So he wrote it during the time of the PS3 version (when the city was big) and then he moved to Beacon Bay when it was founded by Malcolm Landgraab. So EA may have made an error or something. So it probably went: Sunset Valley, Beacon Bay, and Strangetown. But why his parents are younger is a mystery. Also, to help with Bella's theory, in the PS3 and 3DS versions, there's a book titled, "Where's Bella?" So it's probably a connection to her disappearance. So Where's Bella and Alien Abduction are possibly connected, along with Murder in Pleasantview. So Alien Abduction is possibly later written by him because he found out what may have happened to her. But why they are younger is probably because he had kids and named them after his parents, except that he couldn't take care of them and he gave them to another family. So it's possible he and Cecilia were married even before Beacon Bay, or he had an ex- wife. Another theory is that EA decided to make them younger, or the Magic Llama in the game (found holding L1, L2, R1 and R2 in the start menu; be sure to save first) made them young again, so Bella possibly didn't want her son knowing she was still alive, and Bella possibly used Divine Intervention on Alex's father, possily explaining why there is a Karma Power that revives your sim. So the order could be: Where's Bella, Murder in Pleasantview and Alien Abduction. The last two titles could be linked to theories in the game, or that Bella posed as someone else, or in her kid form, and started a rumor that she was abducted by aliens. Where's Bella could be the first book since the title is asking where she is, and Alien Abduction could be the last book since it appears in Sims 3 Seasons (like it's mentioned). If I find out more, I'll add more.
  • He´s created in CAS just like all playable Sims (his NID shows that he´s fourth Sim made in Pleasantview (1st is Mortimer, 2nd is Bella, 3rd is Cassandra and 4th is Alex). Mate1234 (talk) 19:20, July 9, 2013 (UTC)