Alexy Fresco

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The Sims 3: Late Night

Alexy Fresco
Gender Male Male
Age Adult
Life state Sim
When searching for roommates, Alexy interviewed over a hundred applicants before finally deciding on moving in with Harry and Matilda. Will he be happy with them, despite his peculiar habits?
Education and employment
Career Ingredients taster
Family/Families Fresco family
Marital status Single
Household Art Central household
Roommates Harry Marks, Matilda Smart
Traits Great Kisser
Hopeless Romantic
Zodiac sign Virgo
Lifetime wish Master of the Arts
Favorites Classical
Hot Dogs
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Skin color Medium
Body shape Fit Fit
Social standing
Celebrity status
1 star
1 star
Other information
Game The Sims 3: Late Night
Playability Playable
World Bridgeport

Alexy Fresco is a pre-made Sim, living in Bridgeport in a penthouse with his two roommates and best friends forever, Harry Marks and Matilda Smart. His bio implies that he has interviewed over a hundred applicants when looking for roommates, before finally moving in with Harry and Matilda.

He works in the culinary career track at level 2, with only 3 skill points in cooking, which is 3 points away from the level required for a promotion. He is a one-star celebrity. He carries two books in his inventory. He has black eyebrows and roots, but with brown hair meaning that he may have dyed his hair.

He may be an ancestor of Rudolpho Fresco from Lunar Lakes.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Image Skill Level
Cooking 3

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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