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Semper Fidelis Tyrannosaurus.

AwesomeMod is a core mod for The Sims 3. It is created and maintained by J. M. Pescado and 'Doctor Boris', and is hosted at the More Awesome Than You forum. It was launched on June 4, 2009 for The Sims 3 base game.[1]

Features[edit | edit source]

AwesomeMod improves a wide variety of aspects of the game, but the vast majority of changes are not terribly obvious at first glance. The improvements vary from bugfixes, to the tweaking of things that Pescado finds stupid. A full list of changes can be found in the manual .

A large change is the replacement of the default story driver with the Awesome Story Driver, which makes the results of story progression in the neighborhood far more sensible. Another addition is the ability of the player to make families "sacred", which protects them from the effects of story progression.

Another major feature is "Supreme Commander", an assortment of macros to automatically control Sims' behavior.

Because of the very large number of small tweaks, there is an online configuration tool which allows users to turn individual features on or off. After the player chooses their configuration they will receive a file download, and must place the file in the same directory in which they placed AwesomeMod.

AwesomeMod adds one end-user accessible trait to the game, the Stupid trait, which greatly increases the time needed to gain skills, do homework, and read books. Stupid conflicts with Genius and Bookworm.

Compatibility[edit | edit source]

Generally, new versions are released shortly after the official EA patches.

Like all core mods, AwesomeMod is not compatible with other core mods.

Languages[edit | edit source]

AwesomeMod has been translated into other languages. The languages are: (in no particular order)

AwesomeMod is, however, compatible with other languages, but all AwesomeMod texts will be shown in English if another language than those listed here is selected.

Players can help translate AwesomeMod into other languages. See the AwesomeMod Translation Thread. The text which needs translation is approximately 697 lines in length.

Download[edit | edit source]

Approx. 8 Mb

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References[edit | edit source]

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