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World · Featured in: The Sims 3: Late Night

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Founded by Ebenezer Alto at the turn of the century, Bridgeport was once a busy shipping town inhabited by sailors and smugglers. However, when the film industry came to the city, celebrities, Simoleons, and the sparkling lights of fame took over. Now a vibrant city with an energetic night life and bustling club scene, Bridgeport has made its mark on the map. With all the lights on, will its past ever resurface?
Name Bridgeport
Game  The Sims 3: Late Night

Bridgeport is a world that ships with The Sims 3: Late Night. It is the first urban city of its kind to be featured in The Sims series games as most past neighborhoods and worlds were either towns or suburbs.

Bridgeport was founded by Ebenezer Alto, as stated in the town's description. In the past, Bridgeport was once a shipping town that was full of sailors and smugglers, where the only beach in Bridgeport is named the Smuggler's Cove, situated on a small coastline facing the bridge and the bay. Some time later, Bridgeport has turned into a nightlife city when the film industry came to the city, changing the small town into a bustling downtown with high-rise buildings.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Bridgeport is designed to focus on late night activities, and is similar in many respects to the Downtown sub-neighborhoods in The Sims: Hot Date and The Sims 2: Nightlife. Bridgeport consists of two sections connected with a large bridge. The urban city center is where all the bars, clubs, lounges, and penthouses are located. The other section is an exclusive neighborhood for the wealthy, where most high-star celebrities live in their mansions. There are other celebrities who live in the urban area as well, and the city center has a film studio for Sims who are employed as actors and actresses. The urban city center faces the ocean, while the wealthy neighborhood is located further to the east.

Bridgeport is a special late night town, which differs from the other worlds in The Sims 3. In Bridgeport, fake taxi cabs will appear across the town to simulate a bustling downtown feeling. Some wildlife animals, i.e. wild horses, deer, and raccoons, will also not appear in Bridgeport. Bridgeport also has different work hours than the other worlds, which mostly occur around the afternoon and evening. Bridgeport is a suitable place for single young adults and older to have fun and party. Most residents are also on average richer than other families in different worlds.

Lots[edit | edit source]

Community Lots[edit | edit source]

  • AJV Wellness Center (gym)
  • Aquarius (poolside club)
  • Banzai Lounge (fusion lounge)
  • Bogaard Overlook (small park)
  • Bridgeport Acres (big park or festival grounds[TS3:S])
  • Bridgeport Public Library (library)
  • Bridgeport Eternal Rest Cemetery (graveyard)
  • Bridgeport Sports Zone (sports bar)
  • Buena Vista Resort (small park)
  • Butterfly Esplanade (big park)
  • Civic Plaza (visitors allowed)
  • Eugi's (local watering hole)
  • Marina Field (big park)
  • Overlook Point Subway (no visitors allowed)
  • Plasma 501 (vampire lounge)
  • Smuggler's Cove (beach)
  • The Brightmore (disco club)
  • The Grind (dance club)
  • The Prosper Room (exclusive lounge)
  • The True Modern Art Gallery (art gallery)
  • Waylon's Haunt (dive bar)
Rabbit Holes

If the corresponding expansion pack is also installed, the following lots will be replaced.

Families[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: 2
Lala Angelista, Tiara Angelista
The bright lights first lured Lala (not her real name) to the city where she thought she would find fortune, fame, and love. Reality quickly followed when she and her daughter were abandoned by the love of her life. Lala buried the past, banishing the memory and identity of her daughter's father. A decade later, young Tiara has achieved stardom, fulfilling her mother's own dream! The twosome are now the life of the party, masquerading as sisters on their nights out together!
Difficulty: 2
Alexy Fresco, Matilda Smart, Harry Marks
Alexy, Harry, and Matilda draw inspiration from their shared experiences in this small artist commune they call home. Harry is the most cerebral of the trio and loves his books and computers. Will romance blossom amid the portrait painting and jam sessions? Will the three of them remain the best of friends?
Difficulty: 1
Devin Ashton
Devin has dreams of making it big on the Silver Screen! Since he was a little guy, he's dreamt of not only meeting the ultra-famous Matthew Hamming, but becoming just like him. Will this Sim ever see his dreams fulfilled, or will he only make it to the small screen?
Difficulty: 3
Violet Atkins, Jett Atkins, Hyacinth Atkins
The Atkins twins have observed the comings and goings of the city for a few decades. With everything changing so quickly, Violet's grandson Jett is their only link to the youthful city it has become.
Difficulty: 3
Lola Belle, Jupiter Belle, Kai Leiko, Moxie Logan
Rockstar Lola Belle's adoption of son, Jupiter Belle, started a trend in celebrity adoptions. Lola keeps the spotlight on her family by parading Jupiter in pink for the paparazzi. She stays fit working out with resident fitness trainer Moxie Logan and even younger with her beautiful boyfriend Kai Leiko. It's the perfect life!
Difficulty: 3
Tom Wordy, Lil Bling, Big Hartley, Sugar Bijou
No one really knows how these former Twinbrook residents came under the same roof. From Lil Bling's persistence to Big Hartley's muscle, music mogul Tom Wordy has surrounded himself with the people he trusts most. Lil Bling wants to follow in Tom's footsteps but they are sizeable footsteps indeed. Will there be a future for Tom and Sugar Bijou or is she merely a trophy girlfriend?
Difficulty: 1
Wayne Bumble
There are only two things that excite Wayne Bumble; being rich and being famous. Being brand new to the city, Wayne will need to negotiate some of the hardships of city life, not to mention a recent spat of vampire activity, to make it big here.
Difficulty: 1
Ebenezer Clavier
Little "Eby," as his parents and older siblings called him, was always supposed to go work on his family's llama ranch just like generations of his family before him. However, much to his family's dismay, Ebenezer's love for music took him to the city and away from them. Will his talent be enough to sustain him, or will he end up back on the ranch?
Difficulty: 3
Jeffrey Cook, Lady Cook, Elspeth Cook, Cressida Wells
There's a lot of a dirty laundry in the Cook household. Jeffrey and Lady maintain the appearance of a married couple but can barely stand the sight of each other. Lady is more interested in facials than face time with her impressionable teenage daughter, Elspeth. Will Elspeth turn out ok with her mother's esthetician Cressida Wells as her only confidante in a dysfunctional household?
Difficulty: 1
Caroline Custard
Caroline, a small town girl, came to the city looking to get into journalism, and has successfully started her climb to the top. Does she have what it takes to become a star journalist, and make it in the big city alone?
Difficulty: 4
Apollo Bloom, Katelyn Missoni, Kirby Wise, William Fangmann, Suzy Strummer, Matty Crewe
One house can hold so many stories. When City Entertainment started the 17th season of Little Celebrity and put this cast together, they knew they were going to have a great show. Katelyn Missoni and Apollo Bloom provide plenty of vacuous entertainment while Kirby Wise lusts after a prominent politician in town. William Fangmann is too smart for his own good, but does he know who his secret admirer is?
Difficulty: 1
Matthew Hamming
Matthew Hamming is no stranger to the limelight. Topping the list of the world's most eligible bachelors and a permanent fixture on the silver screen, is there anything more Matthew could ask for? If tabloids are to be believed, he's still searching for that elusive special lady; the paparazzi has a hard time keeping up with his trail of leading ladies and broken hearts.
Difficulty: 3
Morrigan Hemlock, Wogan Hemlock, Belisama Hemlock
The Hemlock family doesn't quite conform to one label, but the neighbors frequently refer to them as "that hippie vampire family". Morrigan, Wogan and their child Belisama enjoy hydroponic and soil grown plasma fruit, as well as sharing music together as a family.
Difficulty: 2
Johnny Jones, Diana Jones
The Jones really are the couple to keep up with. With both Johnny and Diana at the peak of their careers and no kids, life is pretty perfect for the moment. Will unforeseen wishes and desires introduce some bumps along the way?
Difficulty: 2
Johanna King, Lisa King
Johanna King is a natural born comedian, going by the alias "Funnymom" on her daily show. When not on set, she has made single-parenting into an art form, raising an angel of a daughter, Lisa, with solid values and a lot of laughs.
Difficulty: 4
Renee Littler, Reuben Littler, Bronson Littler, Deidre Littler, Odine Perry
The Littlers are one of the town's most prominent families, even if they're not the most well-liked. Renee Littler is a successful news anchor and an indulgent mother to her wayward children. Tensions run high in the family as B-list actor Reuben lives in the shadow of his wife's success. Will their marriage survive the disparity or will the live-in help, Odine Perry, become a dangerous distraction?
Difficulty: 1
Polly Maloney
Polly loves nothing more than a good book and a long snooze, both of which she has ample time to do. On the other side, Polly worries about meeting Sims and making friends. Will she need to be more outgoing or successful to be well-liked?
Difficulty: 3
Beau Merrick, Lilly-Bo Chique, Marina Prattle, Bianca Rubble
If the ladies in this house had fangs, they would have been at each other's throats a long time ago. While Bianca, Lily-Bo and Marina make each other's blood boil, vampire Beau bides his time and enjoys the feud. Which of the three will he finally find irresistible?
Difficulty: 2
Alan Stanley, Emmy Starr
Alan Stanley and his partner, A-list actress Emmy Starr live the grand celebrity life. A director extraordinaire, every young actor wants to work with him and every young filmmaker wants to be him. Emmy rose to stardom as the lead actress in his early films. Rumor has it that this relationship is a little unbalanced. What goes on off the set for this couple?
Difficulty: 2
Katrina Pala, Hannah Smyth [sic]
Katrina Pala is an enterprising businesswoman, bringing the business world to life with her ambitious projects. In her custody is her less city-wise niece, Hannah Smythe. Katrina is eager to show Hannah the ropes on the business world but faces the uphill task of distracting Hannah from her reality television obsession.
Difficulty: 1
Romeo Rake
Most people think that Romeo is just one of the city's wealthy playboys, running around town without a care. However, few will ever know of the sacrifices this super undercover secret agent has made for the city. This Sim could use a good night out on the town!
Difficulty: 1
Buster Round
With so many flashy Sims in the neighborhood, it's easy to overlook poor Buster. If only he could earn enough in tips to afford a few more instruments… that would really make his day! Maybe he can even move out of his current digs?
Difficulty: 1
Vladimir Schlick
Vlad's ravishingly good looks have tricked many a good Sim under his spell… Most Sims in the city find him irresistible! He's well connected in the local Vampire scene, but with a new crowd on the rise, Vlad might have to choose sides.
Difficulty: 1
Lenny Shutter
Many times over, Lenny has tried to make a run at selling photographs of celebrities as an income. It has gone well at times when he got a great snapshot, but often times are tough. It's time for Lenny to put down the camera and find a real job.
Difficulty: 1
Mick Situp
Finally finished with his degree in Science, Mick is just beginning his career at the local Science Facility. However, Mick has recently found that mixing drinks is much more fun than mixing chemicals in a lab. Could he become a good enough Mixologist to leave his career in science forever?
Difficulty: 1
Elvira Slayer
Don't let her charming personality fool you; for the last 100 years Elvira has been the most feared and most powerful Vampire in the city. However, a new influx of younger vampires have recently moved into the city… Will it turn ugly?
Difficulty: 3
Richie Striker, Stella Striker, Sebastian Striker
The Strikers are a global fashion sensation with Baby Sebastian constantly dubbed the city's best-dressed tyke. However, it is Richie Striker's coveted athleticism that has made him the star that he is. What new rivalry will glamorous Stella Striker find in the city? Will her family's fame and wealth be enough, or will she need more affirmation?
Difficulty: 2
Jessica Talon, Rafael Striker
Jessica Talon, a name that puts fear in many a young vampire, has forced some Sims to stake their allegiance against her. Her better half, Rafael Striker, is much less intimidating but just as influential a name in late night business circles. Underneath her tough exterior, Jessica's chief desire is just that Rafael will keep up with her on the dance floor. He has other ideas though, like owning his own bar.
Difficulty: 2
Barry Tenderlove, Jun Xu, Ace Wilde
The residents of the Tenderlove household are regulars at the club scene downtown. Between Barry's bartending dreams and Ace's penchant for neon club wear, there are a lot of nightlife aspirations under one roof. Jun and the boys really hope they make it in this town because they can't imagine living anywhere else!
Difficulty: 1
Aria Trill
Aria is regarded as one of the best musicians in the entire city; she has won numerous awards for her beautiful singing and guitar accompaniment. Little do people know, she's only in it for the fame and fortune! She'd rather spend all day in front of the TV or computer.

Homeless Sims[edit | edit source]

These Sims are pre-made, but homeless when Bridgeport is first loaded.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Notable Sims[edit | edit source]

Deceased Sims[edit | edit source]

Technical Problems[edit | edit source]

Routing/Lag issue[edit | edit source]

Bridgeport features several major flaws in its construction. Firstly, EA has managed to build two identical roads directly on top of one another in one particular area. This mistake confuses the routing system, slowing down performance and forcing cars and Sims to move about the world in sometimes strange ways. Secondly, there are small patches of routable terrain in the hills near the radio towers. NPCs and townies get stuck in these patches. These trapped Sims constantly try to walk somewhere, and this can cause slowness and lag. Eventually these trapped Sims die of starvation. The third issue is the routing when traveling in groups. The leader of the group will use the subway, though the others might choose to walk, even if the destination is very far. For these reasons, Bridgeport's performance will always be substandard unless the town is fixed in a patch, or via mods.

Cannot create SimBot[edit | edit source]

Another problem has been reported by some players that they can't build a SimBot in Bridgeport, because the option menu to "Create a mystery invention" or "Create a SimBot" at the Workbench isn't available. This makes Sims who already have a lifecore in their inventory unable to complete the opportunity even if they are moved to another world like Twinbrook, because the lifecore is still stuck there and can't be removed normally. A game mod has been created to fix this problem, it will make the "Create a mystery invention" or "Create a SimBot" option will be available again.

An Opportunity from Professional Sports affected by this glitch.

Multi-Rabbit Holes Glitch[edit | edit source]

Due to multi-rabbit holes in this town, some opportunities (such as this one from Professional Sports) are not able to be completed despite the appropriate building (e.g. City Hall) being there. This is because the game assumes that the lot is invalid and therefore there are no options. This glitch can be resolved if the building from The Sims 3 base game or Ambitions is used (e.g. the Sunset Valley City Hall).

A fix for this glitch is included in the NRaas Overwatch as of version 122 of the mod.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The overall geography, climate and shape of the city is similar to Seattle and Vancouver.
  • There are roads on the edges of the peninsula that has borders with signs with an Interstate Highway shield with number 99 on it. It has 2 parts that goes parallel to the peninsula.
  • Bridgeport is the name of many cities in the United States,[2] most notably Bridgeport, Connecticut.
  • Many players believe Bridgeport has a similar appearance to New York City, Detroit, and other major American cities. The bridge bears a faint resemblance to the Brooklyn Bridge. However, EA has stated it is not based upon New York City.[3] Graham Nardone stated that Bridgeport is loosely based on Pittsburgh as inspiration.[4] Rebecca Shearin notes that the overall location is based in the Pacific Northwest.[5]
  • The Brightmore's sign is based on Big Al's in San Francisco.
  • The Movie Cineplex's signs, and its general shape, is based on those found on the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles.
  • The three radio towers resemble the radio towers found in the Queen Anne neighborhood in Seattle.
  • The players can see pigeons hanging around the front of town hall during the day.
  • Smuggler's Cove may have a connection to Barnacle Bay.[confirmation needed]
  • Some townies are family members of playable Sims, such as Flo-Flo Chique and Ryan Atkins.
  • Several urns and gravestones are scattered about the city's alleyways. Also, similar to Twinbrook's and Barnacle Bay's green-colored deceased Sims, the deceased Sims have a grey color scheme.
  • There is a "small city" behind Bridgeport. The player can see it by using cameraman mode and following the road that leads outskirts of the city.
  • Bridgeport generates decorative fake taxis on the road to make it look bustling.
  • Around Bridgeport are many roads which sink into the sea and one of the roads leading out of the city is cut off by a landslide. This hints towards a possible earthquake that occurred before the game's start, a possible reference to the 1989 San Francisco Earthquake.
  • Bridgeport's biography, the community lot "Smuggler's Cove" and the old red building near the City Hall are the only three solid proofs that smugglers were once the dwellers of Bridgeport.
  • According to the description of the building where the "Mixture of Good and Bad" household lives, the Off Ramp Building is the only apartment that was spared during the bridge construction at the time. The last building to be demolished was the building beside the Off Ramp which was used to be favored by tourists before the demolition.

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