Baked Angel Food Cake

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Baked Angel Food Cake is a special food in The Sims 3 which, if eaten, will give the Sim the "Warm Fuzzies" and "Great Meal" moodlets. If the meal is perfect, they will get the "Amazing Meal" moodlet instead.

Baked Angel Food Cake requires the special Flame fruit and two eggs. It can only be made by Sims who has level 10 Cooking skill and has learned the recipe. When Sims eat at the bistro, there is a chance they will get an event where a busboy trips and knocks his cart on them. By choosing the "Be Kind" option, Sims will be rewarded a free meal as well as a perfect group serving of Baked Angel Food Cake.

Moodlets[edit | edit source]

Image Moodlet Name Mood Effect Time Period From Game Dialog/Description Notes EP
Great Meal +25-35 8 Hours Yummy Food Great meals can be rare, but when a Sim dines upon such a delicious feast, it will be remembered for some time. Very Nice to Great quality meal. Or high quality dried food if the Sims are not Snob.
Amazing Meal +40 8 Hours Yummy Food That meal was awesome! The explosion of flavor will be hard to forget. Perfect quality meal. Pizza Appreciators will get this moodlet after eating pizza.
Warm Fuzzies +15 5 Hours Angel Food Cake, Nectar Certain foods fill the body with a warm cozy feeling that's unlike anything else. Drinking nectar made of at least 3 Flame Fruits, eating Angel Food Cake, or having Angel Food Cake in your Sim's inventory can cause this moodlet.