Bear Essentials Lodge

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The Sims: Vacation

Bear Essentials Lodge
Lot type Community
Neighborhood Vacation Island
Game The Sims: Vacation
Forget about it "roughing it" when you stay with us. Our immaculate and unspoiled accommodations offer the perfect getaway for Sims in need of peace and relaxation.

The Bear Essentials Lodge is a lot that can be found at Vacation Island, the neighborhood from The Sims: Vacation. It is situated at 43 Lagoon Moon Road.

This forest resort has four cabins, each of which has a Napoleon Sleigh Bed. One cabin also has a TykeNite kids' bed. Each cabin has a bathroom with the basic toilet and pedestal sink. Three cabins have basic showers, and the one with the kids' bed has a shower/tub. Two of the cabins have a dresser (Antique Armoire). The main building has two buffet tables, and sells postcards and gift souvenirs.

Outdoors, there is an archery range, a volleyball court, a fishing pier, and a rental shack. There's also a redwood hot tub, a water-balloon fort, some rockers for the kids to ride, and a fire pit. There are picnic tables to eat at, a few grills to cook on, and a couple of porta-potties.

If Unleashed is installed, there should be a dog bath, and the main building should contain food bowls. Each cabin should have a medium pet bed, There are no litter pans, nor are there any scratching posts or other pet fun items.

Problems[edit | edit source]

  • The shower/tub is placed so its right side is against the wall. You may need to reposition it, as that can cause problems when cleaning.
  • Sims may get stuck when getting out of some of the chairs around the pond, unless you move the chairs or adjust the shoreline.