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Theories[edit | edit source]

  • The Caliente Sisters are part alien, right? And they both happen to be in love with Don. So here's my theory. Bella and Mortimer were having issues. So Don sees a window, and invites Bella over, and tries to win her. But when she rejected him, he called up Dina, who is in love with Mortimer. She agrees to help Don get rid of bella, so she can have Mortimer, and nobody will know bella rejected Don. Dina gets some aliens to abduct Bella. Then aliens clone Bella, and drop the clone in strangetown (that's why Bella has no memories). And the real Bella, I don't know where she is. Alexander wrote books about her, and Don was reading them, when he ran into trouble with aliens, who were looking for payment. Then took Don back in time and left him in riverview. Don still had his books, so that's why they are there, even though Bella goth is still alive. Into the future may give more clues, since it will come after pleasantview.
  • My theory is a little far fetched but it's fun - My belief is that Bella found out about the plumbob (the green crystal) and about how it controls sims. Holding true in the belief that sims have the right to decide their own fates and make their own choices, she started to inform other sims secretly. She also found out that she lived in a playable town, and that her entire family was made up of playable characters, and wanted to move them out of it. However, before she could, the aliens (who were actually non playable characters, keeping the game in order) took her away and wiped her memories. Then as an example they scattered her character throughout the various sims games, to keep other playable sims in line. However, Bella started something; as her two children know, a quiet revolution against the plumbob is forming, and their mother is the figurehead of freedom. (Symbols of Bella and Mortimer as the example of the rebellion of everywhere: In Sims 3, for example, sims with the good trait can donate to an organization known as the Bella Beneficiary. In Sims 2 Apartment Life's Belladonna Cove, a large statue of Bella holding a platinum Plumbob is the center of the town.) Cassandra is one of the leading forces in the rebellion. However, neither child can muster up the courage to tell Mortimer, who was shattered by the sudden loss of his wife, and is only just starting to be able to live his life again.
  • I know this doesn't mean much, but in the game "MySims" (MySims is like the sims for younger kids) one of the decorations is a picture of a zombie-like girl with blueish skin, black hair, a red dress, and the decoration is named "Bella". I'm pretty sure this is connected to Bella Goth. Just throwing that out there.
  • Bella's daughter Cassandra is responsible for her disappearance {accidentally, since the two had a good relationship}. Cassandra's the "quiet, mysterious type" and nerdy. I think that Cassandra communicated with aliens and found them very interesting, so she asked her mother if she could go up in a ship and meet them in person. Her mother said No, thinking it was too dangerous, but agreed to go herself. The aliens kept her. Hurshbr (talk) 19:02, March 1, 2013 (UTC)Hurshbr
  • Just before Bella was abducted, she refused a make out with Don Lothario, so maybe she then walked away from him. Don chased after her, and they both got abducted. The aliens realise Don was accidentally abducted too, so the aliens were worried about Don, so messed up on Bella's clone. They pushed the clone out in Strangetown, and accidentally put Don in The Sims 3. They then focused enough, and dropped a realistic clone in Lunar lakes. Then they didn't need the real Bella any more, so decided to get rid of her. Bella had her ID with her, and the aliens sent her back to her childhood being a place where she lived before. They remember Don, and push him out too, after cloning him. Coming back to Pleasantview to abduct some more sims, they find no one and Dons exact clone is put in Don's place.
  • She is missing from the sims i saw my sim read Wheres bella.Gone from Sunset Val
  • I don't think aliens had anything to do with it. I know that Mortimer, Alexander and Cassandra Goth have the memory that she was abducted but I think she left because of Don trying to kiss her and moved to Strangetown. Then, the Beaker's did some experiments on her( like Nervous Subject) and it went wrong. Bella lost her memory from the experiment. That's my theory
  • Bella was fighting with Don about making out and suddenly there was a big flash and two Bellas where dropped into different towns, everyone searched for the real Bella but no-one found her and she is probably dead by now.
  • Not connected to the whole alien abduction issue: Has anyone noticed how in S3, Bella looks nothing like the rest of the Bachelor family? I mean Michael looks like a younger version of Simis, but Bella looks nothing like Jocasta. Personally think she was adopted. Doesn't make any difference, because once adopted, a S3 sim has no markers that indicate they are adopted on their family tree. It may show up in the Scrapbook, but that was not in the base game. ~Mimi Sardinia.
  • Well, when you look at it, Bella does look kinda like her grandparents in S3, Milton and Enriqueta.
  • Maybe Bella had contacts with aliens earlier, but they wiped her memory. So they followed her and when she was on Don's roof, abducted her! Then they made clones of her. They dropped one on Strangetown, one on Sunset Valley, (before that made her a child) and one, who they did their experiments on, in Lunar Lakes. (Sorry for bad English.)
  • I believe that Dina had nothing to do with it. They were one happy family. And here Pleasant view is the new sunset valley and Neighborhood 1. Beginning- The Aliens where planning on attacking the Simland (the sims earth) but they need to test a human to find out the strengths and weaknesses and what they thrive on. When they were searching for they person to abduct, they said they would abduct they 46 house the flew over because they combined there favorite numbers 17 + 19 + 9 + 1. The aliens arrived in Pleasant view. At this exact time, Bella Goth had just finished helping Alexander with his homework. Bella tucked him into bed and switched the lights off. Cassandra was spending time with Mortimer, both of them watching TV. Bella decided to spend some of her free time star gazing through the telescope. She looked at the stars pretty as always. The aliens were hovering through the sky. Bella, stunned by her view, called Mortimer up to see this. Mortimer came rushing up with Cassandra close behind. By co-incidence this was the 46th house the flew over. Suddenly an agonizing scream filled the Goth mansion. The aliens beam was so bright it's startled Cassandra. Bella flew up into the sky. She was transported into the hovercraft, while screaming out to Mortimer and Mortimer screaming back. Here the aliens Erased Bella's memory and she became there test subject. The aliens used there updated clone ,machine. They cloned Bella and aged her clone (in their aging machine) To elder and dropped her off someplace unknown (Lunar Lakes) to them because they found that clone extremely useless. They cloned Bella again. This time it went out of hand and cloned her many times. They threw all of the clones out and they fell to there death. But they were lucky enough to be brought back to life by the Grim Reaper and they became his Hula Zombies. The Aliens had had enough. They decided to land but they crashed. 3 of the 4 aliens died And the one that lived ran off. Bella still clueless of the world wandered around. Bella met a woman named Donna and Donna asked her for advice. I think Bella said something to Donna that inspired Donna and Donna was able to set up a town. She named it BellaDonna Cave because, after all, Hella did inspire her. A statue of Bella was built there. Bella wandered around Hopelessly. Bella found strange town and by then. Was fighting to find things, that would help her thrive.
  • My Therory is that Dina loved Morty but new she couldn't marry until Bella was gone. So she called a witch and told her to turn Bella into a statue. So thats what the witch did. The sims were curious and made a city in her name. But the glowing white crystal still held Bella's life. One day a scientist took the power source (Bella's life) Soon the scientist found out about the life force and brought Bella back to reality. The bad news was Bella had no idea who,where and when she was which lead her to Strangetown. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~
  • My theory is that Don knew that Dina wished for Bella and Morty to be killed (to take his money), so he and his alien uncle abducted them and cloned them (there clones where only babies). Then I think that Don time traveled to Riverview and took the two babies to Sunset Valley (a neighbouring town to Riverview) Don liked Riverview so much that he cloned himself, so that one of him could life out his life in Pleasentview and the other in Riverview. Then I believe that Bella (in Pleasentview) got re-abducted by Dina and her alien family, who erased her memory and took her to Strangetown. Bella was very confused, she wanted a new start so left Strangetown with some fellow sims and founded a town called simply Belladonnacove then Don (who lives in Riverview) hears about Bellacove and so clones himself again and moves to Belladonnacove (the other stays in Riverview), when it was being founded. Bella falls in love with Don and the name is then changed to Belladonnacove. Bella lives out some of her life until Morty hears about Belladonnacove, so he moves there but Dina (who is partners with him at this time) gets furious so wipes the old mans memory, kills Don (Clone 3) and then casts Bella (memory wiped again) to a mysterious planet (with her alien anciestors). Bella then founds a town (Lunar Lakes) here. People in Sunset Valley, Riverview and various other places here about this and try to fly their via a space programme (from Sunset Valley) Don hears about this, clones himself and his clone goes to Lunar Lakes (the spaceship crashes but they all survive). His clone and Bella fall in love and grow old having a baby. When the baby is born Don is killed in a horrific lack of air accident (thanks to Dina's strong influence) which Bella witnesses. Traumatized by the death of her (sort of) one true love, her skin goes green and her hair grows blonde and she dies of a lonely, ageful death. Dina and her sister steal Morty's money and kill him and the Don in Pleasentview and then, with the law trying to find them move to the mysterious Island of Barnicle Bay. Dina's alien relatives helped her sustain eternal life, however she is required to kill people (Including Don and Morty) to stay immortal. Dina and her sister live forever in Barnicle Bay killing each resident one by one and Don in Riverview stays in a time loop to stay forever young. He sets Bella and Morty up (who live in Sunset Valley) and when they grow up, he time travels them back to Pleasentview and clones himself to be a resident there and the entire story repeats itself in a long complex(ish) timeloop.
  • Here is my theory: Bella was living happily with her family until she abducted by aliens! The spaceship stopped at Strangetown to abduct some male sims but it crashed.Bella lost all her memories from the accident and she wandered at Strangetown for some time without know who she is and where her family is.Then a smal group of sims create a spaceship and they were ready to explore the space.Bella joined them because she hoped that she may find her family with that way.But their spaceship disable and they land at Lunar Lakes where they make a colony.Bella was still sad and disappointed because she didn't find her family until she met a young scientist Christina Landgraab who told her that she could help her with her latest invention a clone machine.This machine could give to Bella a clone baby of her.But Christina hadn't finished her invention yet and she warned Bella that this may kill her.Bella wasn't afraid to die and Christina made a clone baby of her. After cloning Bella became very weak.She named the baby Mathilde Goth and Bella died after Mathilde became a teenager.Mathilde became a mailwoman after Bella's death.
  • I think I've created the most simplified chronology of Bella's life:
    • Born in Sunset Valley as Bella Bachelor (The Sims 3 - Sunset Valley)
    • Marries Mortimer Goth and has Cassandra (The Sims)
    • Bella has another child with Mortimer, Alexander.
    • Sometime between the Sims and the Sims 2, the family moves to Pleasantview, where Bella is abducted by aliens (The Sims 2 - Pleasantview)
    • Escapes the aliens, moves to Strangetown, has no recollection of her former life (Probably due to Alien experimentation) (Sims 2 - Strangetown)
    • Leaves Strangetown, moves to Littlehaven (The Sims Social)
    • Is abducted again, (Possibly found by aliens that had previously abducted her) and is taken into spacee. Possibly rescued by Sims aboard the spaceship to Lunar Lakes, or is taken to Lunar Lakes by aliens.
    • Dies of old age in Lunar Lakes (The Sims 3 - Lunar Lakes)
This would also explain why The Road to Nowhere appears in Lunar Lakes as well as Strangetown. Bella may have been one of the founding members of Lunar Lakes and named the road after the one in Strangetown.
  • Here's my Theory,Bella was welcoming Don to the neighborhood.Don is attracted to Bella,so he tried to kiss her,but she rejected,saying that she is married.Dina Caliente was about to move to Pleasant View with her sister.Dina was checking the condos on Pleasantview, while Nina is still at her childhood town,Dina found a mansion,She wants to bought it,despite being lack of simoleons. Then She found an old man with a formal clothes throwing trash.She thinks that he is single,and is close to death.But when she sees a child with round glasses,she turns pessimistic. She wants to marry that rich guy,but how she could get rid of his child and wife.She then calls her alien ancestors to abduct his wife.Then,one night,Bella,being a curious sim,looked at the telescope to explore the heavens.She then looked at a saucer...Flying?!,then She feels like she is going to fly,she looked behind her,the Flying Saucer pull her to the saucer, Morty go upstairs,seeing that Bella is hanging in the telescope, Morty quickly grab her hand,but Dina seeing in the bushes,contacting her grandfather's friends to pull the Sim stronger. Morty, being an old man,fainted,exhausted,only to see His wife being taken by aliens.Bella,in the spaceship,cloned 3 times,Then the third clone Bella is ugly,blonde hair,and pale skin,then they dropped the third clone in Lunar Lakes,She grew lonely and adopted Mathilde Goth and died.The Second Clone Bella is a bit pretty,yet smart.The aliens only want to mix their DNA with Bella,but before they mix it,the Second clone screamed,and they accidentally threw her in a Neighborhood,which is empty. She starts naming the unnamed neighborhood Belladonna Cove. Several sims start to move in,and they found Bella,and turn her into the mayor and made the statue of Bella with the platinum plumbob. Years later,she died,her tombstone remains unknown, disappeared. The First Clone,well,before she was about to be raped, the space ship crashed in Strangetown, and then she escape, leaving the Real Bella being tied up in the space ship,The Aliens died,but the real Bella is still alive.every sims start searching for Bella, where they would make milk boxes with the picture of Bella, a fireplace with a wood texture resembling Bella, etc. While in Pleasantview, Dina is attracting Mortimer,but he more likes her sister than herself,without her knowing.
  • On the night before Cassandras wedding, Don invited Bella around. He explained that he was a time traveller and on the day of Cassandra's wedding something terrible would happen, killing all of Bella's friends and family. Except she couldn't die, because she was so loved everywhere that she had ever been and would devastate everyone. So Don called his alien uncle to come and pick her up and take her away to the City of strangetown. Don teleported to Riverview so he could escape the explosion too! So the whole of sims 2 was Dons memory of his time there.
  • Dina (21) is part-alien, and contacted the aliens to come and abduct Bella (49) because Dina wanted to marry Mortimer (69) to get his money. The aliens arrived, then Bella and Dina boarded the mothership. The aliens cloned Bella once, but the clone escaped the ship. The clone escaped to Strangetown. The aliens kept the real Bella in the mothership, where she eventually died at age 87 of old age. After the clone escaped, the aliens were dropping Dina off at Pleasantview. When they were halfway to Pleasantview, Dina was walking around the ship. She came across a teleportation pad. She did not know it was a teleportation pad, so she stepped on it. She was transported to Lunar Lakes. She bought a house there in secret and didn't speak to anyone there for 2 weeks. She read the newspaper and it was reporting Bella's disappearance. Dina wanted fame, and she spoke to the newspaper company and she said that she was Bella Goth. This was in the newspaper and Dina was a celebrity. She died at age 69 of old age, never marrying and never having children. Dina never revealed this story to anybody, and she was buried with her gravestone saying 'Bella Goth' and that is why when your resurrect Bella, she looks a bit like Dina Caliente. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Bakerychaz (talkcontribs) (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~
  • Bella went to Don's house for a visit. Don tried to kiss her, but Bella refused and ran away to the roof. Later, she saw something in the sky. She looked through Don's telescope, then the aliens abducted her (Dina wanted Mortimer and to get rid of Bella, so she called the aliens (she has alien relatives) and told them to abduct Bella.) Mortimer and Cassandra saw Bella getting abducted by aliens, so they have the memory of it. Alexander was sleeping and Don didn't see her, so they don't have that memory. Meanwhile, at the spaceship, they cloned Bella two times. The first clone had a little different face, but the second clone had a very different look. Her hair was blonde, her eyes were yellow, her skin was greenish white and she was an elder. The clones didn't have any memories that Real Bella had. They didn't like Bella Clone 2, so they dropped her to Lunar Lakes. They throwed Real Bella to the cage. Later, the aliens flirted with Bella Clone 1 (the reason why they cloned Bella, is because they wanted to flirt with Bella without getting her angry). That's why the spaceship crashed. Real Bella ran to Littlehaven, and Bella Clone 1 lived in Strangetown. Meanwhile, Bella Clone 2 was alien pregnant. She later gave birth to Mathilde Goth, but Bella Clone 2 died eventually. That's why Mathilde's parents are unknown to SimNation.
  • Here is what I believed happened to Bella Goth. Bella was going to surprise her husband for their anniversary by buying and naming a star after him. Don Lothario posed as the star's owner and claimed he was auctioning it off, conning lots of money out of her. Bella was almost constantly calling Don to make sure she had the star. Knowing Mortimer would notice and snoop through her phone she put a code name for Don's number. Just as she thought, Mortimer look through her phone and saw all the calls made to the number. Mortimer suspected Bella was cheating on him but didn't confront anyone about it and kept his bitterness inside. The night before Don promised Bella that she would receive her star, Bella was unable to sleep. She quietly got up out of bed and went on the balcony with a telescope to look at the star. She accidentally woke up Alexander and brought him with her. She showed him the star Don promised her. Alexander saw something in the telescope and Bella looked and realized it was a spaceship. It beamed a light at Alexander who stood frozen in fear. Bella pushed him out of the way and was taken aboard the mothership. At first Alexander sat in silence before he processed what had happened. Mortimer found him that morning on the balcony crying along with Bella's wedding ring that had fallen off during the abduption. Alexander tried to tell Mortimer what happen but his father didn't believe him. He was convinced she left him for another man. Blinded by rage Mortimer destroyed all of Bella's possessions and pictures of her he had painted. Alexander manged to get away with Bella's wedding ring and a picture of young Mortimer and Bella on their honeymoon. On the mothership Bella was constantly tested on and the aliens eventually cloned her and left the clone at Strangetown. The clone had no memories of Bella's life and only knew herself as Bella. She spent her life trying to find out who she was. The original Bella was tested on the rest of her life. Soon her hair grew thin and her skin became pale and sickly. The aliens did one last test and impregnated her with another Sim test subject. When they decided to release her she begged them to leave her at Goth Manor but they refused and dropped her off at Lunar Lakes. There the people took pity on her and helped take care of her. She tried to convinced them of who she was but they all simply though she was crazy. There she grew healthy enough to give birth to a little girl, Mathilde Goth, who was named after Mortimer. Unfortunately, She died before Mathilde was a toddler. her daughter was put up for adoption and grew up into one of the Lunar Lake's mail women. Alexander was now grown up and still believed his mother was abducted despite what everyone else thought. His new wife Ceceilia encouraged him. Since Mortimer died, Alexander had used to Goth money to hire private investigators to find his mother. One day, they got a lead on the Strangetown Bella Goth. Slowly they began to piece together the puzzle until it lead them to Lunar Lakes. Alexander and Ceceilia went to Lunar Lakes and found Bella's remains and his half-sister, Mathilde. Alexander left with both his mother's grave and cloned Bella's. They both lay in the Goth Family Graveyard with the rest if their family. Alexander is proud to have cleared his mother's name. The only thing that nags him to this day is something the private investigators never found and what his mother never had time to tell him, who promised her the star she was looking for on that night... Freedom50000 13:03, March 24, 2012 (UTC)
  • I think Bella might not have been abducted. Maybe Mortimer used her as a test subject like Nervous and she escaped and ran away to Strangetown. She was afraid Morty would find her, so she got plastic surgery. This is why Strangetown Bella looks different. 21:58, January 29, 2012 (UTC)READ THIS184.19.207.101 (talk) 21:58, January 29, 2012 (UTC)
  • I believe tha Bella did not get abducted. In the photo where Don is kissing Cassandra, you can see that Mortimer is REALLY mad. If you also look at the fireplace in that photo with a recent picture of that fireplace, you can see that the fireplace has changed. I know for sure that Bella was not abducted by aliens because if you compare a close-up of Bella in Strangetown and the one in Mortimers family tree, they don't look alike. So that Bella has to be a wannabe. I think Mortimer kicked Bella out because he caught her cheating on him with Don.He made up the excuse of Bella being abducted so his children would not get upset. In Belladonna Cove, there is a statue of Bella. So that can mean after she was kicked out, she moved there and became the founder or mayor.~Mckenzie M.
  • I think that there was a huge conspiracy involving Bella's disappearence. First of all, Bella Goth was a beautiful, elegant, and well-loved member of her family. I don't believe Mortimer had anything to do with it. They were happily married and very much in love, even when he was reaching his elder years. The suspect in this mystery, is Don Lothario. To make it plain and simple, he was a player. He wanted nothing more than score with the prettiest ladies, and romance them out of their money. His target was originally the lovely Bella, and to lure her in his trap, he invited her to his home, where he tried to make out with her, but she, being a loyal wife, refused him. Having never been rejected before, in a fit of rage Don tried to force himself on her again, only this time there was an even bigger struggle. They pushed eachother onto the balcony railing, and then Don accidentally knocked her over it. She fell and hit her head on the concrete, unconscious but miraculously alive. Panicking, Don carried Bella's body and handed her over to a distant friend of his, Loki Beaker. With the mad scientist's help, they managed to erase the memories from Bella's mind, and they left her sleeping on a park bench, with no memory of who she was, or where she was. Soon, Don managed to convince the Goth family that she got abducted by aliens, which seemed unbelievable but to the desperate family, made alot of sense considering Bella's unnatural interest in the paranormal. That was when Don noticed Cassandra Goth, the daughter of Bella, who would soon inherit the Goth family fortune. Dollar signs ringed in Don, and soon, he was romancing Cassandra to the point where he proposed to her, just four weeks later! Meanwhile, a raven-haired beauty in a red dress was just waking up from the park bench, looking out towards the rising sun. KatGirlRules 01:51, March 9, 2012 (UTC)
  • Dina wanted mortimers money but bella was in the way so she contacted the aliens(shes part alien) to abduct bella. bella went to dons(goth family photos) and got abducted but really they accidently deleted her and made the alien thing up
  • I believe that Bella was abducted by aliens then they cloned her because they liked her, therefore creating the fake Bella who resides in Strangetown. Obviously, you can tell they aren't the same because they look different. The aliens didn't clone her to be 99% correct. Now most sims, when they're abducted by aliens, come back. But I believe the spaceship crashed. Because by the Beaker house, you can see the messed up spaceship. So she was murdered. But I can't really tell because in Strangetown, Bella can be seen in the hot air balloon with a man with a blue shirt. It's really weird. She's also on a milk carton but people don't think it's her because of her hair color. It doesn't matter, you can't see it clearly. So anyways. Yeah. That's what I think. 4/15/11 - Amanda.
  • Ok, I just think that Maxis created Bella, but accidentally deleted her, so they just made up the alien abduction story to cover it up.
  • okay..I haven't figured out all of it- but her,es what I think: Don and Nina must've had some plan figured out to take the Goths money- by splitting up the family. Nina would take Mortimer who was basically almost dead therefore; she would inherit a great fortune to share with Don, to do this- they needed to get Bella out of the way.. This is Dons part of the job. He needed to "woo" her and invite her over. He clearly failed trying to makeout lol. Once she was round; he needed to get her abducted by aliens this was easy thanks to the Calientes relatives heehee. Obviously- the aliens needed to wipe her memory, as if she could remember it all- they would be exposed and the plan would be screwed xd The aliens clearly had a crash landing in Strangetown- which explains that random Bella walking around and the crashed spaceship near the Beakers) :'D I'm not sure about all the deets or how accurate this is.. but it sounds pretty good to me :) xox
  • First of all, Bella did not marry Mortimer for his money. If you've played TS1, you know that he is only a test subject, and earns about §150 a day...and Bella had already married him. I believe that she was abducted by aliens on Don's deck, and when she was supposed to return, the spaceship crashed. (If you visit Strangetown, you can see a wrecked spaceship, close to the Beaker house) And I also think that the Strangetown Bella is real, but the aliens were doing some sort of experiment on her, and somehow managed to delete her memory. Bella's facial structure was changed too, and there might have been more people on the every-person got the same face and that's when the Hula Zombies came in. And that's kinda my theory.
  • I think Don was in touch with aliens though Dina and Nina. When Don tried to kiss Bella he knew she would call Cassandra and tell her about it. He got Nina to get aliens to abduct her but not without losing her as a love interest for he had to explain. He threatend her not to tell dina so she moved to barnicle bay with her sister after awhile. Cassandra and Mortimer came to look for Bella right as the spaceship got her while Don was alseep. Nina would not remember for she was not thier she forgot all about it besides the treat and son and she contiued to date. What? Whats leave this world?-limegreen5
  • Out of nowhere a sim will stop what they are doing and start to leave their lot. If you check their action it says Leave this world. When they leave they don't come back. Their picture remains in the family tree and the sims who knew them will still retain a relationship with them. I think she left EA games didn't try to get her back. They just left her picture and changed Mortimer, Cassandra and Alexander's memories to say she was abducted. Usually when sims leave other sims in the household get calls from them but never see them. I think they also changed that so there would be almost no sign of Bella left, except for pictures, the family tree and memories. ------- Written by
  • Okay this is what I think what happened to Bella. First of all I think Bella married Mortimer for his money. I think this because shes just way too good for him. Secondly I dont think Bella got abducted at Don's house because how would Mortimer, Cassandra, and Alexander remember it? There is a possible case though that Don invited the whole household over. But still I doubt it. I also think that Bella had a secret affair with Don but it went no further than flirting because there are no resent memories of them kissing each other though Don has a memory that says Bella rejected a make out with him. What most likely happened was Bella couldn't fall asleep one night so she decided to take a good look at the stars. Hours after hours passed by with out her knowing and she eventually got abducted. The whole Goth family rushed to the roof top to see Bella getting sucked into a flying saucer and thats what happend.-limegreen5
  • This is not what really happened, I just think it might be a good plotline. Mortimer was urging Bella to pursue the Science Career, for extra money for their new son, Alexander. Although they were wealthy, Mortimer was scared they would run out. Bella did not want to do this, but in the end did, because Dina called her a loser. When she did, Aliens took her. Mortimer thought she ran away because he was almost forcing her to get logic skills, thus the bad relationship. Mortimer decided to get a fresh start and picked Dina (out of all people) as a love interest. In some later years, Cassandra was living with Darren Dreamer. She decided to look through the photo album for old times sake. But when she opened it, a loose photo fell out. She picked it up, realizing it was a picture of her mother, over at Don's place. Shocked, she called the authorities, ignoring her boyfriends theory. Darren knew that a random picture showing perfect evidence, making Don the culprit. Darren did research, finding out all the people who were in the Goth photo Album. Dina Caliente was in the backround of many pictures, which was either a large clue, or just a normal family friend. Darren has yet to come to conclusions..... -Super Duper Gleek
  • I think Mortimer had an affair with Dina and Bella found out so she went to see Don and talk to him, she saw something strange in the sky and went to check it out. It was an alien spaceship. Then they abducted her and tried to clone her because they liked the way she looked!!! Their cloning was close enough, but then they crashed in Strangetown and the fake Bella Goth escaped and went on to live a normal life. Bella was traped in the ship and cant get out unless you use the tombstone cheat. Resulting in ther not so good relationship she has with Mortimer if you resurect hert.
  • I say that Bella and Don went up to the roof to go stargaze. While Bella was stargazing she did get abducted, and Don saw the whole thing. Don didn't know what to do. He thought if he told any-person he would look like a suspect and person would think he did something to her. MIMI123Idol 16:53, August 4, 2010 (UTC)
  • Hi to all Sims fans out there who'll like to know what happended to Bella Goth! I don't know if I'm right,but I think that Dina was very jealous on Bella and Mortimer's relationship. So she got a plan.She went to visit Mortimer and started to chat with Bella. So she asked Bella:"Hey,did you see the shooting star up in the sky?"Bella looked up in the sky and Dina ran away. Then Bella got abducted.When Mortimer found out,Dina consoled him and started flirting with him.Later,they fell in love. Well,that is what I think happened. Peace out! 15:58, October 2, 2010 (UTC)
  • I say that Dina is the whole problem. Dina, finding out that Mortimer was rich, rich, rich, wanted to get rid of Bella. Dina made an agreement with Mortimer that she would get him a real life alien (because Mortimer is a space enthusiast and she is part alien.) What Mortimer did not know was that Dina had sent a fake text message saying that he wanted to see her alone at a specific time. That time was when Mortimer would agree to trade Bella for an alien. This resulting in Bella having a ruined relationship with Mortimer. Dina knew that Bella had a second favourite man. This was Don, the town Casanova. Bella, shocked that her husband would do such a thing, ran to the streets. She left for Don's house, knowing that Don being such a good friend, would let her stay at his house. Dina, getting word that Bella was on a rooftop, asked that the aliens would take Bella, using the excuse that she knows much that the Alien Race does not. Don had set up a Romantic Night on his rooftop, when Bella noticed he had a telescope. Bella, (who was also fascinated by space) asked if she could look through the telescope. Don agreed, knowing it might score brownie points with her. He went downstairs to get drinks, leaving the perfect chance for the Aliens to capture her without anybody knowing. She looked through, seeing a bright light heading towards her. She screamed as the aliens attempted to abduct her, while Don, who had sat down to think about what he could do to make Bella like him more, had snoozed off. The force of the tractor beam had been too strong, making the door fly open. While Bella zipped away kidnapped, Don went and checked the door, and assumed that Bella had stormed off, as her kind-of-date had just snoozed through their night. This explains why the Don does not have the 'Bella was abducted by aliens' memory. The reason that Mortimer did was because when the beam was released, it had created a bright light. Mortimer, who was fine seeing an alien spaceship, called for cassandra, who was already watching the scene. Alexander was in bed, so he does not have this memory. Meanwhile, in the spaceship, Pollination 9# (I think that is right) was knocked by Bella, causing him to crash his ship into Strangetown. Bella, who from the crash, was suffering from brain damage, which had knocked her Memory completely. Pollination #9, realising that he did not like his Alien life, decided to call his Family over, and decided to live in Strangetown.
  • i think that Don set up a romanitc night for Bella , while don went to get the food Bella got abducted witch would explain why Bella has memories of being abducted and noone else does
  • My opinion is that Bella was abducted. I think Don was hitting on her, but she rejected him. So he asked the Caliente sisters, who he is very friendly with, to get her abducted by aliens through the telescope. This was easy for them, since they have alien ancestors. Don went to their house later that night to make sure the job was done. Mortimer knows none of this, but he does suspect Don of somehow being involved. He doesn't want his daughter, Cassandra, to marry him, so he will do all he can to prevent it. Meanwhile, he still misses dear Bella. I've seen it in his thoughts. Bella, meanwhile, doesn't remember anything, and is trapped in Strangetown. If only we could move her back to Pleasantview.... hmm....
  • Has anyone noticed: If you get any other Sim taken by aliens, the memory will say, "(Sim) Met Aliens," however the Goth's who do have a memory of Bella's abduction (Mortimer and Cassandra), it reads, "Bella was abducted by Aliens." I think the creators might have done something different there....
  • Look, Don couldn't have been involved! He has no memory of it! Neither do the Caliente Sisters, so they weren't invoved eaither!
  • My theory is that Dina is responsible for the whole thing, when she fond out that Mortimer was impossibly rich, she might have intended to get rid of Bella, which may be the explanation for her disappearance. I think she may have kidnapped Bella for a long time, or took her to the middle of nowhere in Strangetown, leaving her stranded and lost for a long time.
  • Here is my theory: It was late at night and Cassandra was asleep in her room. Bella had been seeing Don Lothario, who was her friend, but had come home angrily after he tried to get fresh with her. Mortimer was in the bedroom, deep in thought, wondering over a single thought that could change everything for the family. Earlier that day, two new neighbors had arrived, and came to Morty's house. They were gorgeous, both statesque and thin, and they had pleasant facial features and a Spanish accent. They talked, and seemed really interested in Mortimer's money. The blonde who he later learned was named Dina beamed when he told her he was loaded. She, being the gold digger, hatched a plan to get his fortune. After hearng about Mortimer's fascination with science, she told him that she and her sister were 1/4 alien which was actually true. Mortimer became fascinated, and she promised him a real alien as long as he got rid of Bella, and Mortimer was pondering on that. So that night, he was balancing the pros and cons of getting rid of Bella, practicing samples for some of his work, and analyzing wether Dina was trustworthy or not, when Bella just storms in, and, without saying a word, changed into her pajamas and went to bed. Mortimer was frustrated at her for having acting like a meanie, not just now but lately she had been very irritable and was starting to gain weight, but Mortimer still didn't know that his wife pregnant with what would soon become Mortimer's first son Alexander. The doctor had already informed Bella that her baby was healthy, and now that Cornelia and Gunther were dead she could use their room for the baby. Mortimer still didn't know, and thought Bella was just being rude and mean, and finally, he settled on giving Bella to the aliens and made a late night phone call to the beautiful Caliente sisters, who gladly agreed. He woke Bella up, and told her he needed her help with an experiment. It was 1:00 AM, but Mortimer set the clocks to 6:00 AM so Bella would think it wasn't too early. He told her he was doing a astronomy experiment and wanted her to look through the telescope. Bella screamed when she saw the ship, yelling for Mortimer who went downstairs pretending to get something to come and help her. Mortimer, when hearing his lovely wife's terrified pleas of help, which turned into howls of pain as light flashed over the Goth home. Bella was not only being abducted, she was giving birth. The baby was born as Bella hung on to the telescope to avoid being taken away, although she was still weak and bleeding from giving birth. She lost her grip on the telescope and Mortimer, in attempt to save her, grabbed onto her arms. Dina saw this from the bushes in front of the Goth home. She had been hiding, waiting to see how it would end up. When she saw Mortimer trying to save Bella, she realized her plan was failing. Hurriedly, she screamed out, and Mortimer jumped from that horrible scream, letting go of Bella. His wife floated into the ship, which zoomed off into the night. Mortimer became angry, but Dina consoled him, and told him she had no idea this would happen and she was as shocked as he was. This was a lie, and slowly, Mortimer fell to trust her, and the two soon became lovers, Dina in it for the money. As for Bella, the spaceship got lost and crashed in Strangetown. Pollination Technician #9, the head Pollination Technician, recognized the area. He had impregnated a man hear a few years ago. So as he was leaving the reckage, he saw Bella moving and helped her. However, he soon fell in love, and Bella was neglected. She didn't remember anything, and decided to leave and wander around on her own.
  • I think that Don and the Dina were in on it together, for their money. I think they planned that Dina would marry Mortimer to get his cash, and Don would break them up by taking an interest to Bella, become friends and he could invite her over, then get her abducted. This was easy because, when you look in Nina's family tree, you see that shes related to aliens! She could easily get a relative to. But Don, being the romantic, tried to kiss her but got rejected! lol. I think that Bella, whilst in the spaceship, crashed and is somewhere in Strangetown now, (explanation for the spaceship crash) - she was meant to arrive at their home planet!
  • Ok, so what I think is that Don had just moved into the neighberhood, and Bella, being the kind neighbour she is, went to greet him at 7:00, and told the kids. Don and Bella got along great, and he tried to make the move on her. She rejected, which explains his memory. After that, two other girls who had recently moved into the neighberhood, Dina and Nina, walked in. All girls knew the others were there. Bella told Don she was really intrested in the night sky, and Don, wanting to re-befriend her, politey told her about a telescope he had on the deck, and let her use it. He showed her how, which explains the picture. Then, he wanted to be nice to Dina and Nina, and went to get drinks. He tripped, and bugged up a illegal teleporter! Meanwhile, Bella was abducted. The wind blew the door open, and Don though she just went home, which is why he has no memory of it. But then,the spaceship crashed in Strangetown! The sim alien you can play, (forgot his name) was on it. He was the only one who hadn't escaped. He claimed to have retired to Earth. Then, the aliens entered the Goth Family Manor, and told them what happened! They said they were very sorry, the machiene had wiped Bella's memory when they crashed; they had been intending to do what they always do. Too apoligize, they gave Cassandra large amounts of the Elixir Of Life, which is why Mary Sue is so much older. Don went on to be the town Cassanova, But years later, he was entertaining sevarel women, and he had never gotten the teleporter fixed, as it was illegal, and the Goverment would send him to jail. He was getting drinks, but tripped on the way back, and looked extremly silly, and caused all the women to laugh. This time, he was sent through time and ended up in Riverveiw, years before his birth, which explains what happened in the family bio of sims3! Oh, and the reasen that Mortimer's is green is not because he was in on it! All Knowlegde sims are like that! When somebody they live with gets Abuducted, its green! It will happen in any family! Not just the Goths! And the reason that she is still an Adult is because the aliens machiene also forced her to drink very large amounts of the Elixir Of Life!
  • Alright, this is what I reckon. The Caliente sisters and Don had just moved into the area, and Dina wanted to marry Mortimer (being the gold-digger she is), but Bella was in the way. But now for a twist: if you look at her family tree, her grandfather is an alien. So she got Don to lure Bella to his deck, and she got her family to abduct Bella.
  • Ok Bella was at don's house when after rejecting Don she left but don followed in she was almost in her car when aliens came and abducted them both tey sent don back in time after expirementing (and making him see girls laughing at him) while in an accident they killed bella
  • Ahem, as a story. Bella Goth was interested in aliens and telescopes, and recently her telescope had broken down Alexander broke it while playing a game. Mortimer was annoyed and she went out shopping. Don met her and brung her home. There, he tried to kiss her, but she refused and tried to go away. But then she saw the telescope and thought 'wow, i could tell Mortimer, and he'll be pleased, i'm sure don won't mind if his future parents-in-law look through it. However, the aliens recognised her as a 'Goth' and thought :'Oh no! They're looking through again', and adupted her for their own safety. As this happened, Cassandra came over for dinner with Mortimer and Alexander. They ran away because they were so upset, but then Mortimer fixed his telescope. The end. Oh, by the way, don tried to shoo Bella away as she went up.
  • A theory I have is they used 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled' and modified coding structures to make Mortimer, Cassandra and Alexander think that is she still there or got abducted by aliens. Usingboolprop, sometimes people just dissappear and can't come back. They might of used that. TDM : Always here to help but only one thing : Call me Data 08:37, May 9, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think that Don thought that Bella might tell on him to Cassandra, meaning that he wouldn't get the fortune when Cassandra died. Then he flirted/kissed/whatever with her, but she was really unhappy about it and felt bad. She was looking for aliens to talk to because she thought why not, but it went wrong. she was abducted by the aliens, and dumped in Strangetown and left with no memories so she wouldn't feel bad, and maybe she was in a coma. When she came out, maybe she didn't know she had a family, and wandered around strangetown. She made three friends, maybe they're part alien?
  • (To the below theory) Look, you can't kill anyone. I tried to make a Voldemort sim kill a Lily Potter sim, but it didn't work, so your theory is a) useless, and b) stupid.
  • I know what happend!!! She did not get abducted by aliens. Look in Don L.'s memories. One shows he was rejected for making out with Bella! So, this might have ticked him off, so he said, "say Good Bye, Bella!" and he killed her! And then, he told Cassandra, Alexander, and Mortimer, "Mortimer! Cassandra! Alexander! Bella was on my condo balcony last night studying astronomy when a UFO got her!" So they think she was abducted! It was Don Lothario's fault all along!
  • (reply to above theory) dude, she's alive in the famly tree. -_-
  • Yeah and Alexander dosen't have a memory of Bella Getting Abducted by Aliens and you can't kill a sim using another sim unless you purposly start a fire.
  • It is very obvious what happend to Bella Goth. She left this world.
  • ^ above = Sims 1 - TDM : Always here to help but only one thing : Call me Data 08:37, May 9, 2010 (UTC)
  • I don't think there's a Bella Goth story. A load of clues but no trail. The sims editors (or are they callled something else) got rid of Bella Goth, put her down as abducted. put a few pictures and stuff of her around. put in that pic of her and Don and left the rest to us to imagine. So none of the theories are right because there aint a story to it. I might be wrong but that's what i think. And I do like imagining and readin theories!
  • I believe that Bella went to Dons house to use the telescope Don wanting to Woohoo with her said yes. This night that Bella visited on was a windy night. So when she was using it Don tried to kiss her. Dina or Nina saw this but from a back perspective so it looks like they are kissing Nina or Dina being relitives of aliens got her abducted because Don was their man. Since it was a windy night the aliens blew open the door while Don was on the toilet and when he went to the door it looked like she went home as she was not in the house anymore as she was gone that explains thaat he doesnt have Bella was abducted by aliens memory.
  • I believe that Bella saw Don kiss either Dina, Nina or the maid, and was worried about Cassandra's relationship with Don, and so she went over to his house to tell him off. Being around Mortimer for so long, she'd picked up an interest in science. After seeing the telescope, she asked if she could use it. Don, of course, said she may. He wanted to add her to his collection of lovers, so he excused himself to get some champagne. While he was gone, Bella was searching the skies, when she saw a shooting star. She looked up towards the sky without the telescope, amazed that the star was moving so fast and was getting so large. She thought it was a supernova. But then bright green lights shone brightly, and she was picked up by the shooting star, which was actually an Alien Spaceship! The force of the ship caused the telescope to tumble over. Don, hearing the comotion, walked outside to see what was happening. But he was too late; the Aliens had already taken her. The Aliens were flying over Strangetown which was only a few hours drive from Pleasantview when they had finished their experiments. Not eager to spend another hour with obnoxious Bella Goth she would have obviously thought she was being kidnapped because of her family's enormous fortune, they dumped her in Strangetown. But first they decided to test out a new machine on her; the memory eraser, which would erase all memories of being abducted. However, the machine malfuctioned, causing all her memories to be wiped blank. Annoyed, not about Bella, but about the machine, the Aliens tossed her into Strangetown.
  • I think that when EA games were making The Sims 2 they made a mistake while they were creating the Goth family, thus deleting Bella. To cover up they have made out she was abducted and left game players with theories and mysteries to work out. Personally if you want a good storyline I like the one where Bella is having an affair with Don Lothario, the new guy in Pleasantview and comes across his open roof one night. She looks through his telescope, being abducted by aliens, as it can happen in The Sims 2 if you look through a telescope.
  • I believe that the Caliente's and Don Lothario wanted the Goth's fortune. As they had already dealt with Mortimer & Cassandra, that only left Bella in the way. Alexander is too young to affect the storyline. As the Caliente sisters are Sim-Alien hybrids, they ordered the aliens to abduct Bella if she looked in a telescope. I don't believe Mortimer Goth had any involvement.
  • Okay I think, that Mortimer had a secret trade with the aliens that abducted her. The deal was that they could expirement on Bella all they want, as long as they return her safely. Things were going great until they accidentally erased her memories, they were afraid if they return her like this Mortimer would reveal them to everypony. So they had to change a minor detail in the trade. Instead of bella they sent Dina as a replacement,hoping things would be better. At first Mortimer was furious, then of course they fell in deep love. As for Bella, well she's stuck in Strangetown, wandering around without a freakin memory in her head.
  • Ok,here goes:
We all know that Bella was seen on Lothario's condo top,Right? Who says that photo was taken on that night she got taken away by the aliens?
Bella and Mortimer Goth had moved to PleasantView. Don Lothario,could have moved in week after. They might have been old freinds. They heard their old freind,Don.L had just came too. They went over for dinner,while Mortimer went to the toilet Don.L saw a full moon, so showed Bella. The photo could of been taken then, when Mortimer came back,and was showed the moon too. They then went home. Cassandra had been born while living in their old house, and she was there with a babysitter.
Alexander,had just been born. Then we skip to when Alexander is a Toddler, Cassandra a teen Mortimer had been stargazing,and caught a new moon. He showed it to Bella. While Bella was looking,she got abducted. the aliens were susposed to drop Bella back with her family after wiping her memories,instead they dropped her off in Strangetown.
  • Simple fact: She was abducted, Maxis rigged the abduction so she could probably never come back. Salemguy13 08:18, January 14, 2010 (UTC)
  • Just for everybody who doesn't know this I have some things to tell you .1. Don and Bella never kissed as a reference to that youtube video. Don would have the memory of kissing Bella for the first time. 2. This is for one of the theory posters. Making out or trying to does not mean serious affection for you just have to have a crush. 3. To the other posters you can get a crush by a failed romantic interaction. 4. Bella is a family sim, why would she run off with Don Lothario?. I hope I helped shine some light on this mysterious mystery.
  • Bella isn't a family sim , what are you talking about? Her Aspiration: Romance
  • Here is my theory: It was late at night and Cassandra was eating pie. Bella had been seeing Benji the Bunny, who was her friend, but had come home angrily after he tried to get fresh with her. Mortimer was in the kitchen, eating a whole bunch of sandwiches, while drinking soda. Earlier that day, two hobos had arrived, and came to Mortimer's house. They talked, and seemed really interested in Mortimer's money and food. The blonde, who he later learned was named Chester beamed when he told her he was loaded. He, being the food hog, hatched a plan to get his food. After hearng about Mortimer's fascination with science, he told him that he and his brother were 1/4 werewolf. Mortimer became fascinated, and he promised him a real werewolf as long as he got rid of Bella, and Mortimer was pondering on that. So that night, he was balancing the pros and cons of getting rid of Bella, practicing samples for some of his work,  and analyzing wether Chester was trustworthy or not, when Bella just storms in, and, without saying a word, changed into her pajamas and went to bed. Mortimer was frustrated at her for having acting like a meanie, not just now but lately she had been very irritable and was starting to lose weight, but Mortimer still didn't know that his wife had another Bunny friend named Benny. The vet had already informed Bella that her bunny was healthy, and now that Cornelia and Gunther were dead she could use their room for the bunnies. Mortimer settled on giving Bella to the werewolves and made a late night phone call to the Hobos, who gladly agreed. He woke Bella up, and told her he needed her help with an experiment. It was 1:00 AM, but Mortimer set the clocks to 6:00 AM so Bella would think it wasn't too early. He told her he was doing a eye sight test experiment and wanted her to look through the road, saw the werewolves, and she ran from the sidewalk and her evil, laughing husband in fear. The only person that could help was Benji and Benny, so headed for his condo but she got taken int their cave! Mortimer and Chester started a fast food restaurant, even though Mortimer didn't realize it was for the food. The werewolves kept Bella, and when she went into unconsiousness they headed toward Strangetown. On their way to Strangetown they got lost and Bella lost her memory, now wandering Strangetown.
  • (To the dude above) What the hay is that ? .___.
  • Bella and Mortimer were fighting one night so Bella ran away, she was walking past Don Lothario's house and he invited her in he took her up to the top of his condo where he had a telescope. Bella was looking through the telescope and Don was going down to the kitchen to get them some coffee, Don was awfully tired and he fell asleep on the way down to the kitchen. During the time that he was asleep Bella was abducted by Pollination Tech 9#. Don woke up and brought the coffee up to the top of his condo and then he found that Bella wasn't there he searched all through his house and there was no sign of Bella. Meanwhile Bella is in the U.F.O while Pollination Tech #9 is trying to impregnate her (like a good sims alien should do) but instead of impregnating her he wiped all her memories and added a few more days to her life. Because of this mistake Pollination Technician 9# was banished from space forever and was sent down to Strangetown with Bella Goth. Pollination Technician 9# placed the unconscious Bella Goth on a park bench and went on to settle down in Strangetown.
  • This link is when the Sims 2 website "interviewed" Bella Goth
  • My theory is that Bella was in love with Mortimer, and he was interested in the aliens. Wanting to become a famous scientist, he asked an unwitting subject his own wife, Bella to look through the telescope while he recorded the study. Don Lothario suddenly shows up, wanting to see Bella, so Mortimer lets him in, telling Bella to keep watching the skies. Mortimer suddenly has the call of nature, and while he is emptying his bladder, Don makes a move, which Bella rejects. Passing aliens see her distress, and set a course to her rooftop. Don storms off in a huff, while Bella returns to her telescope, only to be abducted. Mortimer hears her screams, and runs to the roof, closely followed by Don, Cassandra and Alexander, who are too late, and see Bella being taken away into the night sky. Don starts to moan about how he never "got busy" with Bella, causing Mortimer to punch him in the head, causing Don to forget that Bella had been abducted. Mortimer is happy that Bella carried on doing what he asked her to, even though she was abducted. He then takes an unconscious Don back home. Don then wakes up to hear the doorbell ringing, and when he opens the door, he is greeted by Cassandra. He instantly falls in love, thinking of her to look like a child he was sure he once remembered. By Chazz 10/08/09 ;P
  • I think this is how the story goes: When Don had just moved into the neighborhood Bella came to his house to greet him with cake and seeming all friendly. Don, already in relationships with Kaylynn and Cassandra, thought her face looked familiar, but loved her anyway. He also acted friendly and talked to her and soon befriended her. while Bella is at the Lothario home one day, two mysterious yet gorgeous women, one blond and one redhead, appear at Mortimer´s house saying they are new you can se that photo in the Caliente story mode. they introduce themselves as Dina and Nina Caliente. Dina instantly falls for Mortimer, or at least, she does once she hears he is rich. She tries to seduce him, but he rejects her and says he is married. Dina notices her plan is foiled, but then asks Mortimer what aspiration he is. Mortimer answers knowledge and Dina gets a new plan. she tells him she is part alien and promises to show him an alien in trade for his wife. Mortimer and Dina hatch a plan, and she calls some of her alien relatives and tells them the plan. she seduces Don into letting Bella use his telescope and that is the signal. The aliens swoop in as Bella screams for help. Don realizes what has happened and rushes to his roof only to see a UFO disappear into the night and hear bella´s terrified shrieks. Later, Mortimer asks Dina if he could meet an alien and Dina said that that could only happen to somebody she trusts ... like a husband! and that´s where the player comes in.
  • Okay people xD Seriously. It may not be as crazy as all of this. All these conspiracy theories floating around? Not so much. >.< Really, here's what I think must have happend...
    1. Bella was with Mortimer at the Goth household at night.
    2. She looked through the telescope at the topmost floor of the house.
    3. She was abducted there.
    4. Cassandra, Alexander, and Mortimer all have memories of her abduction. Don does not. So it was at her own house.
    5. Mortimer probably has it as a good memory that she was abducted because he is a Knowledge sim.
    6. The Strangetown Bella was created, as the Maxis/EA Games people said, to add another layer to this whole conspiracy stuff by claiming she is a clone created by the aliens who abducted Bella. This was probably just a prototype of Bella that they created, but decided didn't make the cut.
  • Hope this helps! ^_^ --wolfheart 21:01, 30 March 2009 (UTC)
  • Dina is behind all of this. Once she saw Mortimer and how rich he was, she being the gold digger, she was preceded to find a way to get married to him. But she was married to Micheal so what did she do? She killed Micheal. Of course, there was only one thing standing between her and Mortimer's enormous fortune and that was Bella. So, enlisting her sister and Don's help, they come up with a plan to get Bella abducted. The plan works and Dina is now free to marry Mortimer. She promised Don that he will get some of the money so he had to marry Cassandra.
  • In my game, i played as the pleasants, used the tombstone of L&D to get her back, and then as soon as she came up, i clicked on her family tree, and she was part of the Goth/Bachelor family. However she only has one memory and this was Cassandra growing up well. It's a Mystery ...
  • This is a fact! Bella Goth wasn't abducted from Don Lothario's roof...he has no memory of that. But all the Goths remember Bella being she was abducted from her own roof. It's better to play fair and just hope you'll see Bella on the streets again.
  • True Story!
    1. Mortimer's memory of bella getting abducted was green because he is a knowledge sim! The other Goth's memory is red because they have other aspirations!
    2. I came across Bella Goth in Strangetown! Guess what, she is a Romance Sim! and does not remember her family
    3. And guess what aspiration does Don have again? Yes, romance! So Bella married Mortimer because of his money. Then she went to Don's house to 'have some fun' because they are both Romance Sims... but it didn't work out, see Don's memories. So Bella got mad at him and went to look with the telescope. Enter the horrible Sims 2 Non-Returning Bug. If you cross out the action like At Work, At School or Return Home, guess what, your Sim won't return. It happened to me! And in the family tree they are alive and they never age. Bella was intentionally the victim of the bug. Mortimer and the others know she was abducted because Don told them. See! It all works out perfectly!
    4. Bella went over to Don's house because she had a thing for him. Then when she went to go look through the telescope, Don wasn't there at the moment, and he thought she left. But he was in on the plan with Dina and Nina because their grandfather was an alien.
  • This isn't really a theory but its what happened in my game.
I sent the goths on a trip to Strangetown to meet Townie Bella And She had no clue who Mortimer was or Dina Or Don Or anyone. It was weird that I think she somewhat remembered Cassandra. She remembered potty training teaching how to walk and Teaching how to speak to Somebody but she doesn't remember who. And after that memory she Remembers Growing up but she isn't that old, And she also remembers having a child.
  • I think that all the suspects are behind this except Don in a way. If you notice in Mortimer's memories he thinks it's good that Bella got abducted however Cassandra and Alexander think it's bad.One of Dina and Nina's ancestors is an alien if you look at their family tree so this is what I think happened.Don is engaged to Cassandra and when Bella started to see Don frequently Mortimer never wanted to speak to Don again.Mortimer had just met Dina and Nina when they started talking about aliens.,Mortimer was intrigued because Dina and Nina talked about it as if they had met a real alien.He came back the next day when Dina started to be all over him for his money but Mortimer was only interested in the aliens. Bella had just been to Don's house for the fifth time this week but this time Don didn't care about talking to Bella he just wanted to make out with her. Unfortunately that didn't go down very well since in Don's memories you can see that he was rejected by Bella. Back at Dina's house the sisters told Mortimer that they were a descendant of Pollination Technician 7 who is an alien so they are part alien. Now he wants to see their alien relatives because he wants to see an alien so Dina has a proposal. She will get the aliens to come to Pleasantview in exchange for Bella. Mortimer agreed but now they needed a cover up story or else Dina will end up in prison while Mortimer will end up as the most hated person in Pleasantview. They had their cover up story now they needed a trap for the bait and what much better than Don who has been visited by Bella a lot recently. Mortimer and Dina bribed Don in taking part in this so now they needed a way of getting Bella to see Don which they did do. On the night of the abduction Mortimer was looking through his telescope if he could see the ufo while Dina was waiting patiently for the moment when Bella was gone and Mortimer's fortune was hers.
  • I believe that Don was in love with Bella and invited over her. He invited her over and he tried to make out with her (in her memories it shows that don tried to make out with her). However like it says in the memory he was rejected, he probably then hung around with her and Bella then was abducted by looking through the telescope and she was abducted.
  • My theory is Don knew aliens were coming by watching the news. Every day, being rejected by beautiful Bella, if he couldn't have her, no one would! Anyway, he called her up and Bella came. Don was trying to seduce her, but Bella was to in love with Mortimer and cared for her children. Don asked her to look through the telescope. While he was going to get some refreshments, Bella was abducted.
  • Perhaps, but I personally think it didn't actually involve Don although the picture shows her at his house...of him and her and the telescope yet she would have to be part of the family to be abducted from another household (and if he was in her household he would have received a memory maybe he was meant to and did not!?!) therefore she was probably abducted at her own house yet it is possible that Maxis deleted her for a storyline or even by accident; well not really deleted but more cursed as in she was attached to a Death Token! It's true the Caliente sisters are so called interested in Mortimer's large sum of money...! Yet that's your choice if you let them get at it as Mortimer does love Dina Caliente!...Traces of Bella come up about anywhere! The mystery still stays...The legend is alive!
  • I think Bella, being protective of Cassandra, went over to Don to tell him he better not mess with her daughter, I think Don thought Bella was in his way and ruining the chances of his plan to marry Cassandra. So he convinced her to look in the telescope.
  • i think that Dina called the aliens she is an alien/ sim hybrid and told them to abduct Bella Goth on her neighbors roof, Don Lothario. they said something in alien that meant yes. she told Don to invite Bella over and have her look stargaze through the telescope. he did. then, they both went to the roof, went down and called nina and told her it's working. she then told the aliens to do it, and they did.
  • I think that Don gave Bella a Dead Token of rejecting a makeout look at the memories so he decided to get rid of her. Dina did not do a thing because she arrived after it happened.
  • I think Dina wanted Mortimer and had Bella look through the telescope. Don, Nina, and Mortimer had no idea Mortimer age transitioned, so Cassandra and Alexander didn't know either, Nina was a teen at college, and Don was chatting with Kaylynn! Then, Nina came back in time to see Bella abducted, Dina told Mortimer, and then Cassandra and Alexander, and told other witnesses to forget it or drown!!!!!
  • Shes in that little box they put all townies when there not in the streets. drinking coffee, sleeping on the blue couch watching the tiny TV....
  • I think that Don was really jealous that Bella didn't love him, and the Dina caliente wanted mortimers money so they conspired to get Bella abducted. They knew about aliens because they are in their family tree's. so that Don could get his revenge and Dina could get her hooves on Mortimer.
  • I don't think Bella is totally innocent here. I think she was cheating on poor Mortimer with Don. Why? Firstly, she's a Romance Sim. Romance Sims cheat on their spouses a lot, no matter how 'devoted' Bella is to Mortimer. Secondly, Don has a memory of her rejecting a makeout. Building up to a makeout takes time, as it means serious affection. As well as many romantic interactions beforehand. But if she was having an affair with Don, why did she reject the makeout? Did she catch him with Cassandra and got furious for cheating on him? Hmm . . .very mysterious . . .
  • I think Maxis is the culprit for the disappearance of Bella Goth. Or was it the Caliente sisters? They are related to aliens. But I'm sure it was Maxis...
  • Here's what I think I got these ideas everywhere and put them together Bella was just friends with don because her daughter was going to marry him. she looks through the telescope then when don leaves she get's abducted by aliens. She arrives at pleasantview lost. Meanwhile in Strangetown her long lost sister who the aliens kept relished her and she forgot everything and all she could say was Bella Bella Goth?
  • I think that Mortimer is behind her abduction. I think Dina Caliente was busy getting ready to WooHoo Don for like the billionth time. She saw Don trying to make out with Bella, but saw Bella slap Don. She ran to Mortimer's house, told him that Bella was with Don. With his mad scientist knowledge, he made an alien phone, called the Aliens and had them abduct her. He then got mad at Dina for even knowing that Bella went over there, and got furious at Don for trying to make out with Bella, so he used his mad scientist skills to make people think Don is behind it all. He later forgave Dina, but Dina told everypony that it was Don and Nina because she is a little WooHoo crazy hypocrite. Nina, oblivious to the entire thing (She should be the blond, not Dina) went on WooHooing with Don. Don told everypony that Dina was part of it, but he never mentioned that he wasn't a part of it.
  • I think that No one was behind it because the telescope that Don doesn't abduct people.I think she was abducted and Mortimer just happened to witness it and he was happy about it and Mortimer told everypony.
  • Well, I think we're all forgetting the fact that she was supposedly seen "scaling the deck" of Lothario's condo. I don't have any guesses as to reasons or what was going on besides the idea that scaling implies climbing. If she had been invited for romantic or subversive reasons, there's no reason she would have to climb up the building. She could just walk in the door like any normal person being...sim. If she was climbing the building, then she was going uninvited meaning that she was there in secret. Spying? Was she trying to find something out about Don? And was she caught? Or perhaps his condo was the first place she came to as she was trying to escape from somebody or something else. Oftentimes in an attempt to escape from something, the one running climbs up something. Don could have been gone, sleeping, or "unable" to answer the door when she showed up. And does "scaling" imply upward or downward climbing? Because downward could just as easily imply that she was trying to escape. If the Bella in Strangetown is a fake, we can't rule out alien abduction. But was it planned or lucky coincidence for one or more of the three most suspicious characters in Pleasantview? The ones who know something are the ones who disappear.
  • In my game, I decided to do some investigating. I looked in the files. And the photo's, the memories. Everything :). I decided that Bella's abduction had some weird part in the game, and this is my final conclusion. Mortimer, suspected Bella of having an affair with Don Lothario. He watched them getting close, and when Don decided to get close to Cassandra too, it was the final straw. Proof: If you look at the photo of Don with Cassandra, Mortimer is in the background looking not-so-pleased. Also, Mortimer has no happy memories of him and Bella at all proper...until she was abducted. So, he hated Don. But being the mad scientist that he is, he thought more of knowledge, and because he was so angry with Bella, he thought of how cool would it be if Bella was abducted. And when she was, his memory of that was highlighted green. And, he thought that he may see some Alien's near house because of that. No, he wasn't looking for Bella. He was looking for a flying saucer. If you look at a picture, it shows Mortimer smiling, and has Bella on his mind. He's thanking her for this piece of knowledge. Now, bring Bella Back. As you'll know, as soon as you bring Bella back, Mortimer hates her. He wants nothing more to do with her. Why is this? Mortimer and Bella were in love weren't they? And when she dies on another lot Mortimer has a gravestone saying that Bella died but its green. Why does he hate him so much? And why are Mortimer and Don not friends? They're down as just met when you start the game. But if somebody was marrying your daughter, you'd want to know the ins and outs. But Mortimer doesn't. I sense a guilty man guys ;).
  • It could be possible that when Bella was abducted, the aliens could have cloned her and put her clone in Strangetown, with no memories of her loved ones...
  • I don't think Nina or Dina Caliente was involved, as they came to town after Bella's abduction. But wait - what if she was never abducted at all? Don, being an idiot, probably was marrying Cassandra only for her daddy's millions. After killing Cassandra, he could use her inheritance to trick out his bachelor pad and make it the coolest love nest in town. So that was his plan. Then one night Bella came over to get to know him and he made a not-so-suave pass at Bella, as she is, I have to admit, more beautiful than Cassandra. Bella caught on and was going to go home and tell Mortimer. There's a little room on top of the condo, and Don locked her in there, deleted the room and starved her. Then - AHA! He slumps her dead body over the telescope and the aliens abduct it! And he lies about it! And there is no gravestone memory!!! stupid theory, I know, but I don't think Don married Cassandra for love.
  • I believe that the creators used boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. They deleted Bella in Pleasentview but it can be retrieved. They then created a Bella townie and placed it in Strangetown. Kinda like Olive's rumor of beinga serial killer. They just used the cheatcode and added random people and killed them(along with her family members. . .
  • Well i was playing in stargetown whith my sim and i was to a community lot, and i sawBella, i talked to her and i think that she was the fake one,and many people told me that she had no phone but in the next day i called her! She came to my house and she had on her finger a ring from her wedding probably! I think she is the real one!! I hope that!!!!
  • Also, a little clue for why the Bella in Strangetown isn't the same as Bella in Pleasantview is the painting "Bella Squared" might mean Bella to the 2nd power or Bella^2, which means there's two of them.
  • My theory, is that the Caliente family wants more simoleons, so they came to Pleasantview to ruin peoples lives. As you see, Nina and Dina Caliente came right after Bella's disapperance. Also, the Caliente sisters are related to aliens. So what they did is they planned on abducting Bella. Dina and Nina, on the other hoof, worked on making Mortimer in love with them so they can get in the family and get simoleons. Don Lothario, on the other hoof, tries to get more simoleons also. He and the Caliente family united on one side to get the Goth's money.
  • From this info, we know that the Caliente sisters are related to aliens. But Bella is not a romance sim. That is one heck of a lie. She is a family sim. If you know the Apartment Life expansion pack, this is for you. Anyway, I studied about what 'BellaDonna' means. It means 2 things. 1) it means "beautiful woman". Bella was a beautiful woman. Dina wanted poor Mortimer's wealth. Cassandra was engaged to Don, who was cheating on Cassandra with Bella, Dina, Nina and that french maid Kaylynn. So, Dina paired up with Don and Mrs Crumplebottom, who was his mom. Dina called the aliens and got them to abduct her whenever. Anyway, the second meaning is a vine they use in witchcraft. They say Bella was the ruler of all witches but got taken back from Belladonna Cove to Strangetown. Who knows???I Wonder what happens...
  • It was that good-for-nothing Dina Calenite! What she did was she married Micheal and killed him in some beastly little way. Then, she and Don plotted to get Bella out of the picture so she could move in on Mortimer and his millions, Don would marry Cassaandra and Dina would marry Mortimer. They would both divorce and then dispose of them both in some way. Then they'd marry and adopted Alexander, as he cannot possibly overthrow them!
  • The aliens, being sim-art freaks (emphasis on freaks), saw how beautiful Bella is. They abducted her whilst she ran away from Don after he tried to make out with her. They cloned her twice, once for BellaSquared and the other clone was for Marketing Print by Seph Ia. They erased her memory and accidentally dropped her in Strangetown. Don just blamed everything on the Calientes twins, and they said it was him.
  • There is no alive bella she got abducted came back got taken to family bin and deleted, my friend deleted his guy who was still alive on his kids family tree.
  • I think, Dina Caliente Heard About The Goth Family and their money. But When Dina learned Bella Goth Was Mortimer's Wife, Dina asked Don To befriend Bella. But Dina attacked Bella. When Bella was trying to escape she was forced to look through the telescope. Dina then called Aliens and told them to abduct Bella and herself. Then the aliens attacked Bella but they also attacked Dina, who was in charge of it. They thought Bella was dead and left her in the desert of Strangetown, but Bella woke up in a hospital, after a 4 year coma, which made her forget everything!
  • I think that when Michael died, Don invited her over to help her cheer up, knowing that this would be the perfect chance to get her to love him. She rejected his makeout and went home. Dina, being new in town, went to visit some new neighbors. When she saw Mortimers millions, she wanted it all. Anyway, Don got mad at Bella and started getting smitton with Dina and Nina. That evening, as Nina was over, she asked him do rid of Bella. Not forgiving erlier that day, he accepted. That night, Bella was invited over so Don could Apologize. That was when she walked up to the roof and noticed the telescope. She thought of Mortimer's want to see aliens and gave the telescope a shot. That's when she was abducted. (Mortimer could have witnessed it by looking through his telescope
  • Hi! I think that it was the Caliente sisters.I've got a few reasons: 1st: They appeared the night before Bella's disappearance, 2nd because in their family tree you can see that they are realatated to aliens, 3rd: because they badly wanted Mortimers money and Bella sort of "stood in their way". So what they did was: Used Don since he wanted Bella all to himself, so as seen in Don's pics, he invited Bella over to show her the telescope and together Dina, Nina and probably Don too, got rid of Bella by asking or persuading the aliens to abduct her to get her out of the way. Then when the Caliente sisters paid their first visit to Mortimer and the residents of the Goth manor, they probably burned Bella's picture and other proof so no one would ever know. Ps: Dina probably married Michael Bachelor (Bella's brother) to get sort of closer to Bella without any one noticing. Both Dina and Nina have a romance aspiration so I doubt it that Dina would have ever have loved Michael so much to marry him. Anyway, thats only what I think. There are lots of possible theories.
  • Ok I'll say it straight out, the Bella in Strangetown isn't obviously a fake. Yes, they had to make a new one because otherwise it would overload the game., but that doesn't mean that she is fake.... Maxis even said, if you manage to find her and play with her for at least a few days, her memory will come back... has anyone actually tried that? Secondly, Why would you want her back anyway, she didn't even love her husband. Maxis already revealed what happened, and the ending is hugely disappointing... look on the sims 3 website not the official and look on the Bella Goth competition and look at the diary code and read the diary, i'm sure there is a link if you scroll down that leads you to it. If you really want Bella Goth back, obviously follow the story line and get Dina married to Motimer and if you have a child call her Bella make sure her last name is Goth. And there you have it.. .and when you go down generations you can make a whole PlesantView again. Thirdly, just for the fun of it, i'm pretty sure there are 2 Bella Goth's on purpose, one whom is attracted to her husband and accidentally got abducted, and one she cheated on her husband and ran away, then aliens had abducted her.away from pleasant view (look at the diary_..... so ye.... The sims 3 isn't going to include the goths... if it did then it won't reveal anything because there was nothing interesting in sims 1, except for a pearl necklace on the floor but that should be in sims 2 (yet again, look at the diary)... thank you for your time and good day...* Bella Goth's Diary (Posted by Bob Newbie is kl)
  • I think that Bella killed her brother, Michael Bachelor, then killed herself. Then,Don Lothario hid Bella's body in the Specter's cemetary secretly. Then, Olive had ressurected Bella as a zombie then aliens had abducted her!
  • If you notice, there is a ufo crash in Strangetown! Bella got abducted, the ufo crashed over Strangetown, and there we have Mrs. Bella Goth, lost her memory, wandering the streets of Strangetown.
  • Bella was abducted by aliens and Don doesn't remember this because they're not from the same family. Mortimer thinks this is good because he is a knowledge sim and the ufo was in strangetown when it crashed. Bella escaped but she lost all her memories.
  • I think that Dina is trying to get rid of Bella to get Mortimer's money and that Nina was not involved in anything. After moving to Pleasantview from somewhere around the country, Dina fell (truly) in love with Michael Bachelor. She wanted a child, but he died before they had the chance. Soon, she met her deceased husband's sister, Bella Goth. Seeing that she is very rich, Dina starts to ahng out with her. One night, Don Lothario moved in and Bella came to welcome him. He soon falls for her and tries to make-out with her, but she rejects him. Fearing that Don will tell Mortimer that she is in love with him, she runs and looks throgh the telescope while Don is at work, hoping to meet aliens. Her wish is granted and only her husbend and daughter learned of her abduction (her son, Alexander was told she and Mortimer broke up). Sadly, she upsets Mortimer and Dina can now get his money by marrieing him. Don comes home and thinks that Bella went home after he went to work, so that is why he has no memories of Bella meeting aliens. He soon falls for her daughter, Cassandra.
  • What I think happend to Bella is that Don invited her over so he could Make-Out with her. After being rejected he realy hated Bella for that and decided no body would see her again he made sure Bella looked into his telescope while she was looking into the telescope he had an evil look on his face. Goodbye Bella Goth forever.
  • I think that Don and Dina are innocent and Bella is actually a witch. Don invited Bella over because he had a crush on her but she rejected making out with him because she loves her husband. The aliens found out about Mortimer's Elixir of Life and abducted Bella as a way of getting to Mortimer and finding out about his projects but Bella being a witch cast a spell to forget everything about herself they found out information about Bella through Dina marrying her brother Michael which was why Dina's father was born in alien form that was the plot all along so with Bella's memory erased the aliens had no use for her and ditched her in limbo which is why you need tombstone of L&D to resurrect her. As for Dina her fate is still laid out by the aliens her sudden interest in Mortimer is because the aliens want some way to find out his projects.
  • I think that Bella came to welcome Don to the neighborhood. Don frequently harrased her due to her looks upset Bella decided to take a look at Don's telescope while Mortimer dealt with Don while she was looking Don came up and told Bella that he saw a what looked like a flying saucer. At first Bella didn't belive thinking it was a distraction for her to look up and do something like kiss her on the neck or something. But then she looked up and saw he was right! Bella got abducted and cloned while her real body was kept by Polination Tech #9. Her clone roamed the streets of Strangetown while Bella herself was kept by the alien colony.
  • In the PSP version of The Sims 2, Bella is found inside a small shop. She never mentions her past to anyone, though.
  • Well I guess when Bella came over to Don's home, he raped her and made her look into a teliscope. Then she was abducted and murdered. But I think that before she died, she was cloned. I had Olive Specter kill her clone on my game.
  • I've looked over all of Pleasantview and found this. Bella Goth must have gotten married to Mortimer by mistake,and decided to cheat on him a lot.She was at Don's house.Don tried to make-out with her,but failed.He also persuaded her to look through the telescope.they flirted.Dina came passing by with flowers for Don and heard them.Don went for food,so Dina climbed up the wall and murdered Bella with a pocketknife.She went down in a hurry with the body,quick enough for Don not to see,and locked Bella's Corpse in a hotel room.Some aliens happened to be passing by.Don saw them,saw some other Black haired Chick,and thought it was Bella.It spread around town like fire to a forest:Bella was abducted!A new family went to the hotel,saw the dead body,and ran out screaming.They went to a different neighborhood and told that the body was actually a gigantic rat to keep quiet because of how Dina was threatening them.the body decayed and nopony saw.What do you think?
  • All the theories of bella goth being murdered are proven wrong, she is not dead according to the family tree., so she is still alive meaning she couldn't be murdered..
  • Huge suprise: has anyone downloaded the Megahood (all neighbourhoods in one)? the creator even said there were 2 Bella Goths, and they are both townies... so doesn't that mean that there is still a Bella in PleasantView, because the creator would have used the original files from the game to combine the neighbourhoods?
  • The sims 2 Bella Goth was in the Goth family untill the creator make the easter egg that she was taken but she was not taken and she came back and then she moved out and she was deleded and that how her photo is still coulored and so about the boolprop cheat it still work so don"t say she was taken cause she wan not so that what happen to mrs bella goth.
  • I think that Bella and Cornelia had argued. Bella went to Michael but Dina asked her to leave. Bella went to Don. Don really loves her.He asked her to make out but she didn't want.Bella eventually returned to her home.There she went to stargaze and aliens arrived.They like her and adopt her.But Bella didn't want.They make a copy of her the Strangetown Bella and the real Bella lost her memories.They left her in Pleasantview but not in her home.
  • I think that Bella went to Don's to welcome him to Pleasantview, Don liked her, so he asked Bella to make out. Bella refused. Don tried to end the arguing by telling Bella to go the deck. Bella looked through the telescope. Mr. PT9 came and took her to Strangetown then crashed. Bella lost her memory during the crash. So, how come Don has no memory of it? 1. They're not from the same family or 2. It all happened at Goth Manor.
  • My theory is simple. It was a warm, mournful evening in Pleasantview. Nina was over at Don's, and Dina was at home, planning to kill Bella Goth. She had been planning for weeks, and she finally understood her plan. Bella was the only thing in the way of her plan to marry Mortimer, so she could steal his simoleons. This evening was perfect. First, Dina had improved her relationship with Bella, soon becoming friends. She understood Bella was destined for romance. So around 10 that night, Dina innocently invited Bella over for some coffee. Bella accepted. Logically, she'd want to go past Don's house, to check out what he's doing. After all, he was a good friend to Bella. Supposedly, Bella left for Don's every Friday night. Mortimer was extremely suspicious of this, but he trusted Dina, anyways. So he "accepted" when Bella strode out of the house to visit Dina. Bella went past Don to get to Dina's, and by this time Nina was at home, sleeping. Dina was patiently waiting for Bella (at least, that's what everypony thought). When Bella passed Don's house, she spotted him on the roof of his condo, looking throughly confused. That's because Dina told Don that there was a stunning alien mothership in the sky, and if he looked up long enough, it would spit out the child of his dreams. Easily enough, seeing Dina is part alien, she tipped the aliens to do so. Anyways, Bella went up there. She decided Dina could wait. She asked Don what was wrong, and he told her what he heard from Dina. Now, Don sorta liked Bella, and flirted with her often (and usually failed). He asked Bella to look through the telescope. she did so for about 2 hours, and no alien spottings. This was the exact plan, because Dina told the aliens to kidnap Bella on her own roof. Bella said she was sorry and headed home. Don sadly went to bed. Bella figured it was too troublesome to go to Dina's now, seeing its so late at night. When she got home, she thought about what Don said about aliens. So Bella went up to her own roof to peek through the telescope. Sure enough, she was abducted. Dina's plan had worked! When everypony heard about Bella's abduction, Dina told the public it was all Don's fault! She told everypony she last saw her scaling the deck of Don's condo, which pretty much pinpointed evidence and blames to Don. She was mad at him, because she spotted Don having an affair with the maid, which pretty much ended their relationship.
  • I think that the Caliente sisters and Don are behind Bella's disappearance. Dina is interested in Mortimer's fortune, and Bella was the only person preventing her from marrying him. So Dina tells Mortimer that she and her sister are part alien, and they can bring aliens to Pleasantview, knowing of his Knowledge aspiration. She convinces Mortimer to let her use Bella as bait. Bella agrees. Bella looks through Mortimer's telescope and is abducted on her own roof, which explains why only the Goths had memory of Bella's abduction. Dina pretends that she never indended this to happen, and tries to comfort Mortimer. The aliens create a Bella clone and dump it in Strangetown, and put the real Bella back in Pleasantview. She lands next to Don's house. Don is still angry at her for rejecting him, so he gives her a death token.
  • Well, Bella is very mysterious character, facts about her are that she was abducted, Morti has memory of abduction green because he has knowledge aspiration, and Caliente sis didn't "help" Bella disappear they came later. I think Bella was abducted accidentally, aliens left her in Strangetown, but bad witch, offering her help closed her in Babayaga hut from Belladonna cove.That hut looks like it walk from other neighbourhoods like Strangetown. Bella tried to call help, by blazing S.O.S when you look from sky you could see something trought the window of her prison ward, But when Babayaga noticed letters, she used spell of forget memories and she took Bella to Strangetown. So, that is well-know strangetown Bella.
  • I think Don isn't behind This because he has the cheap telescope and Mortimer had the other one which is the one you can get Abducted with and it was her own fault she looked into it at midnight because she couldn't sleep and you know what happens next.
  • In Bella's family tree, there is an alien. Maybe this has something to do with it.
  • Maybe it's a 2001: A Space Odyssey sort thing, Bella didn't just have looks, but brains too. And the aliens took note of this and she was sucked into the Monolith and became a star child like Dave Bowman, and became a being of pure energy. And from time to time she'll return to Earth as an ambassitor (or maybe a probe) for the aliens so they can learn about the humaI tin society they helped spark. --but that's just my thoughts on the matter...
  • Don and Dina made a plan that if Don got Bella to marry him and divorce Mortimer, Dina would marry him and get the moneyto split with Don. Don proposed to Cassandra to get close to Bella.I think that Bella went to visit Don, beacuse they were going to be in-laws. He tried to make out with her, and she rejected him and left. She went back to her house. Don called Dina and told her that it wasn't working, so Dina, being related to an alien, got the aliens to abduct her, so she could marry Mortimer. Bella looked into her telescope and bam, bye bye Bella.
  • In Dina's bio, it says that she moved in on the night that Bella disappeared. Also her great-grandfather (I think) is an alien, so maybe the aliens wanted to get into the Goth Family so maybe they planned to abduct Bella and have Dina move in and marry Mortimer and have a baby together.
  • In the story, Nina Caliente knew that Mortimer was rich and wanted to get rid of Bella. Somehow she got the Aliens to abduct her and dump in some place away from Pleasantview.--Liquid Ink 08:55, September 25, 2009 (UTC)
  • I think why Bella is an adult is becouse the atifishal gravity on the space ship caused an dip in space and time the gravity caused her not to age for 25 years when that flying sauser crashed in strangetown she was still an adult becouse of somthing called genral relitivty and/or speshal relitivity and adding on to this therory i came up with this: Bella Goth was secretly friends with PT9 and when Don was hitting on her Bella put an Flash lite down the telescope to sinnal help to PT9 when they ended up in strangetown PT9 showed Bella to an hidden Mation on the Road to Nowere and to his family (Refrence to the sims 2 on psp)  then an welcoming party came to greet her but PT9 used an cloaking device to cloak the new Goth Manor but the welcoming party went away to do well who knows and there is the fountan of youth in the back yard (an devisce conststing lots of sims an cowplant and an ressurect-o-nortom thingy) so thats my CRAZY THEORY!!!
  • My theory is that Don and the Caliente sisters wants Mortimer's wealth, and they had already planned to get Bella abducted. first,Don calls Bella to his house and try to make out with her (rejected).second,Don gets her to look on the telescope as Pollination Technician 9# is already called by the caliente to abduct Bella. Bella is abducted, as Pollination Technician 9# UFO reaches Strangetown, General Buzz Grunt orders to shoot down the UFO that crashed in Strangetown the military found Pollination Technician 9# and Bella, Buzz is suprised to see Bella (There's a captured sim!), As Bella is still shocked by that event (abducted and shot down) Buzz doesn't want Bella to remember any of that, so he get Bella's memory erased (maybe he asked the Beakers for that invention) and leave Bella wandering on Strangetown alone not remembering the loved ones....
  • There is one thing wrong with Pollination 9 kidnapping her and his ship crashing in Strangetown and him starting a new life there.  If you take a look at Johnny, he is about to become an adult and when you look at Alexander, he's just a kid.  If anything, Pollination 9 would have already lived in Strangetown when Bella Goth was abducted and she was last seen at Don's place.  This means that she escaped an abduction from the aliens and Mortimer probably saw it happen through his own telescope and told his family that she was abducted but really wasn't.  She's just hidding from the aliens who want to perform strange experiments on her.  The Bella Goth is an entirely different sim who just happens to share the same surename and first name as the PleasantView Bella Goth.  And in my game, she was an elder.  Also, in my game, Alex's family chart has her with a colored head but he can't call her.  He's the only one who knows where she is.  I don't know if anyone else's is like that but if it's just my game then it's a glitch.  There is no involvement with Strangetown or Veronaville.  Either that or she's the goddess of the witches and returned home disguised as an alien abduction and Alex is the only one who knows the truth and since the alien abduction is the closest thing to returning home, he's got the abduction icon which is read.  Mortimer's is green because well, he's got a knowledge aspiration and Cassandra is just a ditsy black hairdyed blond who believed her dad and thought it was tragic that her mother was taken from her by aliens.  Anyone else agree?
  • There's a probability that the creators accidentally deleted her and then attached her to alien abduction. Because normal abductions don't last more than a day.
  • Bella heard that Don Lothario had moved into town, so she decided to go welcome him to the neighbourhood (it said she was friendly and outgoing, remember?). Don tried to hit on Bella, but she rejected his romantic advances because she was married with children. In a jealous rage (Don has the Hot-Headed trait in TS3, remember?) Don raped and murdered Bella, then dumped her body in the lake. Strangetown Bella is actually Cassandra from the future. She went nuts and became a bit of a player after she was left at the altar, which explains why her Aspiration is Romance. She got to Strangetown by accidentally travelling back in time, like how Don got to Riverview. Oh, and she changed her name to honor her mother. --Sparrowsong 01:08, January 13, 2010 (UTC)
  • Okay 1) In the actual Game Bella Goth never existed in PleasantView. Maxis put memories into the Goth's memory panel and created Bella as a Strangetown Townie. 2) if Maxis hadn't done all that it probably happened something like this: Bella Goth heard about Don Lothario moving in and decided to greet him. Don criticized Bella about Mortimer, and Bella left because she was angry. On her way out the door she saw Don had an impressive telescope. She couldn't resist herself and spent hours looking at it and it became dark. Mortimer had been coming to get Bella because he was worried something may have happened. When Mortimer arrived he saw Bella peering into the telescope. When he started coming toward her aliens arrived. When the aliens abducted Bella, they examined her realizing she had an IQ of 247. Since she was so much more intelligent than an average person they forgot to take her back to PleasantView. The Aliens had been heading over to Strangetown to abduct somebody in the Curious family, and ran late on Bella's Examination. When they abducted one the Curious guys, they realized they still had Bella. The Aliens kept her in an unaging chamber or something to do mutiple tests on her. When they decided they had enough they dumped her in Strangetown as they could not remember where she was from. When Bella woke up in Strangetown she didn't remember any of her former life and decided to become a townie.
  • Morty and Bella were youthful adults. They moved to Pleasentview had Cassandra and Alexander (wow, their names make great nicknames!). Mortimer had finally made the elixir he had been working on for ten years! Cassandra aged into an adult and Alex a child. Cassandra caught sight of Don L. one day and decided to talk to him. Don, now knowing that the Goth's were loaded with simoleans, he wanted a peice of it. Soon after they met Don proposed to Cassandra. Now, if he could get rid of Mortimer and Bella he could get Cassandra to share a little (okay, a lot) of money with him. Then he could dump her and go back to his days as the local womanizer. A seemless plan!
    Alexander, being the young rebel he is, switched Mortimer's elixir with one of the first versions. Morty took a big swing of elixir but it was the old one, so it didn't work. Bumping him into elderhood. Alex figured out how to make more of the elixir and was selling it too people with a certain kind of money. (Thats why you can buy it in the aspir. rewards. Thnx Alex!) Meanwhile, Don was plotting ways to get rid of Bella. A lightbulb went off! He waited until it was real dark. Then he asked Bella if he could show her a new star he had been observing. She happily agreed and they set off for Don's condo. She was peering into the telescope when Don hit her in the back of the head with a blunt object. Bella slumped to the ground. Realizing what he just did, he put her in his car and drove off to the next town over, Strangetown. He, thinking she was dead, dumped the body in a lake. Worried that they might find evidence, he also dumped his car in the lake. He could buy a new one after he inherets all the money, right? He ran off back to Pleasentview. He knocked on the Goth's door. Morty answered. "HELP!!!" he screamed. "Bella was looking at a beutiful star, and then, then, aliens!!! Fifty or more! The pulled her up by a strange beam of light! I tryed to stop them, but there were so many! And i was only one man, right?!?!" Morty looked Horified. "I'll go call the police." he said. Worried that the police would lock him up, Don told him to stop. "What police squad would willingly go into space and try and find somebody? Not ours. The outer space is soooo big, Bella is probably long gone by now." Morty, on the verge of tears agreed. In strangetown some fisherman spotted Bella. He ran out and fished her out of the water. Bella coughed and looked around wildly. She was not dead, but she did have amnesia. The fisherman found her ID and told her she was Bella Goth. She used that name and started a new life in strangetown.
  • I think Don wanted the Goth Fortune and her tried to get it through Bella but that failed so he went for Cassandra and He got a deal with Dina that they would share The Goth Fortune if she got together with Mortimer of they got rid of Bella. Dina got the Aliens(Since Dina is a Alien-Sim Hybrid) to scan Don's Condo for a woman in a Red Dress so Don told Bella to come round after he heard Mortimer and Bella had a fight and got her to examine the skys for odd going ons then she got abducted then Dina took the photo and tried to get Don put in jail so she could kill Mortimer and Cassandra and get the fortune after sending Alexander off with the social workers
  • I think that Bella was abducted by the aliens after Don left his porch to go inside his house after his appempt to kiss Bella. And Mortimer and Cassandra might have been at Don's house when it happened. Once the aliens took Bella, they probly wiped her mind out. Then, when the aliens were sleeping, Bella must've escaped from the alien ship and landed in Strangetown because the ship was probly above Strangetown. When the aliens woke up, they probly gave up quickly gave up on finding Bella.
  • i think mortimer, as a mad scientist, was creating an invention, and went to the toilet. bella, unable to control her curiosity, fiddled around with it, causing it to wipe her memory and beam her to strangetown. Morty must have just seen a bright flash of light and thought she had been abducted.
  • I think that mortimer, made a weird invention and when Dina said about the aliens he tryed make her run away,but it diden't work then don visited her house she was waching the stars when don acidentally hit the invention it beamed bella to strange town and while she went she hit a hot air ballon erasing her memorie she now is wandering in strange town with a blank mind.
  • I think that Bella was so sick of Mortimer's busy job she started an affair with Don. Later Mortimer found out and divorced her (as if you notice in Alexander/Cassandra/Mortimer's family trees she is not conneted to Mortimer). Later after finallizing the divorce she moved in with Don and with the telescope was accidently abucted. Then Don told Mortimer and Cassandra what happened (hence why Mortimer has a postive abuction memory and Cassandra has a negative one and why Alexander doesn't have one). Finally the aliens miscacluated where she was or her abucter was PT9 and when she hit the ground in Strangetown she lost all memories of her and her family.
  • Don Lothario was going to WooHoo with Dina, when Nina discovered them. The two found out that their coltfriend had been seeing the other's sister. So, to make him pay for what he had done, he was to find a suitable Sim who could be experimented on by thier pure alien relatives. Don Lothario arranged that Bella Goth would be on the decking of his house at midnight, where she would be taken for abduction. Don arranged to meet Bella to admit what he had done. Bella came around, but Don did not have the courage to admit it to her, instead going to 'get them both a drink'. In actuality, he was going to phone Nina and/or Dina to bail out at the last minute. As he was on the phone, Bella went outside for some fresh air. It was at this point that the aliens abducted her. Bella did escape, however, and spent several years wandering through the desert, surviving the journey due to alien experimentation. Here, she was taken in by the Curious family, who had invented a teleporter. She attempted to teleport back to Pleasentview, but arrived in Sunset Valley 25 years early and the teleporter broke down. Here, she hid away, as she couldn't risk meeting herself as a child. One night, she returned to Mortimer Goth and WooHood him without revealing the truth. Mortimer would later WooHoo Bella's younger-self and pass on the alien to her. This got Bella pregnant with Alexander Goth, which explains the genetic mystery. Finally, she lived into the day she dissapeared and rented out the Curious' second teleporter, where she got Don Lothario drunk and teleported him back to Riverview. By this time she was a dying elder. Gallifrey102 13:02, April 18, 2010 (UTC)
  • i think it was Nina and Dina. first of all, they are part alien. they wanted mortimers money, but they knew as long as bella was around they couldn't get it. if you notice, on the game itsays "is it just a coincenence nina and dina arrived on the night bella goth disapeared?" also, i decided to do some investigating. i went to strangetown as the curious family, and decided to use tombestone l &d to bring back, "Bella." however, not only does this Bella have no memories, i realized she had a different face! i looked at the pictures of Bella in Pleasentview, and when i brought her back in strangetown she had a different face. so, i think the aliens either gave her plastic surgery and erased her memories (which is unlickley) or made a clone of her, and messed up the face, and that the real bella is still on the spaceship. i also think that nina and dina noticed don had a telescope, so they asked him to use it in exchange for some good woohoos. the reason Bella still got abducted on the cheaper telescope is because the catlinte sisters are part alien, therefore can get their reletives to come whenever.
  • I don't think there is an actual story. I think that Maxis has deleted Bella by an accident and gave Mortimer and Cassandra memories that she got abducted by aliens. As for Don...Bella was having an affair with him!!!
  • Okay so I know my theory is not true, because I know for a fact Bella Goth was abducted by aliens and all that stuff. But I like to believe that one day Bella Goth looked at herself in the mirror and realized a gray hair. She then realized that she was growing old and did not have enough adventures in her life. So what she did was she ordered to go on a hot air balloon ride to Strangetown where she was sabotaged by Dina. Dina stalked her to Strangetown and told the hot air balloon crew to go home and she'll do the landing (she was disguised as one of the workers). She then left Bella floating away on her hot air balloon. Leaving her family behind. Even today you can see her on the red and yellow balloon floating over Veronaville.
  • In My Sims 3 version Bella is a child that moved in with the goths. Then A Few days later the new kid Coraline Goth Came To Town a and moved in with The Goths. Coraline's parents (Alexander and Sabrina) Were in the army. Epilouge. Gunther Goth is the vice president. The Rabins Family moved in to town. And The End? By Cron888.
  • I think Don and Dina both wanted access to the Goth fortune. To get this, Dina would marry Mortimer, and Don would marry Cassandra. Since Alexander was so young, Bella was the only thing in their way. So Don invited Bella over to his house to "introduce himself". Once he saw her, he thought, "Maybe I'll get lucky!" So, he tried to make out with her, but she--since she was married to Mortimer-- rejected him. So Dina invites Bella to use the telescope, goes back inside, and locks Bella out on the deck!!!! Then, the aliens (whom Dina had paid to abduct Bella) see Bella and abduct her, change her aspiration from Popularity to Romance, erase her memories, and drop her in Strangetown. So, Dina and Don dated Mortimer and Cassandra, respectively, secretly having an affair with each other. TrueWolf1993 14:42, May 2, 2010 (UTC)
  • Am I the only one who thinks aliens needn't be involved? Don's telescope was on the top floor, which has low fencing - Bella was pushed! Bella rejected Don's attempt to make out with her, so in a rage he pushed her. Bella woke up with partial amnesia and wandered off to Strangetown. This explains three things: (a) The Bella in Strangetown has patchy memories. Why? Partial amnesia, and (b) Why Don has no recollection of Aliens - he's the only one who knows that there were no aliens! He told the village that the Aliens had abducted Bella to cover up what he thought was murder, and (c) Why he leaves Cassandra: true he has the romance aspiration but that begs the question why he proposed - but the point is he couldn't have married her knowing the truth about her mother!
  • Here is the truth: Don called her and she went over. He showed her his sweet telescope that he just bought. She looked into it and got abducted by aliens. She was taken to Strangetown and has no memories because of alien surgery. In the clip where Alexander Goth goes off to college, it is a visual representation of his memories of her. Also, when you bring her back, she doesn't like Mortimer very much because she can't remember him (alien surgery). DavidMC123
  • I read that If you get Cassandra abducted, Bella comes back. Is this true? Simstar3 07:07, May 9, 2010 (UTC)
  • My theory, Bella went to Don's house to get to know him, because Cassandra was dating him. Don tried to makeout with Bella, but she rejected. Bella was angry that Don tried to kiss her when she was married, and when he was dating Cassandra. Bella stormed off onto the deck. She then saw the telescope and looked through it. Dina who saw what happened, decided to help don, and get rid of the one thing in the way of Mortimer's money .She contacted her alien relatives and asked them to abduct Bella as a favor. Don ran after Bella on the Deck to try to convince her not to tell Cassandra what happened. He arived just in time to see Bella get abducted. Don decided not to tell anyone about this, for they would think he went crazy. -Star7887
  • Bella was one of my favourite Sims and I have greatly pursued the mystery of her disapperance. To be honest, I actually don't have a logical theory, but it greatly annoys me that there is no.. natural, lets say, way of reuniting her with the family. I am also quite glad she hasn't aged. When I play the Smith family or the Grunt family, my heart still races when I spot 'Bella Goth' walking down the street. I have two things that I have been contemplating though.
    • 1. Don Lothario's condo is very similar to the Caliente sister's condo, is it not? Who is to say that the picture of Bella scaling the deck was not taken in the sister's house? It is only a thought, and I am not a very.. avid investigator, so I'm not too sure wether that makes logical sense!#
    • And number 2.. As it says in the Easter Egg section, there is a book called 'Murder in Pleasentview'. That got me quite excited, and it was a little eery too.. But yeah, I don't think one Sim can kill another.. so we've only Maxis to blame for the oddity of Bella Goth.
  • I honestly think that EA just took her away. Because, when a sim gets abducted by aliens, they always come back. The sim will always come back, and they would be pregnant with an alien baby. EA just deleted her I am sure. When you delete a sim, you can no longer get them back without a cheat. Though Bella is gone, her picture remains. EA has a special way of making people think she was abducted because it is in Alexander, Cassandra and Mortimer's memories. And you can Shift+Click on a telescope and click get abducted, she might have gotten abducted and then once she got back, they did 'BoolProp TestingCheatsEnabled true' Shift+Click and then Force Error on her and then just click delete. Any questions ? E-mail me [mailto:-ShaiChizey :) 19:30, May 11, 2010 (UTC) -ShaiChizey :) 19:30, May 11, 2010 (UTC)]
  • Wait, If Bella was abducted by aliens because Don got angry at her wouldn't he be like a kid? Because when we start up the game he is just about to marry Cassandra? And Bella would be the same age as Mortimer I would guess, so isn't that just a bit creepy? —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) - Sign your comments with ~~~~
  • I think that Nina and Dina worked together to get rid of Bella Goth. They might have rescructed that alien who is their kin, and asked the ailen to abduct Bella Goth because they probaly didn't want Bella Goth to fall in love with Don. Once Bella was abducted, the ailen might have used a machine to get rid of her memories and replace with another sim's memories. Then, the alien crashed at Strangetown, and Bella Goth escaped, but she couldn't go back to Pleasntview.
  • I think it was Mortimer who is behind it. Bella has the romance aspiration, Mortimer has a postive memory of Bella being abducted, and Don was rejected to be kissed by Bella, right? So here's what might have happened: Bella might have kissed and made out with Don befeore, but then while they were kissing one day, Mortimer might have caught them kissing. Mortimer might have been so mad at Bella, that he might have wanted to get rid of her. So, first he got rid of Don and Bella's memories of their kissing. Then, he called some ailens and asked them to abduct Bella Goth when she went to Don's house and used the telelscope there. Bella Goth went to Don's house, along with Cassandra ,Alexadner, and Mortimer, since they have memories of the abduction. Nina and Dina might have been at Don's house, but have nothing to do with the abduction. Anyway, Bella mighth have went to the condo deck and went to look the telescope. But first, Don wanted to kiss her. Bella obviously remembered when Mortimer had caught her and Don kissing, so she had rejected Don's kiss. The, after Bella rejected Don's kiss, Don might have gone inside to go downstairs. Anyway, Bella went to use the telescope Don had. Mortimer might have seen her use the telescope, and asked the aliens to come at a signal. Once the ailens abducted Bella, they simply tested a machine and used it on her. Meanwhile, Mortimer might have gotten rid of Don's telescope. Anyway, the machine took away all of Bella's memories and replaced them with a create a sim's memories. And Bella Goth was probaly on the ailen ship by the time it crashed into Strangetown. So Bella Goth simply escaped fron the ailen ship. And since the ailens were so medled in their buissness of building another ship to escape Strangetown, then they probaly forgot all about Bella. By the time the ailens had left, Bella Goth decided to live in Strangetown forever.
  • So heres my Theory, Bella is really into her paranormal right? so one of her wants was to be abducted by Aliens, she was that desperate to meet them , she even had dreams about it and Mortimer wanted it so badly for his beloved wife that he rushed to finnish his Elixir of Life experiment (This is why it has the common side effect of aging you instead) and began one in investigating Aliens. He soon found out that an alien hybrid has really bad genes which can effect them badly, his theory became popular and many sims hated it, so he pushed it aside and began re-working on his elixer of life. Don moved in and seemed quite shy, so Bella soon befriended him , and he began to get a crush on her, Cassandra grew on crush on him and when she grew up, they started dating. Word was spread about Mortimer's claim that Aliens have bad genes, and so any alien connections were informed and told to get him back. So the Alien community decided that they would get Mortimer back by abducting his beloved Bella, so one day when she was at Don's house (The day Don planned on kissing Bella), she was abducted and Don was paniked, he ran to the Goths to tell them the news, the kids were distraught, but Mortimer was so glad that is wife had achieved what she had wanted for a long time, this was the first time that Don had really noticed Cassandra's beauty. ( like her mother's). Now with Bella gone the alien community decided to bring in the Caliente sisters, Dina to flirt with mortimer and Nina to seperate Don and Cassandra. This plan backfired as Kaylynn soon joined Don's many girls and he and Cassandra got engaged, also Dina soon fell for Don too making the plan completely haywire. Meanwhile th Aliens dropped Bella (who's face and clothes had been changed, and who has no memories) in Strangetown, she soon met the Smith family, scared (at first) of Pollination, she soon learned that he had heard of the plan but because he had retired and never liked the life he had, Pollination helped Bella remember who she was. Many years later, Bella Goth (The real Bella Goth) returned to Peasantview and rushed straight to her family home, there she found a teenage Alexander, kissing his friend Lucy Burb, Lucy screamed and Alexander could remember that he knew her but because he was so young when she was abducted he couldn't quite remember exactly who she was, Mortimer rushed up after hearing Lucy's scream and he was finally reunited with his beloved Bella. However the twist was that when reminding her of her life, Pollination to protect his own species told Bella that it was Don who contacted the Aliens and it was his plan to serperate the family so he could have its fortune, the Caliente's planned on fleeing but after hearing Bella's story stated they saw the whole thing and Don was wrongly convicted and forced to suffer the same as Bella did, this lead to him becoming alien pregnant! -Ben-:)-x
  • I have seen Bella in Strangtown she isn't dead, and i can talk to her and everything so the idea that she dead isn't the truth, i think she just got abducted and they realised she was a female and left her in Strangetown were she lives in the community lots and gets money from selling the parts from the crashed space ship you see in strangetown.
  • If you look through both Mortimer's and Cassandra's memories, they both have memories of Bella being abducted by aliens. The Caliente sisters' grandad is an alien and they arrived on the night before she was abducted, so they most likely will have played a part. Bella isn't dead, if you look on Alexander or Cassandra's family tree, she is shown as alive. There are quite a few differences between Bella and Strangetown Bella, though they could be down to alien experiments. Apparently there is a Bella Goth look-a-like in a hot air balloon over Veronaville, but that is unlikely to be the same.
  • I think that since Dina wanted Mortimer all for herself, she rang an alien on her family tree and told them to go to Don's house and take Bella away. So he did and he crashed in strangetown, so that's why he died, then Bella crawled away with a few broken bones in her face that's why she looks different in Strangetown and she lost all her memories.
  • 21:43, June 26, 2010 (UTC)this is exactly what happened... THE TRUTH HAS BEEN REVEALED: Bella Goth was abducted by aliens but Maxis rigged up the whole abduction so yeah, something like that, but notice in the pic of her with Don that the telescope isn't the one that lets a sim be abducted. So either that or Maxis killed her off and that's why the memory title Bella was abducted by aliens is different than the standard one: [Sim Name] Met Aliens. So Maxis made a duplicate but the face structure isn't the same! I think the make-up may be different, too, but I'm not sure. So anyways, no, the Bella in Strangetown is not, for the last time, the real Bella.
  • I say maxis was thinking of getting Bella Abducted by aliens but when bella got abducted an error occured and they were forced to delete her. So to cover up the story they gave Mortimer and Cassandra memories of Bella getting abducted but forgot about alexander's memories and made a Bella in strangetown but were to lazy to actually get a very close face to her original face and just used the 1st premade face despite the fact she'd look almost identical to the Hula Zombie.
  • Bella was with Don outside the hospital as Kaylynn Langerak just had a pregnancy false alarm and Bella was zapped and lifted into a ship then two clones were dropped into two different cities, the entire town tried finding her
  • Don, just being released on bail (by Dina who he later slept even though he was seeing Nina) after being accused of running over an old lady, moved to Pleasantview to start a new life. Bella Goth, who was becoming increasingly lonely because her husband was obsessed with work and both her children were busy doing unimportant stuff like reading, decided to get to know Don. After making friends with Bella, Don started to sleep around with many residents of Pleasantview. Bella being very bored began to try and point Don in the right direction and set him up with her daughter Cassandra, because she feared that Cassandra would never get married. Don insisting he didn't need any guidence from Bella declinded and told her he was happy just sleeping around. Bella was growing more and more concerned about Cassandra and felt very insulted by Don decided to blackmail him into proposing to Cassandra. Threatening to expose him as a murderer and a cheater if he didn't marry her daughter. Don agreed and he and Cassandra got engaged, although only Cassandra was really invested in the relationship. After a few weeks/days Nina and Dina move to the area. Dina hoping to get rich and Nina hoping to get back together with Don. Nina and Don started dating again but neither Bella or Cassandra were aware of this and Nina didn't care that Don was enagaged because she knew that it was only to please Bella. Don introduced Dina to Mortimer and she imediately "fell in love" (with his bank account.) Dina, Nina and Don, all knew that Bella was the route of all their problems decided to rub her out. Nina and Dina, being related to aliens and Nina being interested with Science, got in touch with their relatives and schedueled for Bella to be abducted. So one night, before Don and Cassandra's wedding, Don invited Bella over to his house to make some last minute wedding preparations. While Bella is at Don's place he insists they sit outside because it was such a beautiful night, everything was going to plan and the spaceship was just about the abduct Bella when Bella was called by Mortimer because of an emergency, Alexander was ill. Bella told Don she was sorry but she had to go. In a desperate attempt to make her stay so that their plan would all go smoothly Don forced himself on Bella and tried to make out with her, because he knew that this would make her stay longer so that she could shout at him and express her disgust. Right as she was about to slap Don she was pulled up to the spaceship and was never seen again in Pleasantview. Anyway the spaceship Bella was in was taking a detour over Strangetown in order to destroy some of the technology there that had been watching them. The aliens' attempts failed and instead the spaceship crashed. Everypony was killed except for Pollination Technician #9 and Bella, who had become slightly brain damaged after the crash.
  • I don´t think creators did a mistake while they were trying to make the game, I think they purposely deleted her of Goth family by give her dead token to make the story more interesting and then they edited her in some Software to the game treat her as alive and then created the whole story that she was abducted and last seen in Don Lothario´s condo and then a person that looks like Bella was seen around Strangetown. Bella Goth of Strangetown is enterily fake for me, she doesn´t even resemble Pleasantview´s Bella. I also don´t think she was cheating on Mortimer with Don, yes he has memory of her rejecting to make out but that memorie was probably added by the devolopers because oddly he has no memory of meeting her and they didn´t even knew each other, and that can be prove with SimPE , I personally I think the creators did the backstory bad told.
  • She probably got pregnant, ran away and then go abducted by aliens then got returned to Strangetown and became a townie
  • Ignoring all the inconsistancies in the game codes (which I believe is because Maxis couldn't make the backstory physically possible without breaking it) I think that Bella and Mortimier's relationship became loveless or sour. Don Lothario, seeing this, decided to try and hit on her. When she rejected, Don became really angry. Don, deciding how to get his own back, invited Bella round so he could "apolozise". As Bella scaled the deck of his condo, Don made sure she had an "accident". However, while Don had only meant to injure her, Bella was killed. Don, panicking, decided to hide the evidence. The Bella Goth that roams Strangetown may be a strange version of a ghost.
  • I think she is in strange town because aliens took her there. maybe all sims who are taken by aliens go to strange town for a while. Maybe strange town is the alien world. and maybe some sims don't return to pleasantview like goth bella. maybe all sims who live in strange town lived in pleasantview once. it is possible.
  • Bella Goth was kidnapped but she was not kidnapped by aliens. Something more like Alien-Sims Hybribs.
  • Well in sims 2, in Strangetown. When you are at the menu of the game, you can see each town with their photos. Well on the strangetown one, you can see a person with a red dress. While I was playing in Strangetown. I came across Bella Goth, and she had no memories. Could the aliens have erased her mind? —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) - Sign your comments with ~~~~
  • i think bella was on the roof of don's house when she was abducted by aliens and dumped in strangetown (that's why she's in the psp version) and don saw it so the aliens erased his memory of it and sent him back in time to riverview (that's why he's in the sims 3 in riverview).
  • Is it me or is it wired Don was sent back in time by an unknown force, strangley around Bella's childhood. . .P. Baxter 05:32, September 5, 2010 (UTC)
  • Guys! stop with the theories with Kidnapping,Sim killing Sim and other "Un-Sim" related stuffs since it isn't possible... anyways.. We have alot of clues about Bella's Disapperance 1st is that Bella and Don are Romantic Aspirations and Mortimer is Knowledge Aspirations so Don and Bella might be cheating 2nd is that Don and the Goth's memories about Bella is seems kinda weird. from Don's last memories of Bella, you will see that Bella rejected Don. Mortimer,Cassandra and Alexander knows that Bella has been abducted. 3rd is that when "Stragetown Bella" uses Don Lothario's telescope, she will becomes Pleasantview's Bella Goth. Everything is purely Bella. from memories to Family Tree. all the real Bella except she's not married to Mortimer. 4th is that Stragetown Bella appears on The Sims 2 (PSP) and she says that she is hiding away from aliens. Now to my theory is that the Goth Family visits Don Lothario since he and Cassandra is getting married. Don likes Bella more than Cassandra so Don flirts and tries to make out with Bella but Bella rejects him as she go to the roof with the other Goths. As Cassandra,Alexander and Mortimer talked about the wedding, The angry Bella Goth decided to stargaze on Don Lothario's telescope which aliens abduct her.. Don was on the living room so he didn't see it causing that he doesn't know about the abduction of Bella Goth. now Bella Goth is now stuck in Strangetown with only Aliens chased her as her only memory. Franciskyle09 07:13, September 14, 2010 (UTC)
  • I reckon that Bella Goth got abducted by aliens, and came back pregnant, of course. She was too embarassed to tell her family so she run away to live in strangetwon, leaving the impression that she had had an affair with Don Lothario so they never came looking for her. She had the baby and lives under a whole new identity.
  • KingSam15: Well, I've been on Sims 3 Lately (Started on Sim City 4 & Sims 2) and there is a few books in Sims 3, one is Murder in Plesent view by Alexander Goth (the child in Sims 2) and Where is Bella?, Update you later. Peace out ~ KS15[101]
  • Well I think it was all the Caliente sisters . I think they found out that Mortimer would like to see a alien so they said to Don Lothario can you invite Bella over and get her to look throw the telescope till she gets aducted by Aliens. Then Bella did get abduted by aliens. I also think that she did come back she was just scared to go back to her family. 30th of September
  • i think that Bella was abducted in her home. because there a telescope in the attic and it would explane why don and the sisters have no menory of it. plus the sister are related to alieis so that would explne why they knew bella wad abducted.
  • I think that it is all to do with Don Lothario. He was engaged to Cassandra because of her money but Bella found out. Later that night, when Mortimer, Cassandra and Alexander were asleep, she walked over to his condo but, finding the door was stuck, had to climb the wall (thus explaining why she was last seen scaling the deck of Don's condo). When she got up, she confronted Don, telling him to quietly break off the engagement or she would hit him with her golf club. Don, being the lecherous womanizer that he is, tried to make out with her but she rejected him. Realising that it wouldn't work, Don decided to do the sensible thing and have a talk with her. He then went off to get some snacks. Still fuming, Bella sat down when she noticed a telescope. She went to peer out of it. Now, as she was doing this, a UFO came out of the sky, ready to drop Nina and Dina off at their new home (explaining why they arrived the night of her disappearance). After he had dropped them off, the pilot saw Bella and decided to abduct her. Unfortunately the ship crashed nearby and a very shellshocked Bella got out and ran away to Strangetown.
  • I know where she is right now!!! (Sims 2) she was abducted and thrown into Strangetown, make a sim there and wait for the welcome party, i did that and she showed up, so then i made friends with her and re-introduced her to mortimer and they lived happily ever after (exept for the several deaths while trying to find moretimer, and the fact that his kid mysteriously died by fire which was caused by "no one"
  • Don Lothario maybe knows somebody that she might be living with. It makes sense becuase she is oddly attracted to him when she was already married. If you look in the control panel you can see she is still married to Mortimer. Bella is avaliable on the cheats but I think she is still somewhere maybe in Strangetown, Bluewater Village, or in Pleasentview. I'm not sure if you can get to her brother in any town but I think he is linked to her disaperance in some way. It says Bella was abducted but that makes no sense beacause she would've been returned. The sims couldn't have done anything to her or the space ship beacuse when a sim get abducted it is one of those moments when you can't do anything.
  • I say Maxis was having a hard time with the game designs and Bella was accidentally deleted. DUN DUN DUN!!! JennyVincentTalk to Me!♦ 03:00, October 29, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think this ( I would like 2 point out that I added a bit 2 my feary 2 make a better story line!): Bella was stargazing one night, she lived with Mortimer and had had her children ect, ect. She was known to all as Bella, the kind, beautiful, Queen of Pleasentview. And she stayled that way for a long time. But she wasn't who everypony thought she was, in reality she was a heart breaking @#!*% who wnet around town woohooing who ever came by( well she was a romance sim, what did you expect?). Of course her beloved hsuband was blind to all of this. However her days in pleasentview where almost up. In strangetown a retired pollination Tech 9# lived with his beloved grilfriend Jenny. He knew Montimer from verious sciance conventions and from different work resorces. He was secretly great friends with him and never wished any harm towards him. He one day got a call from Bellas daughter Cassandra, she told him of her mothers cheating ways and wished Pollination Tech 9# to get her abducted! Normaly Pollination would not be allowed to do this, but if it would help is best friend, he would do so. So he made an arenjment with Cassandra. Cassandra got her lover Don to get to know her mother, and so he did, infact he fell deeply in love with Bella, just like she planned. So one day Don got Bella to look through the telescope, like Cassandra had instructed: "My mother finds star gazing so romantic, infact I would suggest anyone who would try to who her shoud do so!" and all set up by Pollination Tech 9#, she was abducted and the aliens took her back to Strangetown!!!!!! Cassandra knew that one day the police would come looking for the person respsonsible, and Don would be the one. There fore this ment when he was taken away by the police so she could marry Darren, her crush and secret lover. Years later when Cassandra became and adult she completetly forgot about her Mother and Pollination Tech 9#, along with her desire to see Don abducted, her love and lust for Darren, also phase 2 of her plan. You see she also wished Pollination to take Don so she would not be forced 2 marry him (the familys need 2 be reunited in my game) but she soon fell for don and his romantic ways. She completly forgot about her poor beloved Derik, who she longed to marry. Derik waited for his beloved, woundering if she would ever come for him. And Pollination waits for the wedding night, were he shall abduct Don and take him away, as planned by Cassandra. Shall Cassandra be devistated by Dons abduction or him being erested? Has Pollination Tech 9# remembered the plan after all these years? Will Bella ever be freed from woundering the streets of strangetown, lost, confused, with out history? Who nose......... Hope you enjoyed my theory oh year P.S..... ALL OF YOU WHO LOVE BELLA SHES A @#!*% , SERIOUSLY SHES A ROMANCE SIM AND WANTS 2 HAVE 2 WOOHOOS!! I SHOULD KNOW AS I WAS DUM ENOGUH 2 MARRY HER INTO MY LEGACY!!!!.......just saying xxx
  • Only the creators will ever know what happen to Bella Goth, but that doesn't mean sims game owners can't find out. The most common idea people think that happen to Bella Goth was that she was aubducted by aliens. When you look on the family tree it says she is alive, if you go into her memorys some people find her aubducted by aliens. Some people claim they found a lost memory of when she was abducted by aliens. But no one yet has proven what they claim to be true. You can find Bella Goth in Strange Town, but she has no memory of her family. Another idea is that she was accidently deleted when the creators where making the game. Then they made the whole scheme of her being abducted by alieans and being brain washed. It seemed a wierd thing that could be explained, but it would be a cover up. What makes the best sense is that the creators accidently deleted her and made the alien scheme to cover it up. They easily could have made a new Bella Goth in Strange Town and claiming it to be her. No matter what it seems like or what you believe she did only the creators will ever know what really happ to Bella Goth.
  • Maybe she had a thing for Don, and ran away because she was scare Cassandra would hate her for it? BobNewbie talkblog 12:31, November 22, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think that Dina is looking for Mortimer's money, and wants to marry with he to have a part of it, more Bella is on the way. Dina asked for favor of Don to invite Bella to go on Dons house at night, and call for the Pollination Technician 7 to abduct Bella, as he is Dina's grandfather, he accepted, and abducted Bella, throwing she on Strangetown, more erasing a great part of her memories, and the Strangetow Bella is true on the game's history, and have the Bella of Pleasantview only to place she in the genealogic tree, more the Strangetown Bella is a bite fisically diferente, make many peoples thinking that she is a clone or fake.
    So here what i think Dina Asked The Aleins to abucted Bella because aleins know her grandpa PT 7
  • So she visted Don for a WooHoo session and Don went down to get snacks when Bella was sntched by Dina and her Alein Family And Dina she tries to marry moritmer only for his simloans
  • Bella wanted mortimers money.she never ever loved him,even in sims 3 at childhood,its just an act.
  • I noticed something that most of the people here didn't: Bella Goth and Skip Broke disapeared on the same time! Skip is said to be dead, along with Bella, and as Skip disapeared when Brandi was pregnant with Beau on the 3rd day, it's the very same time Bella also did disapear! Maybe Olive Specter was on "vacation" on Pleasantview, but as the 2 disapeared on the same day, it's probably linked one thing to another! Some photos show Bella on Don Lothario's condo, and there is one pic at Brandi Broke's house that shows Skip alive when she was pregnant. It could be Don, but in this case, contrary to what everybody believes, it would be better to rip off Mortimer then marry Bella to get money, cause if Cassandra gets married all the money goes to Alexander, so it could be Dina Caliente, trying to earn Mortimer's money, or it could be somebody that was trying to get revenge on something and killed both Skip and Bella.
  • Okay, now its my turn, many people say that the Sims 3 is like 50 years after the Sims 2, I think its 50 years before and after because if you see Bella and Mortimer are children back then. I installed Sims 3 today so I do not know what happens, but, I think their parents made a setup marriage: they did not even know each other, then, The Sims: Bella has Cassandra, still, not even liking him. Then, after The Sims and before The Sims 2, Alexander is born, maybe she fell in love with him, but, she was not the most trusty wife, because, in Don Lothario's photo album Bella was over, he could of tried to kiss her, maybe she could of accepted, although, again, she wasn't trusty so I guess she could of threatened of calling Cassandra, so, many people say that Don is an idiot and all, but, Don could actually call aliens, maybe he was even in touch with Pollination 9. Hugs!!!!
  • I think Don had Bella over for a romantic evening, but she rejected him. So he went insane and tried to murder her. Bella freaked out and ran off to a place where no one would find her-- Strangetown. Dun dun dun.
  • I think Don could be responsible, but I dont know. In one of the pictures in Pleasantview's Story, It shows Bella behind a telescope, with Don pointing into the sky slyly. And, in another two pictures, one is of Bella rejecting a makeout from Don infront of a fireplace. In the second, Don is smiling and Bella is gone but Mortimer is crying. Also, the fireplace has changed. The tiles make up Bella's face. Oh, and Belladonna Cove is named after Bella Goth and Belladonna, the flower that witches use in potions. In Belladonna cove's map view, press Tab. If you look enough, you can see a cabin on chicken legs, representing Baba Yaga's house. She might've hidden there. Or, Maxis could've deleted her by mistake and made the whole thing up.-Simsfanatic
  • Maybe she was abducted by aliens and never to been seen again but Don tried to get the aliens to give her back but ended up being sent 50 years into the past
  • I have no idea what actually happened (as far as the story behind it), but I think that the Sims 2 creators moved Bella out then used the option where you can "Package Lot" or something like that (and did that to her). When you do that, the sim that you packaged's face is still in color (rather than black and white) in their relatives' family trees (so every sim that knew them still thinks they are alive), but the sim you packaged has no relationships, family, or memories and can be moved to any neighborhood. As I said earlier, I have no idea what the story of what happened was supposed to be, but, I think this is how the Bella Goth look-a-like in Strangetown has no memories or relationships, but her face is still in color in her family tree.
  • Bella was deleted from the Goth house so they made a copy of her in strangetown BUT her character does excised in the games files, they made up the alien storyline to cover up their mistake
  • I agree with the one above, but its up to the player's imagination.LET THERE BE SIMS
  • Ok here goes my theory: I think she was abducted like many people have written here, because Mortimer and Cassandra have memories of her being abducted and no more memories of her after, but she was NOT abducted a Don Lothario's house, because Mortimer and Cassandra have memories of her being abducted ( again ), she must of called the alien's attention at Don's house ( see the pictures ) and at night she was hanging out with Mortimer and Cassandra ( Alexander was sleeping ) she looked in the telescope and the aliens saw she was there again and abducted her!
  • I think that Dina and Don loved each other, but Dina found out that he loved Bella too, so she called on Pollination Technition 7 too "take care" of Bella when Don invited her over. She thought they were having a friend outing, but she was really invited over for a smooch session. The sauser crashed over Strangetown, explaining the crashed sauser there. Before it crashed, PT7 managed to erase Bella's memory enough so she wouldn't go looking for anything if this very thing happened, because there was always a small margin for error.
    ~Cade—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~
  • Well, I reckon that Bella was actually having an affair with Cassandra's fiancée Don Lothario, and then Mortimer and Cassandra found out and were like 'I HATE YOU BELLA' and then the Caliente sisters came along and were like 'YOU @#!*% ' so they were all wierded and annoyed so the Calientes phoned PT7 and he kidnapped Bella. :D
  • I think they really deleted Bella in the making, testing to see if being abducted by aliens worked. They couldn't get her back, so they made up the story about Bella Goth getting captured. They edited all but Alexander's memory's, which I think was weird. Now surely if he was a toddler his father would have told him what happened, right? And Alexander could not have been born right after Bella was captured, because if he was they would probably kept Alexander. Thats a part where they messed up. It had nothing to do with Don or the Caliente sisters. They probably just made it up like that. But remember, Don was choosing to marry Cassandra. Why would he marry Cassandra when Bella is her daughter. Its just sick to think that he would go with Bella (which people are saying that, but I don't believe it) and then go on and decide to marry Cassandra. The flying alien ship you see in Strangetown just makes it look more strange, and leads us to different paths. But its just making Strangetown look more strange, it is no proof to the mystery of Bella Goth.
  • Hasn't anyone noticed what career she had in Bustin' Out? She was in the Movie career and what was Mortimer in the Play Station 2 edition of The Sims? A B Movie Star, ain't it suspicious, that they both were actors before, something tells me, Mortimer was in debut 'cause he had burnt down part of the house and needed to get money some how 'cause Bella liked to spend it at Golf and Cassandra and Alex were at private school and the fees must've been expensive every term, but he realised that Bella had life insurance, and thought if she gets abducted by aliens (he'd make up some 'cause he's a scientist, he'd know a way how to make up a life form, he's got the brains) he could say she had she went missing, causing people to investigate and 'cause he's a mad scientist he could invent something that made it look like she was abducted by aliens and knowing that they would go to Strange Town with him and he could say she had died and the insurance company would pay him out 'cause of her life insurance, this is where her acting career comes in hoof 'cause she could lay low and hide in a hot air balloon and move somewhere else for a bit, like maybe Aruba or Spain or Italy ('cause her name is Italian and there is probably about a million of women called Bella so she could blend in, and it would be a bit suspicious if she went to the airport, with her posters plastered everywhere and her passport saying "'Goth, Bella", and wait for the insurance company to pay out, but it took them years and years, and he thought she couldn't get abducted at his house it would look to suspicious if it was at his house, so he asked Don Lathario to be part of it, but he could never tell Cassandra cause he didn't want her thinking that Daddy was having money problems, he had paid for their wedding, and he was a right snob he didn't want the whole of Pleasantview thinking he was on the verge of being bankrupt, 'cause in his eyes they are all jealous of him and he doesn't like the neighbours, like Brandi Brooke, he thought she was only happy when she was pregnant and she was a young mum, who had two sons, one of them (Dustin) always gets into trouble with the police, like sneaking out at night with his friends, and when they always bring him home, she's always in her underwear, telling the police to sort it out at a decent time in the morning. So he thought he'd find a way to pay for Cassandra's wedding like dipping into his and Bella's "rainy day fund" to pay for her wedding out in the back garden to say to people "Look at us, our daughter's getting married and it cost much more than yours, yours was probably one down at the registry office, where as ours is in the back garden, with our family who have travelled from all over the world to see this, ain't we something special." 'Cause Mortimer has had the look on him from all of the games, he even has a go about Dudley Landgrabb who was drunk and nicked one of their prized ferns, well if it was so special, why weren't it locked away, 'cause if you annoy people by making them feel like they're poor, you're gonna regret it when the fern goes for a nice long walk, and if you notice on The Sims 2, he has a lot more ferns so what was the deal if one of them had gone missing, Anyways it's funny if you look at his memories in The Sims 2 it shows he had came into money, could be a promotion, could be a relative had died, I doubt it would be the insurance company 'cause they would pay it all in one go, maybe he was still waiting for the insurance to pay up, also peoples have stated that they have noticed Bella in Strangetown, it's probably one of them who thought "Let's say we're Bella Goth, and maybe we could get money for impersonating her." Just my thoughts, - Gregallz5 *its is a mistery its unsolved yet but in one the sims game maby the true will uncover???
  • I don't think Bella married him for his money. They were best friends as children. Mortimer was tricked and brainwashed.
  • Maybe Mortimer found out about Bella marrying him for his money, then he found out and was a C.E.O., but just as a retired worker, he called up his business to abduct Bella and then send her on a SpaceShip to the moon whether she died or not. Mortimer sunk into depression and became desolate and isolated his daughter and grandson, and his company just made the story that she died, when she lives somewhere else.
  • Can be retruct? If I call by tombstone L&D and use RODNEY's death to kill her after I call (I played she died before talk with some people.) :(
  • OK! Here's what REALLY happened.Bella went over to get to know Don, I mean, really? He's about to marry her daughter! You wouldn't just let your daughter marry anyone? Right? So, Don noticed how beautiful Bella was. He told her how he felt. She was DISGUSTED by that. Seriously, the guy about to marry her daughter just hit on her!!!!!!!!! She ran outside to think and to get away from Don. She started to study the stars to calm down. She saw aliens! She tried to run, so they never brought her back. Don told the Goth family that she came over and he wanted her to look at a weird crater on the moon.Then she got abducted. Cassandra didn't beleive him, and Don noticed. That's why he wouldn't marry her. OH! Random fact! YOU DON'T NEED UNIVERSITY TO MAKE A ZOMBIE! IF YOU HAVE APARTMENT LIFE, GET A BAD WITCH WITH MAXIMUM MAGIC SKILL. HAVE A DEAD SIM ONTHE LOT (DUH!) CLICK ON THE TOMBSTONE OR URN AND SELECT VIVICUS ZOMBIAE (THE NAME OF WHATEVER SIMS URN OR STONE WILL BE HERE) AND BAM!! ZOMBIE IT'S LIKE I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS THAT!
  • So. Dina and Nina did not arrive to Pleasantview until the eve of Bella's disappearance. Can we just remember that, please?
Okay, I believe:
Mortimer and Bella argued over Cassandra marrying Don, Bella saying things like Don isn't right for Cassandra, he's a womaniser and she learned that the hard way; and Mortimer saying things like Don makes her happy, that's what's important. It turned into an argument of how they never agreed, how one was blinded and the other was a control freak. It then took a turn for the worst and turned into an argument of yelling and things like one has changed, they used to be different, when did they stop loving the other, etc.
Bella got into a rage over how Mortimer would accuse her of not loving him, and fled with Alexander and Mortimer chasing behind her. The first place she went was Don's, hoping she could confide in him, and decided to come in. She blurted out everything that had happened no longer than five minutes ago, still in a rage. Don was shocked, and decided to show her a time machine he had a "friend from out-of-town" working on.
Bella, curious as to how it functioned, stepped into it while Don was in the kitchen.
She was sent back to the events of The Sims 2 (PSP), and still furious, claimed she never loved Mortimer and married him for money. Then, realising what a mistake she'd made, tried her best to get home.
Meanwhile, in Pleasantview, the Caliente Sisters had literally just moved in, and decided to go meet the neighbours. After meeting Brandi Broke,The Pleasants, and Don Lothario, they stopped off at the Goth House, where Mortimer was still upset. Dina, instantly attracted to Mortimer, decided to comfort him, advising Nina to go home. She found he was rich, and decided, being the gold digger she is, to try and "get in there" with Mortimer. After finding he was married, Dina was angry, and came up with a scheme.
Meanwhile, Don was travelling in the machine to the time Bella was in, and brought her back to the present. Dina, anxious to get with Mortimer, came to Don's house and asked Bella if she liked astronomy, and how a telescope worked. Bella, in the zone, explaining (and looking through) the telescope, did not notice Dina sneak away. Soon enough, a U.F.O came and Bella was abducted. In the spaceship, she was testing PT9's cloning device, and had a clone of herself, who however had no memories, relationships, and had facial features that differed from actual Bella. The ship was meant to release her in Pleasantview, but broke down in Strangetown (which the aliens believed was Pleasantview), where the real Bella — confused with the clone — was put into a state of unconsciousness, and locked up for testing. The ship was up and running, and the aliens took 'Real-Bella' to their home planet by mistake, leaving clone Bella alone and scared in Strangetown.
That, or Maxis messed up. ^_^ Sorry if that is terrible, I have written it at 4:06 AM. —ℒ❁VℰℳÜℱℱ❣ÑYou Can Find Me In The ✦Alligator Sky✧ ✺ 03:01, August 16, 2011 (UTC)
  • I think people are going way to into this. It's clear Bella got abducted that night on Don's roof.. And who knows why she was there. But doesn't anyone find the fact that in Apartment Life there is a town called Belladonna Cove or something simalar? And the fact that you can find a hot air balloon with her and a strange man in it? I think she was abducted and brought back.. But maybe she wanted a new start...... In a new town!!
  • I looked into it mucho xD I was trying to cover like, everything. XD —ℒ❁VℰℳÜℱℱ❣ÑYou Can Find Me In The ✦Alligator Sky✧ ✺ 02:24, August 18, 2011 (UTC)
  • The game creators deleted her character
    • My theories are quite weird. firstly, I do think she married Mortimer for his money. After several years, she got bored and either 1. Started an affair with Don Lothario (probably untrue as she rejected him before) 2. Started an affair with an unamed person 3.decided to leave Mortimer in general. I think she then took some of his fortune to start a new life. But before she did that, she went to Circe and Loki Beaker and bribed them to create an identical clone of her. They then created several clones, and gave one to Bella to fufill her purpose (this explains the several fake Bella's running around). Bella then sent the clone to live with Mortimer while she ran off to start a new life somewhere. Then one day, the clone was invited to Don Lothario's to see his new jacuzzi/telescope/toilet/whatever. After several hours, the clone went and looked through the telescope and was abducted by aliens. The spaceship then crashed, explaning the crashed ship in the crater. The clone crawled out but lost all her memories and went to join the other fake Bella's.
    • My second theory begins like the first one. she got bored, took some money and went to stay with Don Lothario, which explains why she was last spotted there. She then looked through the telescope and was abducted by aliens. She then became friends with several of them and convinced them to drop her off at a different place, in exchange for some of her DNA. the aliens dropped her off and then made several clones.
    • My final and most crazy theory is based a little on one of the missions out of the sims medival. I think she was murdered by an imposter, who then took her place. The imposter stayed with Mortimer for a bit, slowly taking most of his fortune. The Imposter then fell in love with Don Lothario. She went to his house to confess her love when she looked through the telescope and was abducted. The aliens were enraged that Bella Goth had been killed and set the ship to self-destruct. the aliens escaped and the imposter crashed with the ship. Mad, but possible. Or she could have just done a runner. Or been abducted on a day out. ---Visitor A
  • My theory is that Bella was having an affair with Don Lothario. While at his house, she was abducted by aliens. The aliens cloned her, planning to release this clone into Pleasantview, so no one would be suspicious of Bella's absence. However, on the way, the ship malfunctioned and crashed in Strangetown.
  • My theory is this: Bella was happy with mortimer and her family but Don lothario kept hitting on her. Bella went to his house to tell him to get stuffed and Cassandra and Mortimer thought she was running off with Don and went to 'talk her out of it'. Bella got abducted by aliens and her husband and daughter saw (which is why they have memories of it) but Don didn't because he was sulking about Bella rejecting him and wasn't paying attention. The aliens created some clones of Bella and stuck them round SimNation for some reason (which explains why there are lots of Bellas around). Unfortunately, their experiments caused Bella to lose all her memories then the spaceship crashed. Bella crawled out of the wreckage and was found and they had to give her plastic surgery because her face was damaged in the crash (which is why the Strangetown Bella looks a little different). Bella then lived in Strangetown and couldn't remember who she was but she eventually remebered Cassandra (which is really sweet, if you think about it). Therefore, the Strangetown Bella is the REAL Bella and the one you download for Pleasantview is one of the clones. Oh and Bella DID NOT marry Mortimer for his money, because in the The Sims, they're quite poor and have a shabby house.
  • I think that Bella was abducted and then in Strangetown the ship crashed and she started over in Strangetown, not knowing how to get back to Pleasentview. 8]
  • I think that after she was abducted the ship crashed in strangetown and the aliens threw her out the door and that messed up her genetics ( just a little ) and is now trying to get back home to pleasentview.
  • I think that Bella has a secret twin sister. Her twin wanted to stir up everything and pretend she is Bella. But, the real Bella has died in a spaceship crash in Strangetown on her way home. (If you look, you can see it.) So, she will never return again and her secret twin sister will continue to learn Bella's secrets.
  • Maybe Mortimer found out about Bella loving Don, so Mortimer killed her.
  • Ok, so I think that Dina Caliente wanted to marry Mortimer, so she went to Dons house and asked him to buy a telescope; he did. Then, she called up the alien in her family and asked him to abduct Bella. So Don had Bella over one day, and after dinner went upstairs to stargaze and they abducted Bella.
  • This is what I think happened. It was late at night and Bella was over at Don's house. Both of them were cuddling on the sofa. Don decided to make his move but to Bella, it was too quick. Feeling frightened, she ran upstairs. Don decided to make some drinks for Bella, hoping to improve their relationship. Bella happened to saw the telescope. Feeling interested, she took a look in it. However, not too long after she was abducted by aliens. Mortimer and Cassandra who were up late at the backyard of their house not too far away, saw what happened. They cried when they saw it was Bella and decided to push the blame to Don. Don was shocked of what happened and did'nt know what to do. In the UFO, the aliens were cloning Bella when the UFO ran out of gas and crashed down in Strangetown. The fake Bella that was cloned 99% escaped and lived in Strangetown whilst the real Bella escaped on a hot air balloon with somebody mysterious. Eversince then, the hot air balloon was seen floating at Pleasentview, with Bella trying to get back home to Mortimer.
  • She was Abducted! Then the aliens gave her plastic surgery (duh she looks different in Strangetown) Then the spaceship crashed. Dina and Don are behind it as if you look in the family tree Dina is related to aliens! also the aliens Modified her memories. That's my theory.
  • I think when Dina and Nina came to town, Dina wanted to get rid of Bella, because when Dina wouldn't get rid of her and flirt with Mortimer, she would get caught by Bella. So, she called the aliens (she has alien ancestors) to kidnapp Bella, and never return her to here. So, when Bella was at Don's, she got abducted. Don was looking somewhere else, that's why he doesn't have the memory. When he sees that she is gone, he thought that she went to somewhere else. But Mortimer and Cassandra saw Bella while she is getting abducted... In the spaceship, they liked Bella so much, so they cloned her 99%, and wiped the memories of the clone, and trapped the real one to a dungeon. But unfortunatly, they crashed to Strangetown, instead going into space. The clone Bella and Pollination Technician 9 started to live in Strangetown, the real Bella ran away and ended up in Littlehaven, and the other aliens just died.
  • Dina and Nina's arrival in town drew the attention of their alien relatives. The opening photos show the twins have spent time at Don's place. Bella goes over to his place and uses his telescope, and while he is downstairs for a few moments, the aliens, having previously detected the twins there, kidnap Bella - maybe thinking she is one of the Caliente twins. The Bella in Strangetown is a clone set free by the aliens, while the real Bella, for some reason, has stayed with the aliens. She is alive and well, in space, and can be teleported to Earth by unusual means (boolprop or modded items), but can be teleported back to the ship at any time (the result of trying to add her to a family is usually "[this sim] has died on another lot". The balloon is, if anything, another clone. The real Bella is mostly happy (though she may miss her family), and unaging due to alien technology.
  • Ok, I haven't got any theories but I seriously hope that if they release "The Sims 4", it will explain it! Cheers for The Sims 4!
  • Maxis and EA have confirmed that Bella Goth's character data was deleted accidentley, this is evident because if you delete or move a sim to another neighbourhood there icon will be stuck for ever. This is what has happened, so they made up a cover story to make it look delibarate. But for the aspect of the abduction story, if I didn't know the truth I would believe, Nina and Dina were sick of Don and Bella, and they are Alien-Sim Hybrids so they could easily get the aliens to abduct her and they convinced Don to make her look through the telescope, but they didn't tell him about the aliens, he went off for some romance and when he came to check on her, she was gone. This might be why Flamenco Caliente's father is an alien hybrid, he probbly wasn't originally but he was made pollination technician 7 so it would fit nicely.
  • Bella knew Don and paid him to kiss her and she rejected it. Cassandra wallked in and saw what her fiancé did and kicked him out, Bella waved goodbye to her house(sadly) then jumped on a plane to madrid,makis made up the whole story that she was abducted made a clone and put her in jamie jolia.
  • Ok this is kind of long. Don and Nina devised a plan to take Mortimer's money. So while Mortimer was at work, Don invited Bella over in a sneaky attempt to "woo" her away. In the middle of the "date", Don asked Bella for her hoof in marriage and she said no. Don, angered by her refusal, acted kindly and allowed her to stargaze before leaving. Bella leaves the house and walks to her own mansion. While walking, aliens come and abduct her. Why the aliens came is because she looked through Don's expensive telescope and Don, to make sure she never told anyone, summoned his close friends, the aliens,to kidnap her. While being tested on in the spaceship, Bella developed a close friendship with one of the alien scientists that took care of her. Their friendship became a romance and one night, they "WooHooed". Several days later, Bella found out she was pregnant. Then, a week later, Bella's alien baby was born. But to her great happiness, a baby that resembled her came to be, but to the baby's father (let's call him Eric), this baby was a complete misfit. Eric then axcelerated the baby's age and left her in Strangetown. Bella, saddened by her baby's tragic disapeareance and driven mad with homesickness, tried to escape the spaceship she had lived on for so long. Eric then wiped her memory clean and left her on the moon. (talk) Wikia Contributer
  • I think that she was cheating on Mortimer with Don, which explains his involvement in this scandal, and one day she was watching the stars at her own home, and she was abducted by aliens, but on the way back to her home again, the spaceship crashed in Strangetown and her memory was erased from trauma, and maybe the crash left her face changed.
  • Bella probably was accidently abducted instead of Don, because the aliens needed more alien male to spread their species on Earth. Bella looked down at the telescope. Then BAM! The aliens took her away, but it wasn't Don, it was Bella. They erased her mortal memory and she crashed into Strangetown. Now everypony identifed her, but she couldn't remember she was Bella. So Bella was turned into a normal townie and pretends she doesn't know 'anything' about her past life.
  • This is a very very long, but very valid explanation as to why Bella was abducted in the first place. Bella went to greet the new neighbor (Don Lothario) out of kindness, as she has the good trait from TS3. Being that she is also very smart, she knew that Don was gay, and that he was trying to make out with her to cover his laitent homosexuality. (Yeah, no one and I mean no one, can get away with sleeping with four different women, without at least one of them carrying his baby, at some point, and be that attractive, and put together). As soon as he complimented her on her red dress (he knew the designer and everything!) she was right all along! He ended up giving her fashion advice for long hours, and watching chick flicks with her. Of course, Morty got worried, being that he thought his wife was having an affair, so he called her on the phone, where she was about to out him. Don heard and was eavesdropping, hung up, and made Bella look up in the sky. BAM! The aliens then took her away. The reason why she was taken away: Because Bella was about to out Don. Nina and Dina are his coverup mistresses to hide the fact that he's gay. Kaylynn is too. He got engaged to Cassandra, thinking Cassandra would somehow make him straight, and that he could break things off with Nina and Dina and Kaylynn. Which leads to the Caliente sisters original plan: It was all Dina. Dina was simply mourning her husband, and found out there was a way to ressurect him. She found out she didn't have the money to do so, and being devastated and depressed, she decided to simply go there, to get her husband back (Morty's brother in law). Dina is simply greaving, and running around having affairs to simply fill the void of her husband being deceased. Nina, was the one who called her alien relitives to take Bella away, before Don gets outed, and wanted her held hostage, since she didn't have the funds to ressurect her dead sister. Nina, has daddy issues from watching her sister go through a mental breakdown from losing her husband. Morty hates him because he knows Donnie is a closeted gay man, and his wife got taken away, to keep from getting outed.
  • Here is my theory. Bella visited Don's house, with Don tricking Bella into believing he was single. They tried to make out, and Bella rejected the kiss, but Mortimer and the Caliente sisters saw EVERYTHING. She ran away, then Mortimer knocked her out - in front of the kids! Next thing you know, Bella was abducted by Polination Technician 7. Bella was cloned by the aliens for use as a slave, and then the aliens crashed back in Strangetown. Now, the original Bella went looking for her two children, while the cloned Bella escaped and stayed in Strangetown. Eventually, the aliens got to Pleasantview and altered Alexander's memories! Alexander thought Bella was murdered and went back in time and wrote "Murder in Pleasantview". But when he got back in the time machine, he caused a time paradox. Now in one of them, Bella was found and stayed with Mortimer, Alexander, and Cassandra, while in the other one Bella was never found, Cassandra died and Alexander stayed with Mortimer, with these two growing into The Sims 2 GBA and The Sims 3 DS.. Oh, and a few more things. The reason why Bella's abduction text is different is because of the deletion of the original Bella. Obviously, they had messed up big time and tried to come up with a story. The reason why the Caliente sisters have no memories of this is because they had forgot to alter the Dina's and Nina's memories. Bella in the baloon and on the milk carton is the real Bella. And the Skip Broke connection is just a coincidence. A lot happens in a day! And that's my theory PreferablyUnnamed 22:09, November 21, 2011 (UTC) Video Theories
  • Ok here is my thought. Dina wanted to marry Mortimier but knew he never would while Bella was around. So she had a plan to get her out of the picture. One night don invited her over but the door was locked, so she had to climb up the side of the condo.When she got on th roof, Don told her to use the teloscope. So to continue the plan, Dina and Nina had her abducted. How ever they crashed around Strangetown. As a last minutes atempt the aliens cloned her (Not perfectly though) several times. Most of them took a job as hula zombies.However one decided to live itsstrangetown. The real Bella tryed several times to get back to Pleasentview. Years later Don felt guilty and went to tell Cassandra about it. However before he had a chance, the Calienites sent Don away into Riverview. However Cassandra IMMEDIATLY suspected them so they moved away. And there's my theory.
  • My theory is that they abducted her, but gave her surgery, while flying the spaceship to Strangetown, then spaceship crashed. And a bit different Bella came up in Strangetown, and she had memory loss, coz when I moved her to Pleasantview while using boolprop cheat to add her to a house and moved her to house and lots bin, and move her to Goth family, her family tree doesn't have any of them in her, and like they don't hug, kiss or like that.
  • This is what really happened. Dina planned to get ahold of Mortimer's fortune. She had Don seduce Bella and have her peer into a telescope at night. This triggered an alien abduction which kidnapped Bella. Dina, being part alien herself, wiped Bella's memories and gave her fake ones, such as her new fear of ghosts, when she actually loves the supernatural, and the idea that she only married Mortimer for his money. Dina left Bella in Strangetown so that no one will be able to find her. With Bella gone, Dina can now worm her way into Mortimer's love life and snatch his fortune (unless Bella can regain her memories and come back)
  • This is the truth, Don thought he had Bella in the palm of his hand, and she went and married Mormiter. Don was furious. The only way to get payback? Get rid of Bella. So Don "invited" her up to his condo's balcony and then had her look out through the telescope. Bella did and then got abducted! The aliens thought she was so beautiful and clever that they had to let her escape, with only a couple catches. One- Bella had to have her mind wiped and get fake ones. Two- she had to be put into a state of amnesia. Three- If she found her true identity, the aliens would have the ghost of the old grey woman of Sim City come and tell Bella, "You have two weeks, two weeks to find the love of your life, marry him, and if you at least make him protect you, I will take Don Lothario's soul and make him pay, by death." Bella could not refuse the offer to be free! So she said, "All I ask is you drop me in Pleasantview so I may be close to Mormiter and Cassandra, and Alexander, that is all I ask, thank you." The aliens found this cheating and summoned the ghost of Cornliea Goth to set her daughter in law to a fate she was too scared to face. Cornliea opened a hatch and sent her abducted Bella into the land. Bella screamed and whispered her last goodbyes. Bella, in terror, agreed to the terms and the aliens saved her before the death of herself over the Goth manor. Bella was safe. The aliens first wiped her mind and implanted fake ones, then they made her forget everything. Third, they made the Grim Reaper come and have Bella sign her mortal soul to him and promise her eternal soul for the life of her new self. Bella was dropped into Strangetown and was forced to rebuild her life, slowly. Though she forgot, forgot everything she had. Sometimes Bella remembers a baby crying, a lullaby, a girl hugging her, and a man, the love of her life giving her a kiss.
  • If you look in Dina and Nina's family tree, you will see that they are decendants of Alien royalty. The game states that they arrived on the eve of Bella's disappearance. It's obvious that Dina was pursuing Mortimer but who knows for how long?! Dina and Nina's ancestors were probably the products of pollination of humans by alien pollination technicians, but what if they were still in touch with the aliens? What if they were with the aliens on the eve of Bella's disappearance? Dina could've had her eye on Mortimer's money from the stars, or some other town and cooperated with their alien family to get Bella out of the picture. Don was trying to seduce Bella but she rejected him. I can't think of a reason she would've looked through his telescope but she did, and the aliens abducted her. At first I thought the game was giving us two different theories by introducing the fact that Dina and Nina arrived on the eve of the dissapearance, by suggesting that they could've gotten rid of her in some way non-paranormal. But that didn't quite make sense because she was very obviously abducted by aliens. It didn't become clear to me until now that the Caliente sisters and the alien abduction were linked. This is what I got purely out of the clues the games has given us.
    File:Missing Sim ~ The bella goth story part 1
    Missing Sim ~ The Bella Goth Story (Part 1) by mizzblonde93
  • ==One thing that nobody noticed: BELLA GOTH IS ALSO A DECENDANT OF ALIENS!!!!!==
  • I think Bella maybe left due to anger, and she was eventually abducted and the aliens cloned her and kept the real Bella. UnevenTank2000 23:53, January 2, 2012 (UTC)
  • In Sims 2 GBA Bella is back with the family watching T.V with Mortimer, Cassandra and Alexander so i believe she came back.
  • Since Bella was born in the Sims 3 with Mortimer they shared a long time together. She loved him really badly and she'd never (BY THE WAY THESE PHOTOS PROVE NOTHING) cheat on Mortimer. So most likely the Sims 3 creators must've accidently deleted her and they wanted a mystery so they covered it up with a mssing story. There is no true explination for the missing Bella Goth. The greatest explination for it is when she got abducted by aliens and got taken away to Strangetown and got brain-washed. That is my explination.
  • I wonder if there is some connection to the message Sims receives in Sims 3 when they ask Bella Bachelor to the school prom. She mentions that aliens might abduct her, which shows she's had an on-going fear of aliens and her belief in the extraterrestrial hasn't left her. I believe she must have spent some time trying to find these aliens; she may have been obsessed by the idea. Perhaps she had met aliens as a child and she is determined to meet them again. Perhaps Don had invited her over to trick her, telling her she could use his telescope but in reality he was scheming with the Caliente sisters, perhaps he intended to scam them as well but the Caliente sisters where one step ahead and teleported him to Riverview and left themselves, to Barnacle Bay. Bella may or may not have been abducted by aliens; she may have been tricked into believing that is what happened. Maybe she left to Strange town in search of aliens, or maybe Don and the sisters stopped her; wanting to claim a prize for finding extraterrestrial life themselves. Perhaps the aliens where more clever than they had perceived them to be and it was unfortunate for Bella and Don to be caught out, whereas the sisters may have escaped unharmed; they may have planned this all along. Maybe the laughing girls that Don sees when he wakes up in Riverview are the Caliente sisters because they know they've won, perhaps they came with him, and left quickly to Barnacle Bay pretending nothing had ever happened. I do hope more will be explained throughout the Sims 3 series. However as much as we can use our imagination to fill the gaps with possible theories I do think it could also just be a mess up with the creators of the Sims, who by accident deleted data and covered it up with an alien story which they knew would interest and capture the imaginations of their fans. I also believe that these Easter eggs in the Sims series such as the picture of Bella Goth on the milk carton may be as result of Mortimer trying to find her. He has a lot of money; he loved her with all his heart. I don't believe for one minute that a man who loved someone so much would give up so easily. Maybe Mortimer knows more than we believe him to know. Perhaps he went out searching for her, maybe he turned up to Dons on the night Bella was 'abducted' or else taken and he saw what happened to his beloved Bella; maybe this is what left him so distraught. There was nothing he could do, and perhaps the sisters had bribed him, or else kept him with them because he was a fragile old man; maybe they convinced him that they were innocent, that it was all Don. Maybe when Don left Cassandra on their wedding day, he left with the intention of scamming the sisters but as explained it didn't work out quite the way he intended, or maybe just maybe he cowered out and he couldn't go through with it anymore and for his failed actions he was teleported to Riverview.- Gillian.

File:Missing Sims- The Bella Goth Story
Missing Sims ~ The Bella Goth Story by melpeanut1
  • Whatever is the case with Bella Goth it certainly involves Aliens. Consider the way that the Aliens also happily destroy whole neighborhoods in SimCity. The Aliens are powerful and can be dangerous enemies of Simkind. Yet they do not seem to wish to destroy Simkind either. It is clear they are manipulating Simkind sometimes through extreme violence towards their ends. All* Sims neighborhoods are alien playgrounds, Strangetown is a pretty obvious example of this but Pleasantview is also under their intense interest. Why did the aliens bother to impregnate male Sims and have alien babies? Because the aliens can control those with alien blood and use them to excercise their will in the neighborhoods. This means that it all revolves around Nina and Dina Caliente. That line was not created in vain, they exist to exercise the alien's will.
There are other ways they manipulate Sims. They are the source of the aspiration awards which are powered by the aspiration points of the Sims (which is why they won't work with bad aspiration). The Aliens collect that energy and use it to power their technology. Consequently they are interested in Sim Society, if that energy is 'rotten' then it will lead to failure of alien technology. So Sim Society is being manipulated by the aliens.
Where did the Goth's get their money? They must of inherited it when Cornelia Goth died and left their fortune to the junior Goth's (Mortimer's). Before that point the Goth's probably aren't particularly interesting to any would be golddigger's. Now the events work in the following order.
First Don Lothario tries to seduce Bella Goth and evidently fails rather bady. Then Bella Goth is abducted and then Cornelia Goth dies. After that Don Lothario kisses Cassandra. We can assume quite securely that Don Lothario is not particularly interested in Cassandra, he's just after her money. He is also not of recent alien ancestry. However he is in love with Dina and Nina Caliente. This means that indirectly he might be influenced by the aliens but he's likely a wild card that is gold-digging independantly.
The Aliens want to concieve an alien Goth baby using Bella Goth. But there is a problem, that problem is Mortimer Goth. It would be obvious that if Bella Goth got pregnant that she'd had an affair with someone because Mortimer and Bella Goth were at that point not wohooing. So they sent Dina to seduce Mortimer so as to "catch" any wealth lost by a Goth family divorce by making her genuinely fall in love with him. Now what could an half-alien pawn do with all 500,000 simoleons? A lot.
With Cornelia Goth close to death and with Dina Caliente in place to seduce Mortimer Goth. However Bella Goth has already been told of the existance of aliens and what they do with Sims by Don Lothario who knows of the Caliente's alien roots. Consequently she second-guesses the plan and rather than allow herself to be impregnated by the aliens she attacks them and as a result the UFO crashes which flying to their secret base near Strangetown. She crawls out of the wreckage but then sees Pollination Tech #9 and decides to flee Strangetown because it's FULL of Aliens. She was partly memory wiped by the aliens as they were fighting wtih her but remembers her children which is why she can turn up to Alexander Goth's university placement.
Afterwards she's basically a fugitive running from the aliens and avoids any place where alien influence is found (she knows that Nina is a daughter of the aliens), which means she never returns to her family. Eventually the Aliens catch up with Bella Goth probably because of one of her attempts to contact Alexander Goth or Cassandra Goth and she is given a more complete mind-wipe. So In the end Bella Goth ends up wandering Strangetown where the aliens can keep and eye on her not knowing who she really is. CliffracerRIP 16:56, January 10, 2012 (UTC)
  • Bella began seeing Don when he was still a teenager. Don had no qualms then, and has no regrets looking back; she was beautiful, and as a lover had much to teach him. They carried on the affair for years until, one day, Bella confessed to Don her desperate wish to be freed of tedious family life. Don was relieved to hear that what she wanted was not to run away with him, but simply to go out into the great unknown without obligation. Don agreed then to do everything in his power to help his first love escape Pleasantview. They staged the abduction. Most of the town found the story suspect, but Mortimer (the only one they really needed to fool), with all of his xenoarchaeological knowledge, ate it right up. In Bella's absence, Don was free to go after Cassandra, who had always been a curiosity of his in addition to being the wealthiest heiress for miles around. And Bella finally got her wish: she's out wandering the streets of Strangetown now, looking for a new adventure. Dr. Professor 20:38, January 19, 2012 (UTC)
  • Bella is the victim of Dina, Nina and Don. She was happy with her husband. She had nice children. Than her daughter, Cassandra met the f*cking Don Lothario!! Don is a romance sim and a heartbreaker! He started a relationship witg Bella&Cas, the mother and her daughter. Actually, Bella rejected him but they were still friends. Nina&Dina wanted Mortimer's money and they know Mortimer was a scientist. They told him they are 1/4 aliens, sim hybrid aliens, and Mortimer became excited. A night, Don asked Bella to hang in his house and Bella accepted. She went as a friend but Don actually invited her as romantic interest. She went and Don tried to kiss her but she rejected. But Don didn't give up and asked her to stargaze with his telescope. They went to his roof and Don told her he will bring some champagne. But his plan was the abduction of Bella with the help of Nina&Dina. by alien family members of Nina&Dina. Poor Bella abducted by aliens but the UFO #Pollinatiıon Technician 9 controlled fell to the groun in Strangetown. This is why #Pollination Technician 9 lives in Strangetown and people saw Bella in Strangetown. The aliens deleted her memories but she remembers a bit of her life and family -and Don. Bella is escaping from aliens because Dina&Nina wanted them delete all of the memories of her. Poor Bella. The victim of Dina&Nina and Don..... *DaughterofAres- (My nickname and my name: Zelalsu. )
  • In the Sims 3, Don Lothario lives in Riverview. On his family info, it says that he was pushed into a time machine or somthing. I believe that Bella was pushed into one, too, and sent the the past (to Barnacle Bay) where Dina and Nina used to live before living in Pleasantview. In Barnacle Bay on the Sims 3, Dina and Nina live with a different girl, who could have been made over from looking like her true self - Bella Goth. The reason the sisters did this was simple. They wanted to be rich, and Bella was getting in the way. I know she was abducted by aliens, and this may have happened. You see, Dina and Nina's father, Flamenco, was an alien hybrid. This not only means that the girls were part alien, but they also had access to the aliens and their advanced technology. Another this is that Don looks relatively simmilar to Bella when it comes to appearence. Maybe this is another mystery, too?
  • I just think that Bella Goth is a mystery! Maybe MAXIS made her and accidentally deleted her! Or, that they used boolProp to abduct her just to add mystery! Or... They hid her in the Pleasantview game files and still wanted the players to have a Bella Goth; so they made a imperfect duplicate of her in Strangetown. Or... maybe the Strangetown Bella is a completely different character who dosen't have ANY connection at all with the "Real" Bella except for the clothing and so on! The Hula Zombie thing, I just think that was as an Easter Egg by MAXIS to play with all the player's minds and to remind them of the real Bella Goth!
  • Due to her being deceased in the new town,Lunar Lakes,she may have gonw with the space program,and crashed with everyone one else in Lunar Lakes,explaining her disappearance. - Dailingping11
  • I'm pretty sure that Bella Goth was deleted but Maxis decided to be a**holes and make up a gay story. (talk) 01:13, March 3, 2012 (UTC)Jessia
  • Okay, from what I saw in the interview, it's basically confirmed that the aliens kidnapped her and left her in Strangetown. Why is not known. Prehaps the Calientes did it in order to try to get with Mortimor? Prehaps the aliens had some plans for her? Maybe Pollination Tech #9 was involved? We'll never really know, so it's best just to re add her to the family with the Tombstone of L&D and not ask a lot of questions
  • I think it is as follows. Don met Bella and she introduced him to the Goths. When Don layed eyes on Cassie, he knew she would be the perfect gal for him. He tryed to kiss Bella but she ran off, pushing Don into his flowerbed (which explains the dead flowers). Don wanted revenge and to get Cassie into his arms, this was done by reasons unknown. One night, he invited Bella over for a peace offering, but it wasn't a peace offering, it was revenge! He bought candles, a table and a FarStar e3 Telescope with his money and some money Nina Caliente lended him. Bella looked into the telescope and this attracted a UFO with live aliens in. Bella yelled for help as she was tractor beamed into the ship, but Don had ran off before the UFO appeared. She was abducted, and gone, possibly for good! Later on, SBNN (Sim Broadcasting Network News), aired news that the queen of the Goths had disapeared, and there were two suspects, Don Lothario, the ex, and Mortimer, her husband. Cassie was devastated and decided to start her family with Don, and Don's perfect plan backfired when she proposed for engagement. Meanwhile on the UFO, the aliens that abducted Bella, are flying across the desert, but a small malfunction in the engine caused the UFO to crash into the hole, but before they crashed, they performed multiple probing operations on her, causing her appearance to change, but since she preferred Strangetown even more, she used the Elixir of Life to age back to 29 days from Elderhood and started her new life in Strangetown! The end...
  • First of all, I'm just gonna state the obvious: Strangetown and Pleasantview have developed a link through Bella Goth. As stupid as it is to link the people of two neighbourhoods which cannot make any form of contact, it's a great way to get us sims enthusiasts thinking. I mean look at this page! I think that they turned Bella into one of the Pollination Technitions (I realised this because PT 7 is a Goth ancestor) and put a clone in Strangetown to cover their tracks. I also thought it would be logically correct that the aliens were girls cause it's only men that get naturally alien preggo.......
  • Here is what I think happened: Dina Caliente hears of Mortimer Goth. So she decides to move. But not trusting for her little sister to live on her own, Nina insists that she move with Dina. Dina reluctantly agrees. So they move to Pleasantview, where Nina realizes that her old flame, Don, whom she shared her first kiss with, lives here. So Nina suggests that they move into the condo next to Don's and they do. Upon their first meeting, Dina realizes that Mortimer has a wife-Bella Goth. Upon re-meeting her, Don decides to rekindle his relationship with Nina. Meanwhile,Dina knows that Don is going to try to make a move on Bella, so she watches his every move, and when she hears him talking with Bella on the phone and getting her to come over one night, Dina contacts her alien ancestors and tells them that Bella Goth will be useful to them, and that she will be at Don's house.Nina knew nothing of this.So Bella gets abducted, and Dina has everything to do with it and Nina hasn't a thing to do with it. The aliens also made a near-identical clone to her.Pollination Technician #9 and the clone were the only survivors of a spacecraft crash near the Beaker home. PT#9 then retired, and Bella the clone is wandering about in Strangetown.So conclusion:Bella is somewhere in space with some aliens, Nina is innocent, it's all Dina's fault, Bella's clone is wandering about in Strangetown, PT#9 is retired, and Nina and Don are back together. So, bye...
  • hello. stop posting this trash and garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! our father works for Maxis and our mother works for Electronic Arts. so we know everything about SIMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway our parents caught sight of these rumor pages and called the police to remove it. so we were mad and said that we would answer your questions so they woould not take it off and so you don't have to put rumors anymore. (talk) 21:59, April 6, 2012 (UTC)Loraine Elizabeth Krystela Lee & Tytannah Loraine Jessica Lee
  • If you enable inter-dimensional travel on the Plasma Punch Gyroscopic Conductor, you get a notification about an abandoned mine and familiar glowing yellow eyes, and later on if you get far enough you get another mentioning something about strange looking creatures surrounding a sim chanting simething in hushed monotone voices that sounds like "Bella". Video here
  • I think Bella was stargazing and wanted to discover three stars to name after her husband and children. Somehow the perverted stalker Don found out about this and he said he wanted her to find him a star too when really that wasn't all he wanted from her. It took her a while to finally give into him and come over but she just got straight on with her job. She searched for a very long time and then she found something, she thought it was a star so she looked closer and she noticed it was coming towards her. She thought nothing of it until a light shined on her and she was lifted into an alien spaceship by a force and it was too strong for her to get back down. During the time she was abducted, the aliens cloned her multiple times. The first clone didn't work out well so she was dumped in Strangetown, the second clone came out perfect but she escaped to Littlehaven and the third clone came out looking nothing like her and was like an old lady already and was dumped in Lunar Lakes where she was left to die of old age and the real Bella is still up in space being tortured by aliens and trying to escape but never succeeding. (Nyancat1997 21:30, May 4, 2012 (UTC))
  • And to the people who said they know everything about Sims, I honestly would not like to have you answer our questions. I like the fact that the game has mysteries like this because it lets us have fun and use our imaginations. (Nyancat1997 21:30, May 4, 2012 (UTC))
  • ^ Couldn't agree with you more, dude. The people who said that they know everything about Sims, this is a THEORY page. Not a RUMO(U)R page. There's a massive difference between rumo(u)rs and theories. Theories are a story that might be true that one uses to explain something. Rumo(u)rs are essentially trashtalk about a certain person, and there's an extremely small chance that it's true. Also, no one is talking trash about anyone on this page( well, some people are badmouthing Dina Caliente, but there's a very good reason for that). Also, just because your mother works for EA and your dad works for Maxis, doesn't mean you know everything about Sims. For all we know, your parents could have nothin' to do with Sims, and they could be totally involved with a game that has nothin' to do with Sims, like Spore or SSX. Another thing is, they might just write the instruction manuals or something. You know, if you know everything about Sims, then why is your grammar so poor? I'm saying this out of honesty,not to make fun of you, but you type like you're in 2nd or 3rd grade. Also, trash and garbage are synonyms. And I'm the person who wrote the theory above your comment.(From FwenchFwies15. And yes, I DID mean to spell "french fries" like that.)
  • I think that Don was after Bella's money and tried to split her up from Mortimer. Dina was also after Mortimer's money and tried to get Bella after the picture. Since Dina is related to aliens, she contacted them to abduct Bella not knowing where she was (I don't believe Dina and Don had anything to do with eachother and it was a coincedence that Bella was at Don's house when she got abducted). At that moment, Don attempted making out with Bella twice, (The last thing he did with Bella since she got abducted) which she refused.(she ran up to the roof and saw something in the sky so she looked through the telescope) Afterwards, she got taken away by aliens. They made 2 clones. They were not happy with the first (she looks nothing like Bella) so they dropped her in Lunar Lakes. The second one came out close enough so they dropped her in Strangetown. By accident, they crashed the mothership in Strangetown (that explains the ruins by the pollination technician's house). The pollination technician on board then had no way to get back home so he started a new life in Strangetown and moved in to the house near the ruins.-janaygirl54321 if you see that my theory is similar to others, I have the same idea as them (especially the second one). The second one is the one that I agree most with and I was not trying to copy it. The reason why there are so many parentheses is because I wanted to include the proof.
  • Okay, I change my(FwenchFwies15's) theory. I have pure evidence from another YouTuber of this: Bella is being held hostage by aliens. The next part is purely theoretical. Apparently, they want to test on Cassandra. They got bored waiting for their chance to abduct Cassandra, so in the meantime, they made 3 clones of her. The first time, the cloning machine malfunctioned and they were not pleased at the result , as she didn't look a thing like Bella. So as they were passing by Lunar Lakes, they dropped her there, hence her appearance there. The next one was after they repaired the machine, she looked alright, but the machine malfunctioned...again. This Bella looked 2D and with brownish, longer hair, but otherwise, was fine. They still weren't completely satisfied, but they were far more pleased than with the first clone. They dropped her in Littlehaven, where they felt she belonged. The third and final clone was made after the machine was repaired correctly. She was almost an exact clone of Bella, but they purposely made this Bella's facial stucture different from the original Bella's so they could tell them apart. They were quite satisfied with this clone and dropped her in Strangetown so other Sims could wonder what Bella Goth was doing here. However, Dina still had something to do with it. The aliens weren't sure that they should, for fear of Mortimer, but Dina persuaded them that they should abduct her until they got the chance to do so with Cassandra. And thus creating this theory page!
  • Oh yes, and the URL for the proof of the first part of my theory, of course!
  • The aliens dropped Bella in Littlehaven( the sims social) and she now lives there :P
  • Don Lothario fell in love with Bella. But She Loved Mortimer. So when Don started acting inappropriate around Bella and Bella refused to fall in love with him. While Secretly Don was an alien and kidnapped Bella and took her to a far away planet where he forced her to marry him. He left a Clone of himself back in Pleasantville so he would not be suspected of the kidnapping.
  • Here's my theory, it's quite simple; Don was in love with Bella, but she was clearly happily in love with her husband, Mortimer, and her two children. Don still tried and tried to get Bella to love him back, though, and once he invited her over. Of course she was too kind to say 'no', so she went along, although she wasn't there to respond to his romantic motives. She went on the balcony to look at the stars and was abducted by aliens (backed up by the fact that this is the last place she was seen, on his balcony). Don felt guilty that he'd inadvertedly got her abducted by aliens and when she didn't return, he felt guiliter still. So what did he do? He built a time machine to go back in time and stop it from happening, but it glitched and he ended up both too far back in time, when Bella's a child, and stuck there as well. Although he's in Riverview, he somehow met Bella at some point, and realising it was her, told her to stay clear of 'aliens' and that in future she may be abducted if she isn't careful. Bella's a child and obviously gullible at this age, so a warning from a strange man to stay away from aliens made her afraid to go out, which is why it takes a while for her to come over to your CAS' place, because she's frightened that aliens might take her. This is also why Don is in Riverview, in Sims 3, in the first place, years in the past, and out of the timeline order. XTrinityBlade 19:21, June 9, 2012 (UTC)
  • Ugh, I have too many theories... So, in Generations, Bella says that she may be abducted, right? So maybe she WAS abducted as a teen, but she really wanted to grow up and have kids and stuff so she made a deal with the aliens: that when she was an adult, they could take her. Many years passed and she had forgotten all about the pact. Of course, the Caliente sisters knew, so they made the aliens get her earlier so she wouldn't know all the drama with Don and Cassandra. Then the aliens took her and ran many tests on her. The first was almost perfect, but had no memories so they dumped her in Strangetown. The next one was perfect, so they kept her, but she ran away to Littlehaven. The third, well, she was less than perfect. She was dumped in Lunar Lakes. The real Bella Goth is still up there in space, not aging or anything, hoping, that one day, she may go home. ~FiveLeafClover 17:20, June 10, 2012 (UTC)
  • Here's my theory. Bella was abducted but the ship crash landed in Strangetown but the crash made her loose her memory. Pollination Tech#9 Smith took her in and ,with some of the alien tech he took when he retired, got Bella's memory back. Bella then went to Pleasantview to discover that Mortimer was remarried to Dina and instead of ruining everything she moved to Littlehaven. She thought she was going to be safe in Littlehaven because it was nice and quite but it turned out that aliens were still wanting to experiment on her so she they abducted her. Whilst the aliens prepared to experiment, Bella escaped into a pod, only thing was the aliens were randomly flying through time and space so when she left the ship she was placed in a radom place in time. This turned out to be Lunar Lakes. Bella knew the aliens would be searching for her so she swaped her name with a dead relatives name. Now Bella was Mathilde Goth, a postwoman. When the aliens saw Bella's name on the grave, they finally gave up leaving Bella/Mathilde to live her life in Lunar Lakes.(What really probably happened was since this is a Sci-Fi neighborhood they put Bella in who is famous due to Sci-Fi reasons, her abduction) ~LeeseyBoy (Not signed in)
  • Bella was known to be the most perfect and beautiful sim, and aliens wanted to recreate that. She was abducted and cloned. Once she was cloned they had no need for her, as they had her genetics, so she was taken to the planet lunar lakes would later be founded on, with help from bella. Meanwhile, the clone was sent back to earth with pollenation technitian 9. Being a clone, it had no memories before its 'birth', on the spaceship. Eventually she decides to move to littlehaven. The real bella died her hair blonde and lived in lunar lakes untill she recieves a visit from the aliens who told her all about her clone's life in strangetown. She named one of lunar lakes roads after the road to nowhere. WightRabbits 13:12, June 23, 2012 (UTC)
  • Here is one of my theories: Bella was abducted and was cloned twice. Clone 1 was sent to Strangetown and Clone 2 to Lunar Lakes. Bella was theown out of the ship and landed in Belladonna Cove (which was named Franklinview). She was greeted by a woman named Donna. They became quick friends and Bella decided she wanetd to become Mayor. Everyone voted for her and she was Mayor of Franklinview. Donna was now a sculptor, and Bella asked her to create a huge sculpture of Bella holding a PlumbBob. Donna created it. Bella renamed Franklinview Belladonna Cove, in honour of Donna and herself. Bakerychaz (talk page) 05:20, June 29, 2012 (UTC)
  • Part 1: When Bella was working her job some robbers came and took her she was left in strangetown in her brothers hot air balloon where she was left a yard away from space! To Be Continued... ~Fanboy123
  • Ok, so here's my theory. Bella went to Don's house to welcome him to Pleaseantview. He tried to make out with her, unsuccessfully. Meanwhile Dina found out Nina was also seeing Don. They got over it though, and tried to get revenge. So they called their alien relatives to abduct Don (they are half-alien). The aliens picked up Nina and Dina and went to abduct Don. But they came when Bella Goth was there, abducted them both and stranded Don in Riverview after wiping his memory (Don remembers hearing girls laughing at him and then ending up there). Bella was cloned. They took the clone to Strangetown, where lots of aliens go. They let Real Bella go, and she buys a house in Littlehaven. Clone Bella, seeing lots of aliens in Strangetown, gets interested in space, and the aliens there offer her a chance to be the mayor of Lunar Lakes. She accepts (hence the statue of her in lunar lakes and the painting of her in sims 3 called Golden Lady of Prosperity, where she's in all gold). She turns green like everybody else there, and later dies. (in Lunar Lakes, Sims's eyes turn yellow when they die, which explains her yellow eyes when she's buried there.)
  • I used a cheat to get Bella Goth as a playable sim (boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true, shift+click, spawn, Tombstone of L&D) and went through her memories. Her first memory was being taught how to walk. If she was abducted by aliens, or was a clone, how would she remember being taught to walk?
  • Alright, here's what happened: Bella Goth was heading over to Don Lothario's house so she could finally meet the man her daughter was engaged to. Once she arrived, Don instantly started flirting her up and eventually tried to make-out with her. Bella, being loyal to her husband, rejected every one of his romantic interactions. No woman had ever rejected Don before and he wasn't going to let it start now. Plus, Bella would tell Cassandra about her visit and that would end their engagement. This deeply angered Don, and he decided he would have to do something about it. See, when your fiancé is in the science career track, you know about the supernatural. While Bella was using the bathroom, Don quickly dialed an alien's number and asked him to abduct his problem tonight. The catch? He had to date his [[|Nina Caliente|grandaughter]], who had recently suffered a tough break up with Malcolm Landgraab IV. That would be no problem for Don, especially because she and her sister were moving to Pleasantview from Bluewater Village tomorrow. After Bella came out of the bathroom, Don invited Bella up to his flat roof. On top of the roof was a telescope. Bella decided to take a peak through and Don fled when she was distracted by the telescope. The next thing she knew she was in a space ship. A little while later, she had crashlanded in a very strange town. She was the only survivor of the crash. However, she remembered almost everything. The only things she remembered were her early memories, like her name and being taught how to walk. She examined her surroundings and came to the conclusion that she was infact abducted by aliens. She quickly fled the deserted town that seemed to be just a pit stop and went to Littlehaven. There, she had forgotten all her favorites and got new ones: She now liked Chinese food and Tri-Trip Steak instead of Ratatouille, Classical music instead of Custom, and the color Grey instead of Red. She also fell in love with Jacob Slack and Edward Sullen (two characters in the The Sims Social that had a crush on her), and became pregnant with one of them. She had a child named Mathilde Goth. Because of Bella's huge interest in aliens, she and her daughter wanted to board the The Perigee when they found out it was going to an alien planet. Both of her lovers thought that wasn't a good idea and wouldn't go with them, so the two Goths left without them. Soon after they got there, Bella died of old age and Mathilde became a mail woman. --Ohai thar, I'm Sumaes01. You can talk to me here or blog on my blogs here. 15:24, August 7, 2012 (UTC)
  • Here's what I think happened: Bella was abducted by Pollination Technician 9. Bella's memory was wiped after experimentation... or at least she was slowly losing her memory. Bella tried to escape and the ship crashed. The alien crew were killed and only 2 survivors were left. PT9 and Bella. The crash accelerated Bella's memory loss and she has lost all memory of Pleasantview. PT9 fled to the nearby town (Strangetown) And Bella sat at the scene trying to gather up who she was. Eventually she remembered her name but that was it. Eventually she wandered off to Strangetown and stumbled upon the Curious brothers who tried to help Bella as much as they could. Nothing worked so Bella left to find a place of her own. Eventually she decided to leave Strangetown and search for her old home. On her way she came to Bridgeport. The town scientists tried to help her but to no avail. After Bella left the city was renamed Belladonna Cove. Bella eventually got to Littlehaven. She came accross a very smart scientist who was able to restore her memory. Bella tried to find out exactly where Littlehaven is and how far it is from Pleasantview. She soon found her way back to Pleasantview after her 8 year long adventure and arrives home to discover how much her family has changed. An elderly Mortimer is married to Dina, but goes back to Bella, Cassandra is married to Darren and has 2 children not including Dirk. And Alexander is almost finished in High School and about to head off to College. Bella is glad to finally be home after her amazing Adventure. Her name went down in history. SimmerDude12 (talk) 22:32, August 18, 2012 (UTC)
  • I think the aliens had studied the sims for many years and abducted a few of them to study their biology. They somehow find a way to breed with sims. They choose the young Bella Goth to be the first sim woman to give birth to alien-hybrid children cuz she was very talented and gifted for a normal sim. They watched her grow up but then she married Mortimer and had two children with him. The aliens decided to abduct Bella from her home in Pleasantview. That same time the two Caliente sisters appeared who had alien blood in them so they could communicate with the aliens. They lured Bella in a trap and then she was taken aboard to ship were she would breed with Pollination Technician 9. However the ship had problems and crashed near the town of Strangetown. Due to the crash, Bella's mind was wiped and she could escape from the aliens. Later she moved to Little Haven for a new fresh start. When she became an elder, Bella was asigned by the goverment to lead the first sims into space. Their ship crashed and Bella died. The other sims founded the town of Lunar Lakes.
  • Dina's she need a new man because the money ran out!Don saids to Dina that a rich man living in his neighborhood.Dina and Nina went to Pleasantview alone Mortimer was married with Bella Goth.Dina make a plan.Bella has more cloons and one going to a other era.And the other to Strangertown.It whas an obstacle for the detection of Bella!Bella knew to escape from the U.F.O.And living now on Littlehaven.she tries everyday to come home.but she remains here for her new friends!
  • In the theory for The Sims 2 about Bella Goth's (Bachelor) abduction, I personally think that Don Lothario was going mentally crazy over her. He made flirtatious acts, which she didn't accept, which made him made. Dina Caliente was jealous of Bella for marrying a rich man and wanted him all to herself. Don and Dina made a plan to have Bella abducted- Dina being 1/4 alien hybrid. Dina and Don agreed to get innocent Nina in on the plan as well. The twins, Dina and Nina, arrived on the eve of Bella's disappearance on the porch of the Goth Mansion. Mortimer answered the door, inviting them in. I think they might have gave Mortimer a posioned cake- remember from that picture with the cake? Dina and Mortimer became friends and they left late at night. Don then called Bella to check out his new telescope, and Nina and Dina got on the motherboard (alien ship) with their alien ancestors. Bella, loving nature and stars, arrived very quickly and took a peek at the stars. A light then shined on her son Alexander's window. He immediatley woke up and ran to Lothario's house, being curious. Bella saw a ship in the night sky and rubbed her eyes twice, then looked back up. A light then beamed on her and Alexander was just running up the second staircase of Don's. It pulled her harder and harder each second. Alexander stood in shock and pulled his mother away and stood in the light. Bella, loving her son pulled him away and stood in the light, being pulled again, yet harder! Alexander grabbed onto her, yet only got a token of some sort. She was then pulled into the ship and saw Dina and Nina Caliente's ancestors- not knowing who they were. She was cloned once, and the clone was taken to Strangetown. After a few weeks, all sorts of 'Have You Seen Me's?' showed up on milk cartons, newspapers, and even on television. Wherever sims went in Pleasantview, another sim would ask "Have you seen Bella Goth? She was Abducted!." Mortimer thought his wife left him and was so mad, that he invited Dina Caliente over- the worst mistake he could ever make in his whole life. When the alien ship was heading back to Pleasantview, it crashed in the middle of the desert of Strangetown. One out of five aliens escaped, along with the clone Bella. However, nobody found the REAL Bella Goth- she was still trapped in the ship. Mortimer kissed Dina over and over, and fell in love with her, but not fully. He grew to an elder and retired, and Cassandra became an adult. (The part of the version of my game) I messed up on my game... :3 I didn't follow the storyline and was so mad that I found a way to restore my game neighborhoods (which I obviously didn't do right). It deleted all my neighborhoods, so I did it one more time and only got Belladonna Cove back! :(... I did it again and lost all the neighborhoods- AGAIN! I made them all over again... none of them are like the other ones though. In Strangetown, I only have the Specter/Nigmos families which are not like the original ones at all. I have all the base-game neighborhoods made over again, but now I play my mom's game! :D RenzikittenRenzikitten (talk) 15:18, October 13, 2012 (UTC)
  • Perasonally, I beleive Bella was looking through a telescope, searching the stars. Than, she caught sight of a spaceship. The aliens swooped down and abducted her. She was taken into space, than the aliens put her their clonerater thing-a-majig. They accidently cloned Bella's childhood self. Without realizing their mistake, they dropped Bella into Sunset Valley. But I still do not understand how Mortimer could have ended up as a child in TS3.
  • What I think is quite stupid, but I believe Mortimer had unseen parents and/or Cornelia or Gunther disliked Bella, and kidnapped her, saying they saw a UFO to cover their tracks.
  • ? I think that Bella was born in Sunset Valley, she's not a clone or anything, that's really her. When she grows up she moves to Pleasantview (as Old Town and the Original Sims Neighbourhood are believed to be the east part of Pleasantview) with Mortimer whom she has now fallen in love with. She was abducted by Aliens who then crashed in Strangetown and escaped, Bella escaped too with a form of permenant Amnesia which leaves Bella confused and upset, she is then discovered by the Aliens again who take her back to the ship and clone her. The Cloning Process is mixed with the DNA of an Alien and another Sim, forming a weird hybrid Bella that they then place back on there home planet, she then finds her way to Lunar Lakes and dies alone. I believe Mortimer was so upset that his wife went missing that he struck up a deal with Malcom Landgraab to form a new Neighbourhood, naming it Belladonna Cove after his wife and another local, Donna who was a childhood friend who died when Mortimer was very young (a short time before The Sims 3) and he had a statue built of his former wife holding a white plumbob stating that he surrenders to the Aliens and just wants his wife back. Don Lothario being the antagonist that he is always loved Bella, and he struck up a deal with Dina to have a Clone made for him by her Alien family and he had it placed in Riverview hoping that he could one day find Bella again, Dina wanted Mortimer for his money and in an attempt to kill him her family intervenes and abducts him too, erasing his memory and therefore creating two completley clueless Don Lothario's that have no connection to each other apart from names and looks.
  • What do all you guys have with the cloning and everything? It's obvious to me: Bella was born in Sunset Valley in the Sims 3, because Sunset Valley is, in fact 25 years before the Sims 1 and about 50 years before the Sims 2, so when she grew up, she married Mortimer, had a child, and he then founded Pleasantview over Sunset Valley, which by the time was Old Town. Then she had Alexander and so on... So then she got abducted on Don's roof after he tried to make out with her. The aliens just wanted to do some experiments on humans and by bad coincidence they chose her. The UFO appearantly crashed in Strangetown and she was left with no memories of what happened due to the alien's experiments. Mortimer founded Belladonna Cove in memory of Bella. Bella got abducted again, but this time was able to remember what happened before the 2nd abduction, so she began to research. She then discovered through hypnosis what happened before she lost her memory, so she began to write everything down, in case she got abducted again. After the Sims Social took place, earth was going to be destroyed and she was one of the Sims to get on the Perigee and travel to another planet to found a new civilisation. She then eventually died in Lunar Lakes. That she has green skin and everything is just that she would look more zombie-like when she is brought back, it has nothing to do with failed cloning or anything. Everything here is based on true or likely facts, though it is for example not clearly stated if Earth really got destroyed or if Mortimer really is the founder of Belladonna but the rest can all be ead on the Wiki. The think with the hypnosis is from the Sims Social interview with her, also the thing withe scrapbook where she wrote down her memories.
  • The Bella's Chronology. She was born and raised in Sunset Valley, she married Mortimer and lived for some time in the Goth Manor of Sunset Valley, along with Mortimer parents. After some time, Gunther enterprise brokes and she and she's whole family moves to Old Town. Gunther gives some money to Mortimer build his own house to live with Bella. The house originaly had just one floor, and after the birth of Cassandra the second was built. She had Alexander and the first fire in the house starts killing Gunther. Desoled instead of building another house in the place, Mortimer moves his family to Pleasantview and build a new house for his family and another fire starts, killing Cornelia. At the time when Cassandra was having a crush with Don, she goes to meet him , but while talking he try to kiss her, she retracts and suggest they do another thing and they go to the telescope and Bella is eventually abducted. Scaring Don. After that with the free way teh Caliente's move on Mortimer. In the spaceship two clones has been maded , one was sent to Strangetown and Another was sent Belladona's Cove and founded that city, all of the clones has no memories. The Original was left on Lunar Lakes because if she cames back everyone will know about the aliens. She dies in Lunar lakes. Paulo
  • First, i think that Sunset Valley was just an older version of Pleasantview, Bella was not PUT there by aliens. That was just the past. I think that as soon as Dina moved in she met Mortimer and realized he was rich. (she has fortune aspiration) She also noticed he was an elder so she figured if she could marry him he'd soon die and she'd inherite his money. She already was married to Micheal Bachelor who was an elder soon to be deceased. So she planned too marry Mortimer once her husband was dead. But she needed to get Bella out of the picture. Since she is a alien/human hybrid (her father was the result of an alien abduction so her grandfather is an alien) she figured abduction would be an easy task. She organized for her to be abducted and had Don have her over when it happened so people would suspect him over her. (Don was aware of the plan to get her abducted but didn't know he was getting blamed.) When Bella was over Don tried to make out with her knowing she would reject him. He chased her to his roof where there was a telescope and she was then abducted by aliens. the aliens accidently took Don too so they put him back and erased his memory of the abduction. They then left Bella in Strangetown and wiped out her memory, relationships, skills, ect. Soon after her abduction Dina's husband died and she went after Mortimer.
  • Bella Goth went over to Don's house, wanting to become friends. However Don, being the flirt he is, had bigger, more romantic plans. Of course, since she is nice, she didn't want to cheat, and rejected Don's proposal to make out. Don, angry because in his memories, he has never been rejected, wanted revenge. hr must have somehow knew that a UFO would come around soon, so he got her to get abducted. So, the aliens, like usual, kept her for a little, but not too long, and let her go. However, there were technichal difficulties trying to put her down, and accidentally made Bella a child! She was furious, and told the aliens she couldn't stay a child because she was married and had children of her own. They said they were sorry, but there was nothing they could do about it. They let her go, but they felt bad, so they fixed the ship, and to make it so that she could still be the same age as Mortmier, her husband, they made him a child, too.
  • Bella was observing the sky of pleasantview at night through a telescope as a UFO came and abducted her. She was then tested on and examined for many tests. Before hand, the aliens have used her DNA to make clones of Bella just in case they make a mistake through examinations. The Bella clone was then placed down in Strangetown as a test to see if her reactions to her environment is accurate and socially correct as the original Bella. After that observation of the first clone was complete, the aliens then released another Bella clone in Pleasantview so that it may as if nothing ever happened. After all the testing, the original Bella has had her appearance changed as a cause of testing of chemicals and died. The aliens then buried her in the Lunar Lakes Cemetery. Dduran8804 (talk)Dante Duran
  • I think that The Caliente Sisters might have something to do with it. They have alien blood after aall, so maybe hey called up their cousins and had them kidnap her. Why? Well, maybe the wanted Mortimer's money and she was in their way. Either way, I think she was cloned a number of times. The Bella Goths i Strangetown and Lunar Lakes are clones, and the real one is the one who can be summoned in Pleasantview by the use of mods or Testingcheatsenabled

This is a young, crazy simmer making a real normal theory. Bella committed suicide, and any "Bella Goth" you can find is her ghost. The reason she dosn't look like a ghost is because the game doesn't have any ghost colors or settings is because none of the creators thought of a suicide ghost. I don't know much about Lunar Lakes Bella, but Strangetown Bella is simply an accidental clone of Bella's ghost. However, the Lunar Lakes Bella is probably the same as the Strangetown one: a clone of the ghost. The child Sims 3 Bella is just Bella 50 years ago. I don't know why all you people--who are probably teenagers--think up these stupid stories about aliens and kidnapping. I'm not trying to be rude by saying "stupid." I know some of you put tons of work into typing up these stories. By the way, I'm 9 and 1/2 years old, and I play the Sims--2 and 3-- have perfect spelling, and have a reasonable theory. Please comment on this with your opinion on this story. Address me as Missy the Spy. MY REAL NAME IS NOT MISSY!

  • Bella was talking to Kaylynn Langerek, someone she knew when she was younger. As Don was quiet about his affairs, Kaylynn stupidly blabbed about her love for Don to Bella. Outraged, Bella went discreetly at night and started raging at Don. He couldn't talk her out of his rage, although he tried his best to romantically woo her, it failed. Mortimer, meanwhile, was convinced Bella was dead, so went to seek refuge with Dina. As Bella and Morty met, they got in a fight over cheating complaints. Then Bella got abducted, just as Don called Cassandra to come and sort it out.That's why the mood of Mort's and Cassandra's memorys are different. Bella moved to Littleton, placing clones around so no one can find her.
  • At first Maxis were probably going to make Bella just a normal sim, but accidently deleted her in the process, so they made up a story that she was abducted and put a clone in Strangetown but she had no memories (Apparently due to being "Brainwashed") BUT they didn't think us Simmers would realise she was different, But we did xD. Anyway, they just left the hidden Bella from Pleasantview. Why she has the "I am dead token" I have no idea. Does anyone know why she has that? Its really annoying. ~Unicorn Simmy
  • Bella Goth probably had enough of Mortimor. Think about it. He was old, she was pretty and young...ish. She left him and the town. However, while she was traveling she was obducted by "The Beakers" in strangetown. she was cloned, although the clone slightly failed (different look), and she escaped. However, she escaped and her memory vanished. Eventually she would make her home in little haven from The sims social, with no memories of her past life, and still missing in Pleasantview.
  • I blame her dissapearance on the Caliente's and Don Lothario. I believe the whole story goes like this:
    • Dina and Don truly love each other, but neither have the wealthy life they wanted so they staged a plan to marry into one of the richest families in Pleasantview,then leave together with their millions!
    • Dina puts the plan in motion by marrying the elderly brother of Bella Goth, Michael Bachelor.
    • After being left with almost no money after Michael's death, Dina believes the plan has failed until she convinces Don to try to get Bella to fall in love with him. When Dina sees that plan is also failing she calls some alien friends (after all she is 1/4 alien and has some connections) to take Bella and make sure she can never return. She then goes to console Mortimer, dragging Nina with her.
    • She tells Don to try and marry her niece, Cassandra, but he chickens out at the wedding and leaves her at the altar.
    • Outraged, Dina attempts to get Mortimer herself. Her and Morty soon get engaged, which delights her thinking she can marry him, then either kill him or wait for him to die and leave with the fortune, leaving Cassandra and Alexander in the dust.
    • NOTE** I believe Nina is mostly innocent in this scheme, while she may have known Dina and Don's intentions, she never actually participates except for consoling Morty over Bella's disappearance. She keeps her mouth shut out of fear of forfeiting her share of the money.
  • I might know how did she dissaper. Look at the picture of Sims 2 Bella see that alien spacecraft??That's a proof that she was abducted by aliens.Second proof go and see Bella Goth from Lunar Lakes she looks horrible means that she was abducted by aliens go to the Sims 3 play the bachelor family go to Bella's room you will see skulls that's is a hint that's why she married Mortimer but also she married Mortimer for his money (i am not 100% sure about that fact) That's all i got for know.
  • This Is my Theory. The Alien Birth Queen gave birth to a daughter, who was perfectly look like human. There was an accident, so she was left at the front door of the Bachelor House. The family adopted her, and name her Bella Bachelor. That why Bella look different from her mother Jocasta. When 2 sims gossiping, they usually say something like "Gunther Goth actually an alien, living undercover in our neighborhood.". I think that was the aliens that searching for Bella (but could be a joke though). After years, they found her and then "abducted" her back to their alien planet, make her become their queen. Bella then made clones of herself so that the people at Pleasantview stop worrying about her. Alot of failed clones(green eyes) die, but then Grim Reaper made two of them his Hula Zombies. One of the terrible looking clone drop at Lunar Lakes survived and died of old age. There was another 2 clones, perfectly look like Bella, but one of them accidentally was a witch, and get throw to Belladonna Cove, become the first witch there. So that Bella choose the last (Strangetown one) and some aliens to drop off at Pleasantview to take care of her, but then they crashed , fake Bella survive, temporaly lost her memories and wandering in Strangetown, then Littlehaven, claim herself the real Bella . Real Bella doesn't know about this. Sorry for my bad English :p
  • My theory is that Aliens were seeking to make a cloning device to sell to the Sims, as an upgraded version of the Food Replicator, and as such, not limited to food. They had abducted Bella inbetween the events of The Sims and The Sims 2, and began to use her as a lab rat to see if the cloning machine would work. The first clone was horrifying, with green skin and almost no true body - only skin and bones. They decided to dump it in Lunar Lakes. The second clone was much better than the first, retaining the original appearance. Unfortunaly, the clone's memory was completely wiped, not knowing anything the original Bella knew. They dumped it in Strangetown. The third clone, however, was perfect, possessing the same appearance as the original Bella, also possessing the same memory. They announced the cloning machine, and to prove it worked, showcased the perfect clone in Littlehaven, and eventually decided to leave the clone there. After that, they returned the original Bella to Pleasantview, hence why she appears in the GBA version of Sims 2. Bella's age was frozen during the cloning experiments, and as such returned younger than Mortimer.

  • My Theory Is The Caliente sisters thought Bella didn't deserve Mortimer. They made sure Bella went to Don Lothario's house, told Don to kiss her to make Mortimer hate her, then get Don to get Bella to look through the telescope and get abducted. It all makes sense! They made sure Bella was gone and Mortimer hated her for good
  • I think Bella's disappearance has nothing to do with aliens. I mean, how can Dina or Nina contact aliens? I think she actually ran away to a place nobody has ever heard of. In my opinion, the Bella in Strangetown is just a wannabe... ~Invertebrate.Mandible
  • You guys know the abandoned mine in Sims 3? Someone on YouTube suspects that maybe Bella Goth was somehow transformed into a beast or werewolf by the aliens and hid in the mine, hence the glowing eyes.
  • I don't think Don had anay thing to do with Bella's disappearce. I think she was at Don's house and they kissed, she she pretended to go home, but instead went to Strangetown and dyed her hair blonde. Mortimer think's Bella's been abducted by aliens and Don has no memory of the abduction because it never happened. Then, Bella found the time macheine from Sims 3 ambitious(remember sims 3 happened about 50 years before sism 2). She was curious about it. She then acciedently time traveled 50 years back and ended up in Lunar Lakes. That's my therory.
  • EVENTS BEFORE THE SIMS 2: Before Bella got abducted by aliens, the Caliente sisters came to Pleasantview. They introduced themselves to Mortimer. Dina noticed that Mortimer had a wife. She had to get rid of her in order to have Mortimer. She called her alien relatives and explained the situation. The aliens decided to abduct her to help Dina. Bella went to meet Don Lothario who is new to town, then Don tried to make out with her, Bella refused and ran away from him. She noticed the telescope, and looked through. She then got abducted by aliens. Mortimer and Cassandra saw that from their house. (Tthe aliens DID NOT CLONE HER. The storyline suggests that the Strangetown Bella is the same Bella as the Pleasantview Bella (even though they look different). Also, the Lunar Lakes Bella is not related to our Bella). Bella then learned they were relatives of Dina and got abducted because Dina wanted to get rid of Bella. They expiremented on her. Bella lost her memories. Later, they crashed to Strangetown. Bella escaped. EVENTS AFTER THE SIMS 2 AND BEFORE THE SIMS 2 (PSP): Since she remembered nothing about her past, she started a life in Strangetown. Later, she bought the Espiritu Estate. Then she noticed that the house had three ghosts (Emily Emory, Dennis Philips (it said philips in the goals screen, not Dente, so he's not actually Hazel's latest husband) and Nervous Subject). She tried to calm down and explored Strangetown and noticed it was not only populated by Sims, but aliens too! She then noticed there is a Night Beast in Deadtree. She went crazy and hid in Mambo Loa's Curio Shoppe. EVENTS IN THE SIMS 2 (PSP): He then metAjay Loner (the protagonist of The Sims 2 (PSP) (not really, but I decided to create him because he has no relation to any other family)). Bella sold her house to Ajay (she couldn't go without selling her house). EVENTS AFTER THE SIMS 2 (PSP) AND BEFORE THE SIMS SOCIAL: She then bought so much water and food from Mambo Loa and left. She found herself in Littlehaven. Buddy found her. Bella was determined to get her memories back. She interviewed aliens, but they weren't the ones who abducted her. She eventually settled for hypnotherapy. She then got her memories back. EVENTS IN THE SIMS SOCIAL: She started living in Littlehaven. EVENTS AFTER THE SIMS SOCIAL AND BEFORE THE SIMS 2 (GBA): She missed her family, so she went to Pleasantview. She then noticed Mortimer married to Dina! Then, Mortimer explained how Dina was a great person to Bella. Bella explained she married Mortimer for his money and that Dina is actually an Alien-Sim hybrid AND that she called her alien relatives to get rid of Bella. Mortimer believed her. Mortimer got furious and broke up with Dina. She remarried Bella. EVENTS IN THE SIMS 2 (GBA): The family then noticed a great TV series called Strangetown and became fans of the series. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Masirimso4 (talkcontribs) (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~
  • I think Bella Goth go to real world in The Sims 2, she travel time to 2110s went to Japan and meet Doraemon.She borrowed Doraemon's tool to become a child. She went to the game world. Zuddinzuki (talk) 10:07, August 16, 2013 (UTC)
Bella (Bella Goth)
  • Well when Bella Goth became an adult ( The Sims 3) She actually didnt know that she made history! She didnt know that she was reincarnated, And made history for 13 years. She found out her gift when her parents died and when Her kids got older for them to understand her power
  • Bella abandoned the family to be with her lover, Goopy GilsCarbo. Since Bella is a wealthy socialite (at least in my imagination), other socialites were shocked and could not believe that she would abandon the family, so they figured she must have been kidnapped or abducted by aliens. Nevertheless, the two have been happy ever since! Bella now goes by the alias Mary Johnson. She hasn't found out about Goopy's other lovers, though.--Dianadesim (talk) 14:52, August 24, 2013 (UTC)
  • Bella Goth wasn't abducted; she left willingly with that alien to become his companion. They flew away together in his blue box, and after an adventure or two ended up on a planet known as Trenzalore. On this planet was the final resting place of her alien companion; the one she called The Doctor; a scar through time and space. But the Doctor's grave beheld a coveted power, and once The Doctor's greatest enemy (the Grim Reaper) revealed that this was all a game, she followed him into the scar, forever to be fragmented through time and space. Multiple versions of Bella born and existing in multiple places and times, popping up on milk cartons and in hot air balloons; forever keeping the residents of SimNation from learning the truth that will surely drive them crazy.
  • My theory: Dina Caliente loves Mortimer Goth. Bella was Mortimer`s wife. The Caliente twins (Dina and Nina) are Alien-Sim Hybrids. Dina Caliente called the aliens to kidnap Bella. The aliens have cloned Bella (Bella Goth from Strangetown).