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Theories for who this Bella Goth is and whether she is related to Bella Goth from Pleasantview and Sunset Valley

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Theories[edit | edit source]

  • Bella was abducted by Aliens in Plesantview who performed experiments on her, altering her appearence slightly and wiping her memory but she somehow managed to escape before serious damage (to her appearance) was done and was hiding out in Strangetown (as said in the Sims 2 PSP), where she made an autobiography of her life following therapy to regain her memories. However, the aliens who abducted her found her again, this time keeping her well locked up to experiment on causing her to become gravely ill, with hollowed cheekbones and her hair becoming lighter, they then dumped her on the nearest planet, Lunar Lakes where she died.
  • Or, the aliens who abducted her were so entranced by her beauty they took her back to the coloinzation of Lunar Lakes so they could watch her more easily on the small town where she had no where to run, and she died of Old Age there, the atmosphere affecting her apperance. The notes of her autobiography that she hadn't published should be expected to be found and released as a book in a future Sims game (maybe Sims 4, maybe not, but it wouldn't be noted that she wrote the notes of her memories in Sims 2 if it wasn't going to be revealed later "If nothing happens with it, don't bother mentioning it" is a common rule of story telling), finally putting to rest the mystery that is Bella Goth.
  • There's a mailmaiden named Malthide here so I think that maybe Malthide is Cassandra's granddaughter and the alien's made clones of Bella. One had no memories so they dumped her in Strangetown. One was perfect, but she escaped to Littlehaven. They did expirements on both Bellas, original and this one to find all about clones or something but something happened to this one that made her all green and made her hair change and it also took away the good information they needed so they dumped her in Lunar Lakes and soon she died of old age.
  • I think there was this adult who had no friends and no social life and she heard about Bella Goth. so she decided to pretend to be her, but she had no idea what she looked like. But she heard that Bella was beautiful so she decided to go for the stereo-typical pretty blonde. Then she got very ill. Before she could die of illness she died of old age. Or EA is just messin' with us!
  • I think that Bella was observed by aliens for weeks and they thought she was 'an interesting specimen of Simanity', so they abducted her and made several clones with slight variations for expiriments. Bella Goth of Lunar Lakes was not very sucessful, so they dropped her at Lunar Lakes because she was useless. Due to her poor genetics, she died soon after. Hurshbr (talk) 21:12, February 21, 2013 (UTC)Hurshbr
  • Bella was abtucted, right? Well maybe aliens did tests and experiments on her and this is how she turned out. However, maybe aliens cloned Bella, made her a child and sent her into Sunset Valley? That's only my theory. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~
  • she dead. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~
  • She could be the real Bella Goth, looking this way because she's either been buried underground for years, or underwent all sorts of tests from aliens. (Could also be an explanation for why she has slightly different traits?) —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~
  • Well, since she was abducted by aliens in Pleasant View, perhaps after they experimented on poor Bella this is how she turned out. Her personality certainly would have changed after that kind of ordeal. As for her appearance - Maybe all of the alien's tests and et cetera made her very ill and her skin turned a sickly shade of green, and her hair and irises bleached from the sickness...when she died they buried her on their home planet. Or... since there aren't actual aliens in Lunar Lakes, maybe they returned her to earth before she died. In her dying state she still wanted to go aboard the Perigee, but upon the Perigee's crash/arrival she passed away from her illnesses, and was the first sim to be buried on their new home planet. (On that note, let me just add that she frightens me, and I hope I never run into her in Lunar Lakes) Madi23 Talk 20:45, February 26, 2012 (UTC)
  • I think that she left Pleasantview after having an affiar with Mortimer and then pretnended she didn't know him, dyed her hair blonde and then she died in Strangetown. The Beakers did some experiments on her dead body bringing her back from the dead with her zombie-like apperance.
  • So, Bella was abducted in Pleasantview and ended up in Strangetown, which can be proved if you played The Sims 2 for PSP. In the PC storyline, where she appears as a townie, she doesn't remember anything - the experiments wiped out her memories. However, in TS2 for PSP, she's trying to get home. Now for my theory: Since she appears in The Sims Social, she must have given up and moved on with her life and moved to Littlehaven. After a while, she somehow must have travelled in The Perigee and she must have helped the colony to establish. Then, she passed away. Since all deceased Sims in Lunar Lakes have yellow skin and are blonde (Coincidence? I don't think so), the alien ground must have dyed their skin and hair colours, and she started to decompose (that's why her face is so bony). DanPintalkcontribs 10:43, March 10, 2012 (UTC)
  • I think that Bella Goth was abducted by aliens and dropped in Lunar Lakes but before the Sim got to Lunar Lakes she died from old age.
  • EA probably just made this sim have the name Bella Goth to confuse players or something.
  • I say the aliens cloned her. Multiple times. The first time they tried, the clone didn't have any memories, so they discarded her into Strangetown. That would explain why, when transfered, Mortimer, Cassandra, and Alexander don't recognize her as family. The second time they got her right, with all the memories, personality, and appearance, and kept her as a backup, but she managed to run away to Littlehaven. The aliens kept the original Bella, conducting experiments, taking years away from her life and draining pigments from her hair and skin, and when she was nothing but a useless shell, they dumped her in Lunar Lakes to fend for herself. In the last days of her life, the other Sims came, but before she got to know them properly, she died, and the new settlers buried her.
  • In my opinion she is the clone of Bella Goth of Strangetown, and the aliens sent she to lunar lakes but with a different appearance for an unknown reason, and live there until he died of old age.or maybe that as many sims lunar lakes are from the earth she is the real Bella, and resided there until he died of old age.--Darlenebunch 23:07, March 24, 2012 (UTC)
  • Maybe Strangetown is Lunar Lakes and Aliens were experimenting on Bella and she is destroyed from experiments.
  • I think that there are three Bella's. The original, the memory-wiped Bella, and the perfect clone of Bella. The memory-wiped Bella resides in Strangetown, the perfect clone fleed to Littlehaven, and the original, I'm guessing the aliens desided they had no need for Bella and whatever their plan was, was a success, so they dumped her at Lunar Lakes. She was an old woman, and I doubt she was ill from any experiments, because it said she died from old age, although keep in thought, EA could just be playing with our heads and decided to add an old woman named Bella Goth just to see what we could think of. Anyway, the original Bella's traits altered most likely due to all of the experiments. I suspect that the aliens thought anyone from her childhood or anyone who possibly heard of or had something to do with her disapearance may recognise her, so they dyed her hair blonde, and made her skin green. This still doesn't explain why all the other deceased people in Lunar Lakes are the same, blonde hair and sickly green skin. Interesting how EA tied in a love story for us all to solve. I can't wait until everything unravels, but for now I guess we'll keep guessing with every bit of evidence we can get.
  • The whole point of having another Bella Goth makes no sense. Unless this is one of the Goth's (as in Cornelia, Gunther, and Mortimer) relatives, then it would be impossible. Bella Goth was abducted by aliens in Sims 2 from Pleasantview, and the second Sims game is set 50 years before Sims 3. So, it could be possible that this is THE Bella Goth from Sims 2, but that could only be possible via Time Travel or something. The description of Lunar Lakes says that it was founded by a bunch of different families, so it's possible that this Bella did not neccesarilly marry into the family via Mortimer, but could possibly be a real member of the Goth family. Or it could just be some random person. Every ghost in Lunar Lakes has blond hair and green skin, so why bother? I mean, am I right or what? :p
  • She can't be the Bella from Sunset Valley. I saved her to my sim bin and changed her to a child.She looked totally different. I guess the possibility is she was abducted by aliens, changed in apperance,and time travelled.....
  • Heres My Theory: I think she was abducted by aliens to save simkind from a disaster. They taught her how to drive the Perigee, and left her in simnation with it after swearing her to secrecy not to tell other sims about aliens. Bella then gathered up the few survivors who survived the disaster, a disease thar turned sims boney and green. She flew them to a planet in the Perigee, and named the planet Lunar Lakes. However, soon after she had settled in the new planet, she started showing signs of the disease. She died, along with a few other sims who had helped her fly the spaceship who had caught the disease off of her. Either that or she is just a random sim with the same name.
  • ^_^ In my humble opinion, Bella Goth- like Dina, Nina and Don- time travels whether it's against her will or not. I think this because of what she says to mortimer in Sims 3 when he asks her to the prom. She tells him that she would go with him but the aliens may abduct her at any time. Of course that could be a coincidence. I also agree with a lot of what DanPin said. Maxis themselves said Bella Goth of strangetown is the real Bella that was abducted. Why does she have yellow appearance? Everyone deceased in Lunar Lakes for some reason has yellow skin, hair and eyes for some reason. It must be something about the planet that does that to them while they're in the ground. A lot of people are attached to Bella since playing The Sims so maybe that's why they kindly made her die of old age instead of something horrible. Since there is a Mithilde Goth working as a mail-maiden in Lunar Lakes maybe some of the Goths got there on the Pedigree. Perhaps Mathilde is Bella Goth's daughter, grand-daughter or great-granddaughter since she looks similar to her. Or the buried Bella Goth in the cemetary could be a decendant of Alexander Goth who was lovingly named after his mother. But forgive me. I'm just assuming all of that ^_^ or Maxis is playing a prank and trying to keep us all fooled. haha! Bio 18:26, May 18, 2012 (UTC)
  • Maybe the real Bella Goth when abducted by aliens eventually started a romantic relationship with one and the Bella Goth in question is a descendant of hers named after her
  • Time flows much faster in Lunar Lakes, hence Sims' moods fluctuating rapidly when they're abducted. They usually spend a few years in space, which is a few hours in Earth-time. Bella was taken by The Perigee, which crashed and was, at the time, their only functional aircraft, thus they had to make a new one. So Bella didn't spend a few years on Lunar Lakes -- she spent her whole life. While the new ship was being built, Bella died of old age and was buried. The chemicals in the ground result in all the deceased having yellow hair and greenish skin, and her boney face and physique is because of decomposing. Once the new aircraft was built, they knew they had to get her back somehow, lest suspicion arose. Thus they recreated her from memory. There were a few slight mistakes and, as they were flying towards Pleasentview, the airship crashed in Strangetown, leaving them and Bella stranded. The alien flying the ship was none other than Pollination Tech #9, and him and the new Bella had to resume their lives in Strangetown. Thus a bit of a time warp was created, leaving the world with 3 different Bellas: The child found in Sunset Valley, Bella Goth of Strangetown and the deceased Bella in Lunar Lakes. The child and deceased Bella are actually the same person but, as time moves a lot faster in space and the Sims 3 is set before the Sims 2, we look at Lunar Lakes as having a completely separate timeline.
  • You know how in the Sims 2 you get abducted by aliens and have alien kids? Bella (Strangetown) could've been abducted and had an alien kid and also named her Bella
  • Well, yes she could have time-traveled, but the problem with that is Lunar Lakes is already set in the future, so forget about her past in the sims 2. Like someone said before, the aliens plans were no doubt a success, but I fear she wont be the last abduction
  • Every deceased sim in Lunar Lakes has yellow hair and yellowy greeny skin so I think maybe Bella was cloned twice, one was dropped in Strangetown and the other in Lunar Lakes. Bella was kept aboard the spaceship. Bakerychaz 00:05, May 31, 2012 (UTC)
  • I don't think it was anything to do with cloning. Lunar Lakes is obviously a neighbourhood set well in the future, past the time of the sims 2. I think Bella was abducted from Pleasantview and left in Strangetown as a townie, several years later either she was abducted again or one of the survivors on the spaceship that got stranded in lunar lakes. As for her appearance, every dead sim their has yellow hair and green skin probably due to rotting etc and she probably looks bony and skinny again due to rotting. Another reason for her bony/skinnyness could be that she was one of the first on the planet so there would have been a lack of food causing malnutrition. Also, I think we should disregard her being in the sims social considering that isnt really part of the main storyline. And as for the people saying she could have died of disease, her tombstone and ghost colour clearly shows she died of old age. The entire of The Sims 3 is not set at a specific time before The Sims 2, this has been proven with the timelines of Riverview and Sunset being different and now we can see Lunar Lakes is clearly set after The Sims 2. Despite it being fun to try and work out the mystery of this Bella Goth, I think Maxis & EA have gone too far on this one considering they have left no further information. Hopefully a further expansion pack or some more store content will contain more clues as it will be interesting to see how this turns out. (talk) 14:03, June 5, 2012 (UTC)
  • I think that yes, this is the same Bella that was abducted. If Lunar Lakes is set in the future, ahead of its time, then the aliens could have possibly dropped her off there, and left her there. They maybe experimented on her excessively, to the point where she's physically and emotionally drained. Her drastic change in appearance is a result of this. She's fed up of it all. She's been experimented on against her will and dumped on a random planet by these aliens with no way of getting back to Pleasantview and her family that she left behind. She probably died willingly. She's just a big, fat 'FML' Sim. Her face to me looks like she's completely fed up of everything. XTrinityBlade (not signed in, on iPad)
  • Ugh, I have too many theories... So, in Generations, Bella says that she may be abducted, right? So maybe she WAS abducted as a teen, but she really wanted to grow up and have kids and stuff so she made a deal with the aliens: that when she was an adult, they could take her. Many years passed and she had forgotten all about the pact. Of course, the Caliente sisters knew, so they made the aliens get her earlier so she wouldn't know all the drama with Don and Cassandra. Then the aliens took her and ran many tests on her. The first was almost perfect, but had no memories so they dumped her in Strangetown. The next one was perfect, so they kept her, but she ran away to Littlehaven. The third, well, she was less than perfect. She was dumped in Lunar Lakes. The real Bella Goth is still up there in space, not aging or anything, hoping, that one day, she may go home. ~FiveLeafClover 17:20, June 10, 2012 (UTC)
  • There are too many theories, but this is my one. Sims 3 is set around 50 years before sims 2, but, when you play sims 2, it states that Bella was abducted. But, sims 3 is 50 years before, meaning in the timeline, Bella was possibly abducted before, and got moved to a distant planet (Lunar Lakes). This may be a similar story to Don Lothario, where he got teleported. Bella would have got abducted in the sims 2, and then the aliens probably went back in time and that would possibly be the spaceship that was converted into the science lab. Bella's body was eventually lost underground.
  • Here's my theory: My theory is that Bella was kidnapped by the aliens, and she was cloned two times. One is the Strangetown Bella with no memories, and the other is the Littlehaven Bella with a limited amount of memories. Since the Strangetown Bella was a "failure", since she didn't have any memories, the aliens just dumped her in Strangetown. The Littlehaven Bella almost had all the original memories, but some other aliens took her and just dumped her, and let her live in Littlehaven where the people there found her. As she slowly started to regain her memories, she got the firm belief that she was actually the Bella Goth, and even said that she was the real Bella Goth. She went to interview aliens, but was unable to find the ones that "kidnapped" her. But the real Bella Goth was held captive by the aliens and was tested and experimented on. Her absence (?) from her family and the experiments caused her personality to change. The aliens also cut her hair short and she was starved, which explains why she looks nothing like the "good ol' original Bella Goth" from the Sims 2 (or Sims 3, at that). So after many years, when she was and old woman, the aliens dumped her on an entire planet, along with many other sims (and maybe clones too) to Lunar Lakes (because let's face it, Lunar Lakes looks like it is an entire other planet). And brings me to mention, that I think that the time line in Lunar Lakes is around the same time as the time line in the Sims 2 (if not later), since Mortimer is an old man in the Sims 2, and Bella in Lunar Lakes is a ghost who died of old age. - JonnaJacobsen 14:38, September 19, 2012.
  • I think Maxis just likes to screw with us and made a corpose called Bella Goth so we'd do just what we're doing now
  • This Bella is from Sims 3, right? And Sims 3 takes place 50 years before Sims 2 as far I know, although I'd say something like 30 years. So, Bella in Sims 3 is a child while there's an elder dead Bella in the same game, which means Lunar Lakes is NOT at the same time as Sunset Valley. So, my theory is: Lunar Lakes takes place 50 years after Sims 2. The sims built an spaceship somewhere after 20 years after Sims 2 using Strangetown's crashing UFO technology, and then people from the place, including new families that lived there got in the ship in the wish of having a better life in space. Including Bella. Since the ship was made with the aliens' technology, something went wrong and it crashed in Lunar Lakes, causing sims' memories and personalities to collapse. Then in the next 20 yers it was just colonization and exploring the planet, as well as adapting it as the sims faced that they wouldn't get back to Earth. In those years Bella died from old age and was buried. So Lunar Lakes as we play it is 10 years after Bella's death. — Lilonow (talk) 12:45, December 7, 2012 (UTC)
  • I Think... She's one of the clones of Bella Goth.
  • After Bella was abucted the aliens used her as a test subjects, they did many tests on her including cloning, the tests wiped her memory out. After cloning her they dumped one of the clones in Strangetown, and one in Littlehaven so there wouldn't be two of them in the same town, and continued experimenting on Bella for the rest of her life. When Bella was an elder close to death the aliens destroyed the earth and dropped her in Lunar Lakes because they didn't need her anymore, she stayed there until she died of old age. ~Ana.Phantom
  • Everyone knows (or seems to think) that Bella was abducted by Aliens. I think that after abducting poor Bella, they took her to their home planet (Lunar Lakes before any Sims settled on land) and did these experiments on her. Then they froze her in a Freezer thing (you know, like Star Trek and Stargate SG-1) and abducted more Sims. Then they made those Sims create Lunar Lakes. So many years after Lunar Lakes was created, they unfroze Bella and reset her memory, giving her three random traits and letting her live her life until she died as an Elder. Or she could be a Sim made by Maxis just to get our brains flowing and thinking. Hana talk here if you wish  21:26, February 25, 2013 (UTC)
  • Heres my theory. i think that is the same bella from when she was abducted and its like the future in lunar lakes (this is from someone that just saw someone playing it) this is when like years and years after her abduction and she got tested on so much that she ended up dying at an early age when it looked like she was an elder03:33, February 28, 2013 (UTC)~
  • I think Bella, after the abduction was modified and put her in lunar lakes and got to live as an elder... ALONE!
  • In my version, I take that Bella Goth was abudcted, was brought to Strangetown with amnesia, met some of the people in there and slowly started to get her memoeries back and somehow... one day she got back home... to her family. That's what I hope... I don't want to her story to get more confusing and sad in The Sims 4.
  • New theory by me: What if this Bella Goth is just another relative of the Goth Family? What if she was this pretty great woman who got tons of memorials about her from all around the world (if you have the World Adventures EP, there are a bunch of eastereggs about the name)? The aliens abducted her to see how people would react (if they kidnap someone not famous, people would not have reacted so much, but if they abducted a slightly famous person, people would react differently). After this Bella Goth died, the aliens confused our Bella Goth with their Bella Goth because of their similiar names and kidnapped Bella. ~~JonnaJacobsen
  • I think that Lunar Lakes is later version of Strangetown (there is Road To Nowhere). So this is probably Strangetown Bella. Mate1234 (talk)
  • I think she's Bella Goth from Sunset Valley, moved to Riverview and when it turned into Lunar Lakes she died of shock? I'm bad a theroies, okay?
  • It's simple: they're not the same Bella Goth. Many people are say, named John Smith. Doesn't mean they're all related. The same applies to this Bella Goth. Happystumpy (talk) 06:40, August 5, 2013 (UTC)
  • Well people failed to notice SunsetValley was 50 years before Sims 2 or 25 i am not positive so she most likely is just a deceased sim with the same name or the aliens can time travel even so not much was mentioned
  • Maybe it's just a completely different person with a same name. There is a lot of people name John Johnson or Stan Smith. It's a common thing to have a person with the same exact name. It happened to Bin Laden.
  • I think Bella Goth was actually called Mathilde Goth (the other 'Goth' in Lunar Lakes) but when our Bella Goth (Pleasantview) arrived after leaving Littlehaven, she needed to hide from the aliens, so she swapped her name with the one on the gravestone and slightly changed her look and became Mathilde Goth, the mailwoman, whilst the aliens presumed her dead because of the graveThe REAL Annoying Thing/LeeseyBoy~Michael Leese 15:16, August 24, 2013 (UTC)
  • I think Bella Goth (from Pleasantview) have just a clone in Strangetown. I think Bella Goth (from Lunar Lakes) have a daughter (Mathilde Goth). Bella from Lunar Lakes is just a normal Sim.
  • My first time writing here, I had disregarded the fact that Lunar Lakes is known to take place decades into the future (Much like TS2), so I've coined some more sensible ideas. In the regular Sims 2 timeline, Bella Goth was abducted and taken to Lunar Lakes. Something happened, preventing her from being brought back, but they couldn't have just left her there, so they created a new Bella from scratch, with minor, barely noticable mistakes, and sent her off. She was being flown to Pleasantview, but the craft crashed in Strangetown, and she has been stranded there since. The real Bella was left to live the rest of her life in Lunar Lakes.—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~
  • I think that Bella from strangetown is real Bella but she only didn´t remember anythink what caused Aliens technics. I think too;that Bella from Lunar lakes is only wrong created clon of Bella —Preceding unsigned comment added by Majo.mraz.9 (talkcontribs) (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~