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Best in Show is a guided game in The Sims Pet Stories. It starts when Alice Whitt, who has inherited her grandparents' house, recently has moved back to Garden Heights to take ownership of the property, but money problems have put her on the verge of financial ruin. A starving artist, she hasn't been able to make ends meet every month, but she is determined to make a better life for herself and her dog, Sam. She may be forced to move if she doesn't come up with the simoleons to pay her taxes. Her friends Amaya and Thomas are there to help, but ultimately Alice must find a way to save her house!

After painting a picture, Alice gives some love to her dog, Sam. Alice then changes her clothes as well as her look. Later, Sam chews on the furniture so Alice scolds him. She decides to teach him a command "come here". Soon, Diana DeBore comes and says that Alice owes §120,000 and that she purchased the deed in case Alice can't pay. Alice says she'll find a way to pay off the debt and asks Diana to leave.

After taking Sam for a walk, she finds that there's a dog show competition and if they win, they'll be able to pay off the bills. After that, they go to Playground for Precious to register. Later, Alice chats with other contestants but they don't seem to be interested. The next morning, she invites over Amaya Flores who comes with Thomas Jones, Alice's old friend. Alice explains her problem to them and Amaya brings her an A-frame. Thomas also says he'd like to come tomorrow with his dog Lucy and Alice agrees. Later, Alice trains Sam on the A-frame.

Alice has to scold Sam again because he's digging holes and being filthy. Soon, Alice's sink breaks and she calls a repairman, but since all the plumbers are swamped, she asks Thomas, who's just arrived, to do it. After he fixes her sink, she cleans the kitchen and then plays with Thomas' dog, Lucy. Thomas also gives Alice a Teeter Totter, so she trains Sam.

Alice decides to go to the shopping center and pick up a magazine on dog training. She then goes to Vista Strip Mall and while buying a magazine she runs into Thomas and they decide to go to Simoleon Diner. After lunch, he gives her a toy for Sam and leaves. She goes home too and sees that Sam has made a mess while she was away so she has to clean it. Finally, she reads the magazine that takes the player to the Training Grounds to see how a competition looks like.

The next morning, Alice decides to train Sam for the dog show. Soon, Thomas arrives and gives her a high jump. She then trains Sam on all obstacles she has.

Sam's rolling around in the flower beds so Alice has to give him a bath. After that, they go to The Show Park and compete in the dog show. They qualify for the SimCity finals. Later, Diana tells Alice that there's no way she'll win but Alice says they're going to be the best. Diana also says that she fired Thomas because he was helping Alice.

The next day, Otis Fielding passes Alice's house and she decides to see what he wants. He says that he's very well acquainted with Diana DeBore because his dog Jake was reigning dog show champion until Diana and her dog were able to beat them. He also teaches Alice "The Way of the Paw" that will help her to communicate better with Sam.

While sleeping, the burglar alarm wakes Alice up. She notices that Sam's missing so she calls the police but they say they're busy and that she should search the neighborhood herself. She decides to look for clues around the house. She finds a cafe grounds coffee cup, so she goes there to investigate. When she comes there, she confronts Brock Thornton, one of Diana's thugs, who says that Reece Mustella has Sam back at the Abandoned house. She immediately goes there and confronts Reece who insults her. Thomas comes by and fights Reece off. Alice finds Sam, so they go home. When she gets there, she finds a note from Brock who's giving her a tire.

The next day, Thomas comes and gives Alice a new piece of training equipment and leaves. Soon, Diana comes and Alice decides to confront her. Diana says that if Alice beats her she'll get the deed to the house. After Diana leaves, Alice notices that obsidian paw's missing. Soon, Otis comes by and gives Alice the last bit of training. He tells Alice that she doesn't need help from books to fulfill her destiny, she only needs to look within herself to understand the true meaning of "The Way of the Paw". Later, she calls Amaya to chat with her a bit.

In the morning, Alice finds a gift from Thomas which turns out to be a collapsible chute tunnel. Alice then trains Sam on the training equipment.

On the dog show day, Alice goes to Bartholomew Greens. After she registers in order to participate in the show, she takes a seat. Soon, Amaya comes to support Alice. Later, Diana comes and says that Thomas'll never find a home in town as long as she's around. Alice competes in the show with a good result. Diana participates next but gets disqualified, so Alice wins the show. Later, police comes and arrests Diana for extortion, conspiracy, embezzlement and dognapping.

Alice decides to invite her friends over to thank them for everything. She cooks them a meal and later Thomas' dog, Lucy, gives birth to a litter of puppies, fathered by Sam.

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