Blue Lake

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Blue Lake
Blue Lake's quiet and natural area has offer home for just as real farmers as whom arrived newly with their cosmpolitan ideas. But will the ironheads be able to accommodate with the newcomers?
Name Blue Lake
Game The Sims 2 Seasons Icon.png The Sims 2: Seasons

Blue Lake is a custom neighborhood which I was mainly shipped for The Sims 2: Seasons and The Sims 2: FreeTime. Blue Lake is in one of the more rural areas of SimNation. When the neighborhood first played, most of the households have summer season. Seasonal progression in Blue Lake is set to Summer, Autumn/Fall, Winter, Spring. Blue Lake is quite different from pre-made neighborhoods, because it is mainly inhabited (totally 15 families), and offer quite few free places (only two uninhabitated lots are in the neighborhood) to start a new family.

Families[edit | edit source]

Hoeburst family  212 Farm Ave
Kevin Hoeburst, Lila Hoeburst, Ashlee Hoeburst
Kevin and Lila's first meeting was the perfect cheesy romantic movie scene: Kevin worked as a chef on that restaurant where Lila once had a discussion. They fell in love so quickly and Ashlee has arrived. It seemed they are happy with one child, but Kevin will persuade his wife to broaden their family? Ashlee will be able to choose from her three love interests or fall under the bench?

Summers family  68 Sunshine Road
Archibald Summers , Lucinda Summers , Garreth Summers , Isabelle Summers 
Archibald and Lucinda are living in an exemplary marriage and tried to give everything to their children, but it seems that Garreth doesn't evaluate at all and the "detergent commercial-being" driving him nuts. Are they find the same page with Garreth or their relationship become more angrier?

Wallace family  6 Meadow Road
Christian Wallace , Addison Wallace ,Jasper Wallace  
Will Christian finally give up his childhood dream and acting like a real familyman? Will Addison forgive him that he barely never at home?

Miller family  211 Main Road
Paloma Miller , Jill Lavender , Dante Lavender
Paloma is happy to being around her daughter, but she would love to spend her golden years getting to know the old farmer rather than cheering up her recenlty widowed daughter. Will Jill ever find the love or being forever alone? Will Dante become a good man without his father?

Hollebecq family  61 Sunshine Road
Pierce Hollebecq , Victoria Hollebecq , Katherine Hollebecq , Drew Hollebecq  
Moving to the countryside has positive effects to the Hollebecq family: Pierce is performing great at his workplace, and Victoria found friends easily. But the little cosmpolitan family will perfectly integrate to the provincial atmosphere?  

McMullins family  216 Main Road
Chelsea McMullins , Aaron Levine
Chelsea has been invited to set her paintings and hold a guide tour in the local gallery. It was two years ago, but Chelsea found Blue Lake's atmosphere extremely inspirational and decided to move here. Couple of months ago, just to pay her bills regularly, rented one of her room: Aaron and her become friends quickly. But will they able to stay "just friends" or fall in love with each other finally? 

Warner family  207 Farm Ave
Kevin Warner , Sally Warner , Beau Warner
Warners live happily, but will Sally able to find a job again? Will Kevin has enough time to raise his son? Beau will finally learn how to loose?

Feeney family  219 Straw Slope
Garreth Feeney
After his retiring, Garreth was planning that move to Blue Lake with his wife and resting the tiredness' of life. But soon after they arrived, Garreth's wife died. Will he find his happiness without family and any friend, or he will move out?

Spruce family  201 Farm Ave
Parker Spruce ,Prudence Spruce, Cassidy Spruce , Richie Spruce
Parker and Prudence's marriage seems perfect for the first jiff, but enough to look underneath and find out what is the truth. Will they marriage survive many doubts? Cassidy will find any other friends but her books? Prudence will become a role model for Richie? 

Ettenborough family  388 Main Road
Kennedy Ettenborough , Ida Ettenborough , Leslie Ettenborough , Sophie Ettenborough
Ida's aunt died a couple of months ago, and left her rural estate to her beloved niece. So the Ettenboroughs decided to gave up their cosy big city life and move to the countryside. Ida and the little girls find their own way, only Kennedy doesn't find his place after the past of enthusiasm...

Leechfeld family  242 Main Road
Herb Leechfeld , Caleb Warner
When Caleb and Herb moved together it is seemed to be a good idea because they friends since high school. But they had to realize that they want completely different things from life lately. Will they able to talk their problems or the eternal fighting has a bad effect in their friendship?   

Wang family  247 Main Road
Chen Wang , Shea Wang , Pho Wang
Chen and Shea walked around the world's boards as an artist, yet thought that it is time to settle down and find a home. Blue Lake's peaceful environment enchanted them for the very first time, their son found friends very quickly, only just time for Chen to take the plunge into the fun of gardening....

O'Gready family  17 Grape Lane
Fiona O'Gready , Deirdre O'Gready
After Fiona lost two fiances in a row, a rumour has been started around: she kills her bridegrooms. Fiona knows that, it is not true and only the destiny played an evil game with her. But will she defeat the gossips and get back in to the community or being alone forever? Her neice will move out all by herself?

Jackson family  8 Hay Lane
Morgan Jackson , Erin Jackson , Cameron Jackson
Ever since Morgan knew himself, he was always a shy person, and do not let anybody too close but his family. When he lost his wife and his sister almost at the same time, he became very lonely. Time has been passed, but his children enjoying the warm of family nest. Will Erin and Cameron be able to start their own life? 

Community Lots[edit | edit source]

  • Terry's Provincial Boutique

Forget everything you know about fashion, because Terry chooses his pieces with in the most careful way, straight forward from the southland tailors. Sale on Wednesdays!

  • Blue Lake Gallery and Coffeehouse

You can see pictures with an unparalleled artistic sensation in the Blue Lake Gallery if you visit us. If you become tired in admiring, our baristas wait for you with the best Italian coffee. Public opening hours; Monday: closed, Tuesday-Friday: 12pm-4pm, Saturday-Sunday: 10am-6pm

  • Blue Lake Community Center

You can take as much of yourself as you can for an entire day at BLCC. Play soccer or basketball, play chess with the oldies, or just take a romantic walk around the lake, the Community Center offers quality time for everyone. If you become hungry, just choose our local restaurant! 

  • Mrs Manna's Bistro and Bakery 

If you ever crave for true, sheer pastries with a good coffee, then choose Mrs Manna's. You can bring your own food, if you have a competitive spirit and do a food race with the self-appionted sous-chefs! 

  • Claire's Grocery

Friendly and nice atmosphere, always fresh goods. This is Claire's password!

  • Central Swimming Centrum

Take a splash into the pool or soak your tired body parts in a hot tub, the Central Swimming Centrum offers good time in the heatwave. Possible to grill! 

  • Garry's Thrower

Put your overperfumed bowling shoes on because you can play at Garry's from morning to evening. If you are being tired, we offer you a buffet and a jukebox!  

  • Lad on the Barrier

Rescue out the hiding dancemaster from yourself at the Lad on the Barrier. One of the biggest silo's of the town get a new function a couple of years ago and turned into a club. Opening at Friday and Saturday nights.

  • Blue Lake Market

If you run out of tomatoes and you were going to make spaghetti, or need any fish but it's winter, or just take a bite in to a juicy and delicious orange, then Blue Lake Market waits for you, where you can find the best quality. Saturday and Sunday are market days!