Brandon Woods

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The Sims 3: Showtime

Brandon Woods
Gender Male Male
Age Adult
Life state Sim
As a tree lover in a family of housing developers, Brandon never fit in as a child. He has dedicated his adult life to traveling the country to protest deforestation. While at a forest fundraiser, he met his future wife and soul mate Stardust. Realizing they need an income, Brandon now has a job as a Ballot Counter to help continue his environmental agenda in protest of the giant performance venues being built in town. Though he has the support of longtime residents, he has quickly become enemies of show promoters and the entertainers who wish to perform in these grand venues.
Education and employment
Career Ballot Counter
Family/Families Woods family
Parents Unknown
Siblings None
Romances Stardust Woods Wife
Children August WoodsAdopted Daughter
Traits Family-Oriented
Light Sleeper
Zodiac sign Libra
Lifetime wish Surrounded by Family
Favorites Indie
Autumn Salad
Spice Brown
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Skin color Light
Body shape Fit Fit
Other information
Game The Sims 3: Showtime
Playability Playable
World Starlight Shores

Brandon Woods is a pre-made Sim introduced in Showtime. He resides with his wife and his daughter and has a high relationship with them. He is also friends with Addison Batez and Kirstin Law and distant friends with Conrad Anderson. He is disliked by many Sims in the neighborhood that are involved in careers like Acrobat, Singer and Magician. His bio states that he is an environmentalist and often protests the deforestation in the neighborhood which causes him to be disliked by performer Sims. He works in Political Career as a Ballot Counter. He has 1 point in Charisma but needs to improve it to 4 in order to get promoted. He carries a book in his inventory.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Image Skill Level
Charisma 1

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