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Rodents are a group of small pets. They were first introduced in The Sims: Livin' Large and reappeared in The Sims 2: Pets, The Sims 3: Pets and The Sims 4: My First Pet Stuff.

The Sims: Livin' Large[edit | edit source]

In Livin' Large, the guinea pig was introduced. If the cage wasn't cleaned for a long time, and it bit a Sim, the Sim would become sick. The fastest and easiest way of curing this sickness is to buy the guinea pig painting and look at it.

The Sims 2: Pets[edit | edit source]

FMCU 3000
Game The Sims 2: Pets
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §250
Object type(s) Fun
Size 1x1
The Sims 2: Pets adds womrats. They can be purchased by buying the FMCU 3000 in buy mode, and then using the cage's "Restock" option, which can only be done if the cage is empty and clean. Womrats cost §75.

Variety of womrats to choose from:

  • Black
  • Whitebrown
  • Rex
  • Panda
  • Albino

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The Sims 2: Apartment Pets[edit | edit source]

In The Sims 2: Apartment Pets, hamsters and guinea pigs are some of the pets Sims need to take care of.

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The Sims 3: Pets[edit | edit source]

Main article: Minor pet
Rodents are one of the various kinds of minor pets introduced in The Sims 3: Pets. They can be caught outdoors like other collectibles. Rodents can be kept temporarily in the inventory, but they might eventually run away if kept for too long. Rodents need to be placed in terrarium and be fed regularly.

Being a collectible pet, there is no limit to the amount of rodents a Sim can collect.

Terrariums[edit | edit source]

Rodent Terrarium
Game The Sims 3: Pets
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §

List of rodents[edit | edit source]

Although they are referred to as rodents in-game, shrews and hedgehogs are not actually rodents.

The Sims 3: Pets introduces 7 Rodent types. Each has its own rarity and worth.

There are only 3 common rodent available via the "Stock a Terrarium" option. THe rest must be caught in the wild.

Level Image Name Rarity Min Value Max Value
1 Rat Common §3 §8
1 Womrat Common §10 §15
1 Squirrel Common §20 §30
5 Chipmunk Uncommon §100 §125
5 Shrew Uncommon §200 §250
5 Pygmy Hedgehog Rare §650 §700
5 Chinchilla Rare §850 §1,000

The Sims 4: My First Pet Stuff[edit | edit source]

The Sims 4: My First Pet Stuff adds four new rodents in special cages. Unlike cats and dogs, rodents do not have life stages. However, they can still die of old age or starvation. When a rodent has passed away, a notification will appear, and the rodent's "soul" can be seen leaving the cage.

Sims can buy the Feat Anti-Aging Treat (§300) to halt their aging. The treat can be purchased on the computer or vet clinic.

Rodents[edit | edit source]

Image Name Price Description
Hamster §400 Stomp your feet and clap your hands, c’mon, everybody, it’s the hams… *record scratch* “…shhh; they must never find out about the dance! Back to plotting our escape!”
Pygmy Hedgehog §500 Perhaps you have a prickly personality… if so, the Pygmy Hedgehog may be the right pet for you. Before hedgehogs came into existence, they lived in the ocean as the creature we call sea urchins. While there’s still disagreement over what caused this critter to grow legs and walk onto land, acknowledging that they make fantastic pets is settled science!
Rat §600 San Myshuno! It’s a wonderful town, well… except for its infamous rat infestation. Running through the sewers, crawling through apartment building walls; they’re everywhere! What’s a mayor to do? Thankfully, there’s nothing a little political spin can’t fix… Can I interest you in a pet rat? How about two?
Bubalus §700 After a talking plush of Bubalus became the best-selling toy of 2016, pet breeders saw an opportunity they were uniquely qualified to seize upon. Using genetic engineering, they’ve taken the body of a Hippopotamus, the color and spiral shape of a Violet Sea Snail, and the fur, size, and disposition of a Hamster, to create a new species of animal dubbed the Dwarf Bubalus. Now you can have one of these once fictional creatures to call your very own!

Cage[edit | edit source]

There is maximum one rodent per cage. As long everything is available in their cages, rodents would be able to stay healthy. When a rodent cage is purchased, the new rodent will be well fed. Sims need to refill the food bowls and clean the cage regularly.

The following interactions are available on rodent enclosures:

  • Clean Habitat
  • Fill Food
  • Feed Treat
  • Observe
  • Play With
  • Purchase Rodent
  • Release
  • Rename
  • Study Rodent (Child/Teens Only)
  • Talk
  • Investigate and React (Cats and Dogs) (Require The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs)

The cage has a corkboard that allows Sims to pin postcards on.

Rodent travels[edit | edit source]

Rodents in The Sims 4: My First Pet Stuff can travel to far away lands. They sometimes leave their cage and travel. A note can be seen in the cage, notify they have left the cage.

Notifications will inform the adventures along the way.

Image Name Description
Thank you! The doctors at the Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital wish to express their gratitude to the Rodent. 2018 will be remembered in medical history as the year that a fully functioning ear was grown on Rodent's back, which was then transferred to a Sim suffering from anotia. Here's to you, Rodent!
Book Royalties Received Ghostwritten under the pseudonym Stephen Rat King, "Redundant Rodent Realities: The Life & Times of Rodent" continues to chart on the San Myshuno Times best sellers list. The books publisher, Printed Arts, is thrilled to deliver this royalty payment and express their eager anticipation for "Stephen's" upcoming novel.
Tiny Space Delivery Rodent's miniature rocket launches have resulted in a lucrative asteroid mining operation. It's graciously placed some of the space minerals it returned with inside the household's inventory.
Thank you! At FutureSim Labs, we thought we needed to conduct tests on guinea pigs in the name of scientific advancement, but it was a different kind of rodent that showed us the way. Our deepest gratitude to Rodent for assisting in our breakthrough discovery!
Tiny Rodent; Big Adventure Rodent was thinking about you during its travels, and brought a postcard back to share! OR Rodent brought you a postcard from its grand adventure. This little rodent traveled an awfully long way!
Times Up, Rodent! Anyone seen a rodent around here? Goes by the name Rodent? Let 'em know that Don Landgraab is looking for a payment, if they want to continue to feel "protected".
3... 2... 1... Blastoff Fascinating... Rodent appears to be conducting experiments on reaching escape velocity from its habitat.
Nuclear Blast Detected! Trace signatures of radiation seem to be lingering by {0.ObjectName}'s habitat. Thankfully readings are low enough to pose no danger to Sims. Just what kind of trouble is that rodent getting into?
Rodent Rave ...was that music coming from Rodent's habitat? That rodent is showing how far critters have come since the hamster dances of the aughties!

Rodent Fever[edit | edit source]

If a rodent's terrarium gets dirty, rodents may contract Rabid Rodent Fever. Sims who play with these animals can be bitten, resulting in a "Bite-Sized Bite" moodlet that lasts for two hours. A Sim is more likely to be bitten if he or she has a poor relationship with the rodent they are playing with. After two hours, the moodlet will either expire or turn into the "Fuzzy Feeling" moodlet that lasts for an additional 24 hours. Each subsequent stage of the disease lasts 24 hours: Sims will get the "Fuzzy Fever" moodlet in the next stage, where the disease becomes contagious to other Sims, and will transition to the "Rabid Rodent Fever" moodlet in the final stage of the disease. They will die of the disease after this moodlet expires. Their ghost will appear as an oversized hamster foaming at the mouth.

At all stages of the disease, Sims can cure themselves either by buying rodent remedies using a computer or asking about the fever at the local vet clinic. Ghosts can drink the serum[which?] to cure foaming and transform back to human form.[confirmation needed]