Cassidy Purdue

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The Sims 4

Cassidy Purdue
Cassidy Purdue headshot.png
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult.png Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Sim
From a young age, it was obvious that Cassidy would blossom as a musical prodigy. She would fight with her brother, Ollie, over her need to diligently practice the piano—Ollie just wanted a quiet home to draw in. As a teen, she took up the guitar and quickly mastered that as well. To Cassidy, technology is a bore... Shed much rather spend an afternoon exploring a vintage record store.
Education and employment
Career Unemployed.png Unemployed
Family/Families Purdue family
Siblings Ollie Purdue Brother
Marital status Single
Traits Trait TS4 Loner.png Loner
Trait TS4 Creative.png Creative
Trait TS4 Music Lover.png Music Lover
Trait TS4 Muser.png Muser
Aspiration Aspiration TS4 Musical Genius.png Musical Genius
Hair color TS2 Red Hair.png Red
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes.png Brown
Skin color Skin-medium.png Medium
Body shape Fat Fat
Other information
Game TS4 Icon.png The Sims 4
Playability Gallery

Cassidy Purdue is a pre-made Sim who appears in The Sims 4 base game. She is one of six characters in five households who are included in the Gallery that ships with the game. She lives with her brother, Ollie, who may be her twin, as they are both young adults and 24 days away from becoming adults.

She has the Musical Genius aspiration and her biography describes her as being a musical prodigy. However, like all Sims in the Gallery, she is unemployed and has no skills.

Cassidy shares her appearance with one of the default characters in Create a Sim, and appears on the old cover art for The Sims 4, along with Ollie.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Image Name Relationship level
Ollie Purdue headshot.png Ollie Purdue Brother, Friend

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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