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Four Corners is one of two towns in The Sims: Life Stories. It is a small town which features shops, agym and several ready made families including the Fortuna, Margison, and Sinclair families. These families also feature on story mode.

There are two options when playing the game - Free Play, or Riley's Story.

In Riley's Story, each story takes you through important moments in Riley's life. These stories are made up of chapters which contain set goals. You must acheive the goals to move on to the next chapter.

Riley Harlow is a resident of Four Corners who has previously moved away and has just returned when the game begins. She wants "a fresh start with new friends, new love interests and lots of surprises." She moves in with her aunt Sharon who leaves to take care of things, and is eventually kidnapped, leaving Riley at home alone to continue the story. You are instructed what to do throughout playing Riley's Story and if you do as you are told - Riley will end up happily married with Mickey Smith.


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