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In The Sims 3, as a Sim masters a skill they can choose to complete one of several challenges.

Completing challenges usually augment the associated skill in some important way. For example, completing the Timber Terminator challenge in the Martial Arts skill allows Sims to generate rare uncut gems.

Information about each challenge and what it does can be found on the respective skill's page.

Athletic[edit | edit source]

Body Builder
Body Builders have dedicated at least 60 hours to strength workouts. This dedication pays off, because they are never fatigued after strength workouts. Also unlocks 'Flex' social.
Marathon Runner
Marathon Runners must run at least 500 kilometers before they earn the title. However, accomplishing this incredible feat guarantees them a longer, healthier life.
Fitness Nut
Fitness Nuts have spent 75 hours focusing on cardio workouts. All that time experiencing the burn means they are no longer fatigued after cardio workouts.

Cooking[edit | edit source]

Star Chef

Star Chefs have prepared at least 50 meals, so they clearly know their way around the kitchen. The dishes they prepare are more pleasing to those that eat them.
World-Class Chef
World-Class Chefs have prepared at least 75 dishes and are masters of the kitchen. World-Class chefs are known to prepare meals significantly faster.
Menu Maven
Menu Mavens have learned to prepare all recipes. Recipes are earned by improving the cooking skill and can be purchased at the bookstore. Menu Mavens prepare higher quality food.
Note: 28 recipes total, ca. 3.5% per recipe (35 recipes in World Adventures)

Charisma[edit | edit source]

Celebrities are acquaintances with at least 25 local Sims. Celebrities are able to build relationships more quickly due to a hefty starting relationship bonus.
Personable Sims have learned at least 50 Traits of their friends and neighbors. They are able to learn traits more quickly when conversing with new people.
Super Friendly
Super Friendly Sims can honestly say they have at least 20 Friends. It seems like an impossibly large number of relationships to juggle, but for Super Friendly Sims, friendships never decay.
Everybody's Best Friend
To be Everybody's Best Friend, have at least 10 best friends. Your Friends skip Good Friend and jump immediately to Best Friends.
Comedians have successfully told 100 jokes, which amounts to quite a few laughs. Jokes told by comedians rarely fall flat

Fishing[edit | edit source]

Amateur Ichthyologist
Amateur Ichthyologists have caught at least one of every fish type (21) or at least 20 out of 31 fish types with The Sims 3: World Adventures. Their deep understanding of aquatic life helps them catch bigger fish than normal Sims.
Commercial Fisherman
Commercial Fishermen have caught at least 350 fish. They often catch more fish in less time than normal Sims.

Gardening[edit | edit source]

Master Planter

A Master Planter must plant 19 types of plant that can be planted in the game. Once you have mastered the varieties you will be able to reduce weed growth significantly on future plants.

Botanical Boss

Botanical Bosses must harvest at least 75 Perfect fruits and vegetables. After so many Perfect harvastables, the plants of Botanical Bosses almost never die from neglect.

Master Farmer

Master Farmers have harvested at least 650 fruits and vegetables. The plants of Master Farmers remain watered and fertilized longer, meaning their gardens are more efficient

Guitar[edit | edit source]

Master Guitarist
Master Guitarists learn to play every song awarded to them and available for purchase at the store. After learning so many songs, they receive a special Master Track!
Guitar Star (Player tips)
Guitar Stars must play at 10 Parties and Venues in the town to earn their title. Afterward, they earn larger monetary rewards for tips and performances!

Challenge is completed by completing 10 Opportunities for venues (see opportunities below). Many people have reported this to be a bug but it is not, it is just highly unlikely for a sim who has many skills to complete this challenge with normal lifespan and aging.

Money Maker
Earn §25,000 playing the guitar to earn a new Master Track to perform. Money can be earned through tips or by completing Opportunities.

Handiness[edit | edit source]

Electricians have repaired at least 10 electrical objects. The experience gained means they will never be electrocuted by an electrical object again.
Plumbers have repaired at least 10 plumbing objects. They are so good at repairs that plumbing objects repaired by them never break again.
Tinkerers have finished at least 10 unique upgrades on household items. Installing the "Unbreakable" upgrade on multiple objects only counts as one unique upgrade, so it helps to experiment with different upgrade options! Tinkerers never fail when upgrading objects.

Logic[edit | edit source]

Grand Master
Chess Grand Masters have reached the coveted fifth level of the competitive chess circuit. There, they sit upon their throne, gazing downwards upon their victims. Those who engage Grand Masters in chess improve their abilities in logic and chess more quickly.
Celestial Explorer
Celestial Explorers have discovered 20 celestial bodies through their telescope. Their extensive knowledge of the heavens allows them to discuss the stars with their friends and neighbors.
Teacher Extraordinaire
Teacher Extraordinaires have spent at least 20 hours tutoring other Sims. Because of this, they are much more effective when tutoring others.
Skill Professor
Skill Professors have spent at least 30 hours tutoring other Sims in skills. Because of this, they are much more effective when teaching skills to others.

Painting[edit | edit source]

Brushmasters have painted at least 30 paintings, and as a result, paint much faster than normal painters.
Proficient Painters
Proficient Painters have proven their worth by painting at least 6 brilliant paintings. They tend to paint far more brilliant paintings and masterpieces than less proficient Sims.
Master Painter
Master Painters have painted at least 5 masterpieces. Every painting they sell is worth oodles more than the work of normal artists.

Writing[edit | edit source]

Speed Writer
Speed Writers are so prolific that they've earned §30,000 in royalties. Speed Writers write more quickly than normal writers.
Prolific Writer
Prolific Writers have written at least 20 books in their career. They are so well known that they tend to write far more best-sellers than their counterparts.
Specialist Writer
Writers must pen at least 5 novels in a specific genre to be known as a specialist for the genre.[1] Such specialists write far more hits and best-sellers in their particular genre than most.

Collecting[edit | edit source]

Gem Collector
Collect 10 types of gems, and the rarest gem cut shape will be bestowed upon your Sim! Watch out... it's valuable!
Note: 10% per type in base game
Metal Collector
Find 5 types of metals, and your Sim will routinely get additional Ingots returned in the mail.
Note: 20% per type
Amateur Rock Finder
Once your Sim finds at least half of the varieties of space rocks, it will be easier to find ones you haven't yet stumbled across.
Awesomest Rock Collector in the Universe
Find all the space rocks, and your Sim will have more luck collecting ones of higher value.
Note: 33 types total, 3.03% per type
Butterfly Collector
Catch 10 types of butterfly to become a Butterfly Collector. Sims with this title are learned in the ways of the insect and will have an easier time finding beetles and butterflies.
Note: 10% per type
Beetle Collector
Catch 10 types of beetle, and your Sim will never fail at catching butterflies or beetles again.
Note: 10% per type

Martial Arts[edit | edit source]

Grand Master
Reach tournament level 5 to attain the title of "Grand Master" and help other Sims improve their Martial Arts skills much more quickly.
Master of Meditation
After 150 hours of meditation, your Sims can learn Tranquil Transference.
Sim Fu King
After 75 sparring matches your Sim will be better at sparring and matches than usual.
Timber Terminator
After breaking 150 boards of oak level or higher, your Sim will be able to obtain gems after breaking space rocks

Nectar Making[edit | edit source]

Master of Nectar Making
After making 200 bottles of Nectar you'll make more bottles per batch.
Flavorful Feet
After squishing 40 batches of fruit, Nectar made by you will be worth more.
The Vizard of Vine
Turn 400 bunches of homegrown grapes into Nectar and all grapevine varieties grown by you will yield more grapes.
Mix Master
Make 15 different Nectar combinations and your Sim will be able to predict a Nectar recipe's final quality before making it.

Photography[edit | edit source]

Capture 75 unique subjects and photographs will all have a higher base worth.
Architectural eye
Capture 10 unique landmarks and all landmark photos will be worth more.
Human form expert
Capture 50 unique Sims and you'll be able to improve your Sim's relationships with other Sims just by taking photos of them
Capture 60 unique Sims that are strangers and photos of strangers will be worth more.
Shutter nut
Complete 5 photo collections and all photos after that cost nothing to take

Inventing[edit | edit source]

Widget Wonder
After your Sim has made 250 widgets, every widget they make will be of the Improved variety. These are 50% more valuable. This will increase your profit by quite a lot. I saw around 40% of my widgets weren't 'Improved' before I unlocked this challenge. Making Smashers seems to be the fastest way to make it to 250.

Diabolical Detonator
Unlocked after detonating 150 objects. This will give you more scrap per pile. It's really a challenge you can live without. Blowing up multiple objects at once is counted correctly. With this, blowing up those piles in the scrap yard is very effective but by the point you need it you may just be so bored detonating and digging that you buy scrap at the table.

Scrap Collector
After collecting 1,000 scrap (through digging, detonating or random finds), your Sim will get more from each dig pile when getting down and dirty. It triples the amount you get per pile. It's helpful, and should come naturally as you progress.

Master Inventor
At 100 big inventions built, you unlock this beauty of a reward. Big Inventions consume 20% less scrap, sell for 10% higher value and are completed about 10% faster. All widgets and toys are also built 'Masterfully' and jump up tremendously in value. This makes cheap toys fast money makers.

The Ultimate Invention!
Unlocking this means you can make more SimBots, and have completed the Master Invention opportunity.

Sculpting[edit | edit source]

Make 20 Sculptures. This shaves about 25% off the time it takes to make all sculpture types.

Prolific Sculptor
Make 35 Sculptures. All materials (even scrap) are free.

Master Sculptor
Make 5 of each type. Sculptures are about 25% more valuable.

Ice Personality
Make 25 Ice sculptures and new ones will no longer melt.