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Color Enable Package

Examples of recolored objects.

The Color Enable Package or CEP for short is a user created mod[1] which makes Maxis objects in The Sims 2 recolorable. This allows creators to recolor these objects, and allows players to use these recolors. It could be considered as a basic Create a Style, and might be what inspired EA to create it for The Sims 3. The mod was created and maintained by 'Numenor' & 'RGiles' and its home is ModTheSims.

The CEP enables colour options for many objects that Maxis shipped in only one colour (e.g. the potty chair, the exercise machines, the photo booth); the CEP also enables colour options for a second part of the object, when Maxis offered only one recolourable part (e.g. the books of the bookcases, the amplifier for the guitar, the marble base and the exterior of the coffin). Once you've installed the CEP, you'll be able to create additional re-colours for those objects, and use re-colours created by other users.

The CEP is compatible with all Sims 2 titles up to and including Mansion & Garden Stuff. The latest release is version 9.2.0, which was released on May 15, 2009, and which will likely be the last.[2]

CEP comes with an automatic installer for Windows or a manual install for Windows and Mac OS X and is only around 5 Mb in size.

The CEP site has its own FAQ and installation guide. However, the automatic installer and manual installation guide are from May 2009. Compilations released after that date may have folder configurations that are not handled by the installer or covered in the installation guide. While reports vary as to whether the automatic installer works correctly with the altered folder layout used by The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection, the main page has been updated with manual install instructions for Ultimate Collection. The manual installer is a zip file. When installing the CEP manually, it is best to extract the .package files to the folder the CEP zip is in, then copy them to the proper game folders.

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  1. Mod vs. Tool: Since it requires no user input other than installation, comes in .package format and has no executables, it is considered a mod by The Sims Wiki.
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