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The Sims 4: Discover University

Commons (known by its in-game names of Foxbury Commons and UBrite Commons) is a pair of similar lot assignments in The Sims 4: Discover University. They are intended to be meeting places for Britechester's two universities, Foxbury Institute and University of Britechester. Pre-made commons lots can be found in Britechester, but players can build them in any non-vacation world.

The lot types function as a combination of a library and a cafeteria. They require almost exactly the same objects; the ones they have in common are tables, chairs, couches, desks, waste disposal, toilets, sinks and a cafeteria station. The difference is that Foxbury Commons lots also require two robotics workstations and four computers, and UBrite Commons lots instead require a debate podium set and a microphone.

Students will often show up for late night study sessions, so that they can cram for upcoming assignments and exams.

List of commons lots[edit | edit source]

Darby's Den[edit | edit source]

Darby's Den
File:Darby's Den.png
Darby's Den is the best location on campus to fuel up before the big exam, work on homework, and make new friends. The evening tea and poetry readings are a hit with the students, and nobody can withstand watching the great debates that have occurred here. It's snug and comfy, just right for the den of the Britechester Dragons.
Lot type UBrite Commons
Value §115,313
Lot size 30x20
Lot traits Trait TS4 Convival.png Convivial
Trait TS4 Great Acoustics.png Great Acoustics
Number of floors 1
World Britechester
Game The Sims 4: Discover University

Darby's Den is a UBrite Commons lot in the University of Britechester neighborhood of Britechester. It features a library with a debate podium set, a microphone and a fireplace; a bathroom; and a cafeteria. The lot is named after UBrite's mascot, Darby the Dragon.

Larry's Lagoon[edit | edit source]

Larry's Lagoon
File:Larry's Lagoon.png
The Foxbury commons, fondly referred to as Larry's Lagoon, is the perfect place for students to recharge after a long day of classes. There's food, and lots of space to study or work on homework when students are tired of dealing with their roommates. Computers and Robotics Workstations gives everyone a chance to use the latest technology to get kickstart to a new term.
Lot type Foxbury Commons
Value §150,514
Lot size 40x30
Lot traits Trait TS4 Fast Internet.png Fast Internet
Trait TS4 Natural Light.png Natural Light
Number of floors 2
World Britechester
Game The Sims 4: Discover University

Larry's Lagoon is a Foxbury Commons lot in the Foxbury Institute neighborhood of Britechester. It is a large, open concept building that features a computer area, a cafeteria, a ping-pong table, two robotics workstations and two bathrooms. The lot is named after Foxbury's mascot, Lobster Larry.