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The Sims 2: FreeTime

Competitions are a group activity introduced in The Sims 2: FreeTime that allows Sims to compete with each other to win. There are 3 kinds of competitions: cooking, dancing, and gaming.

Cooking competition[edit | edit source]

Exquisitique Food Judging Table
Have a craving to show off your talents and skills? Always wanted to compete with friends or neighbors on who can make the best Baked Alaska? The Exquisitique Food Judging Table is the next big thing that will show who is the next great chef.
Game The Sims 2: FreeTime
Buyability Community lot only
Price in game §810
Object type(s) Special
Size 3x1
Sims competing in a cooking competition.

Sims can enter cooking competitions on community lots with a food judging table. Up to four Sims can enter the competition at once. The only two premade lots that contain a food judging table are Copur Kitchen Cook-Off and Sue's (Secret) Kitchen secret hobby lot.

To enter the competition, Sims must have at a group serving platter of food in their inventory. This can be prepared from home, or cooked on any community lot with a kitchen. They must then click the judging table and select the serving platter they would like to enter from their inventory. Once this is done, three other participants—usually other Sims on the lot—will begin to enter.[n 1] They will place random food on the table, even if they do not actually have those dishes in their inventories.

Some elements that determine the winner include:

  • The quality of the food;
  • The required skill level required to prepare the food;
  • The cooking skill of the Sim who prepared it;
  • Cuisine enthusiasm[citation needed]

The winner will get 500 Simoleons and a blue ribbon in their inventory, along with a positive memory. Townies and other families can be rewarded the ribbon and memory. Sims with a high enough cuisine enthusiasm will want to win the competition and will have a fear of losing it.

Dance competition[edit | edit source]

Sims can join dance competitions on community lot where a DJ booth from FreeTime is present. The only premade lot that contains this DJ booth is the My Muse: Music and Dance secret hobby lot. Sims cannot use the DJ booth from Nightlife to enter the competition.

Sims can choose various dance types for the competition, including Solo, Smustle[TS2:NL], Hula dance[TS2:BV], and Slap dance[TS2:BV], if they know those dances. Up to four Sims can compete at once, including the Music and Dance hobby instructor, if they are present. The higher the secret dance skill and the Music and Dance enthusiasm, the more likely the Sim will win. The winner will be given a cash prize.

Competing in a dance competition will build the body skill.

Gaming competition[edit | edit source]

Gaming competitions can be done on both residential and community lots, but only competitions held on community lots will award money. At least two or more computers must be present on the lot for the option to become available. The Sim who starts the competition must click on a computer and then select any game that they own. Other Sims will be able to join the competition on any other computer on the lot and will play the same game, even if they do not own it.

The gaming competition is the least attractive of all other competitions. Few to no other participants will autonomously join in an existing gaming competition.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. If the competition is being held on the Cuisine secret hobby lot, the cuisine hobby instructor may participate.

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