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The Sims: Unleashed The Sims 2 The Sims 3

Cornelia Goth Sr.
Gender Female Female
Age Adult[1]
Life state Sim
Cornelia is the founder of the Sim City Bridge Society and enjoys high tea and phrenology. She is thankful to have her granddaughter, Cassandra, so nearby.
Family/Families Goth Sr. family
Romances Gunther Goth Married
Children Mortimer Goth Son
Pets Hecuba Goth, Menelaus Goth
Zodiac sign Virgo
Hair color Grey
Skin color Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other information
Game The Sims: Unleashed
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Old Town
Cornelia Goth
Gender Female Female
Age Elder
Life state Ghost
Family/Families Goth family
Parents Simon Crumplebottom, Prudence Crumplebottom Both Deceased
Siblings Agnes Crumplebottom Sister Deceased
Marital status Married
Romances Gunther Goth Deceased
Children Mortimer Goth Son
Zodiac sign Pisces
Aspiration Knowledge
Hair color Grey
Eye color Brown
Skin color Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other information
Game The Sims 2
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Fire
Neighborhood Pleasantview
Cornelia Goth
Gender Female Female
Age Adult
Life state Sim
Cornelia Goth is Gunther's perfect counterpart - impeccably mannered and refined, but not snooty.
Education and employment
Career Unemployed
Family/Families Goth family
Parents Simon Crumplebottom, Prudence Crumplebottom Both Deceased
Siblings Agnes Crumplebottom Sister
Marital status Married
Romances Gunther Goth Married
Children Mortimer Goth Son
Traits Charismatic
Lifetime wish The Perfect Garden
Favorites Custom
Grilled Salmon
Hair color Purple
Eye color Blue
Skin color Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other information
Game The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Sunset Valley

Cornelia Goth[2] (née Crumplebottom), is a pre-created, playable Sim in The Sims: Unleashed and The Sims 3. She first appeared in the Unleashed expansion pack along with her husband, Gunther Goth, and their two cats, Hecuba and Menelaus. She was the matriarch of the Goth family in her time.

Cornelia lives in Sunset Valley in The Sims 3, and eventually moves to Old Town in The Sims: Unleashed, before being laid to rest in the Goth family cemetery in The Sims 2. She is the mother of Mortimer Goth, husband to the now famous Bella Goth. Cornelia was the wife of Gunther Goth, the sister of, Agnes Crumplebottom, and the daughter of Simon Crumplebottom and Prudence Crumplebottom.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Life leading up to The Sims 3[edit | edit source]

Since The Sims 3 is a prequel to The Sims, Cornelia appears as an adult, where she lives at 13 Skyborough Boulevard along with her husband Gunther and son Mortimer. Her appearance is somewhat of a goth, with purple colored hair, though her natural hair color in The Sims 2 is black. She wears a long, dark purple/black dress.

She starts the game as unemployed and very skilled at painting, being level 6. In contrast to her later appearance in The Sims: Unleashed, she doesn't have a very good relationship with her husband, Gunther Goth, being just friends at the beginning and not having a high enough relationship to Woohoo. This poor relationship contradicts Mortimer's bio, which claims that their marriage was strong and healthy.

Her parents, Prudence and Simon Crumplebottom, are both deceased by the time the game begins and are buried in the private Goth graveyard in their home. Cornelia is a friend of Vita Alto and an acquaintance of Nick Alto, Geoffrey Landgraab and Nancy Landgraab. Cornelia's closest relationship is to her sister, Agnes Crumplebottom, with whom she is good friends. Both sisters will often become best friends, shortly after the game begins.

Although her lifetime wish is to have a perfect garden, she has not even begun learning the gardening skill, has no seeds in her inventory or plants in her yard, and lacks the green thumb or loves the outdoors traits that would give her a boost when learning the skill. In addition to a lack of the requisite skill, she is only 7 days away from becoming an elder with the default aging settings. Making it difficult to fulfill her wish with the time that she has left.

If The Sims 3: Seasons is installed, she often works at the food booths at the Sunset Valley Summer Festival along with Madison VanWatson.

Life leading up to The Sims[edit | edit source]

Cornelia Goth and her husband Gunther Goth make their first appearance in The Sims: Unleashed, and are introduced along with their two cats Hecuba and Menelaus, living at 77 Maple Street. She, along with Gunther and their cats, take the surname of Goth Sr., rather than Goth unlike later entries in the series, this was most likely done to differentiate the two families.

Her relationship with her husband has improved considerably from where it was in The Sims 3, as she is fully in love with Gunther by the time of this game. In her biography, she is stated to be glad that her granddaughter, Cassandra, is nearby. She is stated to be the founder of the Sim City Bridge Society, and enjoys high tea and phrenology. It is speculated that she is an acquaintance of Buffy Snooty Patooty, who is said to also partake in high tea and playing bridge. Like in The Sims 3, Cornelia remains unemployed by the time of The Sims: Unleashed.

She wears a long and elegant black and silver dress.

When first played in Neighborhood 1, she will have no relationships with Mortimer, Bella, or Cassandra.

Life leading up to The Sims 2[edit | edit source]

By the time of The Sims 2, Cornelia and her husband are both deceased, having died in two separate fires some time apart from each other. She died before her son Mortimer became a Mad Scientist. Her husband had died much earlier, when her second grandchild, Alexander was still a toddler. She is buried in the Goth home at 165 Sim Lane in Pleasantview with her husband Gunther, along side most of her family and in-laws. Although strangely her mother, Prudence's grave is absent.

She wears a simple mid-length black dress and a pair of round glasses, the only time she is depicted with any. Her default thumbnail depicts her with an early version of the French Braid hairstyle, just like Mama Lothario. It is very similar to the finalized version available for use in-game, but with a slightly different texture. If she appears as a ghost or is resurrected, she will appear with the finalized version that is readily available in-game.

According to Cornelia's SimDNA in SimPE, her hair was black before it turned grey. According to her age data, she had 27 days left in the elder life stage when she died.

Resurrection tip
This Sim can be resurrected with the Tombstone of Life and Death.

Simology[edit | edit source]

The Sims
Sloppy 8 Neat
Shy 4 Outgoing
Lazy 5 Active
Serious 2 Playful
Grouchy 6 Nice
The Sims 2
Sloppy 5 Neat
Shy 3 Outgoing
Lazy 7 Active
Serious 3 Playful
Grouchy 7 Nice

The Sims
Image Interest Level
Travel 0
Money 0
Politics 0
The 60's 0
Weather 0
Sports 0
Music 0
Outdoors 0
Exercise 9
Food 5
Parties 4
Style 10
Hollywood 2
Technology 0
Romance 0
The Sims 2
Image Interest Level
Environment 4
Food 7
Weather 1
Culture 5
Money 2
Politics 4
Paranormal 0
Health 2
Fashion 8
Travel 9
Crime 8
Sports 3
Entertainment 6
Animals 1
Work 4
School 4
Toys 4
Sci-Fi 0

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Cornelia has blue eyes in The Sims: Unleashed and The Sims 3, but brown eyes in The Sims 2.
  • In The Sims 3, Cornelia has the same favorites as Victor Goth, her father in law.
  • She makes a cameo in the intro movie in The Sims 3. She can be seen asking for an autograph from a guitarist at the theater.
  • With the default aging settings in The Sims 3, she will become an elder while Mortimer is still a child. This completely contradicts the fact that Mortimer and Cornelia were both elders before the start of The Sims 2 as evident by Mortimer's memories.
    • On a similar note, Cornelia is close to becoming an elder in The Sims 3, but died around the time of her son's retirement, which was a fairly recent event.
  • Cornelia has a fondness for purple, and other shades of purple, in The Sims 3.
  • Despite not being a witch, she is often seen in promotional pictures from The Sims 3 store, alongside magical objects, hobbies, and skills.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Other languages[edit | edit source]

Language The Sims: Unleashed The Sims 2 The Sims 3
English Cornelia Goth Sr. Cornelia Goth Cornelia Goth
Brazilian Portuguese Cornélia Caixão Cornélia Caixão Cornélia Caixão
Chinese (Simplified) 科尼莉娅 高斯
Chinese (Traditional) 康妮麗 高斯 可妮莉雅 高斯
Czech Kornélie Gothová
Danish Kornelia Barbar senior Kornelia Spøgh Cornelia Spøgh
Dutch Cornelia v/d Kerkhof sr. Cornelia van de Kerkhof Cornelia van de Kerkhof
European Portuguese Cornélia Goth Cornélia Goth
Finnish Kristiina Goottila Kristiina Goottila
French Cornélia Gothik Cornélia Gothik Cornélia Gothik
German Cornelia Biergans Cornelia Grusel Cornelia Grusel
Hebrew קורנליה גות' קורנליה גות' קורנליה גות'
Italian Cornelia Alberghini Cornelia Alberghini Cornelia Alberghini
Japanese コーネリア ゴスセニョール
(Cornelia Goth Senior)
コールネリア ゴス
(Cornelia Goth)
Korean 염 혜지 코넬리아 고트 코넬리아 고트
Norwegian Cornelia Goth Senior Kornelia Goth Kornelia Goth
Polish Kornelia Gotyccy Kornelia Ćwir Kornelia Ćwir
Russian Korneliya Got
(Корнелия Гот)
Korneliya Got
(Корнелия Гот)
Korneliya Got
(Корнелия Гот)
Spanish Cornelia Hernández Cornelia Lápida Cornelia Lápida
Swedish Cornelia Spökh d.ä Cornelia Spökh Cornelia Spökh
Thai คอร์นีเลีย โกธ คอร์นีเลีย โกธ
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Lolita - Victor - Gretle - Gunther - Cornelia - Frida - Mortimer - Bella - Cassandra - Alexander

Grandpa - Grandma - Uncle - Auntie - Cousin - Vegas - Bratty - Boy - Hecuba - Menelaus

The Crumplebottom Family
Simon - Prudence - Cornelia - Agnes - Erik Darling - Beatrice - Belinda - Bianca
Robert - Mrs. CrumpleBottom - Elmira Clamp - Ian Arneson - Agatha

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  1. Though she has the appearance of an Elder, she is treated as an adult in-game due to The Sims lacking an Elder life stage.
  2. Cornelia Goth Sr. in The Sims: Unleashed