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The Sims: House Party The Sims 3: Generations

Costume chests are objects in The Sims: House Party and The Sims 3: Generations that Sims use to dress up.

The Sims: House Party[edit | edit source]

Porta-Parody Costume Trunk
Porta-Parody Costume Trunk.png
Recently unearthed from the bowels of SimStudios, these costume trunks were once used by TV stars on the sets of such hit shows as Toga! Toga! Toga!, Klub Dub, and Fantasy Freeway. Cleaned and restored by Porta-Parody Productions, these collectible trunks are a costume party waiting to happen!
Game The Sims: House Party
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §496
Object type(s) Wardrobe
Size 2x2

The Porta-Parody Costume Trunk can be used by both adults and children. Directing one Sim to change into a costume will make everyone on the lot change into costumes as well.

There are eight themes to choose from, which include Costumes, Disco, Formalwear, Beachwear, Clubwear, Swimsuits, Togas and Westernwear. The trunk also has a "Dress Normal" interaction to change Sims back into their everyday outfits.

The Sims 3: Generations[edit | edit source]

Dreamer's Costume Chest
The Dreamer's Costume Chest lets any child transform into a character limited only by their imagination. They can frighten passersby with a mighty roar, walk on the moon, or even wave to their royal subjects. Prepare for a possible argument as your child may never want to take off their costume!
Game The Sims 3: Generations
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §500
Object type(s) Toy
Size 1x2

The Dreamer's Costume Chest is an object included in The Sims 3: Generations. Unlike House Party, this chest can only be used by children, and it has a fun score of 8.

Available costumes[edit | edit source]

Sims can choose from four costume types, all of which are gender-neutral: Tyrannosarus Rex, Astronaut, Prince and Princess.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Costumes can be chosen through the "Transform Into..." interaction, which then gives the following options:

  • A Tyrannosarus Rex...
    • Red Roaring T-Rex
    • Gargantuan Green T-Rex
    • Pouncing Pink T-Rex
  • An Astronaut...
    • Moon Walker White
    • Astro Orange
    • Pulsar Purple
  • A Prince...
    • Knightly Grey
    • Heroic Blue
    • Royal Red
  • A Princess...
    • Lavish Lavender
    • Regal Rose
    • Proper Periwinkle

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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