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Recommended Traits for Host Sim
These five traits are recommended for the sim hosting the gravestones. If mikey's Ambrosia mod is installed, Green Thumb and Angler are not necessary.

This is a guide for creating a town populated by the resurrected ghosts found in the different worlds from expansions and The Sims 3 Store. Before we begin, there are two mods needed for this strategy:

The NRaas Traveler Mod

mikey on Modthesims's Ambrosia mod (optional; makes acquiring Ambrosia easier)

mikey on Modthesims's Kleptomaniac mod (optional; decreases the amount of time it takes to acquire gravestones)

In addition, the testingcheatsenabled true cheat will be needed, as well as an empty world (this can be a custom world, or just an emptied version of another world).

Step 1: Prepping the Host Sim[edit | edit source]

To begin, you will need a host sim. This is the sim that will travel and collect gravestones later, as well as resurrect the ghosts. The sim does not need to be a ghost themselves, depending on what you choose to do with them after forming the town.

When creating this sim, I advise equipping them with the traits displayed. The Adventurous trait will allow your sim to stay in places longer, if you need the time. The Bookworm trait is to increase the speed at which your sim gains skill. The Kleptomaniac trait will allow you sim to swipe, and it is absolutely necessary. The Green Thumb and Angler traits will assist in acquiring Life Fruit and Deathfish if you choose not to install the Ambrosia mod.

The following preparations can be done at any time, but it may be nice to get them out of the way before traveling:

  • Your sim needs to level their cooking skill to 10 and learn the recipe for Ambrosia (this can also be enhanced with the Fast Learner LTR) (Note: this is only if you'd like to resurrect the ghosts. If you'd prefer to keep them as ghosts, skip this).
  • Your sim needs to purchase a Philosopher's Stone and keep it in their family inventory (costs 40,000 points in the LTR store; though you can earn these points organically I highly recommend using the point cheat)
  • It is also recommended that you give your sim plenty of simoleons, either using motherlode or familyfunds.

Now, your sim is ready to travel.

Step 2: Traveling to Other Towns[edit | edit source]

Now, it is time for you to select your sim's cell phone and choose "travel." (Before you travel, check if the world you began in has any gravestones and follow the next few parts before traveling to other towns). With the NRaas mod, other towns in addition to the World Adventures destinations will appear as options. Traveling to other towns requires no Visa level to stay the maximum number of days. The mod will also prompt you to save before traveling, which should be done in case the game crashes during traveling.

When you get to your first town, scope out any gravestones with names attached (i.e. ignore ones that say "Remains"). Most will be in the town's cemetery, and the wiki pages for each town may also give insight to any other deceased sims located around the town.

There are a few ways to acquire these gravestones:

  • If the stone is on a purchasable community lot, I'd recommend purchasing the lot and moving all graves to your inventory. (Note: using the "build on this lot" cheat to move these graves into your inventory will put them in a hypothetical lot inventory instead of your own, and the graves will not be transferred with you) (Note 2: this only applies if you live in the town. If you want to purchase lots in every town, you will have to move instead).
  • If the stone is on a non-purchasable community lot (ex. junkyard), shift-click and select "build on this lot," then move the gravestone to an easily accessible place away from other objects (the moveObjects on cheat may be needed). Have your sim "swipe something" near the gravestone, and they should pick it up.
  • For graves on residential lots, the above process can also be used.

This is where the Kleptomaniac mod comes in handy: it will allow you to swipe as time of day, as many time as you want. This will speed up the process.

Once every gravestone in the town has been moved into the inventory, the process should be repeated at each town available.

Step 3: Filling the Empty Town[edit | edit source]

One your sim has picked up the graves from every town, their inventory will be pretty full. The next step is to move to the empty world!

Once there, make sure your house has enough area to place every grave/urn on the lot. Once that has been done, it is time to place the Philosopher's Stone. Using the stone, select "bind ghost." You can bind up to seven ghosts at once, and they will join your household.

Now, the cooking skill comes in handy. It is time for your sim to prepare enough Ambrosia for each ghost (assuming you don't want to keep them as ghosts). The ingredients can be acquired organically, but with the Ambrosia mod, they can be instantly purchased for §225. Once the ghosts have eaten the Ambrosia, or you're ready to kick them out, have them use their phones and move within the neighborhood (Note: any child ghosts, such as Opal Suarley, will need to be with a Young Adult or older ghost). Once you have freed up space in your household, more ghosts can be bound to the household for move-out. Their gravestones will disappear from your lot as they are resurrected.

Once you have made it through every last ghost, congrats! Your town is now filled with the resurrected ghosts, giving them all a second chance at life!

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