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This article describes features that are only available in The Sims 3: World Adventures.

A guide on how to use the advanced basement creation tools to create tombs in The Sims 3: World Adventures.

Brief overview of tools and commands used[edit | edit source]

  • TestingCheatsEnabled true - needed to enable the BuyDebug on cheat.
  • BuyDebug on - allows you to place tomb-specific items such as traps, switches, treasures and even collectible spawners on the lot, in buy mode use the 'sort by function' tab and click the question mark to access them.
  • MoveObjects on - may be needed for placing items in awkward locations.

Icon-warning-48x48.png Warning: Please be aware that creating your own tombs or triggerable items may not be the most user-friendly process, and side effects such as game crashes may occur, with this in mind, it is best to save your game before you begin any work. Also, most items are intended to be triggered only once, meaning after use they will appear as normal, taking away the exploration element.

Placing tomb items[edit | edit source]

This is the easy part, as placing the physical items is no different from placing standard items, enter the 'BuyDebug on' cheat and find the adventure items located under the question mark tab, you can then place as you wish. also choose a treasure for your Sim to find while exploring the well by selecting "Treasure component..." and selecting from the list.

List of trigger pie menu commands[edit | edit source]

Scripting triggers is a somewhat difficult process as it has not been fully tested yet. To access scripting commands first enter the 'TestingCheatsEnabled on' command and enter buy mode, from here shift + control clicking on adventure items will bring up a pie menu (standard Sims 3 items will only have the "Clone" option.)

  • Hide - very simple, makes the object transparent, it will disappear completely in live mode.
  • Show object status - shows the current status of the object, what treasures it will give on examining, what it is linked to by a trigger, etc.
  • Treasure component... - clicking will bring up a long list of items that can be hidden in the object to be collected upon examining, ranging from simoleons, ancient coins, crystals, keystones, relics and more.
  • Make unusable by NPCs - pretty straightforward, NPCs won't use this object.
  • Reset current link - will reset all triggers to their original state, this may have to be done manually every time after the trigger is fired (if you want to re-hide something for example.)
  • Clear all links to and from this object - Clears all trigger links to and from the object.
  • Activated behaviors - Tells the object what to do when triggered, including an optional message to display and sound to play, sub-menus include;
    • Activate - will activate the item-specific commands such as 'appear' or 'disappear'.
    • Turn on cause/effect FX - will turn on/off the music and visual effects when the object is triggered.
    • Set TNS on activation - Brings up a text entry box, used to display a message that appears on the top right of the screen when the trigger is activated, such as "You gained entry into the tomb."
    • Clear TNS on activation - clears any text entered in the previous command.
  • Triggers - brings up item-specific sub-menus;
    • Draw all links on lot - draws colored lines between all linked items on the lot, green or pink indicates the object is linked properly ready to fire, red means it's not linked properly or has been fired already.
    • Draw links from triggers - same as above but links are only drawn when the mouse is hovered over an item, to prevent the lot becoming cluttered with colored lines.
    • Clear deleted references on this lot - Uncertain.
    • Clear drawings - clears all colored lines from display.
  • Link triggers - This is one of the commands used to actually create the triggers. Commands vary between items.

Creating a simple trigger[edit | edit source]

The easiest trigger to make is linking two dive wells together. Place two wells in buy mode. Remaining in buy mode, shift + control click one of the wells and select "Change this well's name (Current name:)", in the dialog box enter something simple like 'well1' and click ok. Now select the second well and repeat the process, naming it something like 'well2'. Return to the first well and select "Make this an uber warp well", in the box type 'well2'. Repeat for the second well by selecting "Make this an uber warp well" and typing 'well1', the two wells are now linked and a Sim should be able to travel between them.

Links are used to activate or deactivate traps, hide or unhide switches, hide or unhide holes, lock or unlock doors and much more. Every tomb should have links because without them there won't have any secrets or puzzles in the tomb, in a way that it won't look like a real tomb.

Unlock tomb objects[edit | edit source]

To unlock the switches, the holes, the movable statue, the traps and much more tomb things you will have to type some cheats codes:

  • Open the cheat window using Control + Shift + C buttons.
  • Type the cheat code "testingcheatsenabled" true to unlock all the cheats in the game.
  • Reopen the cheat window and type the "buydebug" cheat to unlock the tomb objects.

Now the new objects are in the debug section in the buy mode.