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The Sims 2 (console)

For the skill, see Creativity (skill).


A Sim painting


Sims with the Creative Aspiration love to experiment in all aspects of their lives. Whether it's inventing new recipes in the kitchen or making sure their wardrobe is at the cutting edge of modern fashion, they're always doing their best to find a creative solution to life's challenges.

Creativity is an aspiration which appeared in The Sims 2 for console and The Sims 2 Pets for console. It is the completed version of the Craft aspiration that was removed early on in development in the The Sims 2 PC version. The main objective is to master the creativity skill and paint or play guitar. They love anything to do with food, whether that's making a new dish, a dish with a special effect or serving a meal to someone. They'll want to purchase an ingredient source and change their clothes often. Some things that they fear are throwing up or selling a bad painting. Similar to Knowledge Sims, they often do like to read a book and gain skills or on a whim they roll the want to master a skill, despite not being close to mastering one. Much like Wealth Sims, they like money, and finding buried treasure is one way they like to earn some. The only career they seem to want is Art.

Wants & Fears[edit | edit source]

Wants[edit | edit source]

  • Buy a Fridge
  • Buy Ingredient Source
  • Prepare a meal
  • Create a group meal
  • Create new food
  • Create a food item with a bonus effect
  • Give food to a Sim
  • Read a book
  • Gain a skill point
  • Master a skill
  • Change Clothes
  • Play Guitar
  • Paint a picture
  • Sell a good painting
  • Use 'Draw Portrait' social on -Sim-
  • Get a job in Art
  • Go to work in Art
  • Have at least §100,000
  • Find buried treasure

Fears[edit | edit source]

  • Throw up
  • Create food with Nausea effect
  • Sell a lousy painting
  • Get fired from Art career
  • Fail Bladder need

Career Paths[edit | edit source]

Pre-made Sims With Aspiration[edit | edit source]

For a complete list, see Category:Creativity Sims.