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Kamilah Treah
Kamilah Treah
Kamilah loves to be outside and sometimes plays hide-and-seek with her brother.
Type: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Child
Aspiration: Grow Up
Zodiac Sign: Cancer


Forest Treah (Parent)

Willow Treah (Parent)

Acacia Treah (Sibling)

Ash Treah (Sibling)

Banyan Treah (Sibling)

Unborn Treah Babies (Siblings)


Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Skintone: S4

Neighborhood: Mountainside Valley

Kamilah Treah is a child Sim who resides along with her family in Mountainside Valley and is 7 days away from becoming a teenager.

Kamilah is the third child of Forest and Willow and enjoys playing with her brother, Ash, outdoors since they're both in the same age stage.