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This article is about a neighborhood. The Sims 2: University

Land Grant University
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Higher education is a new concept in the area. We'll see how it works out.
Name Land Grant University
Game The Sims 2 University Icon.png The Sims 2: University

Land Grant University is a custom inhabited university subhood, created by Peni Griffin at Mod The Sims.

Story[edit | edit source]

After years of budget hassles and contracting disputes, Land Grant University is finally educating the young and becoming the center of a vibrant culture full of energy and drama!

Annya Var Fruhm: Ida Juana Knowe always dreamed of being in a sorority. Helen Wheels's mother's sorority's national foundation is willing to donate a sizeable house. But with Helen's sister Daisy defecting to join a band, Helen chasing boys, and Ida Juana's grades in perpetual jeopardy, will they ever attract enough people to fill it up?

Nagard Annya Hoh: Andy Bellum and Hi Thyme were able to talk the donation of a house and a pool table out of Hi's dad, and they're all set to introduce Greek culture to LGU! But first, Hi wants to meet some girls who will actually like him, and Andy has some guys he's certain need ventrilofarting.

The Printer Sisters: Now that JoAnn Gutenberg and her friend Dot Matrix have recruited the talented Daisy Wheels to play bass, the Printer Sisters are ready to rock this campus! If only JoAnn can keep from being swamped with classwork, Daisy can resist the lure of the sorority, and Dot can balance the pursuit of love with the pursuit of percussive excellence.

Nerdists: Labeled "geeks," "dweebs," "nerds," and "losers" in high school, Sara Bellum, Cliff Notes, and Hugh Knowe are delighted to find kindred spirits in college. But can the friendship survive Sara's overprotective big brother and the influx of new experiences?

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Ida Juana always wanted to be in a sorority; Helen's mother always wanted her daughters to be in her sorority - Ida Juana can make that work! But with Helen's twin sister deserting her to be in a rock band, and the frat boys being such jerks, Ida Juana's got her work cut out to start a Greek tradition at LGU.

Nagard Annya Hoh is a proud frat with a proud tradition, and Hi's rich dad was happy to donate a house to start that tradition at LGU. But can Andy and Hi stop pulling pranks long enough to recruit anybody?

After being branded "losers" in high school, Hugh and Cliff were relieved to come to college and find kindred spirits. Sara's private school did not  prepare her for the kinds of people she meets in the dorms - but that isn't a bad thing. If only her brother didn't fuss so!

JoAnn's high school garage band fizzled when the bass player left, but JoAnn's got a plan, and her innovative brand of indie grunge blues will make history!

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