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The Sims 2: Open for Business

Not to be confused with Customer satisfaction.

Customer loyalty

Customers with various levels of satisfaction.

Customer loyalty measures the success of a Sims business in The Sims 2: Open for Business. Customer loyalty is gained when a customer has a positive experience at the business, indicated by a star above their head. Players can also see how many stars the customers have by reviewing the customer panel in the business interface. The rank of business is dependent on the amount of customer-loyalty stars gained, which allows the business owner to gain business perks. Businesses star at rank 0.

Customers can also lose loyalty if they have a bad experience, even causing a loss in business rank. However, any business perks gained from that level will not be lost. Loss of points can be prevented by spending the points on business perks as soon as they are earned.

Each customer can have as many as five good stars or five bad stars.

Overall Customer Loyalty needed for Business Ranks
Rank Stars Name Number of customers in lot
-5 -50 Bankrupt Bargain Basement 2
-4 -30 Derelict Discounter 2
-3 -20 Paltry Peddler 2
-2 -12 Shoddy Shop 2
-1 -5 Mediocre Market 2
0 0 Middling Merchant 3
1 3 Tenderfoot Trader 3
2 7 Budding Brokerage 4
3 12 Fledgling Firm 4
4 20 Burgeoning Bazaar 5
5 30 Proficient Purveyor 6
6 45 Empowered Emporium 7
7 60 Unique Boutique 7
8 75 Esteemed Establishment 8
9 100 Outstanding Outlet 9
10 125 Visionary Vending Venture 10