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Dependency is a feature introduced in The Sims Castaway Stories. There are two types of dependencies: plumbing and electricity.

In order for a bathroom object to work (such as toilets or sinks), the player must purchase a watertower and place it on the lot. There are two watertowers: one is available in Buy Mode and one is a story reward object.

In order for electronic objects to work (jukeboxes, radios, electric ovens), the player must purchase an electric generator. Unlike the watertower, there is only one electric generator in the game (it is called "The Current Creator Wind Powered Electric Generator") and is a story reward object. Therefore, the player must complete the story in order to use this object.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If it hasn't been raining for a few days, the watertower will empty because no rain will be filling up the tank. The player can wait for the rain, use the weather controlling machine to change the weather, or simply delete the watertower and place a new one.
  • Objects that need plumbing to work will have a navy blue background in Buy Mode, while objects depending on electricity have a bright yellow background.
  • Almost every pre-made lot has a watertower on it.
  • If a Sim tries to use a toilet, for example, and there is no watertower on the lot, the player will receive a message to purchase one. The same thing happens if a Sim uses a radio.

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