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Using the biotech station can cure any illness, but it can also create a deadly and highly contagious one...

Illnesses have been a part of The Sims series since The Sims: Livin' Large. They usually result in a significant drop in motives and mood, and may even cause death if not treated in time.

The Sims[edit | edit source]

Guinea Pig Disease[edit | edit source]

Guinea Pig Disease is introduced in Livin' Large. Sims can catch it if they are bitten by a guinea pig that has a dirty cage, or from other Sims who have been infected with the disease. Objects cloned from the guinea pig can also cause this disease. Sims infected with Guinea Pig Disease will sneeze and cough frequently, and their Comfort and Energy motives will rapidly decline. An infected Sim will die if not treated within time.

Due to a glitch, a Sim who dies from Guinea Pig Disease cannot be successfully resurrected by the Grim Reaper. Once they are restored to life they will immediately die again.[1]

Each instance of Guinea Pig Disease is restricted to the lot the Sim was infected on, so an infected Sim will not display symptoms, be infectious, or die outside of the lot on which they caught the disease. Therefore, a Sim with the disease can safely go to a community lot or be invited to another Sim's house as a visitor. It is possible for a Sim to be infected on multiple lots, however.

Treatment[edit | edit source]

  1. Keep the infected Sim home from work or school and try to keep their Comfort and Energy motives up.
  2. Purchasing The Forgotten Guinea Pig painting will clear the disease from the household after 16 Sim hours.
  3. A Sim who drinks a white potion created with The "Concoctanation Station" chemistry set will be immediately cured of the disease. Additionally drinking a blue potion will restore three random motives which, while not directly curing the disease, can help them to recover from it.

Montezuma's Revenge[edit | edit source]

Montezuma's Revenge, also known as "Poopy Pants" (the name used by Maxis in the code), is a disease introduced in Vacation. It's a form of food poisoning, and Sims can get it from eating at buffet tables when their Hygiene is low. Montezuma's Revenge cannot kill a Sim, but will cause great discomfort to the ill Sim as the Bladder motive will rapidly decline, making them spend plenty of time in the bathroom. The disease is not deadly, and will go away on its own after a period of time.

"Mystery Illness"[edit | edit source]

Reportedly introduced in Unleashed, this was dubbed the "Mystery Illness" because its exact nature and origin was unknown. Its existence was inferred, but never officially acknowledged or confirmed, and reports of it spread around the Sims community. Reported symptoms are those of the Guinea Pig Disease, but it does not require the presence of a guinea pig. It could reportedly affect both humans and pets, and reported symptoms in pets include listlessness and an inability to maintain the Hunger motive.

It does not appear to exist as a separate entity, but may have been the result of a bug involving existing illnesses. What it is, and whether it exists at all, remains subject to dispute. Investigations have shown that there is no reference to disease in any of the files that come with Unleashed (see this thread at Simblesse Oblige), and that code which claims to cure the disease refers to a disease controller file which was included in Vacation, which actually contains code for Poopy Pants.

Nervous Breakdown[edit | edit source]

Nervous Breakdowns are introduced in Superstar. If a famous Sim has repeated failures in Studio Town the Sim will enter a catatonic state and lose Comfort, Fun, Bladder and potentially star power. Subsequently, the Sim's breakdown will be reported in the tabloid.[2]

The Sims 2[edit | edit source]

The Sims 2 features multiple kinds of illnesses, each with its own symptoms and contagiousness. If certain illnesses are not cured within ten days, the Sim will die of their illness. A tombstone above the Sim's head indicates the Sim is near death from illness. Children are taken away by a Social Worker before they get a chance to die and Toddlers and Babies cannot get ill.

Sims who are employed can Call In Sick with their workplace on a phone, and they will be allowed to miss work without fear of being fired. The interaction is only available one hour before the carpool arrives until one hour after the job's start time. If the Sim calling in sick is not actually ill, its success is randomly determined based on job performance. Sims who are caught faking an illness will lose job performance and may even be demoted or fired. The interaction will always succeed if the Sim is genuinely ill.

Symptoms[edit | edit source]

  • Coughing – Causes a drop in comfort.[3]
  • Sneezing – Causes a drop in comfort.
  • Nausea – Causes a drop in comfort.
  • Vomiting – Causes a drop in comfort. Affected Sim will run to a toilet, or vomit on the floor if they can't find one.
  • Diarrhea – Causes a drop in bladder.
  • Fatigue – Causes a drop in energy.

Contagiousness[edit | edit source]

Food poisoning and morning sickness cannot be passed between Sims. All other diseases can, to varying degrees. Mysterious Disease is more contagious than flu, which is more contagious than a cold, which is more contagious than pneumonia.

Illnesses[edit | edit source]

Morning Sickness[edit | edit source]

Morning sickness will almost always happen when a Sim is pregnant and during the first trimester. It has the same symptoms as food poisoning, vomiting and nausea, but is not contagious or fatal.[3] There is no way to prevent morning sickness and its intensity varies between Sims.

Food Poisoning[edit | edit source]

There is a 10% chance any time a Sim eats spoiled or burned food that the Sim will get food poisoning. This can occur if food spoils while a Sim is eating it, or if sloppy Sims eat out of the rubbish bin. Sims with Food Poisoning will experiencing vomiting and nausea. It is not contagious but Sims can potentially die from the illness.

Cold[edit | edit source]

Sims have a 1% chance to catch a cold when returning home from work or school. Colds are highly contagious, and infected Sims will suffer from coughing and sneezing fits, causing drops in comfort. Colds are not fatal, but will develop into pneumonia if not cured within ten days.

Pneumonia[edit | edit source]

If a cold is not cured within ten days it will develop into pneumonia. Sims with pneumonia will experience coughing fits, as well as sharp and sudden drops in Energy which may cause a Sim to pass out. Pneumonia is slightly contagious, and is fatal if untreated.

Influenza (flu)[edit | edit source]

Sims have a 1% chance to catch influenza when returning home from work or school. Additionally, if a Sim goes near cockroaches, there is a 5% chance they will catch influenza. Sims with Influenza will experience coughing fits and diarrhea, as well as sharp drops in fun and energy as well[confirmation needed]. Exterminators and evil witches are immune to influenza.[4] Influenza is highly contagious and fatal if untreated.

When the Beaker family in Strangetown is first played, there will be cockroaches near the refrigerator. Both Loki and Nervous will go to stomp on them and are likely to catch influenza. It is best to cancel out this action before they get there and call an exterminator.

Mysterious Disease[edit | edit source]

Also known as a virus, Sims can be infected with the Mysterious Disease when using the biotech station. There is a 0% to 60% chance of catching the virus, which will be lower depending on the mood, Logic skill, Nice personality, and Hygiene of the Sim. Sims who are infected with the virus will experience two random symptoms, which can differ between Sims with the same strain of virus. The Mysterious Disease is potentially fatal and extremely contagious, able to easily spread through an entire neighborhood in a matter of days.

Treatment[edit | edit source]

The best cure for all illnesses is rest. Sick Sims should be kept away from healthy Sims, and should not be standing for too long. Their comfort and energy can be kept high by making them sleep and relax on a bed, until a message appears saying they are cured. Meditation can be used to freeze these motives in order to keep them high.

Sims can make medicine with the biotech station which will reduce the duration of an illness. The medicine does not work correctly without FreeTime or Apartment Life however. A mod from More Awesome Than You! can be used to make the medicine to work properly in games without these expansions installed.

If Seasons is installed, drinking orange juice made from Tasty or Mouthwatering fruit can cure colds, or at least reduce the duration of the illness.

If FreeTime is installed, Sims with Family as their primary or secondary aspiration can purchase the aspiration benefit Grandma's Comfort Soup, which allows them to cook a special soup regardless of their cooking skill. When eaten by a Sim, this soup will cure any disease they have. If The Sims 2: Open for Business is also installed, Grandma's Comfort Soup can be added to the menu in an owned restaurant regardless of possessing the benefit or not, which will cure any customers that are ill.

If Apartment Life is installed, witches can cast the Remedis Simae spell to cure a Sim from any illness.

The Sims 3[edit | edit source]

Nausea[edit | edit source]

Nausea is a common illness that Sims can experience from a variety of causes. Affected Sims will get the "Nauseous" moodlet that lasts for 2 hours, and after the moodlet expires the affected Sim will throw up. Nausea isn't contagious or fatal and is effectively cured after the affected Sim vomits. There are several different ways for Sims to become nauseous.

Cause Description EP
Morning Sickness Morning sickness will always happen when a Sim is pregnant and in the first trimester. Sims will randomly get the "Nauseous" moodlet and eventually they will vomit. Shortly after vomiting, the Sim will once again become nauseous &BG
Food Poisoning If Sims eat spoiled or burned food there is a slight chance they will receive the "Nauseous" moodlet. &BG
Eating Meat If a Vegetarian eats meat, they will receive the "Nauseous" moodlet and will vomit after a while. It also happens to Vegetarian vampires who drink from Sims. &BG
Visceroidal Nausea/Tiberium Poisoning Keeping Tiberium, a radioactive rock, in a Sim's inventory for a while will give them the "Visceroidal Nausea" moodlet, which is similar to the normal "Nauseous" moodlet. &EP01
Floor Hygienator Temporary Malfunction When a floor hygienator isn't created by Sims that have completed the Master Inventor skill challenge, it will have a temporary malfunction that causes it to backfire to the Sims, causing them to get nauseous. &EP02
Experimental Treatment Sims who work in Medical career can try an experimental treatment on themselves or other Sims. One of the possible outcome of the treatment will cause Sims to pass out or get nauseous. &EP02
Consuming Plasma When a regular Sim drinks plasma or eats any products containing plasma, such as plasma fruit nectar, they will get the "Nauseous" moodlet. &EP03
Alchemy Failure While attempting to mix an alchemical elixir, a Sim may occasionally fail and receive the "Nauseous" moodlet instead. &EP07
Hotdog Eating Contest There is a chance Sims will get the Nauseous moodlet and eventually throw up after participating in the Hotdog Eating Contest at the Festival. &EP08
Seasickness When a Sim who does not have the "Nautical" trait or the "Strong Stomach" and is on a houseboat for a long amount of time &EP10
Flight Sickness Sims have a chance to get the Nauseous moodlet when they fly around with a jetpack. &EP11

Virtual Nausea[edit | edit source]

Virtual nausea is a variation of the regular nausea. Sims can become the "Virtually Nauseous" moodlet when they're using the SimLife Goggles too much. It's possibly based on the real life virtual reality sickness.

Garlic Allergy[edit | edit source]

Appears when vampires from Late Night or Supernatural eat garlic bread from the wood fire oven.

Dragon Curse[edit | edit source]

If Supernatural is installed, the Sim will become a zombie.

Mummy's Curse[edit | edit source]

Main article: Mummy

The Mummy's Curse is introduced with The Sims 3: World Adventures. If a Sim loses a fight with a Mummy, there's a chance they will get cursed. If the curse is not cured after two weeks, the Sim will die. Cursed Sims can go to The Great Sphinx in Al Simhara and make a plea to enter the tomb. Once inside they can receive a blessing from the Soulpeace Statue in the deepest part of the tomb to have the curse lifted. The Mummy's Curse can also be cured by being kissed by a King Cobra with the snake charming basket.

Samir Kohar, Timmy DeBleu, Tina-Patricia Copper and Alexa Burt are pre-made deceased Sims known to have died from the Mummy's Curse.

Food Poisoning[edit | edit source]

Food Poisoning is introduced in The Sims 3: Late Night. There is a 15% chance that eating from a food truck will give Sims the "Food Poisoning" moodlet. Snob Sims have a 30% chance of getting food poisoning from the food truck. Affected Sims will experience nausea and vomiting.

Pestilence Plague[edit | edit source]

In The Sims 3: Supernatural, if a Sim is cursed with the Pestilence Curse by a witch and is not cured within 24 hours, they can get the Pestilence Plague. It can be cured by casting a Sunlight Charm on the cursed Sim. The curse is contagious and affected Sims will infect any other Sims they come into contact with.

Cold[edit | edit source]

In The Sims 3: Seasons, Sims can get colds, more likely in Fall but can happen any other time of year Players will be notified when their Sims get a cold, "(Sim Name) is starting to feel a bit ill". Sims who get a cold will have "Germy" moodlet that will last for 2 days. The cold is contagious, so it is best to keep sick Sims away from healthy Sims. Sims can get health advice at the hospital or get a flu shot that will make them immune for a full-year for §200 each. The flu shot is only available in Fall and Winter.

Dog Flu

If The Sims 3: Pets is installed, dogs can also get a cold and the "Germy" moodlet. The cold is still contagious, and can infect healthy Sims and dogs. Since dogs are pets, they cannot get a flu shot at hospital, so the only way for them to be cured is by waiting for the moodlet to expire.

Allergy[edit | edit source]

In The Sims 3: Seasons, Sims can get allergies from wildflowers, more likely in Spring. Sims get "Allergy Haze" moodlet when they get allergies, which lasts for up to 10 days. They can get an allergy shot at the hospital for §200. The allergy shot is only available in Spring. Allergies are genetic, and they may be passed down to the offspring.

Herb Nausea[edit | edit source]

Herb Nausea is introduced in The Sims 3: University Life. Consuming or burning herbs can sometimes cause Sims to get nauseous and make them vomit when the timer runs out. If the Sims with herb nausea eat another herb before timer runs out, they will vomit instantly. Consuming Sweet Grass will cause this moodlet to disappear without vomiting.

Giggle Fits[edit | edit source]

Giggle Fits is a condition that is introduced in The Sims 3: University Life. Sims can get giggle fits after donating giggles to the Busche School of Science. Affected Sims will uncontrollably giggle for a period of time. It's the only illness that has a positive moodlet.

Time Paradox Sickness[edit | edit source]

Main article: Time anomaly

In The Sims 3: Into the Future, there is a chance for Sims who time travel to be affected with Time Paradox Sickness due to a time anomaly. The sickness can be treated at a hospital, but if untreated the affected Sim will Die of Time Anomaly.

Jared Ferris and Saige Spier are pre-made deceased Sims known to have died from Time Paradox Sickness.

The Sims Medieval[edit | edit source]

Unlike The Sims 3, The Sims Medieval features both injury and disease. Diseases will usually give Sims a bad moodlet and can be cured by visiting a Physician or by applying curative tonics or health salves. All diseases are contagious.

Diseases[edit | edit source]

Sickness[edit | edit source]

This is the first and the least serious form of a disease. It can easily be cured by applying Weak Curative Tonics, or by visiting a Physician. Gives a -10 moodlet.

Infection[edit | edit source]

If a sickness is not cured, then it will turn into an infection. Infections are usually cured by applying Moderate Curative Tonics (unlocked by Quest) or by visiting a Physician. Gives a -20 moodlet.

Disease[edit | edit source]

An infection will turn into a disease if cure is not met. This kind of disease is quite serious. It can easily be cured by applying Strong Curative Tonics or visiting a Physician. Gives a -30 moodlet.

Plague[edit | edit source]

In case a disease is not cured, it will turn into a plague. When a Sim has a plague, black smoke will appear above their head. A Plague can only be cured by visiting a Physician. It can also be reduced to an illness by a Wizard, using the spell Miasma. Mend will also completely remove it after using the spell Miasma to reduce it. Gives a -50 moodlet.

Injuries[edit | edit source]

Minor Injury[edit | edit source]

This is the least serious form of injury. It can easily be healed either by applying Weak Health Salves or visiting a Physician. Gives a -10 moodlet.

Moderate Injury[edit | edit source]

When a minor injury is not healed, it will turn into a moderate injury. Moderate injuries can be healed by applying Moderate Health Salves (unlocked by Quest) or visiting a Physician. Gives a -20 moodlet.

Major Injury[edit | edit source]

The most serious form of injury. The Sim will be in bandages. It can easily be healed by applying Strong Health Salves or visiting a Physician. Gives a -30 moodlet.

The Sims 4[edit | edit source]

Nausea[edit | edit source]

In The Sims 4, Sims can experience nausea for various reasons, such as morning sickness from pregnancy or by eating spoiled food. Sims with the squeamish trait will become nauseous if they get into fights, witness death or another Sim vomiting, experience privacy violations, or do anything involving "creepy crawlies", such as fishing or searching for frogs. Vegetarian Sims also become nauseous after eating food that includes meat.

When Sims become nauseous, they will receive two moodlets, one after the other, which both last an hour. The first moodlet will state that the Sim's stomach is upset, while the second one will imply he or she is ready to vomit. Sims have a 50% chance of vomiting before the second moodlet expires. If the Sim vomits, they will run to a toilet, but if there's no toilet nearby or the nauseous Sim is in the middle of performing a task, they will vomit on the ground. In The Sims 4: Get Together, Sims may run to a bush to vomit. As soon as the Sim vomits, the nauseous moodlet will go away. Squeamish Sims have an option of taking deep breaths, which will cure their nausea instantly.

In The Sims 4: Vampires, vampires with the "Withered Stomach" weakness will get this from eating normal food; this also enables them to vomit into a toilet at will.

Homesickness[edit | edit source]

In The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat, Sims may get a sad moodlet from being homesick while on vacation.

Get to Work illnesses[edit | edit source]

Various illnesses are introduced in The Sims 4: Get to Work, each with their own unique symptoms. Sims who are ill will receive an Uncomfortable moodlet relating to the illness. Most illnesses are not serious and are easily cured by drinking orange juice, hot tea, medicine (which can be purchased from a computer) or by napping or sleeping. Triple Threat, Itchy Plumbob, and Burning Belly are serious illnesses and require surgery for the Sim to be cured. None of the diseases are fatal.

Cause Description
Bloaty Head Headache, steam coming out of the ears
Burning Belly Fever, stomach ache
Gas and Giggles Stomach ache, giggly, striped rash
Itchy Plumbob Itchiness, striped rash
Llama Flu Splotchy rash, fever, coughing and sneezing
Starry Eyes Dizziness, delirium (will swat at the air), swirly rash
Sweaty Shivers Splotchy rash, fever, itchiness
Triple Threat Dizziness, coughing, swirly rash

Food Poisoning[edit | edit source]

In The Sims 4: Dine Out, Sims will sometimes get food poisoning after eating out at a restaurant. Sims who experience food poisoning can call the restaurant directly to report it and potentially receive a small payout.

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Poison[edit | edit source]

in The Sims 4: Jungle Adventure, Sims can get poisoned by a spider bite, bee sting, passing through a gas door, being near a ghost who died from poison, or being hit by a poison dart. The poison either wears off on its own after 12 hours or get worse. If the poison worsens the Sim will clench their stomach, have a muscle spasm and die. Sims can purchase an antidote for §1000 on the computer to cure the poison. Poisoned Sims will have green circles all over their body and have gas.

Rabid Rodent Fever[edit | edit source]

Rabid Rodent Fever is a serious illness introduced in The Sims 4: My First Pet Stuff. Sims who have a low relationship with their pet rodents may be bitten by them, and if the habitat is dirty, they will contract a highly contagious and deadly disease.[5] Sims who succumb to the illness will scratch at their heads like a rodent, foam at the mouth and fall to the ground, and their ghost appears wearing a rodent outfit. The first stage of this illness will give a +1 uncomfortable moodlet, the second stage will give a +2 uncomfortable moodlet and the final stage will give them a +2 dazed moodlet.

Cold[edit | edit source]

In The Sims 4: Seasons, Sims have a chance of catching a cold in winter. It can be remedied by staying hydrated or taking medicine. There does not seem to be a related moodlet, but Sims will often become dizzy when they have a cold. The player is also notified when a sick Sim is cured.

References[edit | edit source]