Drama on TV household

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The Sims 3: Late Night

Drama on TV household
One house can hold so many stories. When City Entertainment started the 17th season of Little Celebrity and put this cast together, they knew they were going to have a great show. Katelyn Missoni and Apollo Bloom provide plenty of vacuous entertainment while Kirby Wise lusts after a prominent politician in town. William Fangmann is too smart for his own good, but does he know who his secret admirer is?
Name Drama on TV household
Members Matty Crewe, Kirby Wise, Katelyn Missoni, Apollo Bloom, Suzy Strummer, William Fangmann
Lot 57 Dockside Road
Funds §3,600
Difficulty level 4 of 6
Other information
Game The Sims 3: Late Night
World Bridgeport

The Drama on TV Household is a household that resides in Bridgeport. At the start of the game, there are only six members: Matty Crewe, Kirby Wise, William Fangmann, Katelyn Missoni, Apollo Bloom and Suzy Strummer. According to the description, the six of them lived together in the apartment (or rather, the entire floor of the building they reside in) because they were the main cast of City Entertainment's reality show, Little Celebrity. They have a difficulty level of 4. They have §3600 in cash.

They occupy an entire floor of Trawler Lodge. After exiting the elevator, there are several similar doors leading to each member's rooms and one common bathroom, as well as an arch that leads to the common living room and kitchen. Having an arch is usually a privacy hindrance, as NPCs who visit tend to enter without permission unless asked to leave. All the rooms have different themes and it is quite difficult to tell which room is intended for whom (excluding William Fangmann, who is the only vampire and thus obviously occupies the dark, gothic room with a smaller room for a vampire bed), and who gets the cheap single bed or who occupies the luxurious double bed with an expensive piano in the room.

All members (except Apollo Bloom) have fairly good relationships with their roommates. Apollo is shown to have been a horrible roommate, as he is disliked by not only his roommates but enemies with others as well. If left on progression mode, Apollo never seems to have any luck improving. Kirby Wise, despite her bio stating that she is after a politician (implied to be Jeffrey Cook), never seems to do so. Matty and Suzy have, in more than one case, ended up together. Also, Katelyn has, in many cases as well, either begun a relationship with a friend of hers or had a baby on her on while continuing to live in the lodge.

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