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The Sims 3: Into the Future

Sweet Escape Dream Pod by Corebital Designs
Modern technology allows Sims to script their dreams and feel the life enhancing effects the next morning! Be careful - Good dreams can be turn into nightmares with unpleasant side effects.
Game The Sims 3: Into the Future
Buyability Buy Mode
Price in game §1,950
Object type(s) Comfort
Size 4x2
Not to be confused with Sleeping pod.

The Dream Pod is a bed featured in The Sims 3: Into the Future. It can be bought in the Bed section in Buy Mode or the Beds section under Comfort. Unlike other beds, the Dream Pod can change a Sim's life by providing a unique dream, which grants the Sim special effects when they wake up. Sims can gain Advanced Technology skill while they are selecting a dream. Dreams can also be shared with other Sims.

Dream themes[edit | edit source]

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Most of these options require a player to have various The Sims 3 expansion packs.

Sims can choose the following themes for dreaming Sims:

Level 0
  • Dream about a Workout
  • Dream about Family
  • Dream about Public Speaking
  • Dream about Rushing Water
  • Dream about Social Situation
Level 1
  • Dream about Advance Technology
  • Dream about Career
  • Dream about Close Relationships
  • Dream about Co-Workers
Level 2
  • Dream about Fun in the Water
  • Dream about Home Repairs
  • Dream about Romance
  • Dream about Strangers
Level 3
  • Dream about Being a Celebrity [TS3LN]
  • Dream about Laughter
  • Dream about Logic
  • Dream about Sleeping with the Fishes
Level 4
  • Dream about Body Image
  • Dream about Dumb Luck
  • Dream about Generations [TS3G]
  • Dream about Painting
Level 5
  • Dream about Animals [TS3P]
  • Dream about an Opposite Personality
  • Dream about Cleaning Home
  • Dream about Personal Hygiene
  • Dream about Plumbot Construction
Level 6
  • Dream about Vacation [TS3WA]
  • Dream about Heroism
  • Dream about Playing Guitar
  • Dream about the Stage [TS3ST]
Level 7
  • Dream about a Different Personality
  • Dream about the Supernatural [TS3SN]
  • Dream about the Wilderness
  • Dream about Waking Up
Level 8
  • Dream about a Happy Life
  • Dream about Fishing
  • Dream about Parties
  • Dream about the Weather [TS3S]
Level 9
  • Dream about Academics [TS3UL]
  • Dream about Cooking a Meal
  • Dream about Food
  • Dream about Physical Feats
  • Dream about Riches
Level 10
  • Dream about Writing
  • Dream about the Future
Hidden dreams
  • Dream about The Sims 4[1]
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This will all appear if Sims had mastered their Advanced Technology skill.

Different dreams provide different need and skill adjustments, depending on the situation.

Sims may have bad, neutral, or good dreams while sleeping in the Dream Pod. If a Sim is having a bad dream, the letter "Z" above their heads will become red, if a dream is neutral, it will become white, and if a dream is good, it will become green.

Influence dream[edit | edit source]

"Influence dream" is an interaction available when a Sim is dreaming. This affects the type of dream the Sim is having. Players can choose whether the dream is bad or good. If a player selects a good dream option, green smileys will appear above the Sim's head, otherwise bad smileys will appear. It has only 4 sub-options; a pair of good situations and a pair of bad situations.

Dream effects[edit | edit source]

Need dreams[edit | edit source]

Waking up from these dreams alternate Sims' motives. Good dreams will increase the need while bad dreams reduce them.

  • Dream about Running Water - Bladder
  • Dream about Social Situations - Social
  • Dream about Personal Hygiene - Hygiene
  • Dream about Waking Up - Energy
  • Dream about Food - Hunger

Skill dreams[edit | edit source]

Waking up from these dreams allow Sims to gains skills faster. But having a bad dream will gains skills slower.

  • Dream about A Workout (Increases athletic)
  • Dream about Public Speaking (Increases charisma)
  • Dream about Advanced Technology (Learns advanced technology faster)
  • Dream about Home Repairs (Learns handiness faster)
  • Dream about Logic (Learns logic faster)
  • Dream about Painting (Learns painting faster)
  • Dream about Plumbot Construction (Increases bot building)
  • Dream about Playing Guitar (Increases instrument skill)
  • Dream about Fishing (Increases fishing)
  • Dream about Cooking a Meal (Learns cooking faster)
  • Dream about Writing (Learns writing faster)

Trait dreams[edit | edit source]

Waking up from these dreams give Sims new traits, which replace existing "real" traits until the related moodlet expires (after which the traits are reverted back to normal).

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Can be unlocked by exploring the Crash Site community lot.

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