Drudge family

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The Sims 3: Ambitions

Drudge family
Drudge household.png
Shamus and Eva are a traditional couple who have come a long way to live here in Twinbrook… and life is a bit different than they expected. Despite fulfilling a lifelong dream to move here, their new jobs, new neighbors, and new way of life has been a bit overwhelming for them. Will their traditional values and customs keep them from fitting in in Twinbrook?
Name Drudge family
Members Eva Drudge, Shamus Drudge
Number of generations 1 generation
Family connections Coddle household
Difficulty level 2 of 6
Other information
Game TS3A Icon.png The Sims 3: Ambitions
World Twinbrook
The Drudge family is a family living in Twinbrook, the neighborhood from The Sims 3: Ambitions. The family consists of a married couple. Eva Drudge is a shy woman that hates the outdoors and prefers being home reading a book, and her husband Shamus Drudge is a flirty man, who wants to be super popular and have many relationships. Eva currently holds a part-time job at the bookstore, and Shamus wishes to be successful in this new neighborhood. Eva has a hair style that is not available in Create-a-Sim. It is only available with the Fuss no Muss Styling Station.

Onomatology[edit | edit source]

Shamus: A variant of Seamus, the Irish equivalent of James.
Drudge: A person who does tedious, menial, or unpleasant work. To do tedious, unpleasant, or menial work.

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