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The Sims 3

Grocery is a rabbit hole in The Sims 3 where Sims can visit to go shopping for ingredients. The grocery offers a selection of items for cooking ingredients, fish, edible produce, herbs[TS3:UL], and kelp[TS3:IP]. Additionally, Sims can also buy items like birthday cake, wedding cake[TS3:G], firework bundles[TS3:S], and lotto tickets[TS3:ITF] from the grocery.

Sims can get a part-time job in the grocery as a Grocery Store Clerk. Sims can also attend Fishing class for §400, and sell fish or fruits and vegetables in the inventory to the grocery. Sims who have enough money can invest their money to become a partner or buy out the property to earn more money. The cost of partnership is §7,000, while the cost of ownership is §20,000. Sims can collect money from the grocery for §1,000 (partnered) or §2,000 (owner) every week.

Additionally, Sims who are at the top of the Professional Sports career can do advertising deals at the grocery, which will reward them with money. Sims can also hold autograph sessions at the grocery. Vampires can raid the grocery for plasma fruit.

Groceries generate the following red map tag in-game:

Grocery items[edit | edit source]

All harvestable produce bought from the grocery has a nice quality, while fish has normal quality. Sims can buy individual items or ingredients by recipe. Sims can also save the shopping list for later use, but only one shopping list can be saved. Saving another shopping list will override the previous list.

Produce[edit | edit source]

Image Item Price (§) EP
Lettuce 5 &BG
Tomato 5 &BG
Apple 6 &BG
Grapes 6 &BG
Lemon 6 &Store
Purple Eggplant 6 &Store
Orange 6 &Store
Blackberry 6 &Store
Blueberry 6 &Store
Cocoa 6 &Store
Peach 6 &Store
Pear 6 &Store
Pecan 6 &Store
Raspberry 6 &Store
Strawberry 6 &Store
Corn 6 &Store
Cucumber 6 &Store
White Caps 8 &EP07
Kelp 10 &EP10
Onion 11 &BG
Potato 11 &BG
Carrot 11 &EP05
Lime 14 &BG
Watermelon 14 &BG
Image Item Price (§) EP
Honey 14 &EP07
Pumpkin 14 &EP08
Sweet Grass 14 &EP09
Kona Bean 14 &EP09
Porcinis 15 &EP07
Maui Bean 17 &EP09
Bell Pepper 18 &BG
Midnight Bean 18 &EP09
Wonderpetal 18 &EP09
Licorice 20 &EP09
Ginseng 20 &EP09
Garlic 23 &BG
Basil 23 &EP09
Cinnamon 24 &EP09
Lavender 26 &EP09
Buzzberry 27 &EP09
Greenleaf 29 &EP09
Plasma Fruit 30 &EP03
Ghost Chili 33 &EP07
Cortado Bean 33 &EP09
Bumbleleaf 39 &EP09
Chamomile 44 &EP09
Truffles 63 &EP07
Red Berry Bean 75 &EP09

Fish[edit | edit source]

Image Item Price (§) EP
Anchovy 5 &BG
Alley Catfish 6 &BG
Goldfish 6 &BG
Kissing Gourami 8 &EP03
Sea Bat Starfish 8 &EP06
Image Item Price (§) EP
Rainbow Trout 9 &BG
Tuna 11 &BG
Salmon 14 &BG
Swordfish 17 &BG
Lobster 25 &BG

Meat and Cheese[edit | edit source]

Image Item Price (§) EP
Tofu 7 &EP06
Cheese 8 &BG
Links 8 &BG
Egg 11 &BG
Image Item Price (§) EP
Patty 24 &BG
Steak 30 &BG
Roast 30 &BG

Home[edit | edit source]

Image Item Price (§) EP
Mosquito Repellent 15 &EP10
Birthday Inferno Birthday Cake 30 &BG
Forever Wedding Cake 30 &EP04
White Flowers 30 &EP04
Yellow Flowers 30 &EP04
Purple Flowers 30 &EP04
Pink Flowers 30 &EP04
Red Flowers 30 &EP04
Ducksworth of Bathington 40 &BG
Mood-Lite Candle 65 &BG
White Sparklers 75 &EP08
Rainbow Sparklers 75 &EP08
Red Glare 75 &EP08
Image Item Price (§) EP
Holiday Cannon 75 &EP08
Ninja's Choice Smoke Bomb 75 &EP08
Parent-Approved Snakes 75 &EP08
The Little Maniac 75 &EP08
Golden Dragon Fireworks 75 &EP01
Facemelter Fireworks 75 &EP08
Sugar Explosion 100 &SP06
World's Brew Bubble Bath 100 &BG
Firecracker Value Bundle 100 &EP08
Firecracker Everlast Bundle 120 &EP08
Firecracker Explosion Bundle 120 &EP08
Firecracker International Bundle 120 &EP08
Firecracker Variety Bundle 150 &EP08

Price and sale[edit | edit source]

The price of harvested produce from the grocery is 150% higher than their base values. Selling fish and harvested produce to the grocery has 10% higher value than selling them directly in the inventory. Selling them to the consignment store is more beneficial, however.

Every day, there's a 5% chance the grocery store will have a sale, ranging from a 35% to 50% discount. Sales can last for one or two days. Additionally, Sims who work at the store will have a 10% discount off any items they purchase.

Frugal Sims may also collect coupons. However there is no guarantee that the coupon collected will be for the grocery store.

If Seasons is installed, players will be notified at the start of every summer that firework bundles are on sale, even if they aren't[confirmation needed].

Varieties[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Snobs are more likely to visit the rabbit hole. Sims will not bring toddlers to lots containing a grocery store.
  • One of the benefit of buying ingredients from grocery is that the ingredients from the grocery are of nice quality, while they're only of normal quality if bought directly from the fridge.
  • The music that plays inside the grocery store is the hotel theme from MySims.
  • The Market Basket in Starlight Shores shares the same name as a chain of grocery stores in the New England area of the United States.

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