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This article is about Simology. The Sims 4: Get Famous

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A celebrity giving out an autograph

For fame in other The Sims series titles, see Fame.

Fame is a feature in The Sims 4: Get Famous in which Sims can become more well known in the public eye. It is similar to celebrity status in The Sims 3: Late Night and the Fame career in The Sims: Superstar.

Gaining fame[edit | edit source]

There are a multitude of ways to gain fame points:

  • Receiving a random fame opportunity from being in a high level of any career.
  • Completing gigs in the Actor career.
  • Using scientific inventions.
  • Updating Social Media Status.[CL]
    • The amount of obtained fame is rather small, but temporarily prevents fame decay.
  • Obtaining awards.
    • Showing up on awards ceremony and picking up the awards personally gains more fame points.
  • Exploring space.
    • Each visit on Sixam also gains a decent amount of fame points.
  • Performing Romantic or horror scenes in public.
  • Selling archaeological finds[JA]
  • Performing Comedy routines in public. The amount of points depends on quality and length of the routine.
    • Although, telling jokes does not give fame points.
  • Working behind the DJ booth[GT]
  • Playing the Guitar in public.
    • Including singing a song or just practicing.
  • Media production
  • Selling Paintings.
  • Photography
  • Playing Pipe Organ in public.[V]
  • Programming
  • Singing in public.[CL]
  • Casting spells in public, different spells affect fame in a specific way.[ROM]
  • Selling Books.
  • Winning a video game tournament.
  • Playing or practicing Violin in public.
  • Licensing songs at the mailbox.
    • This can only be done once a week per instrument.
  • Investing 5,000 Simoleons through the investor branch of the business career. Cool down of 2-3 days.
  • Certain romantic actions with a high level celebrity, such as profess undying love and caress cheek. Can be done in private.
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Child celebrities[edit | edit source]

Children can become celebrities as well. Children born to celebrity parents will automatically have low-level fame, and they can even purchase fame perks. Children gain fame in the same manner as older Sims, but there are also unique ways for them to gain fame, such as being in the Drama Club.

Children cannot achieve a fame level higher than Rising Star until they grow up.

Reputation[edit | edit source]

Main article: Reputation

Fame and reputation are independent of each other, but they can also be integrated with each other. Certain fame perks are locked until Sims achieve a specific (good or bad) reputation level.

Sims with a good reputation can donate large amounts of money to charity and host charity benefit parties to gain fame, whereas Sims with a bad reputation can start feuds and public fights to gain fame.

Star levels[edit | edit source]

Unknown[edit | edit source]

Unknown Sims have no fame, which is where every Sim generally starts off. They have the potential to gain fame unless the "Quit the Spotlight" option is checked in their fame info panel.

Notable Newcomer[edit | edit source]

Notable Newcomer Icon.png

Notable Newcomers are Sims who have one star to their name and are on the rise to stardom. They gain their first fame perk point at this level, and unlock their first fame quirk slot.

Rising Star[edit | edit source]

Rising Star Icon.png

A Rising Star is a Sim who has two stars to their name and has officially entered the spotlight. Other Sims will start noticing them in public, and new relationships now start off with a higher friendship value (if they don't have a bad reputation). Rising stars can sign autographs as an introduction, pose for pictures to their fans, and start a "Celebrity Meet and Greet" social party.

Rising Stars earn two more fame points along with the second row of perks.

B-Lister[edit | edit source]

B-Lister Icon.png

B-Listers are Sims who have three stars to their name and a large following. They can give hugs to fans and take selfies with them. However, B-Listers are now also being followed by paparazzi; they will follow and take as many pictures of the celebrity as they can. It's up to the celebrity to embrace the flashing lights or turn them away.

If fame ever gets overwhelming, B-Listers can put on a "Celebrity Disguise". Fans and paparazzi will not recognize them, but as a downside they can't gain fame while wearing a disguise.

B-Listers earn two more fame points, unlock the third row of perks, and unlock a second quirk slot.

Proper Celebrity[edit | edit source]

Proper Celebrity Icon.png

Proper Celebrities are Sims who have four stars to their name and an even larger following. Proper celebrities can incite cheers as a self-interaction to cause fans to go wild and other Sims to praise them. They now walk in their own celebrity walkstyle as well as give off a fame shine (both of which can be turned off through a self-interaction).

Proper celebrities earn two more fame points and unlock the fourth row of perks.

Global Superstar[edit | edit source]

Global Superstar Icon.png

Global Superstars are Sims who have five stars to their name and have the largest following a Sim can have. Global superstars have now earned themselves a "Celebrity Tile" which is instantly available in their inventory. Sims can write a custom inscription on the tile and place it down on the walk of fame in Starlight Boulevard. The tile will remain regardless of what happens to the celebrity who owns it.

Global superstars earn three more fame points, unlock the fifth and final row of perks, and have two more fame quirks.

Fame perks and quirks[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fame perk

Celebrities can purchase fame perks which will help them in their rise to fame, gain a bigger following or allow them to influence the public.

Being famous isn't all glitz and glam as celebrities are prone to developing behavioral quirks. These will cause a hindrance to celebrities in their everyday lives and might even overwhelm them.

Quitting the spotlight[edit | edit source]

Sims have the option to quit the spotlight and leave all their fame behind along with any quirks they may have. Sims at any fame level can select "Quit the Spotlight" on the bottom left corner of their fame info tab.

This option will only not be available if the Sim has bought any perks. This can be solved by going to their phone or computer and selecting "Book a Celebrity Cleanse" for §275.

Introducing to celebrities[edit | edit source]

Sims that are celebrities or just have higher star level than controlled sim cannot be normally greeted and instead the sim must "Attempt introduction" to them, however, in most cases celebrities will simply ignore the sim. Once an attempt was successful, the celebrity will appear in relationship panel and all interacions will be avaliable as normal.

Attempt introduction can only be manually triggered by the player, sims may autonomously start talking with celebrities in a group talk, but they won't appear in relationship panel.

To bypass the "Attempt Introduction" interaction, sim must perform anything that will make a celebrity appear in their relationship panel, there are a few ways to do this:

  • Using a Possessed sim and "Welcome to Strangerville" the celebrity.
  • Attempting to communicate with possessed celebrity
  • When celebrity refuses to be hypnotized by a Vampire trying to get their plasma.
  • Skeleton performing the "Scary Skeleton" interaction.

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